Sacred Geometry is the key to understanding Science and the harmonic unity of the Universe.


The “Science” section will offer extensive data that the same geometry, mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportions are found in sound, music, light, Aether (space-time medium), subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, DNA, minerals, water, ice, viruses, plants, insects, animals, humans, planets, solar systems, stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, space and time.


Geometry, and specifically the Five Platonic solids are the seeds of all branches of science: cosmology, astronomy, astrology, chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, genetics, physics, geology, meteorology, and anatomy.


Cosmic Core Introduction

Cosmology Introduction

Cosmological Creation Myths


Aether Physics

Physics – Aether, Space & Time

Physics – Aether & Gravity

Physics – Sound & Waves

Quantum Physics & the Subatomic Realm

Physics – Aether, Electromagnetism & Gravity

The Atomic Realm – Physics & Chemistry

The Holographic Universe

The Molecular Realm – Chemistry

DNA & Genetics

The Molecular-Mineral Realm

The Mineral Realm – Mineralogy

The Plant Realm – Botany

The Virus & Bacteria Realm – Virology & Microbiology

The Animal Realm – Entomology & Zoology

The Human Realm – Anatomy & Physiology

The Earth Realm – Geology & Planetary Science

The Solar System Realm – Astronomy

The Galactic Realm – Astronomy