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This article will begin a 27 part series on the Aether.  Once again we will be digging deeply into the scientific aspect of reality, examining the work of many brilliant scientists and thinkers.

Throughout these articles, however, the thread of spirituality will run through this information, showing how the science of the new paradigm is a finely balanced one between spirituality and science, ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

As Balfour Stewart writes in The Unseen Universe, “We make scientific progress in the knowledge of things, and which leads us, whatever state of things we contemplate, to look for its antecedent in some previous state of things also in the Universe.  This principle represents the path from the known to the unknown, or to speak more precisely, our conviction that there is a path.  Nevertheless it does not authorize us to dogmatize regarding the properties of the unknown lying beyond or at the boundary of our little “clearing”.  We must go up to it and examine it often, with long-continued labor, under great difficulties, before we can at all say what is properties are.”


The Aether

“The marvelous envelops us and we breathe it like the atmosphere; but we do not see it.” Charles Baudelaire

The Aether is the Universal medium of space and time that connects all things.  The invisible realm of consciousness and spirit is both the Aether and the source of Aether.

You see, it is both a scientific term and a spiritual term.

It has been called many things throughout time:  Source Field, Source Realm, Zero-point energy, Scalar Superpotential, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Antimatter, Torsion Fields, Virtual Particle Flux, Quantum Foam, Superstrings, Time/Space, Metaphysical Realm, Chi, Brahman, Dharmakaya, Tao, the Vacuum, Quantum Physical Vacuum, Vacuum Energy, the Void, Prana, Akasha, Purusha, Dzogchen, Infinity, Divinity, Spiritual Reality, Infinite Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God, Allah, Spirit, Great Spirit, Kosmos, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Loving Energy, Spiritual Energy, Logos, The Universe, Cosmic Mind…


“The Sun binds these worlds together by a thread, this thread is the same as the wind.” Shataphatha Brahmana

“All this universe is strung upon me, as rows of gems upon a thread.”  (Bhagavadgita VII. 7-11)

For the purposes of Cosmic Core, we will use the term “Aether”.

Aether is the traditional term used for thousands of years and accepted up the late 1880s when it was discarded due to the flawed Michaelson-Morley experiment we will discuss in the next article.

The term Aether has a dream-like quality to it that assists us in conceptualizing its non-physical properties.  It reminds us of the word ethereal, defined as ‘extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.’

Terms that use “Field” in the name can confuse, as we commonly visualize a field as a 2D plane, fabric or grid, rather than a 3D medium.  Examples: Source Field, Torsion Fields, Zero-point Field

Terms that use “dark” or “vacuum” or “void” give us a feeling of nothingness or emptiness that negates the infinite richness, holographic complexity and continuous creativity involved.  Examples: Zero-point energy, Dark energy, Dark matter, The Vacuum, Quantum Physical Vacuum, the Void…


“Nothingness is inconceivable AND cannot have actuality.  That is to say, there cannot be a total absence of processes and/or things; there cannot be absolutely nothing.”1


We have established that the Universe equals Perpetual Processes.  All is motion.  So, infinity may be inconceivable but it is an actual reality.  Nothingness, on the other hand, is inconceivable and cannot have actuality.

Conrad Ranzan writes, “Infinity and Nothingness are notions the profoundness of which tax the limits of our brains.  They represent the unattainable limiting concepts of existence itself…”


Purely scientific terms are too cold for our purposes.  Examples: Antimatter, Torsion Fields, Virtual Particle Flux, Quantum Foam, Superstrings, Scalar Superpotential…

Likewise, religious terms have too much baggage attached to be able to use in a clear and concise way.  Furthermore, many people don’t feel comfortable with religious terms.  Examples: Chi, Brahman, Dharmakaya, Tao, Prana, Akasha, Purusha, Dzogchen, Divinity, God, Allah, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit…


Please remember these terms, regardless of how they emotionally affect you, all mean the same thing.  The word used is not as important as being able to grasp the concept behind the word.  As often seen in religion, we do not have to fight one another, demanding others use the exact words we use to describe reality, the universe, or our source, sentencing them to eternal damnation if they refuse.  That is petty and immature behavior we as humans need to rise above.

Therefore, we will use the fairly neutral term Aether throughout Cosmic Core, even though we are well aware of the dismissal of the term in the recent past and the shunning of the term in the modern mainstream scientific community.

Cosmic core is happy to aid in bringing it back.


So what is the Aether?

“Aether is the basic substratum of all space; aether is the raw essence of the Universe.  Aether permeates the innermost recesses of all matter.  Without it the universe is contrary to nature, contrary to reason and common sense.  Without it the universe is utterly absurd.”2


Aether Definitions Changing throughout Time Depending on Scientific Status Quo


  • Concise Oxford Dictionary (1934)
    • the subtle elastic fluid permeating space and filling interstices between particles of air and other matter
  • Chambers Technical Dictionary (1958)
    • A hypothetical non-material entity supposed to fill all space whether ’empty’ or occupied by matter…, but it possesses no properties in common with matter.
  • Chambers Pocket Dictionary (1992)
    • a substance formerly believed to fill all space, and to be responsible for transmitting light.


Harold Aspden writes in Modern Aether Science, “Our physics are now founded upon abstract philosophical dogma, whereas physical phenomena are still governed by an all-pervading environmental influence which, as it must have a source, signifies the existence of an aether.”


Aether – The Essence Medium

The Aether is the essence medium of consciousness from which all arises.  It is the invisible substructure that underpins the universe and the dynamic space medium that permeates all space.  It is the Source of all Reality.


The Aether is:

  • Invisible, infinite, conscious, intelligent, self-organizing, and highly ordered
  • Unified – all points in space, time and consciousness connect
  • Fractal-holographic in its storage of information
  • Fluid-like
  • Bio-crystalline – it acts like fluid crystals
  • Compressible and elastic (like jello for instance)
  • Measurable and active – it expands and contracts.
  • Occupies the spatial interstices of matter and fills the “emptiness” of atoms
  • Electric, magnetic, gravitational and potential fields all arise from this medium.
  • It conducts the electromagnetic force/energy.
  • It does not circulate; it flows. It flows radially, then “sinks” [flows inward to the center of mass].  This radial flow of Aether is a spiraling whirlpool flow.  It is centripetal motion.  This is the source of rotation from the smallest scale to the largest scale.


“It is important to note that the Aether is not to be considered as separate from other matter but as the substrate within which all particles are formed and through which physical forces are mediated.”3

As was noted in previous articles, this ‘Aetheric dimension’ is absolutely necessary to account for the apparent oneness in the great multitude of different inorganic and organic physical forms and for similarity of structure (geometric patterns) in the different scales of physical reality from the subquantum up to the galactic cluster and every scale in between.

Without this background Aether or Source reality it would be impossible for this similarity of structure to continue to show up in such varied things as the structure of subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, minerals, crystals, plants and plant parts, insects, animals, human bodies, planets, suns and galaxies.

We will offer much evidence to back up this claim throughout Cosmic Core.


Dan Winter, Aether and its Compressibility

Dan Winter is a fascinating and dynamic thinker.  He graduated with honors from the University of Detroit then pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages.  He has also worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, and as an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer.  He is “an internationally respected academic, physicist, author, accomplished keyboard artist, master animator, inventor and one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Geometry and the Scientific Nature of Consciousness.”4


Dan Winter, however, is not an easy read – neither his books nor his websites.  “To be clear, it is literally impossible to expect someone to read and understand all the stuff Winter throws at you: Links that go nowhere, or worse, to even denser pages; bold caps text that screams out esoteric geometry puns; loopy charts and graphs that morph and recourse along phi-spirals; people wired up to “bliss tuning” machines… It is all too much!”5

I read through several of his poorly put together books in order to glean several pages of worthwhile information.  What insight he does have to offer is invaluable, yet you have to sift through an awful lot of gibberish to find it.  For the purposes of Cosmic Core I have done just that, focusing on the useful parts that can clarify the bigger picture presented with


The following information about the compressibility of Aether is taken from Winter’s book Implosion’s Grand Attractor: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion.


The compressibility of Aether is an important aspect, as it plays a pivotal role in the process of gravitation, electromagnetism and mass.

To say that a substance is compressible means, among other things, that it can store momentum.

Momentum is defined as ‘the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity’ and ‘the impetus gained by a moving object’.

Momentum has a ‘rush to grow’.  The momentum of Aether involves movement in symmetrically opposing directions.

“These two opposite electric conditions which form the basis of the constitution of matter are the compressed condition of gravity pressure and the expanded condition of radiation pressure. These two electric conditions are the equal-and-opposite pressures which make motion imperative and without which motion is impossible.”6

These counter-forces, when balanced, are the pressures that create stability.  This ‘stability’ of pressures is matter itself.  Remember, all is motion.  Even matter is motion.  However, when these forces are balanced they create the illusion of stability or stillness.  We see unmoving matter, yet within the matter, all continues to be motion.

This means the universe is made of nothing but stored pressure, or in other words potential.


As Walter Russell explains, “All matter is but pressure-conditioned motion. Varying pressure conditions yield varying states of motion. Varying states of motion are what science misinterprets as the elements of matter.”


Sound is a name for stored pressure.

Voltage is a name for stored pressure.

Love is a name for stored pressure.


The Compressibility of the Aether causes waves to form.  The pattern of the way waves pass inertia in the Aether has only one shape: the sine wave.

When a wave in the Aether moves in a line it is called energy.  When the same wave is sucked into a circle, the slight gyroscopic resistance to change of position is called “matter”.

Compressing charge stores the inertia of that charge, which physics calls ‘mass’.  In physics, inertia stored is the only definition of mass.


Mass – ‘the measure of an object’s resistance to acceleration (a change in its state of motion) when a net force is applied.’7

Inertia – ‘a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest of uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.’



The Fundamental Essence Fluctuators – Waves & Consciousness Units

According to Conrad Ranzan’s, Dynamic Steady State Universe, the Aether is composed of subquantum fundamental fluctuators which are non-ponderable – this means they have no mass and energy (in the traditional sense).  These Aether units are consciousness fluctuators, or Consciousness Units.  The movements of consciousness creates fluctuations, oscillations and pulsations.

The fluctuators produce waves.  The atomic world is composed of bundles and packets of waves.

Remember, the compressibility of the Aether causes waves to form and the pattern of the way waves pass inertia in a compressible Aether has only one shape: the sine wave.

Revolve a sine waves around its center in three dimensions and it creates the torus.

Sine waves revolve to become the torus.  Sine waves as three-dimensional tori are the toroidal vortex or wormhole of physics today.

The torus shape plays an extremely important role in understanding the new scientific paradigm.  Remember, the center of the torus is the entrance/exit point between the physical visible reality of space/time and the invisible metaphysical reality of time/space.  The torus is what allows the consciousness/matter feedback system to function.

These entrance/exit points are located at every point in time and space.



Aether Units

Aether units are subquantum in size and quality.  Their size is far, far below the Planck scale (10-35 meter).

Evidence reported by the ESA (European Space Agency) in 2011 indicates a scale of discreteness smaller than Planck at 10-48 m or smaller.  This means they are unimaginably small!


They do not represent energy as we understand energy to be.

The Conventional definition of energy – the capacity for doing work (work always involves some kind of force)

The New definition of energy – whenever there is a quantitative change in the number of essence fluctuators there exists a manifestation of energy.  This change in essence fluctuators creates the very fluctuations, oscillations and pulsations themselves – which are themselves waves.  Hence, energy, in Cosmic Core, is defined in wave terms.  That is, frequencies, wavelengths, and harmonics.


We have no current way to measure the “energy” type or content of consciousness, but this “Source energy” is what is fluctuating the Aether.  The fluctuators produce vibrations – based on movements of consciousness (thoughts, intentions, focus, emotions).

In the source realm, that is, in metaphysical time/space, they can be called “Consciousness Units” or CU’s for short.

These CU’s can be of any type, duration, intensity, or size.  They can combine in infinite ways.     Their intensity and size depends on the intensity of the movement of consciousness – that is the intensity of emotion, thought, intention, or focus.

These fluctuations, oscillations and pulsations vary in frequency, wavelength, intensity and quality.  These then create the photon that forms into the infinite variations of matter and experience.  This simultaneously creates the resulting Aetheric flow of inward gravity and outward radiation.

They are essence-units of unimaginable minuteness and serve as the precursors of all things.


The Aether as the Spiritual Reality

The Aether and Source of the Aether represent the spiritual reality that is the true nature of our existence.  All is consciousness.  All is thought.

“This universe of matter-in-motion is a Mind-conceived, Mind-creating body.”8


We [every cell, atom, photon of our Self] continuously fluctuate back and forth from this invisible metaphysical spiritual Universe to the Physical Universe.

The fluctuations/oscillations occur so quickly we don’t notice.  These two realms are not separate from one another.  They interpenetrate.

Aether continually flows into our body/mind/spirits.  It is what sustains us.  There is always a flow of Aether inwards to the center of ourselves.  It flows centripetally.  That means, it flows radially, spiraling inwards as a whirlpool does.  It then disappears into the invisible realm while new Aether replaces it.

The flow is continual.  This rotational, spiraling toroidal flow through all matter/organisms is necessary to sustain them and keep them in existence.  This flow is the flow of life – the life force.  It is the process responsible for growth, maintenance, healing and evolution.

“The real World is a natural world.  It is the very manifestation of Existence.  Existence, we recognize, is absolute – it does not permit of modification or of restrictions or of conditionals. Existence has no spatial or temporal limits; existence is infinite.”9



Consciousness is the building block of the Aether

Remember, everything in the universe contains consciousness – in fact is made of consciousness.

To repeat, the oscillations or vibrations of the fundamental fluctuators are vibrations of consciousness.  It is also our own consciousness that is adding to the fluctuations, and the consciousnesses of all life forms – not just a bigger incomprehensible ‘Divine’ Cosmic Consciousness.

We are a part of that Divine Cosmic Consciousness.  The movements of our consciousness add to the Aether at all times.  We continuously create new fluctuations – as does all life and matter.

This is the fundamental idea of the consciousness feedback loop which allows for consciousness to create matter.  It also allows us to continuously co-create our visible reality with all other consciousnesses.  It is the foundation of the idea that ‘We are all One.’  That is, we are all connected.  At our deepest levels each of our consciousnesses connects with all other consciousnesses.


The Aether is a medium of Infinite Potential – Infinite Probabilities

The Aether, or source medium, is called “Scalar Superpotential” in scalar physics.

In scalar physics, all forces arise from deeper fields known as potentials, which themselves arise from the primordial superpotential.

These ‘potentials’ are infinite; and they are the potentials of consciousness – all the various movements and expressions of consciousness that are/can/will occur.

The oscillations of the fundamental fluctuators are the result of movements of consciousness that have been expressed from the infinite realm of possibilities/probabilities.



The Aether is “Intelligent Infinity”

The Aether is multidimensional and fractal-holographic in nature – there is self-similarity at all levels.

It is essentially a recording medium of everything, providing a means for everything to communicate with everything else.  Communication is instantaneous.  All points in space and time are connected.


“The Source Field [Aether] is the key to unlock all of these mysteries, and ultimately understand the big questions:  who are we, where did we come from, how did we get here, and where are we going.”10


At the core of our being, we reside in the Aether realm in which time and space do not exist (no spatial or temporal limits).  It is our native world – the world beyond time – the world of our soul.




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