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Symbolism & Arithmetic


Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, History


Symbolism, Music & Construction


Astronomy, Physics, Sound, Chemistry, DNA, Minerals, Biology, Zoology, Earth

Human Life

Human Nature, Human Life, Chakras, Evolution, Death, Reincarnation, Health & Illness, Healing & Natural Therapy


Consciousness & the Science of Consciousness, The Mind, The Emotions, Sleep & Dreams

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There are two great traditions of knowledge running throughout human history – the exoteric tradition – that of mainstream religion, science and history; and the esoteric – that of visionary science and spirituality that has profoundly shaped human consciousness from behind the scenes.  We examine both of these in depth.

The ‘esoteric’ stream of knowledge relates to “the inner meaning”, as R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz writes, “the immanent meaning, implied but inexpressible in words.

“Cosmic Core distills the information of the esoteric stream of knowledge into understandable articles that attempt to explain the symbolism of the most important concepts of this stream of knowledge so we may grasp its profound implications.”

We use information from a broad range of sources including the work of many brilliant scientists, mathematicians, scholars, artists and philosophers as well as the perspectives of many exoteric and esoteric religious and spiritual traditions from around the world.

We strive to show the similarities among traditions throughout the world, and to show that beneath varied traditions there lay a common ground of understanding. This is the Perennial Philosophy.

“The truth is, that science and religion neither are, nor can be, two fields of knowledge with no possible communication between them.  Such an hypothesis is simply absurd.

There is undoubtedly an avenue leading from the one to the other, but this avenue is through the unseen universe, and unfortunately it has been walled up and ticketed with ‘No road this way,’ professedly alike in the name of science at the one end, and in the name of religion at the other.

We are in hopes that when this region of thought comes to be further examined it may lead to some common ground on which followers of science on the one hand, and of revealed religion on the other, may meet together and recognize each other’s claims without any sacrifice of the spirit of independence, or any diminution of self-respect.

It must never be forgotten that, whether we take the scientific or the religious point of view, one great object of our life in the visible universe is obviously to learn; and that (as human beings are constituted) advance in learning necessarily implies a high purpose kept steadily before us, and a continuous and arduous pursuit.”

~ Balfour Stewart & Peter Guthrie Tait, The Unseen Universe