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In this article we will continue our discussion of the Holographic Universe, touching on the interesting theory of how a single tetrahedral photon fractalized outwards to form the physical universe that we experience.

We will then discuss some of the fractal scaling ratios of the universe from the work of Nassim Haramein and Ray Tomes.



New Fractal-Holographic Cosmology redefines how we View the Universe



The Photon Fractalizes into the Universe

In Cosmic Core we discuss a Dynamic Steady State Universe – one in which the Universe in infinite, with no beginning or ending.  This infinite universe is one created by consciousness.  This infinite, timeless universe is the metaphysical universe from which the physical universe springs.

There are an infinite number of psychological ‘physical universes’ in a fractal-holographic multidimensional reality.  However, they are all seeded from and connected to the One Unified Infinite source Universe of consciousness – the metaphysical reality of time/space or timelessness.  It is a realm of both infinite dimensions and zero dimensions.  Contemplating the dream world and dream state helps us understand this paradox of infinite/zero dimensions.

We will now discuss the physical universe that we all experience.  The Source Universe always was.  It is non-physical.  Consciousness constructed the ‘physical’ universe we know.  This physical universe did start from an origin point.  The origin point was the original photon.

Remember that electromagnetic energy travels on photons and photons have a geometric structure.

The original photon has been proven to be tetrahedral in nature.

It consists of two tetrahedra back-to-back while a free photon.  In this state we do not see it.

Credit: Rod Johnson


When confined the tetrahedra slide together to form a star tetrahedron.  In this state it gives off light – thus we see it.



The Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba)

The star tetrahedron displays:

  • perfect nesting
  • perfect branching
  • perfect compression/data packing/data sharing
  • perfect compassion (inside is as the outside)


The Platonic Solids (pictured below) are the framework upon which light condenses into matter.


Every single photon of light is an image of the original photon – an image of the universe as a whole.

Photons are holographically encoded with vast amounts of information.  You can take individual photons that have the code for one organism and beam them into the embryo of another organism and transform that organism into something new.  This science will be discussed in the next few articles of this series.


Remember – we originally discovered the shape of the photon was composed of two tetrahedra when Max Planck used a tessellating cubic matrix.

The Cube volume = 10

Planck’s constant = 6.626

6.626 is extremely close to 6.666 = 2/3 of 10


“What is so important about 2/3?”

Remember, when we fit a tetrahedron inside a sphere, it will fill exactly 1/3 of its total volume (3.333 out of 10).

Tetrahedron in a sphere


In the previous article we noted how the tetrahedron in a sphere inherently contains the golden ratio.  These are all key concepts to keep in mind.

The equilateral triangle in a circle = the tetrahedron in a sphere in 3D.  AB = 1 and BC = 0.618 (the golden ratio).


Incidentally, the gravitational constant is also very close to 2/3.

It is 6.67408 x 10-11.

 Dr. Harold Aspden derived both of these constants, as well as the fine-structure constant (1/137), with the use of his cubic lattice of Aether units.



Vibration is the Key to Fractalization

Vibration (Oscillation) creates geometry.  This is plainly and clearly illustrated in Cymatics.

Geometric laws determine how fractalization works.  Geometric laws are based on vibration.

The fractalization occurs due to vibration and the spinning of the original seed (the star tetrahedron) – in every possible direction.

The star tetrahedron instantaneously forms the other four Platonic solids.  This can be illustrated by seeing how they nest perfectly together and how they naturally grow one out of the other.  Visit the geometry section in Cosmic Core to see some of the many ways these five solids nest within one another.

This is due to the continual vibration/motion/oscillation of the consciousness units of the Aether.

The geometries by their very nature fluctuate and oscillate, fractalizing outwards and inwards, forming new geometries and combinations of geometries as they move.

Beginning as one geometry (the vector equilibrium, for example) “a differential of any sort (pressure, charge, force, spin) shifts the medium out of equilibrium – duality arises, a difference can be observed, a relationship is born, nothing becomes something, an entity is manifest.”1

One example of morphing Platonic solids: A tetrahedron morphing into a cuboctahedron (vector equilibrium).



Fractal Stellar & Galactic Formation

The following is based on the thoughts of David Wilcock according to the laws of holography.  When the metaphysical universe began to form the physical universe that we know and see the photon fractalized out from the original into the first star, the Primoridal Sun (a spherical torus).  The scientific basis for these concepts are discussed in Articles 91 & 92.

The primordial sun blossomed out (forming other suns that in turn formed planetary systems) to become the original galaxy – a super galaxy.

This did not occur all at once – it grew or flowered out of the original as matter and energy accumulated so it could grow larger.

At first the process was messy – a good amount of dust formed.

The dust is organized into the pattern of the original geometric shape – a star tetrahedron with an octahedron inside tilted at a 45 degree angle.

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation in the Universe.  The red and blue areas are hot and cold spots.  Note there are six of them.  These six patches correspond to the 6 points of an octahedron.  There are 4 equally spaced points around the Equator, 1 point at the North Pole and 1 point at the South pole.  When you wrap the above image into a sphere these patches perfectly align with a spherical octahedron tilted at 45 degrees.


Here’s another image of the same information:


Here is the image wrapped into a sphere:


And here is an octahedron in a sphere:


And now here is an octahedron inside a star tetrahedron.  Each of the eight faces of the octahedron are affixed with a tetrahedron to form the star tetrahedron.


If one of the points of the star tetrahedron is pointed upwards to the North Pole, the inner octahedron will pointed at a 45 degree angle.


Furthermore, all the known galaxies are along a central Equator.  This should not be in a random Big Bang Universe.  Yet, here it is:

Credit: NASA


The universe then acts like a super galaxy with a north to south movement caused by a spherical torus.  There are two forces:  1 going up and 1 going down.  They push against each other and keep the galaxies stuck in the ecliptic plane – the Equator.


As the original photon fractalized into a super galaxy matter got caught in patterns of geometry (seen in Cymatics).  The particles are attracted to the standing waves of geometry and get stuck in the lines of force.

Examples of Cymatic geometry.  The colloids (sand particles) are constantly moving around yet staying along the edges and corners of the geometry.  Waves form geometry.  Different frequencies form different types of geometry.  The colloids here are attracted to the geometric lines of force just as galaxies and galactic dust are attracted to the geometric lines of force on a much larger scale of the universe.  Nature is consistent in her laws.


The original super galaxy then fractalized into other galaxies.

Suns within the galaxies bud into planets forming solar systems and galaxies that grow from small to large

Planets become suns and bud into other solar systems and so on…


All of this physical matter formation and evolution happens within a stable universe of geometry.

Holographic galactic and stellar evolution occurs within each cosmic cell.  These cells are 350 million light years across.

Note the galaxies align along the lines and corners of the geometry of the octahedron.  Credit: Battaner & Florido


The galaxies cannot go anywhere they want in the universe – they are bound by geometric laws and can only go where the geometric gravitational Aether flow fields allow them to go.

Each geometric cosmic cell has its own local gravity.  Galaxies born in a certain cell will always stay within that cell.  Stars, planets and galaxies do not just randomly move through the universe in any way possible.  They are bounded by geometric flow fields which equate to local gravitational cells.  These gravitational cells are tetrahedral and octahedral (seen above).

Zooming into the Mandelbrot set gives an accurate and stunningly beautiful visual interpretation of this fractalized universe and branching tendrils of the fractalized cosmos.



The Fractalization of Geometry – Self-similarity at all scales

It is to be noted that the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU) developed by Conrad Ranzan and frequently discussed in Cosmic Core is not a fractal universe.  A fractal universe is composed of a self-similar structure – one that repeats itself over and over on different scales.  The DSSU is composed of a self-similar structure but only on one scale.

Cosmic Core diverges from the DSSU theory in this regard.  We postulate the existence of the geometric cell structure on every scale.  The geometry is all based on the Platonic solids and the scales are bounded by ratios – 34560, Phi, the Octave and others.

We propose that if the cells can exist on a cosmic scale and they are the result of fundamental fluctuators (Aether Units) of consciousness and the oscillating nature of space/time and time/space that create two opposing yet harmonious pressures of the Aether that lead to standing geometric waves – then the cellular structure can exist on all scales.  This is extensively backed up in Cosmic Core throughout our article collection where we actually do see these same geometries on every scale from the subatomic, atomic, molecular, mineral, plant, insect, animal, human, planet, sun, galaxy and galactic clustering level.  The evidence is ample and undeniable.


The cellular structure of the universe is fractal in nature. 

Each of the following is covered in great detail in the Science section  of Cosmic Core:


We see the cosmic cellular structure (rhombic dodecahedra) of galactic clusters.


We see the cosmic gravitational cellular structure of tessellating tetrahedra and octahedra.


We see the stellar cellular structure of cubic space domains around suns/stars.

We see geometric cellular structure and the phi ratio making up life forms on various scales (human, plant, animal, insect, virus).  This includes the life form as a whole and the parts that compose the life form such as cells.

We see the Platonic solids show up in the structure of DNA, water, ice and minerals, especially crystals.

We see molecular structure conform to these same geometric rules and patterns.

We see atomic structure conform to the four Platonic solids the cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron.

We see the tetrahedral structure of subatomic particle interactions and photons.

We see cellular structure of the sub-atomic Aether realm (cubic and cuboctahedral structure of Aether units).



Different orders of magnitude – The Same Underlying Geometric Laws

Spheres are simply a fractalization of Platonic Solid geometry.  If the faces fractalize or iterate into smaller and smaller faces, eventually the faces will be so small they will form a smooth curving surface.  When all faces are treated in this manner, eventually, after enough iterations, a smooth sphere will form.

For example: the tetrahedron above fractalizes outwards to form the star tetrahedron, then the Isotropic Vector Matrix, and then yet a more complex version of the same.  If we continued in this fashion, fractilizing the surfaces further outward, you would eventually get a sphere.  You can see how the form gets more spherical the more complex it gets.


When the Aether units oscillate they expand and contract – this action can be seen as geometry transforming into other geometry.


For instance:

The out-breath: rhombic dodecahedron

The in-breath: the cuboctahedron (its dual, and an extremely stable shape)


or:  The in-breath: cuboctahedron  (8 points pointing inward)

The out-breath: the star tetrahedron(8 points pointing outward)


or:  The in-breath: icosahedron

The out-breath: dodecahedron (its dual)


or:  The in-breath: octahedron

The out-breath: star tetrahedron


This in-and-out expansion and contraction can activate any number of infinite geometric progressions or formations depending on the consciousness fluctuations that occur as its source.

Here’s an example of an octahedron expanding into a rhombicuboctahedron and then contracting into a cube:

And here is an example of a dodecahedron expanding into a rhombicosidodecahedron and then contracting into an icosahedron:


All Platonic geometry (associated duals, Archimedean & Catalan solids, iterations, combinations and progressions) exist within the Aetheric matrix of geometry.

Certain shapes are activated for certain scales and processes.

All the Platonic geometry can be nested within each other – so the geometry naturally, by its very being extends downwards to each smaller scale.

The scales are bounded by ratios.  The ratios are determined by the very shape of the Platonic geometry.

The ratios are harmonic and related to the musical scales.

Certain scales have more stability to their geometry such as Cosmic Cells that bound galactic clusters.

Other scales have more variability, such as the scales of humans/animals/plants – the geometry is more complex, and oscillates, transforming geometry at a much faster rate.

Throughout the course of Cosmic Core we will explore the geometry of the following scales:

Universal; Galactic; Solar System/Stellar; Planetary; Human; Plant & Animal; Minerals & Water; Molecules; Atoms; DNA; Subatomic particles; Photons; Sound & Music



Fractal Self-Similarity at all Scales

Now we will discuss the scaling law of the universe as shown in Nassim Haramein’s work.  We have discussed this previously in Article 90.

Then we will look at the work of Ray Tomes and the universal scaling ratio of 34560.



Scaling Law

Nassim Haramein and Elizabeth A. Raushcher published the paper, Scale Unification – A universal scaling law of organized matter in 2008.

They plotted energy density, that is: frequency (Hertz) vs. radius.

The universe was plotted.

Galactic centers and stellar objects were added to the graph.

Microtubules (important structures in biological cell processes) were added to the graph.  Microtubules are much larger than atoms but they oscillate at a very high rate (1011 to 1014 hertz).  They divide the scale in the middle.

Microtubules seem to play an important role in consciousness.  They act as ‘light pipes’ acting as waveguides for photons.  The photons do not get entangled, that is, they do not set into any single state.  They remain in a quantum state – a condition of all possible states – enabling the brain to choose among them.


Next atoms and Planck’s distance (the smallest recognized wavelength of the universe) were added to the graph.

All points added up showing there is structure and order in the universe.



Scaling Law & Phi

The scaling law relationships were very close to the phi golden ratio (phi).


Dr. Radu Coldea and associates in HZB, Germany, and Oxford and Bristol University in England made an extraordinary observation of phi in the nanoscale world of solid state matter in 2010.  They published their results in the paper:  Quantum Criticality in an Ising Chain: Experimental Evidence for Emergent E8 Symmetry.

They observed that chains of atoms act like a nanoscale guitar string.  “The tension comes from the interaction between spins causing them to magnetically resonate…the first two notes show a perfect relationship with each other.  Their frequencies (pitch) are in the ratio of 1.618.”2

Dr. Coldea is convinced that this was no coincidence, and that it reflected a beautiful property of hidden symmetry of this quantum system, known as E8.

This scientifically verified discovery demonstrates the underlying symmetries found within systems of complexity.  This indicates the scaling law was correct.



Haramein’s Second Scaling Law

Haramein continued his work with the scaling law, this time plotting mass vs. radius.  Once again, he plotted the universe, galaxies, quasars, the sun, earth, the Schwarzschild proton and the Planck mass.

All fit perfectly on the linear progression.  (Except the standard proton.  Read Article 90 to see why.)



Universal Ratio of 34560 – Fractal structure of the Universe


The Harmonic 34560 Scaling Ratio was discovered by Ray Tomes and based off the work of Pythagoras, Galileo, Kepler and Edward Dewey.

A discussion of his work can be found here:

Ray Tomes


The Unity of the Harmonic Ratio of 34560

In our universe, “We are dealing with a unified system of spherical vibrations (pulsations) that behave according to simple musical (harmonic) proportions.

Credit: Ray Tomes


Tomes discovered that the average distances between all of these spherical energy formations at each size level in the Universe are precisely interconnected by a single musical ratio: 34560.”4

Credit: Ray Tomes


If we take the average distance between moons and multiply it by a factor of 34560, we get the average distance between planets.


Take the average distance between planets, multiply it by a factor of 34560 and we get the average distance between stars.


Multiply the average distance between stars by a factor of 34560 and we get the average distance between galaxies.


Take the average distance between galaxies, multiply it by a factor of 34560 and we get the size of the known Universe.


Compress the average distance between moons by two factors of 34560, and we get the average distance between cells, either plant or animal.


Compress the average distance between cells by 34560 and we get the average distance between atoms.


Compress the average distance between atoms by 34560 and we get the average distance between nucleons, which are the smallest natural “particles” in the Universe.


“This suggests that there is a ‘fractal’ organization to the Cosmos, meaning that we have what is referred to as self-similarity on all levels.”5



What are X & Y?

Look at the graph above and notice that X & Y lie in the center of the hierarchy.

We do not know what X & Y stand for.  We propose: X is the average distance between human energetic fields (2 km).

Y is the average distance between human energy centers (chakras) in the body (6 cm).


The point is that the human being is the central pivot point – the mean between the microcosmic and macrocosmic.  Human consciousness is the mediating factor between the cosmos and the Earth.


As Robert Lawlor wrote, humanity is the “representation of the intermediate realm which partakes of both the unchanging and the changing principles, the eternal and the ephemeral.  Human consciousness thus functions as the mediator, balancing the two complimentary poles of consciousness.”




Compress the speed of light by a factor of 34560 and we get the speed of sound.

Compress the speed of sound by a factor of 34560 and we get the speed of heat.


Recall from Articles 120 and 121 how light, sound and gravitation all have identical inverse square law rules and how light and heat are identical in many ways.

As Samuel Colman wrote, “The point of interest is the fact of their absolute unity, their subjection in great part to the same harmonic laws and systems which control matter, and the possibility of their correlation by being transformed one into another.”


Compress the density of ordinary matter by a factor of 345603, and we find the density of a neutron star, considered the densest object in the Universe.

Relax the density of ordinary matter by a factor of (345603)2, and we arrive at the density of the known Universe, which is predominantly what is now called “empty” space.  (Remember, ’empty’ space is not empty!  It is composed of a ever-moving, every-changing medium of interrelated wave fields…a.k.a the Aether.)


“All of these observations from Ray Tomes and Dan Winter only reinforce the idea that a central oscillator is creating pulsations throughout all the aether in the Universal Sphere.  All of these pulsations are precise harmonic multiples of the time interval of one second, either in larger or smaller time intervals, and their primary harmonic wavelengths are all factors of the ratio of 34560.”5



Sacred Fractal Geometry becomes the Key to the Universe!

We can see that sacred geometry is the key to understanding reality.  It is the underpinning of our reality.

Geometry, mathematical ratios, harmonics, and proportion are found in music, light, cosmology, astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, nature, humanity, space, time and form.

The universe is an interconnected whole – no part is more fundamental than the other.  The properties of any one part are determined by those of all the others.

Every part contains the whole.

All points in space and time are connected.

Everything in the universe is part of a continuum – a seamless extension of everything else.

Consciousness and intelligence is present in matter, energy, space, time and the fabric of the entire universe.

Every portion of the universe enfolds the whole.

Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos.



Conclusion: The Holographic Reality

Physicist David Bohm quotes “The essential feature of quantum interconnectedness is that the whole universe is enfolded in everything, and that each thing is enfolded in the whole.”


As the Law of One states, “In each infinitesimal part of your being lies the One in all its power.”


William Mahoney states in Exquisite Love: “Within the diversity of the many stands the One…The One becomes the Many, all of which also hold within them the essence of the One.”


The Hindu philosophy of Vedanta states, “You are God, and God is you.”


All of these are poetic references to the holographic nature of reality.  When we think of holographs we often think of a beam of light that contains all the information needed to recreate an object.  If all matter is made of light, that is photons, and photons have both a particle nature and a wave nature, then it is certainly possible for each photon to contain the blueprint and pattern of the whole Universe.


  1. Lefferts, Marshall, Three Primary Components,
  3. Wilcock, David, The Divine Cosmos, Section 7.8,
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