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In this article we will continue our exploration of time.  We will look in more detail at the science of Dewey B Larson and his Reciprocal System.

We will also look at two concepts of 3D time that parallel Larson’s including Dr. William Tifft, who we have discussed in detail in Articles 93 and 94, and Dr. Harold Aspden’s concept of a time dimension.



Dewey B Larson (1898-1990)

Dewey B Larson was an American engineer and theoretical physicist who developed the Reciprocal System.  Much of his work can be found at his website:

To review Article 82: Dewey Larson focuses on the reciprocal nature between the two aspects of reality: the physical, which he calls space/time, and the metaphysical, which he calls time/space.  His Reciprocal System is a “comprehensive theoretical framework capable of explaining all physical phenomena from subatomic particles to galactic clusters.  In this general physical theory space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe-motion.”

The framework of all his ideas rest on the notion that “All is Motion,” or in the words of Conrad Ranzan, “All things are Processes.”  Or, in the words of Buckminster Fuller, “Nature consists exclusively of endlessly transforming energy.”  There are no solids, no things; only energy event complexes and relationships.


“Nothing endures but change,” as Heraclitus wrote.



All is Motion: Vibration~Frequency~Harmonics


“Atoms are Vibrations in occultism.” ~ H.P. Blavaksky


“Larson says that all is motion which we can take as vibration, and that vibration, which is pure vibration is not physical in any way or form or density; the first product of that vibration is what we call the photon, the particle of light.  This light then can condense into material as we know it in our density, into all of our chemical elements because of rotations of the vibration at quantized intervals or units of angular velocity.”1

The catalyst or activator of the rotation is “the enabling function of the focus known as Love.  This energy is of an ordering nature.  It orders in a cumulative way from greater to lesser.” 2

“Love” in this sense refers to “Cosmic Love” – the force of the motion that holds everything together and continually acts to pull each thing back to its own center, and thus to the center of all else in the Universe.  Scientifically this “Cosmic Love” equals gravity.



The Simple Essence of Dewey B Larson’s Reciprocal System

Here is an overview of the cosmological basis of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System:  “Because the concepts of space, time, energy and matter are misconstrued in mainstream science, so are the concepts of gravity, universal forces, atomic structure and particle physics.

The redshift observed in distant galaxies can be explained without the need for hypothetical inventive concepts such as the Big Bang, the Expanding Universe, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Black Holes.

It is not necessary to introduce the entire area of particle physics and sub-atomic particle structure into Science. This is totally unnecessary as all properties of atoms can be measured and explained in terms of their multidimensional vibrational properties without the need for inventive constructs that postulate the existence of many forms of elementary and exotic particles and forces within atoms.

The worldview of the evolution of stellar systems is the reverse of what the Reciprocal System predicts, reinforcing the view that the Universe is paradoxical in nature and nothing is as it seems until we “see” through the veils of perception that hide the Universe’s true nature from our view.

There is no need for higher dimensional mathematics or separate laws and fields of science to explain quantum and cosmological phenomena, or the complexity they introduce in interpreting their maths in a way that has meaning in reality.

Black holes are an artifact of singularities in mathematical theories and invalid theoretical constructs of how nature works on the very, very small and very, very large scales.”3



Larson’s Model

Dewey Larson built a very successful model of the universe beginning in the 1950s.  He solved many great quantum physics problems and astronomy issues with his model of 3D (coordinate) time.

Coordinate time explains and derives the characteristics of supernovae, white dwarfs, pulsars, quasars, and cosmic rays.




In Larson’s model radiation consists of photons traveling outward in all directions from various points of emission at a constant velocity of one unit of space per unit of time; that is at ‘unit velocity’.

It follows that atoms and molecules are nothing more than vortexes within the energetic-like Aether medium.

Atoms are vibrations or fluctuations of energy.  The source of this ‘energy’ is consciousness.


Atoms are rotating photons.

Matter is a collection of atoms.

Chemical Elements are rotational combinations of atoms.

Gravitation is the inward motion resulting from the rotational velocity.

Mass is the reciprocal of three-dimensional velocity.  In other words, mass is the reciprocal of gravitational velocity.  Mass is the reciprocal of gravity.


Energy is the reciprocal of velocity.

When one-dimensional motion is not restrained by opposing motion (force) it manifests itself as velocity; when it is so restrained it manifests itself as potential energy.



The Arrow of Time

The ‘arrow of time’ refers to time pointing in a fixed direction.

The arrow of time does point in a fixed direction in our part of the universe, yet we see only half of what is happening.

Physics requires the existence of another half of the universe: a non-material sector which is in all respects the inverse of the material sector.

In that other half, the arrow of time points in the opposite direction and all of the effects of the unidirectional progression of time in our material region are completely nullified in the long run by the oppositely directed progression in the non-material realm.



Coordinate Time

Larson postulated time is three-dimensional.  This he called coordinate time.

There are only three ‘real’ dimensions in the universe (length, width, height).

Remember, there are two parallel realities that pour into and out of each other as a torus.

Movement (time) in one reality becomes fixed position (space) in the other.

There is a perfectly reciprocal relationship between space and time.  It is toroidal in nature.  There is a constant fluid-like exchange between the two.

In the diagram below space/time is the movement flowing into the North Pole.  Time/space is the movement flowing out of the South Pole.  Time/Space and Space/Time are not separate.  They are two poles of the same reality and they continuously interpenetrate one another.

We must throw away the confusing concept of a 4D space-time fabric and replace it with a 3D space and 3D time fluid-like crystalline Aether medium flowing into and out of each other (oscillating back and forth) as a torus.

This symmetry of existence, and the symmetry of time and space, makes far more sense; is far easier to visualize; and it actually works in physics.

Einstein’s idea of a “curving fabric” is reductionist.  It neglects gyroscopic effects.  The space-time “fabric” would not curve smoothly, it would spin like water going down a drain.

Furthermore, Einstein’s 4D space-time fabric theory doesn’t account for 3D gravity of the planet.  In his case (as pictured below), all would flow to the South Pole, not the center of the planet.

Let us get this straight.  There is no fabric.  It is a fluid medium.

Atoms are constantly flowing in and out between the two realities.  This is reflected in the fundamental symmetry of particles and antiparticles in quantum mechanics.

Time and space are the same stuff (Aether).   All points in space and time are connected due to the fractal-holographic nature of reality.  Info can be relocated instantly anywhere in the universe.  The whole is present in all the parts.

The center of the universe is everywhere.  The wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridge/center of the torus) is the point between space/time and time/space.  These source points are everywhere.

“The space/time and time/space concepts are those concepts describing as mathematically as possible the relationships of [this] illusion, that which is seen to that which is unseen. These descriptive terms are clumsy. They however, suffice for this work.”4



Space/time – That which is Seen

Progression in space/time tends to move objects closer together.  [This moving ‘closer together’ represents gravity or Aether contraction.]

The space-time ratio or velocity is greater than unity.

Space Region – time remains at unity and all variability is in space.  This means time is 1D – you can move through it in one direction only: forward.  Space is 3D – you can move through it in three directions (l, w, h).

This is the physical reality of which we are so familiar.


Time/space – That which is Unseen

Progression in time/space tends to move objects apart in space. [This represents Aether expansion.]

One or more units of space are associated with a greater number of units of time; space-time ratio or velocity is below unity.

Time Region – space remains at the minimum value, unity; all variability is in time.  This means space is 1D or unity.  Time is 3D – you can move in three directions: past, present, future.

This is the metaphysical reality.  The closest approximation of this realm is that which we experience in our dream states.  In dreams we have teleport and time travel instantaneously.


Space cannot progress; time progresses in the usual manner.

t = time

velocity of progression = 1/t2



As Amy Edmondson writes in A Fuller Explanation, Bucky Fuller says, “…any identifiable system divides Universe into two parts, and requires a minimum of six relationships to do so.”

The two parts of the Universe are space/time (physical reality) and time/space (metaphysical reality).  This is symbolized by the center which oscillates inwards (into time/space) and outwards (into space/time).

The six relationships are the three dimensions in space/time (length, width, height) and the three dimensions in time/space (past, present, future).  This can by symbolized by a hexagon.  In three-dimensions the hexagon becomes the cube.  The cube has 8 points: 3 for length/width/height; 3 for past/present/future and 2 that represent the incomprehensible center and its dualistic pulsations: inward and outward; time/space to space/time…etc.

Hexagon viewed as a cube. 



Dr. Harold Aspden & a Time Dimension

Dr. Aspden attempts to explain everything in terms of three physical dimensions:  energy, space, time.

He recognizes a time dimension because positive and negative polarity is in-phase and anti-phase states of universal oscillation.

Time is a progressive change of state that is ever ongoing.  Without time there could be no change in the aether.


Space has two forms.  Our basic space medium was found to have lattice particles immersed in a continuum of charge of opposite polarity.

“The need for universal balance suggests that there may be other domains in space within which the lattice particles have the opposite polarities and the continuum also has its charge reversed.

In the universe overall there could be balance, that is no net angular momentum and as many anti-lattice particles as lattice particles.

A vacuum of space and anti-space domains is suggested.”5

These ‘space’ and ‘anti-space’ domains of Dr. Aspden simply correspond to Larson’s space/time and time/space domains.

Larson writes in The Structure of the Physical Universe, “In this known region the relation between space and time is recognized as motion.  Motion is measured as velocity, and in velocity, time and space have a reciprocal relationship; that is, more space is the equivalent of less time and vice versa.  The most conservative assumption that we can possibly make concerning the general relation of space and time, is that this relationship which holds good in the known phenomenon also holds good in general.”6


Larson goes on to say, “If space and time are reciprocally related they must have the same dimensions.”

They both have three dimensions each and space and time exist in discrete units.



Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden & a Time Domain

Thomas Bearden points out many flaws in modern electrodynamics and suggests a theory of ‘extended electrodynamics’ that incorporates the Aether back into the equation.

Bearden also talks “about using higher dimensional theory to transport energy (and therefore theoretically possibly matter) – not through space – but through the time domain to have it instantly appear somewhere else.

In fact, Bearden later explains [in his 2002 book Fer de Lance] the solution to the source charge problem of charged particles by using the time domain.”

The ‘time domain’ simply corresponds to Larson’s metaphysical time/space domain.


“Supposing that electric charge was a property of Aether (a virtual particle Aether according to Bearden) flowing into or out of a charged particle.  The source charge problem is where does the Aether come from, in the outflowing case and where does it go in the inflowing case?  Bearden’s answer to this question is that it comes through the time domain to the negative 3-charge, thence to the positive 3-charge, thence back to the time domain in a 4-space circulation.”7

This means that Aether flows from metaphysical time/space into space/time.  Space/time is polarized into positive and negative charges, so the Aether flows in from the ‘time domain’ through polarized space/time (negative 3-charge – the electron and positive 3-charge – the proton) and then flows back into the time domain (time/space).

In other words, “Bearden says that the electric charge is a 4-flow of energy which enters the electron from the time domain, propagates radially from the electron in 3-space to the proton which brings it in to its center and back into the time domain.”8

More clearly: The electric charge enters from time/space into the electron (negative).  It then propagates radially (centrifugally like water going down a drain) to the proton (positive) which is at the center of the atom.  From the center it re-enters time/space.


“Scalar electromagnetic waves oscillate about the time axis (“t”) with no vector direction in space, hence the name “scalar.”  Since the Scalar EM wave doesn’t exist in space, it can instantly transmit energy to a distant location via the time dimension.”9

Scalar waves oscillate inwards and outwards from time/space to space/time.  They do not move through space.  Due to their wave nature and their continual oscillation to and from time/space they can transmit energy through time/space, passing that energy to a different point in space/time.

This means teleportation can occur by passing through metaphysical time/space (the wave nature of reality where everything is spread out through time) and then reappear back in physical space/time.

Bearden writes in Energy from the Vacuum, “Propagation along the time axis e.g., can be at ‘infinite velocity’ because a single point in time is connected to every point in the universe simultaneously.”10


As was stated, a scalar wave has no vectorial direction in 3-space and only oscillates along the time axis.  “So what exactly oscillates?  The answer is the density of time.  High density time allows changes to happen easily, low density time causes change to happen with greater difficulty.  The Scalar EM wave oscillates about the local average time density.  Time density can also be expressed as time rate of flow.  Time flows faster with higher time density and slower with lower time density.”11

Note: The “density of time” is another way of saying the “density of Aether”.  Space is Aether.  Time is Aether moving.



Postulates of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System

First Fundamental Postulate

The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, space-time, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and in two reciprocal forms, space and time.


Second Fundamental Postulate

The physical universe conforms to the relations of ordinary mathematics, its magnitudes are absolute and its geometry is Euclidean.



However, due to the nature of reality, oscillations into time/space are oscillations into the infinite source field of consciousness and pure potential.  Within this metaphysical realm infinite psychological realities are possible.  This relates to the ‘multi-verse’ idea that String Theory tries so hard to make sense of.  There are not infinite dimensions of space and time.  There are infinite psychological realities due the blossoming fractal nature of consciousness.  Consciousness creates reality.  All is consciousness.


One unit of time is equal to one unit of space.

Consider a location in space – location A.

During the next unit of time (for instance 1 second), this location progresses to A + 1.

When n units of time have elapsed the location has progressed to A + n both in space and time.

This statement does not refer to some object occupying location A; it refers to the location itself.  The object remains stationary at the same location in space-time but the location itself moves.  This refers to the local expansion of the Aether itself.



Local Expansion of the Universe

Larson teaches that the expansion of the universe deduced by the astronomers from the motions of distant galaxies is a direct consequence of the progression of space-time itself.

As we discuss in Cosmic Core, this expansion of the universe is localized.  This means the entire universe as a whole is not expanding.  There are cellular regions of space in which “the universe” (meaning space/time or the Aether) both expands and contracts.  This process occurs in a balanced way that sustains the structure of space itself – it sustains the geometric cellular structure of the Universe.

Tessellating rhombic dodecahedra.  Space/time or Aether is structured as invisible geometric units.  These units are not solid structures in space.  They create invisible flow or ‘Aetheric force’ fields.  Space expands within each of these cellular units.  Space also contracts within each of these units.  The size of the units do not change.  They are stable.


Displacement of space-time

No physical phenomena at all would occur if one unit of space equals one unit of time, and this this was the full extent of the relationship.

The entire universe would be one vast domain of perfect uniformity in which nothing could ever happen.

No physical phenomena can exist except as a result of a divergence from this one to one correspondence: a displacement of space-time from the unit ratio.


Space and time are reciprocal; not equivalent.

The space-time ratio of unity therefore constitutes the initial level of all physical activity, the datum from which all phenomena extend.

We take unity (1) as our datum rather than zero.



Displacement Progression

Only one of the space-time components progresses.  The other remains fixed at the unit value.

Progression of 1/n = 1/1, ½, 1/3…etc.

Progression of reciprocals of 1/n = 1, 2, 3…etc.



Scalar Space-time

Larson postulated the entire universe is formed by nothing more than scalar motion – fluid-like swirling toroidal vortexes of Aether.

Scalar motion – translation, rotation and vibration


translation – movement of an object from one point to another

rotation – a circular movement around an axis or center

vibration – oscillation


There are two reciprocal aspects of scalar motion – Space and Time.

Without motion there is no Space or Time.

The only difference permitted between space and time is that of direction.

Space-time is scalar.  It does not move through space.  It’s movement is inward/outward.

Direction is a property of space and time individually.  Direction involves translation – a movement either through space or time.



Reversal of Direction between Space and Time

Larson teaches in The Structure of the Physical Universe, where n units of one component replace a single unit in association with one unit of the other kind in a linear progression, the direction of the multiple component must reverse at each end of the single unit of the opposite variety.

Space-time is scalar; therefore the reversal of direction is meaningless from the space-time standpoint and the uniform progression continues as if there were no reversals.  This means we do not notice the reversals or oscillations.  From the standpoint of space/time we do not perceive the reversals.  Everything seems to be always moving straight ahead in an unbroken and continuous fashion.

From the standpoint of space and time individually the progression has involved n units of one kind but only one of the other, the latter being traversed repeatedly in opposite directions.



Periodic reversal of direction = Oscillation

The multiple unit of space or time replaces the normal unidirectional space-time progression with a progression which merely oscillates back and forth over the same path.

When viewed from the standpoint of a reference system which remains stationary and does not participate in the space-time progression, the resultant path of the oscillating progression takes the form of a sine curve.  This means, that from our reference point, we perceive the progression as a sine wave, not an oscillation back and forth from one realm to another.

The Photon is the oscillating system.

Radiation is the process of emission and movement of these photons.

Frequency is the space-time ratio of the oscillation.



Local Space Expansion

Every location in the universe is moving outward from every other location at unit velocity because of the space-time progression resulting from the equivalence of the basic units of space and time. (Radiation)


Local Space Contraction

Simultaneously all material atoms are moving in the opposite direction, inward toward each other, because of their rotational motion. (Gravitation)


These motions (radiation and gravitation) control the large-scale aspects of the material universe.

These large-scale aspects of the material universe are the cosmic cells that are rhombic dodecahedra, gravitational cells that are tetrahedra and octahedra, and solar space domains which are cubic or rhombic dodecahedral.

Rhombic Dodecahedral Cell.  Credit: Conrad Ranzan



Dr. William Tifft and 3D Time

Dr. William Tifft, discussed extensively in Articles 93 and 94 created a model of 3D time that corresponded to Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System.

In 1996 he published a paper entitled: Three-Dimensional Quantized Time in Cosmology12 from which we will quote.

Dr. Tifft refers to time/space as tau-space, and space/time as sigma-space.



“Starting from a model of 3D time in units of the Planck energy, it is possible to model fundamental particles and forces.  Masses are associated with 3D volumes of time; forces are related to 4D space-time structures from which the fine structure constant can be derived.  Fundamental particles may then be assembled into larger objects, up to galaxies, within which special relativity is satisfied.”

“The component parts of an object retain a common quantized temporal structure which appears to link the spatially distributed parts together. The flow of time is associated with a flow of the common temporal structure within a general 3-d temporal space. Each galaxy evolves along a 1-d timeline such that within a given galaxy standard 4-d space-time physics is satisfied. The model deviates from ordinary physics by associating different galaxies with independent timelines within a general 3-d temporal space.”

“These timelines diverge from a common origin and can have different flow rates for different classes of objects. The common origin is consistent with standard cosmology. The radius of temporal space replaces the standard radius of curvature in describing redshifts seen when photons transfer between objects on different timelines.  Redshift quantization, discordant redshifts, and other observed cosmological phenomena are natural consequences of this type of model.”


3D Time

“In summary, we have examined a model based upon two coexisting 3D spaces, one of time, one of space…

Quantum physics resides in tau-space (time/space) and conventional dynamics operates in sigma-space (space/time).

Although there as yet exists no formal mathematical framework linking these spaces, there is a wealth of empirical consistency with observations.”

Note here, sadly Dr. Tifft wrote this paper not knowing about the extensive mathematical framework linking these spaces developed by Dewey Larson.  This is only one of the many problems with our fragmented scientific paradigm and educational system.


“This [wealth of empirical consistency with observation] includes properties ranging from the masses and forces at the fundamental particle level, through redshift quantization, to cosmological effects on the largest scale.

Time as a 3D quantity appears to be a promising subject for investigation.”



Sudden Quantum Leaps

Dr. Tifft expects a sudden quantum leap as the galactic zone hits the solar system.

“At a given cosmic radius in tau space, a galaxy occupies a specific temporal state.”  This means a galaxy must exist in a particular rate and flow of time in each zone!

It must change that temporal state in discrete steps.



Wheeler-DeWitt Equation

As an aside – this equation is a field equation used to combine quantum mechanics with general relativity.

Time plays no role in the equation.

“Mathematically speaking, all the laws of physics work equally well with time running forward or backward.  What does that tell you?”13



Metaphysical Aspects of Space/time and Time/space


Space/time is the visible physical reality.  It can be referred to as Framework 1.

In space/time time is fixed.  It moves forward in one direction like a continuous stream.  Progression here tends to move objects closer together.  This is the inward spiraling flow of gravity.

In space/time there is 3D space and 1D time.

You can move around in 3 dimensions of space (length, width, height).

There is a constant flow of space/time through the parallel reality of time/space.


Space/Time limits the viewpoint.

“The process in space/time [is one of] forgiveness and acceptance.  While in space/time it is not possible to determine the course of events beyond the incarnation but only to correct present imbalances. In time/space, upon the other hand, it is not possible to correct any unbalanced actions but rather to perceive the imbalances and thusly forgive the self for that which is…The advantage of space/time is that, working in darkness with a tiny candle, one may correct these imbalances.”14

Space/Time can also be referred to as Framework 1

Framework 1 is the world as you physically experience it.

In this realm reasoning processes work largely by deduction; they must constantly check their own results against the seemingly concrete experience of physical events.

This means that rational thought is crucial in accurately translating the physical realm to our individual consciousness.  Rational thought is the means by which we relate to and understand the physical reality.

Note here if rational thinking is the only type of consciousness used then half the picture will be missing.  Intuition must come into play in order to understand the greater perspective of reality.  Intuition is the means by which we relate to and understand the metaphysical reality.



Time (Time/Space)

Robert Lawlor reminds us, “The architecture of bodily existence is determined by an invisible, immaterial world of pure form and geometry.”

This invisible, immaterial world of pure form and geometry is time/space.

Time-Space is the invisible, metaphysical reality.  It is also called Framework 2.

In time/space time is three-dimensional.  It is called coordinate time.  The three dimensions are past, present and future.

In time/space, space is fixed.  There is 3D time (to us) and 1D space (to us).

In time/space time is not measurable in the absolute.  Time can move backwards and forwards – but only through the zero point between polarities (the singularity – the center of the torus).

You can move around in three dimensions of time.

This represents the spiritual, invisible universe – the “dream plane”, bardo, the astral plane…etc.

Distance traveled over there equals time travel over here. Hence, entry and exit points are very important.


Time/Space expands the viewpoint

“In time/space it is not possible to correct any unbalanced actions but rather to perceive the imbalances and thusly forgive the self for that which is….The advantage of time/space is that of the fluidity of the grand overview.”15


Time/Space can also be referred to as Framework 2

Framework 2 encompasses the vast ‘unconscious’ mental and universal studio where the inner mechanisms that happen prior to your experience occur.

It is the Source realm where details are arranged and taken care of: breathing, inner mechanisms of nourishment and elimination, circulation, and the maintenance of psychological continuity.

“It is as if Framework 2 contains an infinite information service that instantly puts you in contact with whatever knowledge you require, that sets up circuits between you and others, that computes probabilities with blinding speed. Not with the impersonality of a computer, however, but with a loving intent that has your best purposes in mind — yours and also those of each other individual.16


In Framework 2 processes of reasoning are far quicker.  Thoughts instantly form patterns.

“Framework 2 represents the inner sphere of reality, the inner dimensions of existence that gives your world its own characteristics. The energy and power that keeps you alive, that fuels your thoughts — and also the energy that lights your cities — all have their origins in Framework 2.”17

“You must understand that in a manner of speaking, Framework 2 is on the one hand an invisible version of the physical universe. On the other hand, however, it is far more than that, for it contains within it probable variations of that universe — from the most cosmic scale, say, down to probable versions of the most minute events of any given physical day.”18

“Framework 2 is not neutral, but automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructive developments. It is a growth medium. Constructive or “positive” feelings or thoughts are more easily materialized than “negative” ones, because they are in keeping with Framework 2’s characteristics.”19



The Merging of Frameworks 1 & 2

The two frameworks “merge, of course, for your Framework 1 existence is immersed in Framework 2.  Again, your body itself is constantly replenished in Framework 1 because of its simultaneous reality in Framework 2.  Framework 2 is ever exteriorizing itself, appearing in your experience as Framework 1.”20


“You are participators in an immense drama in which the main actions occur outside of your world, in those realms from which your world originated — and you are, foremost, natives of those other realms, as each individual is; as each being is.

Those realms are far from lonely, dark, and chaotic. They are also quite different from any concept of nirvana or nothingness. They are composed of ever-spiraling states of existence in which different kinds of consciousnesses meet and communicate. They are not impersonal realms, but are involved in the most highly intimate interactions.  Those interactions exist about you all the while, and I would like you in your thoughts to aspire toward them, to try to stretch your perceptions enough so that you become at least somewhat aware of their existence.”21




In this article we have delved deeper into the fascinating and mysterious aspects of time.  We have seen how the science of Dewey Larson, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, Dr. Harold Aspden and Dr. William Tifft all support a model of three-dimensional time.

Everything in reality continually oscillates back and forth between these two reciprocal realms of time and space, and time, like space is dependent upon the Aether.

This symmetrical model of 3D space and 3D time makes far more sense intuitively and scientifically than other models.

Furthermore, it has huge implications concerning the fascinating subject of multidimensional realities and time travel.  If all points of space and time are connected, then when you travel through space, you travel through time.  Any point of space you can travel to in the universe will also be a different point in time.  You simply cannot move through one without moving through the other simultaneously.  However you must know how time is laid out in a coordinate fashion, just as you need to know how space is laid out on a map, so you can determine where it is you want to go.

We will continue to explore the strange and wonderful world of time in the next three articles.



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