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We have thoroughly discussed the Aether and Aether units in the last thirteen articles.

For the next five articles we will move on to a discussion of the Aether related to the concepts of space and time.

Much of our discussion about time will revolve around the Reciprocal System of Dewey B Larson, Dr. William Tifft and 3D time, and Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev.

In the final two articles we will discuss the fascinating subjects of simultaneous time, alternate timelines and probabilities in time.

First, however, we will review mainstream relativistic space-time according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


A Review of Mainstream Relativistic Space-time

There is no law of physics which does not require the concepts of space and time for its formulation.

Space and time are treated on an equal footing and are inseparably connected.

Albert Einstein said when we move through space we move through time.  He believed space and time are woven together in a fabric.  In his model time is locally invariant.  This means you cannot make it run faster or slower in an area due to certain restraints he never defined.

Einstein thought time was one dimensional – in that it only moves forward.  This is called the ‘arrow of time’.

He then created the idea of a 4-D space-time continuum in which space is 3D and time is 1D.

Einstein’s view of gravity affected his idea of time.  He said the effect of gravity is to make space-time curved:  “Gravity is no longer a mysterious force acting at a distance, but [rather is] the result of an object trying to travel in a straight line through space [that is] curved by the presence of material bodies.”

He believed the degree of curvature depends on the mass of the object.

Therefore, Einstein postulated, time does not flow at the same rate as in ‘flat space-time’.  As the curvature varies from place to place, according to the distribution of massive bodies, so does the flow of time.

This means time would flow faster closer to the center of gravity.  For instance, time would flow faster if you were standing on the surface of the Earth compared to flying in outer space far from the center of gravity of a planet or star.


These ideas became a fundamental part of Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR).  We have discussed GR in detail in previous articles and we will discuss gravity in detail in Articles 116-119.

General relativity says that “time does not pass the same for everyone.  A fast-moving observer measures time passing more slowly than a (relatively) stationary observer would.  This phenomenon is called time dilation.”1

The slowing down of clocks in motion is well tested in particle physics.2

General relativity also says that there is no fixed frame of reference in the universe.  Everything is moving relative to everything else.

However, in 1926, Einstein published a paper saying there had to be an “aether” in order for space-time to work.  This would mean there would be an absolute frame of reference.  Everything would be moving relative to the Aether.

These later ideas of Einstein were sadly ignored.

We discussed the absolute frame of reference in Article 99 when we discussed the Michaelson-Morley Experiment and other Aether experiments.  Proving there is an absolute frame of reference would prove there is an Aether medium – which has been done.  Revisit Article 99 for that discussion and data.



The Aether

The Aether is defined as the fluid-like crystalline essence medium that pervades, maintains, and composes all in the Universe.

It consists of pulsating and oscillating essence entities called by many names: fundamental fluctuators, harmonic oscillators, Aether Units, consciousness units.

The essence is consciousness.  Movements of consciousness create the fluctuations of Aether units.  Aether units are not things, they are a toroidal flow process that creates an Aether flow field.

This flow field consists of the two opposing yet harmonious pressure flows of the Aether – the centripetal inward spiraling flow of gravity and the centrifugal outward spiraling flow of electromagnetic radiation.

The nature of the aether excitation in its basic perceptible form is the photon.  Photons are carriers of electromagnetic energy.

Aether units fluctuate between the two states of existence and non-existence.  The state of existence is the seen physical realm.  The state of non-existence is the unseen metaphysical realm.


Dewey Larson reminds us, “Max Planck once said that new scientific truths never succeed in convincing their opponents and must wait for a new generation of scientists to grow up before they can triumph.”



Two States of Existence – Parallel Realities

Existence – Physical, visible reality

Non-existence – Invisible, metaphysical reality


“The physical and the spiritual are interpenetrated, one within the other.” Nassim Haramein tells us, “They are two realities, the spiritual and the physical, that pour into and out of each other like an hourglass.  There is a constant fluid-like exchange of the two.”


We have discussed the idea of the two natures of existence, along with Dewey Larson’s work in Article 82.  We will delve deeper into those ideas in this and the next article.



Ideas of Parallel Realities

Physicist Dewey Larson:

  • Time/space – the invisible energetic source reality (The “Cosmic” Realm)
  • Space/time – the visible physical reality (Our material realm)


Physicist David Bohm:

  • implicate order (unseen, metaphysical source realm)
  • explicate order (seen, physical reality)


Physicist Conrad Ranzan & DSSU:

  • realm of existence (physical)
  • realm of non-existence (metaphysical)


Buckminster Fuller:

  • the ‘inside’ of a system (the metaphysical)
  • the ‘outside’ of a system (the physical)



  • The intelligible and ever-consistent model (the Metaphysical Source)
  • The visible reality subject to creation (the Imperfect Physical Copy)


Tibetan Buddhists:

  • Void (the metaphysical)
  • Non-void (the physical)


The Void is subtle, indivisible, and free from distinguishing characteristics.  It is a ‘living Void’ pulsating in endless rhythms of creation and destruction.

Tibetan scholar John Blofeld states, “In a universe thus composed, everything interpenetrates, and is interpenetrated by, everything else; as with the void, so with the non-void – the part is the whole.”



  • Brahman is the implicate order (illusion maker – the metaphysical)
  • Maya is the explicate (illusion – the physical)


Hindu Vedas:

  • Purusha – Pure Consciousness; the only source of consciousness
  • Prakriti – that which is created – the physical and material


Kabbalistic tradition:

  • The concealed God – the metaphysical or unseen
  • The revealed God – the physical or seen


“The entire creation is an illusory projection of the transcendental aspects of God.”  Leo Schaya



  • Dreamtime as the implicate metaphysical order
  • Waking consciousness as the explicate physical order


Dogon people of Sudan:

They “believe that the physical world is the product of a deeper and more fundamental level of reality and is perpetually flowing out of and then streaming back into the more primary aspect of existence.  As one Dogon elder described it, “To draw up and then return what one had drawn – that is the life of the world.”3


Remember, these two realms pour into and out of each other constantly.  There is a constant fluid-like exchange of the two.  This is the inward and outward flow of the Aether.

This constant exchange or oscillation between the two realms is called alternation or reciprocity.


Alternation refers to alternate succession or repeated rotation.

It is a situation in which one thing repeatedly happens or exists after another.

In electricity it is a single fluctuation in the absolute value of an alternating current or voltage from zero to a maximum and back to zero, being equal to one half cycle.

Image from page 15 of “Hawkins electrical guide. Questions, answers & illustrations; a progressive course of study for engineers, electricians, students and those desiring to acquire a working knowledge of electricity and its applications.”



Reciprocal is defined as:

  • (of a course or bearing) differing from a given course or bearing by 180 degrees
  • (of a quantity or function) related to another so that their product is one.
  • (in mathematics) – the reciprocal of a number is: 1 divided by the number
    • Also called “Multiplicative Inverse”
    • Example: 1/3 is the reciprocal of 3.



Alternation – The Mathematics of Inversion

Inversion is a major philosophical premise of ancient thought.

It is the foundation of reality – a model of “the pulsation of Cosmic Life” as Robert Lawlor put it.  All life and the entire universe progress through alternation.

As R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz writes, “All in the Universe is made up of alternations and inversion, which are the manifestation of life, and life is continuous creation:  the original scission of the ungraspable Unity.

But the alternation and inversion of what?

It is the alternation of “density” in general, and essentially, of one and the same energy.  Density means the reduction into volume of space, that is, of energy.  The inverse is the inevitable, compensating complementation of each element of alternation.

Thus, the whole Universe is living and all of life’s phenomena contain a concrete element of alternation and an energetic element of the same nature as this concretization.  The concrete aspect can be grasped through cerebral conception [rational thinking], the energetic aspect is graspable through the other state of consciousness that is the intelligence of the heart, the source of intuition.”



Mathematical Alternation

Mathematically, alternation sets up numerical progressions which can be seen as representations of vibrational systems in that a vibrating string also moves above and below an abstract node or inexpressible still point.

The ratios emerge in such a way that they go alternately above and below the incommensurable root value.  They approach nearer and nearer to the root value with each alternation.



An Excellent example: The Fibonacci Sequence Alternating around the Phi Ratio

The Fibonacci sequence is closely associated with the phi ratio.  This is the multiplicative aspect.

The Fibonacci sequence begins:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…etc.


To find the phi ratio take each number as a ratio of each successive pair:

1/1;  2/1;  3/2;  5/3;  8/5;  13/8;  21/13;  34/21;  55/34…etc.


This will yield the decimal value of that ratio.  These ratios bounce back and forth coming closer and close to the phi ratio as you move up in the Fibonacci sequence.  As a limit it approaches the golden section but it never gets there.


1/1       =          1

2/1       =          2

3/2       =          1.5

5/3       =          1.6666

8/5       =          1.6

13/8     =          1.625

21/13   =          1.615384

34/21   =          1.619048…      and so on to infinity.


This is called asymptotically reaching a limit.


Alternation is related to rational and irrational numbers (√2, √3, √5, φ, π…).

Rational and irrational numbers represent two different states of being.



Irrational Numbers:  The Unseen, Metaphysical Reality

Irrational numbers symbolize the constant, creative process of acting and reacting energy.

They represent an immeasurable gestating force and emanate from an incomprehensible Unity.

√2, √3, √5, φ, π are symbols for pure archetypal processes such as: generation, formation, regeneration, fusion and transformation.

The metaphysical reality represents our wave nature and our connection to all in the universe.



Rational Numbers: Whole Numbers: The Seen, Physical Reality

Rational numbers are related to manifestation.  They are terms used in calculation and are physical structures that emerge to symbolize the process of archetypal principles.

They are the incomprehensible made comprehensible.  The comprehensible is only a momentary limitation of the One indefinable Being into a definable moment.

The physical reality represents our particle nature and our seeming separation from all else.

“All that is definable arises out of an Indefinable All.”4

“Every aspect of the phenomenal world was seen to be a fixed, instantaneous moment caused by the interaction of complementary components, a moment trapped between light and dark, life and death, day and night, between formation, disintegration and reformation.”5

Alternation then represents a model of the pulsation of Cosmic Life.



Inversion (Reciprocity) – Oscillation between the Physical and Metaphysical

On a deep level we see that alternation refers to the two parallel realities that pour into and out of each other through the torus flow process.  This is the physical reality and the metaphysical reality, or the visible and invisible.

Remember, the torus isn’t a ‘thing’.  It is the inward and outward spiraling flow process itself.  The process is put in motion and maintained in motion by consciousness.

These physical and metaphysical realities are interpenetrated.  They exist simultaneously.  There is constant fluid-like (Aether) exchange of the two.

This constant oscillation and fluid-like exchange happens so fast it appears to be happening simultaneously.  In essence, we are simultaneously in both realms at once.

We are in ‘time’ and in ‘timelessness’ at every moment.

The oscillating atoms and subatomic particles that make up matter move so fast as to give the impression of solidity.  This is why Tesla said reality is akin to a film strip – still images blink on and off so quickly it gives the illusion of continuous movement.

We are constantly disappearing and reappearing at the speed of light.

This concept leads to the idea of a continual interchange between matter and consciousness and the ability for consciousness to create matter.


“It seems as if an atom “exists” steadily for a certain amount of time.  Instead it phases in and out, so to speak.  It fluctuates in a highly predictable pattern and rhythm.  It can be perceived within your system only at certain points in this fluctuation, so it seems to scientists that the atom is steadily present.  They are not aware of any gaps of absence as far as the atom is concerned.

In those periods of nonphysical projection, the off periods of fluctuation, the atoms “appear” in another system of reality.  In that system they are perceived in what are “on” points of fluctuation, and in that system also then the atoms seem to appear steadily.  There are many such points of fluctuation, but your system of course is not aware of them, nor of the ultimate actions, universes, and systems that exist within them.”6



Space and Time

“Space is a psychological property. So is time. The universe did not, then, begin at some specified point in time, or at any particular location in space—for it is true to say that all of space and all of time appeared simultaneously, and appear simultaneously. You cannot pinpoint the location of consciousness.”7

All points in space and time are connected.

Time and space are dimensional ‘illusions’ we jointly create and by which we tacitly agree to abide.

Time and space are psychological properties.  They are both different aspects of the Aether.


As Plato wrote, “’Was’ and ‘will be’ are created aspects of time which we thoughtlessly and mistakenly apply to that which is eternal.”  Timaeus 37e



Eastern Parallels with the Unification of Space and Time

Japanese author and professor D.T. Suzuki (1870-1966) says about the Avatamsaka school of Mahayana Buddhism, “there is no space without time, no time without space; they are interpenetrating.”

Zen master Dogen said, “It is believed by most that time passes; in actual fact, it stays where it is.”

Swami Vivekananda said, “Time, space, and causation are like the glass through which the Absolute is seen…In the Absolute there is neither time, space nor causation.”



Consciousness & Inversion – Dual-Torus Feedback Loop

One of the most important aspects of inversion relates to the consciousness feedback loop.  This is the mechanism by which consciousness creates the material reality.

Consciousness demands feedback.

Remember, all in the universe is consciousness.

We are constantly disappearing and reappearing at the speed of light.  The structure of the double torus allows feedback from what’s coming from the outside to go inside, then coming back to the outside again…

When our consciousness fluctuates into the invisible realm we pick up information there as we simultaneously inform it with our thoughts, feelings, expectations and beliefs.

This information is shared by all other consciousness when they in turn fluctuate into the invisible realm.

It is an exchange and sharing of internal understanding and perspectives of everyone and everything.

When we fluctuate back to the physical reality we react and observe – creating new experiences, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

When we fluctuate back to the metaphysical reality we share those new experiences, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that help to form the physical reality while also picking up information from all other consciousnesses – the info they have deposited there.

In turn, physical reality is constantly created, maintained and adjusted by the new input.

We input – input creates reality – we learn from reality – we input new understanding – new input creates an altered reality – we learn from the altered reality…and so on.

While we are in the metaphysical reality what are we saying? How are we informing it when we are present there [which is ALL the time]?  What is your general state of mind?  What are your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations?  What kind of a reality are you creating?

This consciousness feedback occurs on an individual level and on a mass level.

We are co-creating our reality with everybody and everything at all times.

We are in a relationship with the universe at all times and exchanging information on all scales.




In this article we are beginning to enter the strange and fascinating realm of 3D time.  The important concept from this article, and from previous information in Cosmic Core, is to recognize the existence of two natures of reality.  These are the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’ realms, or the metaphysical and the physical.

These realms are not separate.  They are unified.  When you move through one you move through another.  They are inextricably connected.

The fractal-holographic nature of reality makes it possible that all points in space and time connect.

This has profound implications for the world of science and spirituality, some of which we will explore in detail in Cosmic Core.



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