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In the last twelve articles we have thoroughly discussed the Aether and taken a look at Aether and Aether units from many different perspectives.

Hopefully you have noticed how each of these perspectives support and add to one another to give a more complete, accurate and unified picture of the new scientific paradigm based on Aether and fractal-holographic geometry.

In the next nineteen articles we will delve even deeper into the Aether science, discussing the all-important aspects of gravity, electromagnetism, photons, the formation of subatomic particles, mass, space and time.

Before that, we thought it would be useful to review the past 12 articles, comparing each perspective side by side, as a review and reminder how each person is working from a unique perspective, aiming towards a single unified system of truths.


In Cosmic Core we do not advocate one scientist or thinker’s work as the sole truth.  We firmly believe re-defining the new scientific paradigm should be a collaborative process, as each unique viewpoint has an important contribution to make so that the overall model is as complete, consistent, accurate and easy to understand as possible.

Cosmic Core certainly does not claim to cover all the scientists and thinkers that can add to the new model.  There may be quite a few left out.  We will try to add these in with additional articles when we become aware of them and undertake the proper research.

Only when we open this discussion up within all aspects of mainstream society – amateur, professional, academic, business, educational, governmental…etc. – will we be able to include every piece necessary.



Review of Geometric Structure of Aether & Aether Units


  1. Mainstream Quantum Physics

The Aether is called “Vacuum Energy”.  It is the underlying background energy that exists in space throughout the universe.

It is also referred to as “Zero-point Energy”.  This is the energy of a system that remains when it is brought to absolute zero.

Remember, according to quantum field theory, “these fluctuating zero-point fields lead to a kind of reintroduction of an aether in physics, since some systems can detect the existence of this energy.”1

However they insist the concept of an Aether does not contradict Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR), even though GR has been proven inaccurate is so many ways, by so many scientists, it boggles the mind why they still cling to this fallacious model.


Aether Units are called “simple harmonic oscillators.”  They exist at every point in space.  Excitations of the field correspond to the subatomic particles of particle physics.  Matter has been confirmed to be nothing more than vacuum fluctuations.  Most mass comes from virtual particles fluctuating, appearing and disappearing from the quantum vacuum.

Recall that a simple harmonic oscillator is “a type of periodic motion or oscillation where the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement and acts in the direction opposite to that of displacement.”2

Mainstream quantum field theory makes it clear that “All is Motion” and “The Universe = Processes”.

Furthermore, it is accepted that the “vacuum has a vastly complex structure.”

They do not come out and say it, but structure = geometry; vastly complex = fractal-holographic.

Furthermore, the structure of subatomic particle interactions has been found to be tetrahedral in nature.  This is called the amplitudehedron and it defines all subatomic particle interactions.

This was discovered in 2013 by two CalTech physicists.

The amplitudehedron appears to be 1/4 of a star tetrahedron.

Credit: David Wilcock



  1. Cosmometry

The Aether is unified and infinite.  It is fractal-holographic in nature.  The same pattern of wholeness is found at every scale.

The universe is synergetic.  It is a cooperative venture, not a competitive one.  A universe of order presupposes the principle of cooperation, not competition.  Cooperation breeds order.  Order breeds life.

All matter arises from consciousness.

Everything in existence pulses or oscillates between equilibrium and disequilibrium, moving inwards and outwards, contracting and expanding.

Everything in existence has a singularity at its center that connects it to the Unified Aether.  This singularity at the center involves a toroidal flow process that is a double torus structure.

The flow structure occurs as a phi (golden ratio) double spiral.

This refers to the centripetal inward spiraling flow of Aether (gravity) and the centrifugal outward spiraling flow of radiation (electromagnetism).

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –


This toroidal flow process also leads to the consciousness feedback loop wherein consciousness creates matter.

The Aether has a geometric pattern and invisible crystalline structure.  The geometry involves the 5 Platonic solids, 13 Archimedean solids, and all derivations of these two sets, including all stellations, truncations, and combinations.  The geometry itself is fractal-holographic.



  1. Buckminster Fuller & Nassim Haramein

The Aether is unified and infinite.  It is super-fluid and fractal-holographic in nature.

The universe is synergetic.

The Aether is composed of spherical bubbles of aetheric energy.  These spherical bubbles are called Planck Spherical Units (PSU) by Nassim Haramein.  They are Aether units.  Each PSU is a tiny black hole.

Everything in existence harmonically oscillates, creating a double torus at the center of each PSU with a wormhole center.  This oscillation allows for implosion/explosion or contraction/expansion of the Aether.

These spherical PSU’s form a Planck lattice of close-packed spheres that form a 3D Flower of Life structure.

Each sphere contains all geometry within it, in potentiation.  This geometry includes the 5 Platonic solids, 13 Archimedean solids, and all variations, truncations, stellations, and combinations of these solids.

The cuboctahedron (vector equilibrium) is the ground state of the Aether.  This shape is the halfway transition phase between the cube and octahedron.  The cuboctahedron can also be composed of 12 spheres around 1.

The vector equilibrium ‘jitterbugs’ to create toroids as Aether units, as it transforms through the various Platonic solids.


The Isotropic Vector Matrix is the first iteration of the Vacuum or Aether geometry.

It is a 64 tetrahedral grid matrix composed of tetrahedra and octahedra.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –


Matter is a result of the Aether spinning and curling.  The spin of space allows mass to arise.

Phi is the ratio at which the different harmonic octaves of space manifest, due to the simple tetrahedron/sphere relationship.

An equilateral triangle in a circle is the 2D analog of a 3D tetrahedron in a sphere.  A line drawn through the midpoint of the triangle divides the space into the phi ratio.  AB = 1 & BC = .618  or AB = 1 & AC = 1.618.



  1. Dan Winter

The Aether is a holographic fluid-like compressible medium composed of torus shaped domains.

These torus-shaped domains are essentially Aether Units.


The compressibility of Aether causes sine waves to form.  Sine waves revolve to become the torus.

Everything in reality is made of torus-shaped domains.  The wormhole is the center of the torus.  This is the entrance/exit point between physical reality and metaphysical source.

The toroidal flow has the structure of a phi (golden ratio) double flower.  The phi flower is a cross-section of the torus, as seen above.

The periodic table of elements is a polygonal (geometric) grouping of toroidal vertices that is multi-connected.  This means the periodic table of elements are structured on the Platonic solids and are composed of vortices of differing frequencies, wavelengths and amplitudes.

Here we see again, All is Motion.

The work of Dan Winter will be covered more deeply in Articles 118 & 119, where we will talk about gravity and phi-flower flow structure.



  1. Conrad Ranzan and the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU)

The Aether is a fluid-like, infinite, non-mass, non-energy space medium that includes the opposing yet harmonious properties of Aether expansion (electromagnetic radiation) and Aether contraction (gravity).

These two opposing dynamic effects allow for the formation of cells.


The universe is structured as invisible Voronoi cells that are dodecahedral.

These are the large-scale cosmic cells of the universe that are approximately 350 million light-years in diameter.  This is the galactic and galactic clustering scale.

These cosmic structural cells are rhombic dodecahedra or rhombic-trapezoid dodecahedra.

The rhombic dodecahdron is the dual of the cuboctahedron.

There are also cosmic gravitational cells that are composed of a matrix of tessellating octahedra and tetrahedra.



These structural cells and gravitational cells fit together to form a super-octahedron.


The continuously forming matter and continuously forming aether feed the inflow and feed the gravity cell.


Aether units are referred to as subquantum “fundamental essence fluctuators”.  They do not contain energy as we know it.

[As an aside, Ranzan writes on his website, “As for the shape of the subquantum units, I have not speculated.  I’ll let others try to work that out.  Other than the fact that they do pulsate/fluctuate and must do so in perpendicular directions, there are few specifics.  (Personally, I think the shape and the nature of the essence fluctuators is unknowable.)”3


In Cosmic Core we speculate that the Aether units are toroidal/geometric in shape.  We back up this concept in many ways.  We also speculate that the nature of these units arise from consciousness.  We take the view of the esoteric stream of knowledge which is a combination of science and spirituality.  A key aspect of this stream of knowledge is idealism, or the idea that consciousness creates reality.

Perhaps unbeknownst to Ranzan his clear, concise and elegant Dynamic Steady State Universe Model provides a solid scientifically accurate foundation for this possibility.]

Furthermore, in the DSSU All is Motion or the Universe equals Processes.

Photons spin and loop to create charged particles.


Charged particles create atoms; atoms form molecules; molecules form matter.  All is light.

Credit: Conrad Ranzan –



  1. Dr. Harold Aspden

The Aether is a subtle dynamic fluid that has a liquid crystal structure.  The Aether permeates all space, regulates quantum activity, constantly shapes our physical universe and is responsible for the creation of matter.

Fluid crystals are standing waves of geometry.

The Aether has a tessellating cubic structure.

Aether units are called Quons.  These consist of a cube of Aether space with two rotating spheres (muons) inside each cube.  The muons are stacked one on top of the other and they rotate in opposite directions.

This forms a double torus flow structure.

The source of spin in the universe is from the spinning spheres within the Aether units.

Aspden promotes a fractal-holographic structure of the liquid crystal Aether as well.  There are cubes within cubes.


Space domains are the cellular structure at the solar scale.  They are approximately 500 light-years in diameter.  There is a space domain for each star.  The star/sun sits at the center of the cube.



  1. Walter Russell

The universe is a two-way, continuous, balanced universe.  Growth occurs in octaves.


The cube-sphere is the Aether Unit.  It consists of a pulsing cube-sphere.


The cube is the sphere expanding as the outward/radiating/expanding form.  The sphere is the compressed/contracted form.


There are two opposite electric conditions which form the basis of the constitution of matter.  They are the compressed condition of gravity and the expanding condition of radiation.




  1. The Seth Material – Jane Roberts

The Aether is composed of an invisible, infinite, structure of cubes within cubes.  They cannot be seen but they are constantly trembling and mobile.

Consciousness creates matter.  Everything in existence contains consciousness.

The universe is a cooperative venture and not a competitive one.



  1. Max Planck

There is a cubic structure of ‘space’ or Aether.

Two tetrahedrons (star tetrahedron) fill exactly 2/3 (6.66) of a cube out of a volume of 10.

Planck’s constant is 6.626, which is very close to 6.66.  The difference in numbers relates to Coulombs resistance.

Incidentally, the gravitational constant is also close to 6.66.  It is 6.674.  It also has a tetrahedral relationship.




  1. Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater

The Aether is the continually flowing life force of the universe.

The Anu is the Aether Unit.  There are two types.  They are exactly alike except for the direction of their spin.


They form a spiraling heart-shaped toroidal flow.

They have three fundamental motions: rotation, precession, and oscillation/pulsation.

They vibrate and dance around.  They can glow brilliantly.  They can combine with others.  They can appear and disappear.

Each Anu has a ‘cell-wall’ or ‘sphere-wall’.  The wall is composed of toroidal flowing Aether.

On the solar level, the sphere-wall forms a rhombic dodecahedron.  This shape is the dual of the cuboctahedron.



  1. Subquantum Kinetics – Dr. Paul LaViolette

All fields arise from the Aether.  The Aether is the medium that forms the substrate which all physical forms in the universe emerge.  It is continually active and it is unified.

Aether units are called “Etherons”.  They can transmute, react among themselves and diffuse through space.

Material particles are electric and gravity potential fluctuations that arise from the Aether.

Particle spin is a result of the flow of Aether.



  1. Aether Physics Model – David W Thomson and Jim D Bourassa

All physical existence comes together in the Aether.

Aether units have a non-material origin.  They have a double loxodrome geometric structure.

The double loxodrome is a form of two spheres stacked on top of one another.  One spins in one direction and the other in the opposite direction.

It is a double torus flow structure.

Subatomic particles are toroid flow structures.  All is motion.

Consciousness interfaces with physical existence.  Mind influences Aether.

There is no separation of the mind from space, time and form.

Growth occurs in octave cycles.  These cycles reflect the Phi/Fibonacci sequence.  This is due the simple tetrahedron/sphere relationship.



  1. Jon DePew

The whole universe is composed of 3 things:

Two individual & flexible Magnetic Spectrum Currents spinning in opposite directions and

Neutral particles of matter orbiting a common core.

Aether units are referred to as “individual magnets”.  These flow and change, making up all in existence.  They appear and disappear.

The Aether is akin to “two individual magnetic currents”.  These are the expansion and contraction forces of the Aether – the inward spiraling (gravity) and outward spiraling (radiation) flow of Aether.




  1. Howard R. Johnson – Inventor

There are two separate “spinning vortices” at the north and south poles.  This shows a double vortex as the fundamental magnetic field.


His spiraling magnetic vortices look nearly identical to the illustrations of the Anu described by Besant and Leadbeater.

They also align perfectly with Walter Russell’s description that “every orbit is balanced and controlled by four magnetic poles, not two.”  Two magnetic poles are responsible for contraction, and two for expansion.



  1. Vortex Based Mathematics – Marko Rodin & Randy Powell

Aether Units are called “Aetherons”.  These are nested vortices of energy flow (toriods).

Aether flow is the source of all movement and the life force of the universe.

Base-10 mathematics is universal and not created by humans.  The symmetry of base-10 creates is the foundation for the toroidal flow.

Everything starts from the center outwards.  Symmetry is a principle of nature.



  1. David Wilcock

We discuss the work of David Wilcock in detail in upcoming articles.  He has put together a good amount of information on his website He is a brilliant and thought-provoking journalist and author that works to unify science and spirituality and uncover the true nature of reality for the greatest good of all.

He is a proponent of a fractal-holographic Aether and he agrees consciousness creates reality.


One thing I want to point out, is that he teaches the photon is shaped as a star tetrahedron.  This is the tetrahedron and its dual put together.

He has discovered that when the photon is free and moving through space it takes the form of two tetrahedra back-to-back.

Credit: Rod Johnson


When confined or observed, the tetrahedra slide together to form the star tetrahedron.

This perfectly accounts for the tetrahedral/sphere relationship that is so important in creating the phi ratio.  A rotating tetrahedron in a sphere creates, by its very nature, a phi (golden ratio) torus vortex.  Two tetrahedra rotating in opposite directions in a sphere can create the oppositely spinning phi flower vortex.

This also accounts for the four magnetic poles – rather than two.  The tetrahedral relationship of the photon forms a cross with 2 axes and 4 points.  One axes accounts for the positive and negative of electricity.  The other accounts for the positive and negative of magnetism.  Together these produce 4 magnetic poles.

The verified shape of the photon is shown below on the left.

This was discovered in 2016 by Polish physicist Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz.


This verified shape appears to be a star tetrahedron viewed from its cubic angle.


This also accounts for the tetrahedral/cube relationship.  That of two tetrahedra being exactly 2/3 volume of a cube.  This accounts for the important gravitational and Planck’s constant.


Again, we will discuss this all in much greater detail.

However, basically he believes there was an original physical photon that fractalized out creating the visible universe.  It is all based on the star tetrahedron as the fundamental geometry of reality, as it is the geometry of light, and all in the visible reality is composed of light, or photons.

It is interesting to note that the star tetrahedron is an expanded form of the vector equilibrium (VE).  The VE has six tetrahedra pointing inwards.

The star tetrahedron has six tetrahedra pointing outwards.


So the VE is akin to the inbreathing, contracted form and the star tetrahedron is the outbreathing, expanded form.



Combination of Models

Each model has a slightly different perspective on the geometric structure of the Aether.

What we are saying in Cosmic Core is that they are ALL correct.  They only vary in detail, depth and perspective.

Any geometry can form – it will depend on the structure, scale, and frequency of vibration that creates the geometry.

Always remember, where you find one Platonic solid, you find them all.

They are an interlocking set that oscillates and transforms from one into another with all truncations, stellations and combinations represented along the way.

The spiraling vortex of the torus and double torus is the representation of the geometry in all its forms.

In other words, a sphere spins, automatically creating a torus.

Within the torus, all Platonic solid geometry and associated shapes exist in potential in the spinning toroidal vortex.

The Torus/Double Torus is the key shape/form/function of the Aether Unit.

The geometry results as a disturbance of the Aether around the torus (Interference patterns from the oscillations inward/outward).

The particular geometry that forms is in response to the particular frequency of vibration of the pulsating, spiraling torus.

The Toroidal field that forms IS the Magnetic Field itself, but it is not ONLY the magnetic field.

It also creates gravity and electromagnetism – these are two reciprocal aspects of the flow of Aether.

Fluctuations/Oscillations of Consciousness create sine waves of various frequencies.

The natural way for a wave to stand is in a vortex – revolve a sine wave around its center in three-dimensions and it creates the torus.



The Torus Structure Surrounds Matter & Life on all Scales

The torus structure is seen as quantized shells around atoms and galaxies.

It is also seen as magnetic field lines around all matter and life.

These are the concentric circles of varying Aether densities that surround matter and life on all scales.

Matter/Life at all scales are essentially nothing more than standing waves.  All is Motion.


Aether superpotential is distributed in concentric shells around mass like the layers of an onion:

  • Aether Units
  • Photons
  • Quantized electron shells – associated with energy states


  • Atoms


  • Molecules
    • As is the case with atoms, the allowed energy states of a molecule are quantized


  • Plants/Insects/Animals
    • Trees; Apples; all living beings

  • Human Body
    • Quantized layers of the Human Energy Field


  • Planets
    • Magnetic Fields around the planet as concentric circles


  • Suns
    • Magnetic Fields around the sun as concentric circles


  • Galaxies & Galactic Clusters
  • Galaxies have quantized layered structure of Redshift




Review of the Platonic Solids – The Most Harmonic Shapes in the Universe

There are five Platonic solids.  They have more symmetry than any other shapes.

They fit perfectly inside of a sphere with all points touching.  Every side is the same length.  All angles are the same angles.  Every side is the same polygon.


Tetrahedron – fire/4 sides

Octahedron – air/8 sides

Cube – earth/6 sides

Icosahedron – water/20 sides

Dodecahedron – aether/12 sides


You can vibrate pure sound frequencies in water and get these shapes.  This is illustrated in Cymatics.

All Platonic solids nest within each other.

Platonic solids are the core of how the universe is built from a living fluid-like universe.



Platonic Solid Duals

Duals are two polyhedra whose faces and vertices correspond perfectly.

This illustrates the Principle of Inversion.

As a Platonic solid oscillates it can turn inside out.


To find the dual:

  • Define the midpoint of each edge. Connect the points with in 3D space.
  • Or join the face centers. Define the midpoint of each face.  Connect the center of each face with a line.


The following are duals:

The Cube is dual with the Octahedron.


The Dodecahdron is dual with the Icosahedron.


The Tetrahedron is dual with itself. 

This creates the Star tetrahedron.  Other names for this compound are the Stellated Octahedron, Merkaba, or 3D Star of David.



Nested Platonic Solids

Platonic solids are fractal in nature.

All the geometries perfectly nest into one another.  There are many ways in which they do this.

Here is one way:

The Dodecahedron grows out of the cube.

A cube rotated five ways forms a dodecahedron as seen here.  The cubes are shown in red, green, blue, yellow & black.

The Tetrahedron is inside the Cube.

The Octahedron is inside the tetrahedron.

The Icosahedron is inside the octahedron.  This cuts the faces of the octahedron in the golden phi ratio.


The Dodecahedron is inside the icosahedron, and vice versa, as they are duals.

This creates the sequence: Dodecahedron – Cube – Tetrahedron – Octahedron – Icosahedron – Dodecahedron – and so on…


See Article 44 for more information.



Platonic Solids as Spheres

Each Platonic Solid can be illustrated as a system of close-packed spheres:

The tetrahedron is composed of 4 spheres.

The octahedron is composed of 6 spheres.

The cube is composed of 14 spheres.

The dodecahedron is composed of 32 spheres.

The icosahedron is composed of 32 spheres.

The Platonic Solid faces can also fractalize out in infinite iterations until they create perfect spheres.


The following image shows the spherical versions of the Platonic solids.  These are created by mapping out the solids on spheres.



Charts of the Regular Polygons, Platonic Solids and Archimedean Solids


Shape Sides Sum of Interior Angles Each Angle
Triangle 3 180 60
Square 4 360 90
Pentagon 5 540 108
Hexagon 6 720 120
Heptagon 7 900 128.57…
Octagon 8 1080 135
Nonagon 9 1260 140
Decagon 10 1440 144
Sum of All 6480
Sum of All w/ Circle 6840 (6480+360)



Platonic Solids

Volume Shape of Face # of Faces # of Edges # of Corners Sum of Degrees
Dodecahedron Pentagon 12 30 20 6480
Icosahedron Triangle 20 30 12 3600
Octahedron Triangle 8 12 6 1440
Cube Square 6 12 8 2160
Tetrahedron Triangle 4 6 4 720
Sum of All 14400
Star Tetrahedron 1440



Archimedean Solids

Volume # of Faces # of Edges # of Corners Sum of Degrees
Icosidodecahedron 32 60 30 10080
Great rhombicuboctahedron 26 72 48 16560
Great rhombiicosidodecahedron 62 180 120 42480
Cuboctahedron 14 24 12 3600
Rhombicuboctahedron 26 48 24 7920
Snub Cube 38 60 24 7920
Rhombicosadodecahedron 62 120 60 20880
Snub Dodecahedron 92 150 60 20880
Truncated Tetrahedron 8 18 12 3600
Truncated Octahedron 14 36 24 7920
Truncated Cube 14 36 24 7920
Truncated Icosahedron 32 90 60 20880
Truncated Dodecahedron 32 90 60 20880
Sum of All 165,600



Catalan Solids

Catalan Solid Archimedian Dual Faces Edges Vertices

Sum of Angles

Triakis Tetrahedron Truncated Tetrahedron 12 18 8 2160
Tetrakis Hexahedron Truncated Octahedron 24 36 14 4320
Triakis Octahedron Truncated Cube 24 38 14 4320
Pentakis Dodecahedron Truncated Icosahedron 60 90 32 10800
Triakis Icosahedron Truncated Dodecahedron 60 90 32 10800
Rhombic Dodecahedron Cuboctahedron 12 24 14 2160
Trapezoidal Icositetrahedron Rhombicuboctahedron 24 48 26 8640
Disdyakis Dodecahedron Great Rhombicuboctahedron 48 72 26 8640
Rhombic Triacontahedron Icosidodecahedron 30 60 32 10800
Trapezoidal Hexecontahedron Rhomb-icosidodecahedron 60 120 62 21600
Disdyakis Triacontahedron Great Rhomb-icosidodecahedron 120 180 62 21600
Pentagonal Icositetrahedron Snub Cube 24 60 38 12960
Pentagonal Hexecontahedron Snub Dodecahedron 60 150 92 32400





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