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In this article we will continue our discussion of time, again looking at it from a scientific viewpoint.  We will cover the work of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev and Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg, as well as other scientific experiments that back up the strange time effects we see when we look more closely into the situation.

In the next two articles we will discuss time from a spiritual perspective, one which explains the nature of time and time probabilities.



Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983)

Dr. Kozyrev was a brilliant Russian astronomer and astrophysicist born in St. Petersburg in 1908.

His first scientific paper was published at seventeen.  Other scientists were amazed by the depth and clarity of his logic and “he was considered to be one of the most promising astrophysicists in Russia.”1

He graduated from Leningrad State University in 1928.

Later he was a victim of Stalinist purges.  He was arrested in 1936 and spent 11 years in a Soviet gulag.

“Started by the accusations of a disgruntled graduate student, most of the observatory staff died as a result.”2

After being released from the prison camp he went back to work in his field.  He was a major pioneer in the Soviet space race and spent 33 years on exhaustive research into exotic physics.  He made many predictions in advance that were later validated by Soviet space probes a decade later.

While in the gulag, Kozyrev considered that all life forms might be drawing off of an unseen, spiraling source of energy, in addition to their normal properties of gaining energy through eating, drinking, breathing and photosynthesis.

This would begin his study of “torsion fields”.

There are at least 10,000 articles published to date referencing torsion fields, belonging to around 100 authors.  Over half of these authors work in Russia alone.



Torsion Fields – Spiraling Toroidal Flow of Aether

Torsion Fields were discovered by Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev.

He saw bacteria growing in a perfect spiral while in the gulag and soon after had a spiritual revelation about ‘torsion fields’ or ‘waves of time’.

He saw time itself as being powered by spiral energies.

These energies mirrored the spirals of the earth around the sun and the sun around the galaxy.  The bacteria preferentially grew in these spirals.

What powers the spin? He wondered.

He believed it was a twisting energy, or torsion field.  Torsion fields are his term and concept of the spiraling centripetal and centrifugal flow of Aether.

He realized matter and light are made of torsion fields (gravity/flowing Aether).

He also believed time could be altered.  Time exists because of matter.  Matter is fed by time.

Time is Aether flowing through a space.  Time powers matter, energy and life.



Dr. Kozyrev on the Nature of Time

Dr. Kozyrev believed everything was time-powered.  He recognized time is an energetic medium, not increments on a clock.  Time is flowing Aether.  Time is motion.  All is motion.


It is interesting to note that Plato describes time in Timaeus as the motions of the planets.  Robin Waterfield explains, “All that is needed for a distinction between time and eternity is that time flows while eternity stands still.”


Dr. Kozyrev imagined time as “a mighty flow embracing all the material processes in the universe, and all the processes taking place in these systems are sources feeding that flow.”3

In Kozyrev’s theory, time has active properties which affect the cause-effect relationship in physical objects.  He said, “Time flows into a system through a cause to an effect.”

“Kozyrev, through numerous experiments, was able to measure the speed at which cause creates an effect at a distance from the cause.  Interestingly, the speed was always the same even for very different types of experiments.

Even more interesting, this measured speed was the product of the fine structure constant and the speed of light.  The fine structure constant is the ratio between an electron’s spin momentum and its orbital momentum and is equal to approximately 1/137.  So, one property of time is that it allows cause to flow into effect at 1/137 of the speed of light.  This is one clue that there is a physical relationship between time and electromagnetism, since light is an electromagnetic phenomenon.”4

Regarding these cause-effect relationships, for example, if you boil matter you change matter.  As it goes through a phase shift, time (Aether flow) is jostled around.  The ripple in time can be measured as an effect.  The energy becomes denser.

“There is an impression that time is pulled inside by a cause and gets denser at the location of an effect.”5

Time is ‘pulled inside by a cause’ refers to Aether annihilation.  That is, Aether flowing into matter and disappearing into time/space.

Time ‘gets denser at the location of an effect’.

This refers to Aether expansion – the creation of new aether from time/space.


Dr. Kozyrev built torsion-field detectors using pendulums and gyroscopes.

Pendulums measure time.  If you can change time, the pendulum movement will change.

The gyroscope has spin and precession.  Subtle changes in the flow of time were detected.

Under glass he hung them from a line and then vibrated the top of the line.  They became very sensitive to the slightest movements.  He then let them become still in an airless environment.

They moved in the presence of torsion fields.


Kozyrev placed some of his torsion detectors in telescopes aimed at stars.  “Metal screens were placed in front of the telescope’s mirror which blocked normal light but allowed the torsion fields to pass through.  A torsion reading could be detected at the star’s visible location.  This was labeled the past time reading.

However, the star’s torsion field maximum was not detected at the visual position of the star, which is not where the star actually is, since it takes years for the light from the star to arrive here.  The star’s maximum torsion field was detected at the calculated position where the star actually was at the time of the experiment!  This is pretty significant.  It means that torsion fields travel through space very much faster than light!  They may even be instantaneous.” 6


Dr. Kozyrev remarked, “In every process of Nature time can be formed or spent.”  It can be sped up or slowed down.

Kozyrev also stated that time exists everywhere simultaneously.  This directly aligns with the physics of Dewey B. Larson.  At the same time it directly contradicts the mainstream theory of Einstein’s that time is “locally invariant”.

Kozyrev’s simultaneous time “is a different concept than Einstein’s concept of relative time.  Kozyrev’s experiments have already proven that torsion waves travel at vastly greater speeds than light, perhaps instantaneously, while Einstein claimed the speed of light was the ultimate speed in the universe.  So, physical theory must move on past Einstein.”7


Dr. Gennedy Shipov writes about the instantaneous propagation speed of torsion fields:

“In the Theory of Physical Vacuum, the Primary Torsion Fields there in the vacuum are the space-time vortexes with zero energy and with interaction without energy.  For an object, where the energy is equal to zero, it is impossible to formulate a concept of the speed of its propagation.  For the usual observer such an object is ‘at once everywhere and always’, i.e. its ‘speed of propagation’ is instantaneous.  The creation of primary torsion fields can be considered as a primary polarization of the vacuum according to its spin properties, with right-hand and left-hand fields arising simultaneously.”


Strange as it may seem, “Kozyrev showed that by shaking, spinning, heating, cooling, vibrating or breaking physical objects, their weight can be increased or decreased by subtle but definite amounts.”8



Sources of Torsion Fields

These sources of torsion fields Kozyrev discovered created ripples in time (Aether).  They are as follows:

  • deforming of a physical object (such as breaking an object apart)
  • the encounter of an air jet with an obstacle
  • the operation of an hourglass filled with sand (flipping the hourglass)
  • the absorption of light (such as a  object absorbing light)
  • friction
  • burning
  • the heating or cooling of an object
  • phase transitions in substances (frozen to liquid, liquid to vapor, etc.)
  • dissolving and mixing substances
  • the fading death of plants
  • non-light radiation from astronomical objects
  • sudden changes in human consciousness
  • the actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head!



Detection of Torsion Fields

Torsion fields can be detected in a laboratory in many ways:

  • conductivity of electronic resistors, especially tungsten
  • mercury levels in thermometers
  • vibrational frequencies of quartz crystal oscillators
  • electric potentials of thermocouples
  • viscosity of water…and more


Torsion fields can be shielded by aluminum and PVC.



Gravity Powers Time

Gravity will be discussed in great detail in Articles 116-119.

For now it is important to know that gravity is the rate of change of the centripetal inward spiraling flow of Aether into the center of all mass and mass equivalence.

As Kozyrev discovered, the flow of Aether, the flow of gravity and the flow of time are the same thing.

Gravity flows in and rotates through each atom and molecule.

Time is an arbitrary measurement of the rate of motion of matter through aether-filled space.

Earth inhabitants register time because the planet rotates and orbits.  They are really only registering the revolving planet passing through time.

It is assumed “time goes by”.

The people are in motion, so they assume time is in motion.

Actually they are moving through time with no visible means of registering the stillness of time.

Time is the Aether medium flowing – not increments on a clock.

The flow of time is the speed at which gravity flows.

The flow of time (gravity/Aether) spins the atom.

Time can be sped up or slowed down.

All time is simultaneous and infinite.

All events occur in the present.  “Past” and “future” are merely metaphors.  This aligns with the metaphysical teachings that there is no past or future; there is only Now.



Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg

Dr. Vladimir B. Ginzburg was born in Moscow, USSR.  He received an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering in 1961 and a PhD in technical sciences in 1968. He moved to the United States with his family in 1974 to develop computer models for simulation of technological processes. Dr. Ginzburg is the author and coauthor of numerous articles and several books related to engineering, and he holds over 60 U.S. and foreign patents.  He currently conducts intensive research in physics.  The main topic of his research is the vortex theory.9

He is a major proponent of the toroidal vortex Aether concept and has published papers with titles such as:

  • Toroidal Spiral Field Theory
  • Double Helical and Double Toroidal Spiral Fields
  • Nuclear Implosion
  • Unified Spiral Field, Matter and Ether – An Introduction to Spiral Field Theory
  • Dynamic Aether
  • The Relativistic Torus and Helix as the Prime Elements of Nature
  • The Origin of the Universe, Part 1: Toryces


He has also written six books on these same topics from 1996 to 2007.


Dr. Ginzburg made a simple tweak to Einstein’s equations.

Einstein said two things happen when you approach light speed:

First, time speeds up.  Second – your mass increases.  It increases so much you are as massive as the whole universe; therefore you will never be able to reach light-speed.

This creates the assumption that it is impossible to travel at light speed and therefore impossible to do long distance space travel.

Dr. Ginzburg flipped the fractions.  He recognized that instead of mass increasing as you approach light-speed, mass decreases.

Instead of becoming as big as the universe, you dematerialize.  That is, the particle nature spreads out more and more, shifting into its wave structure and then you pop into time/space.

Dr. Ginzburg states, “You may not be prepared to abandon immediately the century-old relativistic equations.  But once you are ready to do so, you will discover many amazing things:

Only when a particle is as rest may it be considered as “pure” matter.  As soon as the particle begins to move, its gravitational mass and electrical charge will start to decrease in accordance with the new relativistic equations, so that a part of its matter will be converted into a field.

When the particle‘s velocity becomes equal to the ultimate spiral field velocity “C” (speed of light), its gravitational mass and electric charge become equal to zero. At this point, matter will be completely converted into a ‘pure’ field.”


Ginzburg’s equations revealed the existence of spiraling waves of energy and a “spiral field” that travels through a sphere-based, fluid-like aether he called the “dynosphere.”

Dr. Ginzburg said, “[The] dynosphere is an assembly of the field bubbles that fill the entire space in the universe.”

This perfectly aligns with Nassim Haramein’s idea of Planck sphere packing of the vacuum, and again mirrors the idea that the Flower of Life pattern is the background pattern of reality.

Researcher David Wilcock tells us, “Each time an impulse of momentum hits a field bubble, the bubble then collides into its neighbors, transferring the momentum. The impulse will continue to be transferred along even though all the bubbles end up in the same relative positions that they started in.”



Now we will diverge from Dr. Ginzberg’s work and briefly discuss time anomalies that show up in mainstream quantum field theory.

We will discuss quantum field theory in much more detail in Article 122-124.



Mainstream Quantum Field Theory

All interactions on the quantum level involve the creation and destruction of particles.

There is a fundamental symmetry between particles and antiparticles – for every particle there exists an antiparticle with equal mass and opposite charge.

This was theorized by Paul Dirac before it was proven.

Pairs of electrons and positrons can be created spontaneously by photons, and can be made to turn into photons in the reverse process of annihilation.

An unusual aspect related to positrons can be interpreted in two ways: as positrons moving forward in time, or as electrons moving backward in time!

There is a complete symmetry with regard to the direction of time.

All space-time diagrams may be read in either direction in time.

For every process there is an equivalent process with the direction of time reversed and particles replaced by antiparticles.

Space and time are reciprocal.  They are unified.  Furthermore, this inherent aspect of symmetry makes perfect sense in light of Dewey Larson’s symmetrical model of 3D space and 3D time interwoven into one oscillating medium.

And now for a metaphysical viewpoint:


Spin Determines Time

“In as simple a language as possible, and to some extent in your terms, the electron’s spin determines time ‘sequences’ from your viewpoint.  In those terms, a reversed spin is a reversed time motion.  There is much you cannot observe.  There is much that is extremely difficult to explain, simply because your verbal structure alone presupposes certain assumptions.

Electrons…spin in many directions at once, an affect impossible for you to perceive.  You can only theorize about it.  There are ‘electromagnetic momentums thus achieved and maintained,’ certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be ‘equal’ at all portions of the spin.  There are equalities set up ‘between’ the inequalities.

Time, in your terms is spinning newly backward as surely as it is spinning newly into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.”10

Now we will return once again to the scientific to explore several experiments that have detected time anomalies.



Professor Simon Shnoll (1930-present)

Professor Shnoll is a Russian biophysicist.  He is a professor at the Physics Department of Moscow State University and a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.  He is the author of over 200 scientific papers and a number of books.  He has mentored 70 successful PhD students.

Between 1954 and 1957, Professor Shnoll “demonstrated a high probability of oscillatory modes in biochemical reactions.”11

For the experiments he studied different types of reactions:  physical, atomic, quantum, biological, chemical and radioactive.

Essentially he studied the behavior of every single atom and energy wave on earth looking for common patterns.

Most scientists expect all processes will start small, steadily build, then glide back down to zero.  This is known as the familiar bell curve.

Professor Shnoll found reactions had different types of behavior that indicated how fast the reaction was going.

The reaction curves do not fit the bell curve.  In some cases they drop down then shoot back up again.  This is not supposed to happen according to mainstream science.

The experiment was conducted in Russia, February 18, 1982. Graphic reproduced from figure 1 of Shnoll, et al., 1998.


Reaction speeds raced up and down.  This occurred with all reactions anywhere on earth.

Physicists use “renormalization” to fit the bell curve back in.  Schnoll did not renormalize.

On a quantum level time is accelerating and decelerating.

He concluded there must be a generalized change in the fabric of space/time itself (this would be the rate of change of flow of the Aether).

Fluctuations kept repeating in even intervals of time depending on: Rotation of the moon, one year of the earth, and celestial movements.

What this means is that on the quantum level there is a convolution in time itself – it happens so quickly we don’t notice it.

Time is not measurable in the absolute.  Time can move backward or forward.

However it can only be done through the zero point between polarities.


Side note: Shnoll’s data points to structure in the universe.  “The structure observed is found to persist regardless of the time scale used for the phase difference, suggesting that the phenomenon causing this has a fractal nature as depicted below.  If this is indeed caused by a dynamical and fractal 3-space then the persisting structure observed corresponds to regions of space passing the Earth that have preferred/discrete velocities, and not random ones…”

This backs up the theory of cosmic cellular structure that is discussed in detail throughout Cosmic Core.

See Dynamical 3-Space: Gravitational Wave Detection and the Shnoll Effect – David P. Rothall and Reginald T. Cahill.  arXiv:1307.7437vl, 10 July 2013



The Crossing Point of Light & Dematerialization

Quantum movement is happening so fast, it is always right near light speed frequency.

Therefore, even a slight bump can accelerate movement over light speed, creating dematerialization or phase-shifting.

Dematerialization occurs when an atom crosses over into time/space where time is three-dimensional.

As we discussed above, matter is completely converted into a pure wave field when this happens.

It exists as a wave (or wave matrix) rather than as individualized particles.  The dual particle/wave nature of quantum and atomic reality allow for this to occur.

Theoretically, if you add more spin into the existing reality around us, that extra spin can hold those atoms longer in time/space.  The extra spin creates a vortex point.  Therefore, you can pop ‘things’ through to the other side by increasing the spin in an area and creating a vortex point.

Dematerialization and matter blending are fascinating effects of time science that have a plethora of experimental evidence to back them up, yet the idea is totally rejected in mainstream science.

“In his book Paradigm of New Science – Principia for the Twenty-First Century, the Japanese scientist Dr. Shiuji Inomata proposes that the vacuum state is an energy field in which consciousness is integrated with electromagnetic and gravitational forces to create matter.  His theoretical model illustrates how energy transmutations, such as the manifestation and demanifestation of matter, might be capable of taking place according to such principles…Spinning this energy from one state into another appears to be correlated to the Golden Mean spiral, the spiral of nature; hydrogen too, seems to be involved in this process.”12



Microclusters and Dematerialization

David Hudson discovered natural microclusters he called ORMES – “orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements”.

He heated the microcluster iridium to 850 degrees C.

Iridium disappeared from optical view and the scale showed no weight.

He cooled the space back down and the iridium reappeared.  It regained its mass!

Naturally, his work is quite controversial.

David Hudson



The Hutchison Effect

The Hutchison Effect, named for its discoverer Canadian John Hutchison shows direct evidence of matter blending and dematerialization.

He uses Tesla coils and high frequency radio waves.  This changes the spin of gravity and pops it over the light speed barrier.

Some of the effects produced include levitation of heavy objects, metal samples turned transparent, metals turning into jelly and the spontaneous fracturing of metals.

Of course, his work is also highly controversial.

However, in light of the new scientific paradigm, these things are perfectly capable of being achieved.  Whether one certain person achieved it or not is less important than the knowledge of knowing it can be done.  These strange things fall within the boundaries of the new laws of physics.

JohnHutchison.  Credit:


Of course experiments involving free energy (as we discussed in earlier articles), dematerialization, time travel and matter blending are going to be highly contentious.  Just think for one second the special interest groups tied up in these topics such as the extremely powerful military industrial complex, power companies and petroleum industries.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the reasons why this technology is highly likely to be suppressed.

As far as Cosmic Core is concerned, that’s neither here nor there.  What matters is uncovering the true nature of reality and the new unified scientific paradigm that will allow humanity on a large scale to understand how these things are possible, and allow our society to go forward from there for the greatest good of all.



Dr. Kozyrev’s Cannonball Experiment

Dr. Kozyrev dropped a heavy metallic cannonball on a solid floor.

He weighed the object before and after dropping.

The weight noticeably decreased after impact.  Over a 20 minute period the weight returned.

The weight increase occurred in quantized intervals.  That means it does not move or count smoothly, but step-wise, in certain specific intervals.

This is explained as the layers of the atom popping back into our reality, one layer at a time once each layer is ‘strong’ or ‘stable’ enough.

It is important to note that Dr. Kozyrev’s results have been replicated and have never been disproven.


“Independent groups of researchers have now reproduced and confirmed some of Kozyrev’s experiments.  These include A.I. Veinik from the 1960s-1980s, Lavrentyev, Yeganova et al. in 1990, Lavrentyev, Gusev et al. in 1990, and Lavrentyev et al. in 1991 and 1992.  American researcher Don Savage has also replicated much of Kozyrev’s work and published it in Speculations in Science and Tech.

Furthermore, without any knowledge of Kozyrev’s work, in 1989 G. Hayasaka and S. Tekeyuchi discovered similar weight-loss effects with rotating 150-gram gyroscopes, and more recently obtained success by dropping the gyroscopes between two precision laser beam detectors.

Many other researchers such as Dr. S.M. Polyakov, Dr. Bruce DePalma and Sandy Kidd have independently discovered gravitational changes with gyroscopes, but it appears that most of them have not fully understood the fluid-like nature of the aether, which always travels in the spiraling movement of torsion waves.”13



Dr. Bruce DePalma: Gravity & the Spinning Ball Experiment

“The spinning ball experiment consists of the observation of the interaction of gravitational and inertia forces on a rotating material object.”14

DePalma performed a simple experiment where he catapulted two steel balls that were exactly the same in all respects through space.

One ball spun at 27,000 times/minute upon launch.  One was stationary upon launch.

The spinning ball goes higher and falls faster than the non-spinning ball.

Credit: Bruce DePalma


What’s going on if gravity is supposed to accelerate them towards the ground at exactly the same speed?   His results violated the known laws of physics.

The components making up matter (Aether units) pop over to time/space causing it to weigh less in space/time; therefore it goes higher and falls faster.  This is seen in Dr. Kozyrev’s experiments above.

The spinning creates the same effect – it causes weight to lessen.



Theoretical Matter Melding

David Wilcock speculates, “If there was somehow a way you could zap the atoms inside a heavy object so they lose their mass, just enough so it is very light because most of the atoms are missing, the part that is still in our visible reality would retain its shape but would become soft and mushy.

Then, if you got 20 minutes to play with it before the weight came back, you could perhaps fuse objects into a perfect fit like gigantic rocks getting squished together, such as those seen in South America, Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere.”

It’s an interesting thought, and the new scientific paradigm seems to be leading us right in that direction.




In this article we have taken a look at the science of Dr. Kozyrev and Dr. Ginzburg and seen that the flow of time equals the flow of Aether, and that time can flow backwards and forwards.

We have also discovered strange concepts of dematerialization and matter melding.

In spite of all the interesting concepts of exotic physics, this article will end with a reminder of what the true point is of all these fascinating studies of the esoteric stream of knowledge and the science that backs it up.

“Since the concepts of space/time, or physics, and time/space, or metaphysics, are mechanical they are not central to the spiritual evolution of the mind/body/spirit complex. The study of love and light is far more productive in its motion towards unity in those entities pondering such concepts.”15

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