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In this article we will continue our discussion of black holes and wormholes.  We have discussed the idea that all black holes contain wormholes that act as bridges from the physical reality to the metaphysical reality, and that black holes exist on all scales from the atomic level all the way up the super-massive galactic level.

Now we will discuss the idea that black holes as bridges in the consciousness/matter feedback loop from the physical to the metaphysical are also matter generators.  These matter generators are simply the points of creation between the physical and metaphysical.

The idea is simple: fluctuations of consciousness create photons (EM radiation) to appear from the metaphysical reality.  In turn, the opposing pressure gradient is simultaneously activated – that is, gravity.  We have a gravity/electromagnetic radiation pressure pump.  The photons that emerge confine and loop in various ways to form subatomic particles.  These, in turn, form atoms.  Atoms form elements.  Elements form matter and life.

Keep in mind that none of these objects are ‘objects’.  They are wave frequencies that have combined in various ways, ever more complex to create higher forms of matter and life.

These black hole/wormhole bridges that are matter generators act the same on all scales, whether they are subatomic, atomic, a planet, a sun, or a galaxy.  The only difference is size.  Small amounts of matter are generated from the atomic scale, in turn, generating weaker gravity.  Large amounts of matter are generated from the galactic scale, in turn, generating very strong gravity.

This process contributes to the maintenance, growth and evolution of life on all scales.


This will be discussed in subsequent articles when we get to the Aether, Gravity & Electromagnetic Energy article series (125-129).



Black “Wholes”

The term black ‘whole’ is coined by Nassim Haramein.  It will be used in this article to help the reader visualize a different scenario than the traditional image of a massive hole in space perfectly black in color.  A black ‘whole’ is representative of the ‘whole’ process of reality – that is – the continual oscillation back and forth from the physical to the metaphysical and the two opposing forces of gravity and electromagnetic radiation.


First off, black “wholes” are not black.  They are brilliant sources of light.

The region around the center of our Milky Way galaxy glows colorfully in this new version of an image taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.


Notice the best NASA images of the center of the Milky Way (seen above).  There is a giant, brilliant white star at the center.  They claim that this bright star is only a group of stars blending into one and that the black hole at the center of the galaxy is ‘right next to’ the star or ‘behind’ the star.  They claim it is too small to be seen compared to the size of the Milky Way but nevertheless, they say it is there!  If there was a black hole in the way they believed, it would suck all of that matter and light into it and we would not see light bodies in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Hubble Space Telescope can see galaxies billions of light-years away, but they cannot get a clear view of the black hole at the center of our galaxy, only 25,000 light-years away?1


What we are claiming in Cosmic Core is that the large brilliant sun at the center is the black whole!  There is a wormhole at the center, and the brilliant white light is the event horizon!

This means, every white hole is a star and every star is a black hole surrounded by a white hole.

In October of 2015 NASA observed flares of X-rays from a black hole – the flairs appeared to be triggered by the eruption of a charged particle from the black hole.

Credit: NASA

“Supermassive black holes send out beams of X-rays when their surrounding coronas – sources of extremely energetic particles – shoot, or launch, away from the black holes.”2

Just as we saw in the last article, black holes are two-way processes.  They absorb and emit!


Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra has theorized that black holes are actually ultra-hot balls of fire like our Sun.  This means the black hole in the center of the galaxy could very well be a ‘Great Central Sun’.



Black “Wholes” are Matter Generating Toroidal Structures

The work of Conrad Ranzan and the DSSU theory states that singularity black holes are not physical objects.  They are mathematical abstractions and have no place in a natural world.


Actual black wholes have a ‘quasi-event horizon’.  This quasi-event horizon is the Schwarzschild radius and matter cannot collapse through this radius.

The size and density of black ‘wholes’ vary.

The DSSU states that a matter suppression-annihilation process is in perpetual cosmic scale balance with the matter-formation process, preventing a traditional black hole from ever forming.3

This suppression-annihilation process is gravity.  The matter-formation process is the production of electromagnetic radiation, i.e. photons that loop in various ways to form matter.


To review, black holes can be any size.

The physics of the nucleus of an atom is the same as the physics of the nucleus of a galaxy.  There are black ‘wholes’ at the center of each.

Protons are miniature black ‘wholes’.  Atoms are miniature black ‘wholes’.

There are black wholes within black wholes.  This represents the fractal-holographic nature of reality.

Black wholes are not smooth spheres.  They are shaped like a torus – a dual torus, one on top of the other.  One spins in one direction, the other in the opposite direction.

The center of the dual torus is the center of the black hole.  It is the entrance/exit point from the physical to the metaphysical.

Inward Flow into a “Black Whole” to the Realm of “Non-existence”

Aether continually flows into the center of all mass, including the center of galaxies and the center of atoms.  This inward centripetal flow is gravity.  Gravity, or the inward flow of Aether sustains the existence of matter.


Outward Flow from a “White Whole” back to the Realm of Existence

The ‘white hole’ can be thought of as the circumference of the torus – the spherical halo made of photons.

Electromagnetic energy is the centrifugal force that flows out of the black hole, emerging as a white hole of visible light (photons).

Credit: NASA/JPL – Caltech

Many photons coming out remain free photons and continue on at the speed of light.

Many other photons become confined – transforming into charged particles.  These photons that form charged particles are new matter that aids in the growth and/or repair of the entity.



Black Holes and White Holes

“The white hole is within the black hole.  Electromagnetic properties are drawn into the black hole [matter annihilation], and accelerated beyond imagination.  The acceleration and the activities within the black hole draw unbelievable proportions of additional energy from other systems.  This greater acceleration changes the very nature of the units involved.  In the meantime, the characteristics of the black hole itself are changed by this activity.

A black hole is a white hole turned inside out, in other words.  The electromagnetic ‘matter’ may reemerge through the same ‘hole’ or ‘point’ which is now a white hole.  The reemergence, however, again alters its characteristics.  It becomes ‘hungry’ once more, and again, a black hole.  The same sort of activity goes on in all systems.  The holes, therefore, or coordination points [nodes], are actually great accelerators that re-energize energy itself.

No energy is ever lost.  It may seem to disappear from one system, but if so, it will emerge in another.  The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what you think of as ordinary consecutive time.”4


In this description above it is said that the holes are coordination points.  Coordination points are points of a geometric grid.  The coordination points would be the centers and vertices of a fractal geometric matrix that underlies all in physical reality.

Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1928), English physicist, astronomer and mathematician, says it another way: “The centers of the nebulae are of the nature of ‘singular points,’ at which matter is poured into our universe from some other, an entirely extraneous, spatial dimension, so that, to a denizen of our universe, they appear as points at which matter is being continually created.”



Black “Wholes” & the Continual Creation of Matter

Mainstream science believes black holes act as giant vacuums that suck everything into them.  They visualize them as a literal black hole that acts as a one-way matter sink.

Remember: a black hole has never been observed in the form they are commonly imagined.

The new scientific paradigm sees black wholes as two-way points of creation.

For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction and black holes are no exception.

Gravity is the centripetal flow of Aether that moves towards the center of every mass or mass equivalent (like a photon).  Gravity is the same flow that moves towards the center of a black whole.  The inward flow of Aether sustains all matter.

Matter is a gravitational “sink”.  Black holes are gravitational wells.


Black wholes exist at the center of every mass on every scale.  This includes the macro scale: galaxy clusters, galaxies, suns & planets, and the micro scale: cells, atoms, protons and photons.

Black holes on the galactic scale are actually dense stellar bodies – they are active galactic nuclei.

This is seen in the example of the Einstein Cross discussed in Article 89.  We saw four quasars being ejected from the center of a galaxy in a tetrahedral fashion.

We will see more examples in Articles 93 and 94.


Aether is constantly flowing and spiraling into a galactic black whole and constantly flowing into the nucleus of an atom from all sides.

Electromagnetic energy is a ‘white whole’ emerging with a spherical shape from a ‘black whole’.  The ‘white whole’ is visible light – EM energy carried on photons.  The outward release of light/photons builds and repairs matter, at least until extinction or death.

Hence, black wholes are “matter generators” (photon producers and aether consumers).  They are not bottomless holes.  They absorb debris and blast out gas and particles to create new stars.  There is always the inward/outward thrust:  Aether in/Photons out.


As early as 2005 it has been found that black holes can create as well as destroy.

“When black holes feed, they create powerful high-speed jets that race at nearly light-speed into surrounding space.  Like a jolt of electricity breathing life into Frankenstein’s monster, a black hole’s jets can ignite star formation.”5

Scientists Breugel and Croft of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory say that the jets cause dense clouds of gas to collapse and trigger star birth.

“This finding meshes nicely with a growing body of evidence suggesting black holes are integral players in galaxy formation.”6


Then, in 2017 new evidence was released that “Our Galaxy’s Black Hole is Spewing Planet-size “Spitballs”7

The article written in the Smithsonian Insider by Christine Pulliam tells us that new research shows gas from stars that have wandered too close to a ‘black hole’ can gather itself into planet-sized objects.

Those objects (they call spitballs) are then flung into space.

“A single shredded star can form hundreds of these planet-mass objects. We wondered: Where do they end up? How close do they come to us? We developed a computer code to answer those questions,” says lead author Eden Girma, an undergraduate student at Harvard University and a member of the Banneker/Aztlan Institute.”9

The article goes on to say that planets do not accrue from gases that gradually ball together.  Planets are spit out from a star as a single ball.

They form when the black hole emits a streamer of gas that can whip around itself and bundle into a large object before blasting off into space.

“Other galaxies like Andromeda are shooting these spitballs at us all the time,” said one of the team, James Guillochon from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.10

The team calculates that some of the objects could lie within a few hundred light-years of Earth, and they might faintly glow from all of the heat that is created during their formation.11



One additional study from 2018 discusses how quasar outflows may create molecules, as well as destroying them.

Alexander Richings and Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere of Northwestern University tell us that “some types of molecules could form in powerful quasar winds that would ordinarily blast molecules to bits.”12

They can computer simulations and found that “depending on several factors including the luminosity of the quasar, the metallicity of the gas swept up in the outflows and the density of the gas, the outflows can cool and allow molecular gas to form once again.”13


Furthermore, “In 2017 Helen Russell, from the University of Cambridge, led a team of astronomers to discover cold molecular gas in bubbles blown by an active galaxy at the heart of the Phoenix Cluster, 5.7 bn light-years away…the jets observed by Russell in the Phoenix Cluster move gas at lower velocities, potentially allowing that gas, and any molecules that may form in it, to fall back onto the galaxy and start forming stars again.”14

There is clearly a complex interplay of processes occurring in stellar and galactic formation.




We have discussed the idea that black holes are matter generators and have taken a look at scientific evidence that points the validity of this idea.  In the next article we will continue to investigate the idea of continual creation in a Dynamic Steady State Universe.

Throughout the Science section of Cosmic Core you will notice that the processes on each scale will mirror one another.  That is, we conclude that Nature uses the same processes to create life and matter but just on different scales.  Nature is consistent in her laws.  It would make common sense that Nature would work this way and there is much evidence that points in this direction.  This suggests that there is a profound order in the Universe and that not only is matter structured off a fractal-holographic matrix, but processes in time are also fractal-holographic.  The more things naturally fit together the more it points to an actual working model that does not require ad hoc hypotheses to force it to work.

The point is there was no Big Bang with a singular creation event that happened one time 13.8 billion years ago.  There are creation events happening all the time.  This lends much credibility to the esoteric idea that creation is happening all the time, the universe is in a constant state of becoming and consciousness is the continual shaper of reality.

In order for black holes to be matter generators, there must be an Aether and there must be two realms that pour into one another.  We call these metaphysical time/space and physical space/time.  These two concepts are absolutely crucial to understand the new scientific paradigm.



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