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In this article we will continue our discussion of redshift from the previous article, focusing on the work of Dr. William Tifft and the idea of quantized redshifts.

Keith Critchlow, in Time Stands Still reminds us, “As our perceptions are inevitably influenced by what ‘experts’ tell us, an unavoidable conditioning, if we wish to see freshly a special effort is required to keep our minds open to alternative frames of reference.”



Quantized Redshift – Galaxies have a “Layered” Structure

In Article 93, we looked at the work of Dr. Halton Arp who discovered every galaxy has a high redshift in the center and a low redshift on the outside.  The z-value increases in layers – that is, quantized layers, which mean there is a sudden jump in values.  This means there are concentric spheres expanding away from the center.  These represent densities of Aether – that is, different planes of reality with different density levels and slightly different fundamental constants.

We also learned there are two components of redshift: the inherent component and the velocity component.

The Inherent Component shows the property of the matter in the object.

It changes over time in discrete steps.  It is an indication of the objects youth and it usually makes up the larger fraction of total redshift.

The Velocity Component means that any additional redshift over its inherent value is indicative of its velocity.  This value is the only one recognized by mainstream astronomers.

Raw measured total redshift values are not quantized.  Only the inherent redshift values are.

“The assumption that redshift can only be caused by recessional velocity predetermines a distorted understanding of the shape, age, size, and physical characteristics of most of the extragalactic universe. A different – intrinsic – interpretation of the redshift will imply a much different universe.”1

“The current mainstream explanation [of redshift] is that it is due to the expansion of the universe, where light waves in transit are stretched or lengthened, giving rise to a redder color.  However, this explanation has a problem with the quantized redshift measurements first made in 1976 by William Tifft and since confirmed by a number of others.  These astronomers have shown that the redshift is not changing smoothly, as expansion would have produced.  Instead the measurements are going in a series of jumps.”2



Inherent Redshift z-values are Quantized

Quantized values are as defined as those that “in particular restrict the number of possible values of a quantity or states of a system so that certain variables can assume only certain discrete magnitudes.”

This means the redshift values occur in discrete steps and not across an infinite range of numbers.

An example of quantized or concentric shells around a central point.  Each redshift value would belong to a different shell – that is, each shell has a specific value, and only that specific value.


The redshift values are found in unusually tight groupings centered around values of z = 0.061, 0.3, 0.6, 0.96, 1.41, 1.96…etc.3

This scientifically validated quantization of inherent redshift is proof that redshift does not equal distance.

If we accepted the mainstream belief system, and assumed redshift equaled distance, then all quasars would lie in concentric shells with the Earth at the center of the Universe.

That would be ludicrous!  The Earth is NOT at the center of the Universe.

“Instead of nominating him for a prize (and simultaneously reexamining their assumption that “redshift equals distance”), Arp was (and continues to be) systematically denied publication of his results and refused telescope time.  One would at least expect the “powers that be” to immediately turn the Chandra X-ray orbiting telescope, the Hubble space telescope, and all the big land based telescopes toward Arp’s exciting discoveries in order to either confirm or disprove them once and for all.  Instead, these objects have been completely excluded from examination.”4

Dr. Halton Arp

Quantization indicates age, not distance.

Age is an indication of how far along the evolutionary path each entity is.

Quantization means there are quantized concentric shells surrounding each body of mass.  Each “shell” consists of a different energy state – a different energy density.  There is a different base-line rate of vibration of the photon for each density.

The idea of quantized states around mass is not new or exotic.  It is an accepted fact that there are quantized layers around atoms – called electron shells.  These represent higher states of energy, or in our terms, higher densities of Aether.  Higher density of Aether equals higher state of energy.

We will discuss these ideas below.



Quantization around mass in Scalar Physics

“Scalar physics is the science of reality’s hidden understructure.  The electric, magnetic, and gravitational force fields are only the surface layer. Like waves upon the ocean, these forces arise from deeper fields known as potentials, which themselves arise from the primordial superpotential.”5

Scalar physics originated from the work of James Clerk Maxwell, the father of electrodynamics, and Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden.6  We will discuss scalar physics in greater detail in Article 129.

“For every distance from the center of mass, there is a unique superpotential value.  The superpotential is distributed in concentric shells around mass like the layers of an onion.  Mass determines how densely packed these concentric shells are, which is the aforementioned compression or rarefaction of the aether.”7

This means mass is a product of compression or rarefaction of the aether.  Compression leads to denser Aether.  Rarefaction, less dense.  Hence, we have concentric shells of varying densities of Aether.

Concentric shells of varying densities of Aether.


Quantized Electron Shells

Sharp energy states are associated with the orbits or shells of electrons in an atom.  Energy in an atom is quantized rather than continuous.

Example: Gadolinium (64).  This shows a 2D version of what would be a 3D spherical atom.  The ‘shells’ are not flat circles.  They are 3D spherical shells.  Each electron orbits in its specific shell unless the atom shifts quantum states and moves into a higher state of energy.


This is well-known and has been accepted in mainstream science for quite some time.

Electrons can only exist at certain energy levels, so when an electron gains or loses energy, there are specific photon energies associated with the energy changes.

These energies determine the colors seen in an atom’s emission spectrum and the colors not seen in its absorption spectrum.

When atoms shift quantum states they give off a photon (see diagram below).

When a sun goes through a quantum shift they give off many photons (solar flash or supernovae).

Credit: European Southern Observatory


As above, so below.



The Fine Structure Constant

“When I die, the first thing I shall consider asking the devil is – what is the meaning of the Fine Structure Constant?”  Wolfgang Pauli

Herbert G. Dorsey III tells us that “the fine structure constant is the ratio between an electron’s spin momentum and its orbital momentum and is equal to approximately 1/137.”

Think about the Earth.  It spins upon its axis (this measures days) and it revolves around the Sun (this measures years).  An electron also spins upon its axis and revolves around the nucleus of the atom.

This means that the electron’s spin momentum will change according to what quantized shell or orbital it is constrained to.  Electron shells or orbitals change in size as they increase from the center.  If an electron is orbiting in a smaller shell it will have a different speed than if it is orbiting in a larger shell.  Depending on the speed of its orbit, the speed of its rotation upon its axis will change.  The rotation speed will always be in the same ratio to its orbital speed.  This ratio is the fine structure constant (~1/137).

Therefore, the fine structure constant has to do with the energy sub-levels observed experimentally in the emission spectra of atoms.

Notice the emission spectrum of an atom below.  This is very similar to what the emission spectrum of galaxies look like when measuring redshift.

Emission spectrum of an atom.


Emission spectrum of a galaxy.


Again: As above, so below.

The measurement is based on the way atoms absorb and emit light.  Atoms absorb light when an electron moves to a lower energy state (an inner shell) and they emit light when an electron moves to a higher energy state (an outer shell).  It “measures the strength of the electromagnetic force that controls how charged elementary particles (such as electrons and photons) interact.”8

In other words, an atom jiggles when it shifts quantum states (when it shifts orbitals) and a certain amount of energy is released because the speed of the electron has to either slow down or speed up to maintain the correct ratio of rotation to revolution speed.  This amount is a ratio not a set number.  The ratio in this case is the fine structure constant.

“The fine-structure-constant is a classical wave constant…[and] the particle is a localized standing wave.”9

It is based on: electric charge of the electron, the speed of light; Planck’s constant, and the permittivity of free space.

It is approximately equal to 1/137 or 0.007297351.

Note the .0072 in the fine structure constant.  This is the all-important number of 72 that we have discussed in previous articles as one of the preeminent numbers in the sacred number canon.

“It is sufficient to say only that all the basic properties and characteristics of the objects of the micro-world – the size of electron orbits in atoms, binding energies between elementary particles and atoms, and thus, all the physical and chemical properties of matter are determined by the magnitude of this constant.”10

*Note: “Quasar spectra recorded at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii imply that a fundamental physical constant may have been increasing slightly over the past six billion years.”11  This is an increase of one part in 100,000.  This means the constant is changing very slowly…perhaps as the galaxy itself slowly moves into a higher energy level of the universe.



Quantized States of Molecules

“A molecule is a collection of positively charged atomic nuclei surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.  Its stability results from a balance among the attractive and repulsive forces of the nuclei and electrons.

A molecule is characterized by the total energy resulting from these interacting forces.

As is the case with atoms, the allowed energy states of a molecule are quantized.

Molecular spectra result from either the absorption or the emission of electromagnetic radiation as molecules undergo changes from one quantized energy state to another.  The mechanisms involved are similar to those observed for atoms but are more complicated.”12

Molecular Orbital Plot.  Note the Quantized shells around the molecule CO.  Credit:



Quantized Energetic Shells around the Human Body, Planet & Sun

Just as there are concentric quantized shells around atoms and molecules, they also exist around life forms such as trees, animals and human beings – all life forms to be exact.  Of course, they are invisible – just like the geometry of sound is invisible.  We can only see it when we use colloids such as sand (as in Cymatics) or light and water (such as the Cymatics art of Ben Browne.)  Cymatics is covered in detail in other articles.

They also exist around planets, stars and galaxies.


Again, the Sacred Geometry model of the universe based off the esoteric stream of knowledge fits seamlessly together.  It shows that a great harmony and order exist in the universe.  We would expect for Nature to have the same processes show up on all scales.  In fact, this is what we see.  Nature is constant in her laws.  This model fits common sense, rational thinking and intuition yet it does not fit dogma.  Furthermore, the more time that elapses the more scientific validation we receive that this model, if not 100% correct, is far more correct than anything we have seen to date.

We have seen how these quantized shells around atoms and molecules are accepted in mainstream science.  The work of Dr. Halton Arp and Dr. William Tifft prove these same quantized shells exist around galaxies.

The quantized states around life forms, planets and suns are not scientifically verified as of yet, but they are commonly accepted within the esoteric stream of knowledge.  These quantized states correspond to metaphysical ‘energy’ bodies around life.

These energy shells are often seen as magnetic field lines surrounding life forms.  This is scientifically verified.  However, there is far more to it than simple magnetism.

Remember, magnetism is a part of electro-magnetism.  Electromagnetism is energy radiation.  Energy radiation is the equal and opposite force to gravity.

Electromagnetism is the outflow of Aether.  Gravity is the inflow.

In Cosmic Core, we make the assumption that these energy states surround all bodies of life from the atom to the galaxy.  They are related to the energetic or metaphysical body of life forms.

Each layer or shell is representative of an energy center, or chakra.  The energy centers, or chakras, represent increasing energy states (increasing frequencies and wavelengths) as you move up them.

These layers also correspond to a different Platonic solid.  The Platonic solids are nested together.  For instance the inner layer would correspond to an icosahedron, the 2nd layer to an octahedron, 3rd layer to a star tetrahedron, 4th to a cube, 5th to a dodecahedron and 6th to another larger icosahedron.  The 7th layer then would be spherical and would represent all the layers and geometry in potentiation.


This will be discussed in great detail in upcoming articles.

For now, we will stick to the science at hand.



Quantized Layers around Galaxies

In Article 89 we looked at gravitational lensing and saw that it was not a result of the fabric of space-time bending but the result of the refraction of light through liquids.

Layers of increasing density refract light in the same way that light would refract throughout water.  This is what we are seeing when we look at gravitational lensing.

In Article 89 we saw how Professor R.C. Gupta said that “a stellar or galactic atmosphere will bend light the same way it is refracted by water as the light passes from lower density to a higher density medium.

These layers of increasing density are the quantized layers that we see around galaxies.  It turns out that gravitational lensing is not the only evidence for these layers.  We will now look at the work of Dr. William Tifft and his and others very clear astronomical evidence of this layered structure around galaxies.



Dr. William G. Tifft & Quantized Redshift

Dr. William Tifft is an Emeritus Professor and astronomer at the University of Arizona.  He received his bachelors in astronomy from Harvard in 1954.  In 1958 he received his PhD in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology.

Dr. William G. Tifft, University of Arizona

“Based on observations of nearby galaxies, Tifft has put forward the idea that the redshifts of galaxies are quantized, or that they occur preferentially as multiples of a set number. These findings on redshift quantization were originally published in 1976 and 1977 in the Astrophysical Journal.  The ideas were controversial when originally proposed; the editors of the Astrophysical Journal included a note in one of the papers stating that they could neither find errors within the analysis nor endorse the analysis…Tifft’s results have been largely replicated by Croasdale and later Napier and Guthrie…Since the initial publication of these results, Tifft’s findings have been used by others, such as Halton Arp, in making an alternative explanation to the Big Bang Theory, which states that galaxies are redshifted because the universe is expanding.”13


Dr. Tifft & Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine ran an article in 1993 discussing Dr. Tifft’s work entitled Man Stops Universe, Maybe. 

In the article it discusses how Dr. Tifft found that spiral galaxies tended to have higher redshifts than elliptical galaxies in the same cluster.

Also, dimmer galaxies tended to have higher redshifts than brighter ones.

It was also found that galactic redshifts took on only certain discrete values instead of being randomly distributed.

Note the Quantized redshift values around the Virgo Dwarfs.  Credit: Dr. William Tifft


Tifft discovered that redshifts seemed to increase by quantum leaps.  Most occurred by a leap of 45 miles/sec.  Some at intervals of a third of half of 45 miles/sec.

“Galactic redshifts are quantized, like the energy states of an atom…Galaxies occupy various energy states, with a characteristic redshift corresponding to each one.”14

Dr. Tifft believes another process, other than velocity, is affecting redshifts: “an intrinsic property of the galaxy”.

Once again, we have solid evidence that disproves the Big Bang-Expanding Universe theory.

“If redshift isn’t a simple measure of velocity, then the argument that most of the universe is dark matter, which is based primarily on elaborate measurements of galactic velocities, would probably also fall apart.”15

He also found redshifts change over time!  Redshifts change (decrease) over a galaxy’s evolution.  This all perfectly falls in line with the idea that redshift equals age, not distance.

Notice the quanatized redshift values around these galaxies.  Credit: William G. Tifft



Dr. Bruce Guthrie & Dr. William Napier

Drs. Guthrie and Napier work for the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland.  When they began their work they doubted Dr. Tifft’s data and were searching for a way to disprove it.  However, after the data came in, they could not deny that redshift is quantized and Dr. Tifft was correct.

They measured redshifts of 89 spiral galaxies and uncovered data that supported the case for quantized redshifts.

Once again, they found measured redshifts spaced at intervals of about half of 45 miles/sec.

“We undertook this project to find the flaw in Tifft’s conclusions assuming we could settle the matter in a couple of months,” Dr. Guthrie said in an interview. “But we’ve been at it for four years now. We’ve tried every statistical attack we could devise or that others have proposed, and this periodicity still doesn’t go away.”16


They continued to collect data to double-check their work.  Their next study was published:

Quantized Redshifts: A Status Report – Napier & Guthrie, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Vol. 18, Issue 4, pp. 455-463, December 1997 (17)

For this study they analyzed 250 galaxies.

“In consistently selected sub-samples of the datasets of sufficient precision examined so far, the redshift distribution has been found to be strongly quantized in the galactocentric frame of reference.

The phenomenon is easily seen by eye and apparently cannot be ascribed to statistical artifacts, selection procedures of flawed reduction techniques.

Two galactocentric periodicities have so far been detected, ~71.5 km/s in the Virgo cluster, and ~37.5 km/s for all other spiral galaxies within ~2600 km/s.”18

Notice the numbers: 71.5 (close to 72) and 37.5 (close to half of 72, or 36).  These are extremely important numbers in the Sacred Number Canon.



Dr. William Tifft & John Cocke – Yet Another Quantized Redshift Study

Drs. Tifft and Cocke undertook yet another study to prove the point.  It was published in Sky and Telescope in 1987. (19)

Tifft and Cocke measured redshifts of over 1,000 galaxies.

Galaxies M51 and NGC 2903 exhibited two distinct redshifts.  Velocity breaks or discontinuities occurred at the nuclei of these galaxies.

The jump in redshift between the spiral arms always tended to be around 72 km/sec.

Velocity breaks also occurred at intervals that were ½, 1/3, or 1/6 of the 72 km/sec value.

Redshift differences between pairs of galaxies group around 72, 144, and 216 km/sec.  They found z-values such as: 0.00000, 0.00024, 0.00048, 0.00072, 0.00096.

*Remember the fine-structure constant: 0.007297351  (Approximately .0072 or 72/10000 or more exact: 1/137).  Also, recall the sacred number canon that was discussed many times in previous articles.  72, 144 and 216 are extremely important numbers!

The universe is harmonic and connected by harmonic intervals.  These harmonic intervals are built into Platonic solid geometry.  We see this geometry shaping reality everywhere we look!  Nature is consistent in her laws.



Richard Fisher & R. Brent Tully – Yet Another Study of Quantized Redshift

Fisher and Tully choose to analyze irregular dwarf galaxies. “Dwarf irregular galaxies are low-mass systems that have a significant fraction of their mass tied up in neutral hydrogen gas.  They have little organized internal or rotational motion and so present few complications in the interpretation of their redshifts.”20

Once the velocity of the solar system was accounted for, the irregulars in the Fisher-Tully Catalog displayed extraordinary clumping redshifts.

They fell into discrete bins separated by intervals of 24 km/sec, 1/3 of the original 72.

Discrete ‘bins’ seen here.  Credit: William G. Tifft


Next they analyzed regular galaxies.  The redshifts were separated by ½ of the 72 = 36 km/sec.

“It is therefore concluded that at least some classes of galaxy redshifts are quantized in steps that are simple fractions of 72 km/sec.” 21

“A galaxy’s redshift may be a fundamental property of the galaxy.  Each may have a specific state governed by laws, analogues to those in quantum mechanics that specify which energy states atoms may occupy.  Since there is relatively little blurring on the quantization between galaxies, any real motions would have to be small in this model.  Galaxies would not move away from one another; the universe would be static instead of expanding.”22

This certainly backs up the Dynamic Steady State Universe Model.



Bell and McDiarmid – Yet Another Study of Quantized Redshift

Bell and McDiarmid studied 46,400 quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.  They discovered six quantized peaks in their overall redshift distribution consistent with the decreasing intrinsic redshift (DIR) model.  They published their results in the Astrophysical Journal in March of 2006.23

They conclude that this correlation is unlikely to be a selection effect, given the method used to determine intrinsic redshift relations.

Six peaks were found!

Bars indicate position of peaks.  Credit: Dr. Per Kjaergaard


This ties in with the Octave of Quantum Densities, discussed at the end of this article.  Using Density 7 as universal ground state, the 6 peaks could correlate with Quantum Densities 1-6.

Once again, science circles back around to spirituality, and spirituality circles back around to science!



Dr. Harold Aspden & Quantized Redshift

Dr. Aspden shows in his work that the Aether has levels of energy density at which it becomes locked into a quantum state corresponding to an integer value.  We will discuss this below, and come back around to discuss it in more detail in the upcoming Aether series of articles.

Dr. Aspden says, “The story began with the discovery in the 1970s by William Tifft, of the University of Arizona, that the speeds of the galaxies he studied were always multiples of 72 kilometers per second.

Red shifts should be able to take any value, but Dr. Tifft seemed to show they were ‘quantized’ – restricted to certain values.

This appeared impossible, but more recent research by Bill Napier at Oxford and Bruce Guthrie of the Edinburgh Royal Observatory confirmed it. Explaining why is very tricky, unless you assume that red shifts don’t really tell us anything about speed or distance and that would undermine the whole basis of cosmology.”24



Redshift = Aether Density Levels in the Quantum Field

According to Dr. Aspden’s work, he found that the Aether has levels of energy density at which it becomes, as it were, locked into a quantum state corresponding to an integer value of the cube of (9/8) times (d/r)2.

“One can say that for each such integer step, which corresponds to the number of electrons and positrons that can be created as a group upon the annihilation of an aether particle and occupation of the aether space thereby vacated, there is the possibility of such a quantum state.

It all depends upon the energy activity in the aether domain under consideration and there are many such different domain regions in the whole expanse of the universe.”25

Aspden is saying that the Aether has quantized levels of energy density.

Each level corresponds to the number of electrons and positrons that can be created as a group upon the annihilation of an aether particle, in other words, how many electrons and positrons can fit inside an Aether unit.

There are many of these “domains” throughout the universe.

We will elucidate on this subject below.



The Aether Model of Harold Aspden

As was said, this topic will discussed in the upcoming Aether series of articles on Cosmic Core.

Dr. Aspden theorizes that the aether behaves like fluid crystals, that is, like standing waves of geometry.  The Aether is fluid-like and crystallized (has a geometric structure).  This can be seen in Cymatics, which we will go into great detail about in subsequent articles.

The structure of the Aether is equivalent to the cosmic cellular structure of rhombic dodecahedra, cubes, octahedra and tetrahedra, but is on the super-sub-atomic level – the extreme microcosmic level of aether unit processes.  Remember, the geometry itself is invisible, just like the geometry of sound is.  The geometry is not a solid thing.  It is a ‘force field’ or more correctly, an Aether flow field.  It is invisible, yet it is there in space all around us at all times.

He proposes a cubic lattice of Aether.

As discussed by David Wilcock on his series Wisdom Teachings, there are interpenetrating geometry of other types – when you see one Platonic solid, they will all be present on one level or another.  As a matter of fact, David Wilcock was the one who called my attention to many of these topics on Cosmic Core, particularly redshift.

Within each cube is a rotating sphere.  The cubes move together as a unit.  The spheres within the cubes rotate and oscillate on their own.

Quantum densities are based on this structure.

As Aspden wrote, the Aether has levels of energy density at which it becomes, as it were, locked into a quantum state corresponding to an integer value:


He uses the Integer r/d.  Where:

r is the radius of the sphere inside the cube

d is the distance of one side of the cube


Some of these numbers are as follows:

  • 1843    0.3029159
  • 1841     0.3029707
  • 1839    0.3030296


These numbers represent how many electrons can fit into one Aether cube.  As more electrons fit into the same space, the energy becomes denser.  Hence, the ‘quantum density’ of the Aether increases.  These numbers transform into km/s and they mathematically define the same Tifft numbers of redshift.

“The theoretical derivation of the dimensionless fine-structure constant alpha, giving alpha-1 as 108pi(2)1/2/N1/6, where N is 1843, reported in Physics Letters 41A, 423 [1972], is shown to be confirmed by the 72.5 km/s steps observed by Tifft in the red shifts of closely-positioned galaxies.”26

Remember, 108 is an important number in the sacred number canon.  It is the interior angle of a pentagon.  72, our other important number we keep seeing, is the interior angle of a pentagram, among other things.


“Spectral lines are shifted in proportion to (N1/3)(N1/3)1/3 or N4/9 and, with N decreasing in integer steps, 4c/9N is between 72.4 km/s and 72.6 km/s over a range from N=1841 to N=1828.



Aspden’s Aether Model Predicted the Exact Redshift Numbers Tifft Discovered

Aspden’s research predicted the exact numerical values that the stars in each zone are giving off. Those stars are going to radiate one frequency of microwave energy.  Then they undergo a quantum shift and radiate a different frequency of microwave energy.

“Recent media interest has drawn attention to the discovery of Tifft that the differences of recession speeds of galaxies…were always a multiple of 72.5 km/s, and the fact was later confirmed by independent observers.”27

The following chart is from Dr. Aspden’s Tutorial Note 10.  It shows how the N integer number, representing how many electrons fit into an Aether cube, and how those numbers represent Tifft’s redshift numbers.


N (N/Nmin)4/9 km/s ~
1843 1.0000000 0 0
1842 0.9997588 72.3 72.3
1841 0.9995176 144.6 72.3
1840 0.9992762 217.0 72.4
1839 0.9990348 289.4 72.4
1838 0.9987933 361.8 72.4


Each N corresponds to a quantum number frequency.  These numbers 144, 218, 288, 360 are harmonic sacred numbers.  These numbers have been, and will be, thoroughly discussed in Cosmic Core.

These zones have to do with quantum energy states, not distances.

This means the layered structure of redshift in galaxies represent Aetheric energy zones.

Aspden regards this as confirming his theory by which the fine-structure constant was first derived at the part per million level of precision.

Remember, the fine-structure constant is 0.007297351  or about 1/137.


“The conclusion one reaches from this remarkable result is that galaxies can, so far as the different space domain origins of their primary radiation sources are concerned, lock into slightly different sets of fundamental physical constants…”28



The Octave of Quantum Densities

The quantum density is based on the number of electrons (N) that fit into an Aether cube.  As the number of electrons increase in one cube this means there is a greater energy density.

This relates to the fascinating idea of the octave of quantum densities discussed extensively in the Law of One.29

These densities relate to the evolution of the soul through octaves of experience, or levels of consciousness.  These levels are intimately related to the chakras.  This topic will be covered in great detail in later articles.

The shift through these dimensional levels relate to the Precession of the Equinoxes.  For example, the 3rd density cycles are approximately 25,000 years.  This is the same time span as one Precessional cycle (25,920 years).  These shifts refer to the crossing of space domain boundaries discussed by Dr. Aspden in Article 92.

These shifts happen on a planetary level, a stellar level and a galactic level.  As they happen, they activate the density levels around life forms, bumping them up into the next level of consciousness.

The Six Peaks in Redshift Values Found most likely correlate to densities 1-6, with Density 7 as the “ground state” of the universe beyond.

Dewey Larson reminds us in Beyond Space and Time, “The orthodox scientist’s conclusion that there is no metaphysical existence does not rest upon any scientific grounds; it rests solely upon the assumption that what science has not thus far been able to do—to find any factual evidence of such an existence—cannot be done: a highly presumptuous assertion that cannot be justified either on empirical or on theoretical grounds.”


In brief these densities are described as follows:

  • First Density – Red – cycle of awareness; water, fire, air, earth; mineral consciousness
  • Second Density – Orange – cycle of growth & movement; plant & animal consciousness
  • Third Density – Yellow – cycle of self-awareness; human consciousness
  • Fourth Density – Green – cycle of love or understanding; planetary consciousness
  • Fifth Density – Blue – cycle of wisdom or light; co-creation; galactic consciousness
  • Sixth Density – Indigo – cycle of love/light light/love; or blending compassion with wisdom; unity; galactic cluster consciousness
  • Seventh Density – Violet – the gateway cycle; turning towards timelessness; Cosmic Consciousness
  • Eighth Density – The first density of the next octave and a “mystery we do not plumb”


There is not one octave of densities, there are many – an infinite number most likely.  Just as there are an infinite number of octaves in the musical scale, these represent cycles within cycles within cycles, spiraling ever upward and onward through Infinity.



The Seven Heavens & Seven Planes

It is interesting how these Quantum Densities relate to the ancient concept of seven heavens and seven planes of existence found all throughout spiritual literature.

“According to Vishnu Purana there are seven planes in each Universe.”30

“In religious or mythological cosmology, the seven heavens refer to the seven divisions of the Heaven, the abode of immortal beings, or the visible sky, the expanse containing the Sun, Moon and the stars.  This concept dates back to ancient Mesopotamian religions and a similar concept is also found in some Indian religions such as Hinduism, and in some Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity.”31


Ramanujan and the Octave

It is also interesting to see how the seven densities or planes of existence relate to Ramanujan’s mathematical work that was used to develop string theory.  This was discussed in Article 88.

However, in string theory they added two extra dimensions that did not need to be there.

“In the work of Ramanujan, [i.e. the modular functions,] the number 24 (8 x 3) appears repeatedly.  Miraculously, Ramanujan‘s function also appears in string theory… In string theory, each of the 24 modes in the Ramanujan function corresponds to a physical vibration of the string…”32

Dr. Michio Kaku tells us that the number 24 is replaced by the number 8 when the Ramanujan function is generalized.  This leads to the origin of the tenth dimension, that is 8 + 2, the critical number for the superstrings.

“Digging into footnote number 13 on page 346 at the back of Hyperspace, Kaku says that the two additional dimensions are added in order to ‘preserve the symmetry of the string.’  He then says, ‘However, two of these vibratory modes can be removed when we break the symmetry of the string, leaving us with 24 vibratory modes, which are the ones that appear in the Ramanujan function.’  What Kaku is telling us is that two extra dimensions were added to Ramanujan‘s equations because the physicists feel that the strings could only vibrate if they are symmetrical.  This is something that was ‘added on’ to Ramanujan‘s data after-the-fact.”33


Ramanujan was discovering the mathematical basis for the organization of reality into octaves on all scales.  Sadly his work was modified to appease prejudice and dogma.




We have taken a detailed look at many of the fundamental constructs of the mainstream Big Bang theory and seen that they do not hold up to scrutiny or scientific data.  Simply put, science needs to be rewritten.  The time is now.  We need to accept nothing less than a Scientific Revolution in our lifetimes.

The idea that redshift equals distance has been proven wrong by not only Dr. William Tifft and Dr. Halton Arp, but by many other scientists as well.  Many of these were skeptics at first, but after thorough investigation, they see now that redshift cannot possibly equal distance.  Redshift equals age and energy state.


The quantization of energy shells around bodies from the atomic up to the galactic has been discussed.  We know there are concentric quantized shells of energy density around atoms and molecules and now we know they exist around galaxies as well.

These quantized shells around galaxies confound many in the scientific fields, if they acknowledge them at all.


Can it be nothing more than a coincidence that quantized states exists around bodies from the small to the large?  Can it be nothing more than a coincidence that the six quantized peaks found correlate quite nicely with the ancient idea of seven heavens and the cosmic idea of seven densities?

I think not, and I am not alone.  These ideas are some of the most ancient ideas of all – the ideas that the seven ‘heavens’ or ‘densities’ correspond to planes of existence that relate to the evolution of the soul and evolution of consciousness.  These strange concepts lie at the core of the esoteric stream of knowledge and point to the ability to answer those difficult questions…Why are we here?  Where are we going?  What is the point of existence?


In our modern times we are finally able to use reliable scientific data to discover some of these ancient truths and to gain a deeper understanding into their meaning.  These truths do not exclude anyone, regardless of their scientific or religious beliefs.  These truths are telling us that every person, every planet, every galaxy goes through shifts in evolution.  This evolution of consciousness is one of the main purposes of existence, and it is up to each person to attempt to evolve their consciousness so that they can be ready for these shifts.  If they fail to become ready, there is no eternal hell.  There is no disappearance into ‘nothingness’.  There are simply other cycles where they can try again.  All entities move at their own pace in their own way.  This is as it should be.


The esoteric stream of knowledge has been telling humanity this for ages.  Many spiritual traditions have been telling us this for ages.  Finally we have science that is beginning to back up and clarify this knowledge so we can put it to better use.


It the hope of us at Cosmic Core that the people of the world will learn how to unify science and spirituality in their individual consciousness, and to realize that each person is a vitally important part of the greater whole.


It does matter what each person thinks, says and does.  It matters a lot!  Each person has an infinitely valuable life and an infinite journey – one that leads to ever more wisdom, compassion, fulfillment, amazement and joy, once they understand the journey is real and decide to step up to the challenge and embark upon the cosmic adventure that will lead them to ever greater heights, both for their greatest good and for the greatest good of All.


Remember the words of Manly P Hall, “The end of science is not to prove a theory, but to improve mankind.”


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