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The Perennial Philosophy, Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

There are two great traditions of knowledge running throughout human history – the exoteric tradition – that of mainstream religion, science and history; and the esoteric – that of visionary science and spirituality that has profoundly shaped human consciousness from behind the scenes.

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In Cosmic Core we will explore both aspects through the concept of the Perennial Philosophy. This philosophy views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, metaphysical truth or origin from which all esoteric and exoteric knowledge and doctrine has grown.

Yet when we speak of ‘truth’ we immediately run into difficulty. Truth cannot be expressed in words. Truth can only be experienced subjectively within each of ourselves. The best we can do is to try to translate this truth in order to grasp its implications.

The problem of expressing truth is an age-old one. Throughout the millennia people have tried to translate and write down this inexpressible truth in doctrine, sacred texts and textbooks. Each person or group of people have their own perspective and as time went on these groups began to argue that their perspective, their interpretation, was the only ‘true’ perspective and everyone else was wrong. This of course led to elitism, wars, violence, torture and all the other horrible things that we know to exist historically and in modern times between groups which hold differing opinions.

What we have with the Perennial Philosophy in general, and Sacred Geometry in particular, is a truth that does not have to be written down in any text. It is, but it doesn’t have to be. It does not belong to any one group of people or any one spiritual or scientific tradition. The truth of unity of which the Perennial Philosophy speaks is written in the face of every flower, the form of every tree, every sunrise and sunset, the orbit of every planet, the arrangement of every DNA molecule, the body of every human being, every cloud, every mountain, every sun ray and water droplet and note of music. Everything.

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       These are the truths of which we speak ~ Truths that belong to everyone ~ Truths that lie within.


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    “Truth,” says Saint Thomas Aquinas, “is the last end for the entire universe, and the contemplation of truth is the chief occupation of wisdom.”


And as Mark Booth wrote, “No single tradition or doctrine could have exclusive claim to the truth.”


The ‘esoteric’ stream of knowledge relates to “the inner meaning”, as R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz writes, “the immanent meaning, implied but inexpressible in words.”  This immanent, or inherent meaning, though inexpressible, has nevertheless been attempted to be expressed throughout many ages and many traditions.

Some of these traditions include: Mystic Christianity, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, Yoga, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbalistic traditions, Ancient Greek traditions, Masonic traditions, Ancient Egyptian traditions, Celtic traditions, Native Indigenous traditions from the world over, Theosophy, Shamanic traditions, various art and literary forms, and more.

“By definition, occult is ‘that which is concealed from view’ just as esoteric means ‘that which is hidden and lies within the individual.'”1  There is a subtle yet profound difference between these two terms that is very important to grasp.  We do not teach occult knowledge or practices at Cosmic Core.  We teach esoteric knowledge, and point each person to find that knowledge within themselves.

This esoteric stream of knowledge is the foundation for much literature and art throughout time and is always found at the center of each seeker’s knowledge whether they approach that knowledge from Eastern traditions or Western traditions, ancient works or modern masterpieces, psychedelic experiences, fasting, chanting, lucid dreaming, meditation or artistic practices. It is the inner knowledge of the ‘truth’ that each of us seeks in our own way.

Cosmic Core distills the information of the esoteric stream of knowledge into understandable articles that attempt to explain the symbolism of the most important concepts of this stream of knowledge. We use information from a broad range of esoteric and exoteric sources to show the similarities among traditions throughout the world, and to show that beneath varied traditions there lay a common ground of understanding. This is the Perennial Philosophy.


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As Gyorgy Doczi explains, “It is an interdisciplinary venture into the no-man’s-land between the borders of science, art, philosophy, and religion, an area that has been largely disregarded in recent years because its contents are intangible.  This area, however, bears investigation, since the powers that shape our lives and our values have their source here.”


Cosmic Core is by no means a comprehensive analysis of all esoteric knowledge. We attempt to shed light on the most important concepts and to show the implications that these concepts involve. There are many details and many variations on perspectives when you move into the symbolic realm of the esoteric. We explain them here in one way. Another many explain them in other ways. None are wrong or right as long as each seeks the core of truth that can only be known to the individual, by the individual, through inner knowing.

As Plato did in Timaeus, he gave the most “likely account”.  As he wrote, “Bear in mind the fact that I and all of you, the speaker and his judges, are no more than human, which means that on these matters we ought to accept the likely account and not demand more than that.”

Here we will offer the most “likely account” and let you be the judge.


    Invariably, the esoteric stream of knowledge always circles us back to two vastly important topics: geometry and consciousness.


In the esoteric stream of knowledge ‘All is consciousness’. That is, consciousness forms reality and not the other way around. If consciousness does indeed form reality (this is called idealism), as thousands of philosophers, mystics, artists, scientists and spiritual belief systems have maintained throughout time, then there are profound implications as to how this affects our modern life in every possible way we are able or unable to imagine.

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American author Tom Robbins writes of idealism: “There’s a point of view shared by most mystics and many theoretical physicists that purports that everything in the universe, large or small, is simply a projection of our consciousness.”


So, not only do we at Cosmic Core strive to show scientifically that consciousness does indeed form reality, we also painstakingly explore the many implications this has on our lives. These implications are vast and we explore them one by one, discussing everything from science: physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology…etc.; psychology: the mind, rationalism, intuition, concentration, will power, imagination, hypnotism, suggestion, emotions, repression of emotions, fear, paranoia, love, hate, guilt, ideas of good and evil, depression, suffering, aggression, anger, violence…etc.; society: criminals, prisons, war, competition & cooperation, language, education, art, medicine…etc.; Nature including the consciousness of animals and plants and the effects of consciousness on weather; spirituality: death, the afterlife, reincarnation, evolution, chakras; human life: birth, infancy, birth defects, childhood and youth, adulthood, parenting, sex, sexuality, sleep, dreams, aging, and on it goes…


If consciousness does indeed affect and create reality, then that means consciousness creates all in reality, and affects all aspects of life. There are no exceptions.

We will therefore discuss these implications in great detail.

The second key of understanding the esoteric knowledge is geometry. As we will discover, consciousness is geometric in nature. Therefore, if consciousness forms all in reality then all in reality has an under-girding geometric framework to it. This geometry shows itself through many common patterns, the most important relating to the five Platonic solids and the circle/sphere.



These geometric patterns can be found in physical reality on every scale from the subatomic level to the galactic clustering level and everything in between.

We will therefore discuss geometry and the Platonic solids in great detail.

As Socrates said, “Geometry can attract the mind towards truth. It can produce philosophical truth…it can reverse the misguided downward tendency we currently have’…The study of geometry” Socrates insists, “makes absolutely all the difference in the world.”

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Cosmic Core is a perspective of reality viewed through the lens of science, spirituality and esoteric knowledge that seeks to explain the Perennial Philosophy and its implications. The purpose is to offer information that will stimulate both the rational scientific aspect of the mind as well as the mystical intuitive side.


Therefore, there will be a vast amount of scientific data covered – hard, provable science backed up by rigorous scientific experimentation and observation.

There will also be a vast amount of spiritual data – some provable by the science discussed and some not.


The esoteric knowledge discussed here was not made up by Cosmic Core or anyone involved with it. Cosmic Core is a deep investigation into the knowledge that already exists.  It is an attempt to translate its most important symbolism and concepts into information that can be understood and discussed by the modern mind.

We translate what knowledge already exists. You then draw your own conclusions. Whatever conclusions you draw are your own. Take it or leave it.  It you choose to take it then the task is “to observe events calmly and patiently, and to pursue, year by year, a deeper comprehension.”

“So, if you choose to study this topic further, remember that you are in the very good company of some of the greatest minds in history, and you’ll find that it connects you with more areas of interest and a broader range of people and ideas than you can ever imagine.”2


    Simply put, we encourage each and all to learn to look within and seek the core of truth. Learn to journey through your own consciousness. Learn to know and understand yourself and your mind. In doing so you will learn to understand others and the universe around you.

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    This is Cosmic Core: The Geometry of Consciousness, Life, Matter, Space and Time – with the Five Platonic Solids as the Seeds of Reality.

Thank you!


  1. Silva, Freddy, Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc, 2002
  2. Meisner, Gary B., The Golden Proportion: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics, Race Point Publishing, 2018

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