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In this article we will expand on the concept of the precession of the equinoxes, taking a look at it from the perspective of yugas and cyclic history and seeing how geometry affects the cyclic nature of history and time.



Cyclic History

In this last article we saw that Sirius may very well be the companion binary star to our Sun.  The orbits of these two stars around each other likely account for the wobble in Earth’s orbit that results in the Precession of the Equinoxes.


David Wilcock writes, “The energy fields of this neighboring star [Sirius] create distinct regions of space that affect our collective behavior as we move through them.  Each time we reach the same point in the circle as before, we experience energetic bleed-throughs from events that occurred the last time.

In a quarter cycle, one circle would take us 539 years to move through. However, since our solar system is also moving forward through the galaxy at the same time, these circles must also be extended into corkscrew-shaped spirals.  The spirals are forming in 3-D space, so it is possible that some spirals may be expanding away from a single point or contracting toward a single point in nice, neat geometric intervals.

Not all cycles are perfectly round.  Some of them expand or contract in very precise geometric ratios – such as a growth factor of seven.”1


Peter Lemesurier writes, “History…may indeed be cyclic, as we earlier surmised, and as the Maya also long believed…This cyclic view of history is capable of being expressed in terms of astrological notions derived from the precession of the equinoxes…We might perhaps more justly conceive of the progression of the ages in terms of a spiral.

The march of evolution and history, in other words, displays a circular motion, but each revolution takes place at a different level (presumably a higher one) – and is characterized by accomplishments of a different order.

Indeed, the fact that the ancient Aztecs apparently regarded the conch-shell as symbolic of the succeeding ages would suggest that they subscribed to some such notion.  Nor is the idea without its distinguished modern adherents: even Einstein is alleged to have subscribed to it…”2


The Bible even refers to cyclic time in Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2, 15: “For everything its season, and for every activity under heaven its time: a time to be born and a time to die…Whatever is has been already, and whatever is to come has been already – and God summons each event back in its turn.”


Francois Masson, French researcher and author wrote The End of Our Century in 1979-80, which is translated in English and available for free on David Wilcock’s website at


In his book “Masson shows a very clear, scientific rationale for the idea that major events in history can – and do – repeat in quite similar fashion in set intervals of time.  Masson makes an extremely compelling case for a 2160 year cycle – exactly one Age of the Zodiac – in which events in Roman history are playing out in almost exactly the same way in 20th century American history.”3

The sum of the Angles of a Cube = 2160.  Cubic Solar Domains surround the Sun according to the work of Dr. Harold Aspden.


“Masson highlighted the discoveries of Michel Helmer, who presented a vast and compelling new theory in the course of multiple articles for the journal Les Cahiers Astrologiques over the course of sixteen years.  Helmer argues that historical events repeat themselves in very precise cycles of time – with stunning accuracy.”4

“Almost all of the cycles Helmer discovered were perfect subdivisions of the Great Year, in which earth orbits around the sun 25,920 times.  The most well-known subdivisions of 25,920 years is the Age of the Zodiac at 2,160 years in length…Each Age of the Zodiac could be further divided into four equal pieces.  This gives us a 540-year sub-cycle in which historical events can repeat.”5

“Helmer concluded that we need to shave one year off this 540-year cycle in order to truly appreciate its magic.  Once we knock it down to 539 years, we get additional “harmonics” that do not appear in the number 540.  For example, a 539-year cycle is evenly divisible by seven and eleven.”6


539 is also significant in that exactly seven cycles of seventy-seven years in 539 years, as well as forty-nine cycles of eleven years.

7 x 77 = 539

49 x 11 = 539


Recall that sunspot activity typically runs in 11 year cycles.

Matthew 18:21-23 in the Bible states, “21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”  22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventyseven times. 23 “Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants.”

On a deep symbolic level this could be telling us that forgiveness is the only way to guarantee that when you repeat a cycle you will not get caught up in the same trouble as in the previous cycle.  Forgiveness is the eradicator of karma.  Karma implies cycles – “what goes around comes around”.  Upon forgiveness of the self and all others you will not get bogged down in the same mistakes that were made before.  Only with forgiveness can you move to a higher level of the spiral.  Otherwise you will continue to circle around living through the same trouble, pain and heartache.

How many times do you forgive those who have wronged you?  Seven times?  (Seven refers to the chakras…so forgiving seven times is a reference to spiritually evolving on an individual level.)

No, forgive seventy-seven times.  (Here we get 7 x 77 – a cosmic cycle).  Forgive 7 times (forgive for your own spiritual evolution)  And forgive 77 times (forgive for the evolution of the planet.)

“Therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle his accounts with his servants.”  The kingdom of heaven is the cosmos.  The cosmos wants to settle accounts with those individuals living through the cycles so that it may move forward to new challenges and not have to repeat the same challenges over and over.  The only way to move on is through forgiveness.

The accounts must be settled.  The cycle will come back around.  Will you be able to move forward without repeating the same mistakes and dealing with the same trouble?


“Australian professor Robert Peden discovered that the 260-year tzolkin cycle is a perfect “common denominator” for all the orbits of the planet in our inner solar system. The period of 260 years is a sub-cycle that divided perfectly into the exact length of every orbit within the inner solar system.

If we begin envisioning time as cyclical, moving through circular loops that are created by the celestial energy fields we move through as a planet, it makes more sense.  Each time our planet reaches the same position in the circle, the events from previous rounds are much more likely to bleed through into our own reality – and repeat again.”7



Cycles given by Masson:

  • 25920-year cycle: Grand Solar / Precessional Cycle, marking out great ages of human civilization.


  • 12960-year cycle: Major division of ages within each cycle.


  • 5200-year cycle: Mayan Calendar.


  • 3440-year cycle: Sunspot shift cycle.


  • 2160-year cycle: Cycle of a civilization or a religion; one Zodiacal age or precessional passage from one constellation of the Zodiac to the next.


  • 1080-year cycle: The cycle of empires and civilizations, opposing what was created in the 2160-year cycle.


  • 720-year cycle: Cycle of spiritual changes.


  • 539 (from Biblical cycle 7×77) or 540-year cycle: Mass movements of peoples.


  • 360-year cycle: Cycle of changes of regime and internal ideology.


  • 288-year cycle: Cycle of new creation in society, discovered by physicist Tony Smith.


  • 180-year cycle: Cycle of political change of regimes.


  • 22 and 11-year cycle: Cycle of sunspots, determines placement of events before and after their peaks in other cycles.


Masson writes, “So events do repeat cyclically, but it is never the repeating of the same events but more like an ascending spiral; the similar events manifest in an entirely new context, but their deep roots are identical.

In France, Michel Helmer was the first to reinstate and successfully apply this ancient theory, aided by his discovery of the number Phi = 1.618 whose use enables him to locate the peak times within each cycle.”

David Wilcock comments on this, “As Masson’s book makes abundantly clear, there are rigidly documentable connections between the precessional number, our own ‘harmonic numbers’ that underlie all things, the phi ratio and all major events in human society.”



Examples of Cyclic History


Joan of Arc and the French Student Uprising

“Joan of Arc’s critical victory against the British in the city of Orleans occurred from April 29 to May 8 in the year 1429.  539 years later, practically to the day, the French youth, on another level of the spiral, brought about the shift and incredible destruction of a whole state of mind belonging to the past.

On May 3, 1968, just 539 years and four days after Joan of Arc led the previous uprising, there was a new uprising in France, led by young college students.”8

539 years and 2 days after Joan of Arc’s battle they tried to liberate the Sorbonne and failed.  Then eight million workers went on indefinite strike – the largest labor stoppage in French history.

“In is interesting to note that in the next turn of the cycle in France, no one had to die, neither the students nor the police.  The entire cycle played out in a much more peaceful way.  Both sides – the conservative old guard and the liberal youths – were able to grow up and stop seeing the other as their nemesis.”9



Roman and American History

The First Punic War from 264 to 241 BC consolidated Rome’s status as an empire.  Rome became the sole superpower of the day, turning from Rome the Republic to Rome the Empire.

After the First Punic War


2160 years later (1896 to 1919) the U.S. had its own consolidation into a superpower.  This era was entitled:  “United States: Imperialism, the progressive Era, and the Rise to World Power”.

Masson tells us, “The Second Punic War, the gravest and most dangerous for Rome, started in 218 BC and ended in 201 BC.”

After the Second Punic War


“The Second Punic War, which, again, started in 218 BC, according to Helmer and Masson, was followed 2,160 years later by America’s entrance into WWII in 1942.”10

After WWII



Hitler and Hannibal

“Just like the word Hitler in our time, the name Hannibal is synonymous with pure evil; it translates as “Ba’al is my lord” or “With the grace of Ba’al”.  In biblical Hebrew, Ba’al is the equivalent of Satan – Ba’al zebhubh, or “Lord of the Flies” in Hebrew, becomes Beelzebub.”11

“The first Punic War came to an end after 23 years of bitter fighting on both land and at sea. Rome became the dominant Mediterranean naval power and Carthage suffered a humiliating defeat.  It is from this background that Hannibal Barca, the son of Hamilcar Barca, a First Punic War general, came to the fore.  Carthage after the first Punic War was comparable to post WWI Germany, for a great power was beaten, humbled, reduced and forced to accept terms which whet the appetite for revenge.”12

Both men mounted an attack by land over the Alps; both captivated the worlds they lived in with terrible wars of unprecedented scale – and both engaged in the fiercest aggression for six years.



Cold War and Macedonian War

“On September 25, 1959, Russian premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the US to meet with President Eisenhower.  This highly influential visit occurred exactly one zodiac cycle after the Second Punic War ended in 201 BC.”13

The Macedonian War began in 200 BC.  “On May 1, 1960, the US provocatively flew a U-2 spy plane over Russian airspace.  The Soviets shot it down and captured the pilot, Gary Powers.  The Cold War immediately restarted – precisely 2,160 years after Rome plunged into another war with Macedonia.”14

“In Rome, the Battle of Cynoscephalae ended in 197 BC – exactly 2,160 years before the Cuban Missile Crisis ended.  The Battle of Cynoscephalae was the decisive turning point that led to Macedonia losing the war.”15



Roman-Syrian War and Vietnam War

Rome went to war against Antiochus III in 192 BC.  Antiochus III was a king who ruled over Greater Syria and western Asia.  The Roman-Syrian War raged from 192 to 188 BC.

2,160 years later we have 1968 to 1972.  “This precisely corresponds to the key turning points of the Vietnam War – also a war in Asia.

These three events – the Tet Offensive, the proposed doubling of the troop presence, and the My Lai massacre – dramatically increased the emotional impact of the war.  The number of young men being drafted suddenly skyrocket.  Again, these events all occurred in 1968 – precisely 2,160 years after Rome went into full-scale war against the Asian king Antiochus III in 192 BC.”16



Scipio Africanus and Richard Nixon Scandals

Scipio (Roman general who defeated Hannibal at the final battle at Zama in 202 BC) accepted a payment of 500 talents from Rome’s mortal enemy Antiochus III.

That event parallels Nixon’s secret agreement with the Vietnamese to significantly intensify and prolong the war.

“2,160 years after Scipio’s scandal began, in 1973, it was the Watergate scandal that forced Nixon, who had honorably terminated the Vietnam War, to resign and retire to his estate – just as Scipio had done 2,160 years earlier.”17



Cato the Censor and Jimmy Carter

Cato was elected to become the new censor of Rome in 184 BC – to guard the morality of Rome.

2,160 years later, in 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected president of the US.



First Celtiberian War and the War in Afghanistan 1979 to 1986

“Rome’s Celtiberian War ended in 174 BC.  If we move ahead 2,160 years after this relieving conclusion to the original war between Rome and its Spanish territories, we have 1986.  This exact year, 1986, was the decisive tipping point into defeat for the Soviet Union in its war for control of Afghanistan.”18

Rome again went to war with Macedonia from 172 to 168 BC.  When we move this ahead by 2,160 years we get 1988 to 1992.  This was another key phase of the proxy war between the US and the USSR.  It ended in the complete defeat and collapse of the USSR – right on schedule with the defeat of Macedonia in 168 BC.



Battle of Swiecino and 9-11

“September 17, 1462, we find the Battle of Swiecino – the single biggest turning point in the Thirteen Years’ War, which had captivated much of Europe at the time.”19

539 years (minus 6 days) later 9-11 occurs.


Further info about cyclic time can be found in Francois Masson’s book The End of the Century, David Wilcock’s book The Synchronicity Key, and research papers by Anatoly Fomenko and Nikolai Morozov.



We will now move our discussion forward by explaining the Hindu philosophy of cyclic time regarding the yugas.




The precession of the equinoxes is inherently tied to the cycles of Yugas in the Hindu philosophy.

See Sri Yukteswar’s yuga diagram.  He estimated the cycle at 24,000 years, close to the precessional cycle of 25920 years.

“At the moment we’re between Virgo and Leo – physically.  But if you look 180 degrees across the heavens, you see the sky moving from Pisces into Aquarius.  At this moment we’re right on the line between Pisces and Aquarius, about to head into the Age of Aquarius.”20

(This perspective is useful to know to understand ancient mystery teachings and heliocentric vs. geocentric astrology which will be discussed in the next article.)

Traditionally times of transition between one age (Zodiac sign) and the next have been regarded as ill-omened.


The apogee, on the long axis of the oval, points towards the center of the galaxy.

Movement away from the center is called “going with the galactic wind”.

It is slightly after these extreme points when great change takes place.


Remember, this is not a closed cycle – it is helical in nature, not a repeating cycle within a circle.

“Because of [the spiraling helical nature of movement], each time around we fall asleep a little less than the time before and wake up a little more.”21

It is like night and day.  “Even though we have day and night, we don’t repeat the same things over and over, but hopefully we wake up and become more conscious each day.  Even though we fall asleep and wake up, we keep going further each time.”22


There are 4 yugas in each cycle.  One cycle approximately corresponds to 1 precession of the equinoxes.

“The cycles are said to repeat like seasons, waxing and waning within a greater time-cycle of the creation and destruction of our universe.  Each yuga involves stages or gradual changes which the earth and the consciousness of mankind goes through as a whole.”23

“The Hindu scriptures teach that we are now moving through the greatest age of darkness – the Kali yuga – when there is a progressive decline in morality, as well as an excess of materialism and violence.  This paves the way for the coming transformation into the Satya Yuga, or the golden Age, when great avatars will reappear.”24



The following are the 4 yugas that compose 1 total cycle.


  • Kali Yuga – Iron Age of hypocrisy and quarrel.
    • Knowledge and power of man is confined to the world of gross matter.
    • The mind is centered on problems of material objectivity.



  • Dwapara Yuga – Bronze Age
    • Humanity gains a comprehension of the finer forces and more subtle matters of creation.
    • “The mind has arisen from the grave of belief in materialism, and he now understands that all matter, atomic form, is in the last analysis nothing but expressions of energy and vibratory force.”25
    • We are now in the ascending Dwapara yuga.



  • Treta Yuga – Silver Age
    • Extends knowledge and power over the attributes of universal magnetism, the source of the positive, negative and neutralizing forces.
    • “Comes upon the solution of the mysteries of the source and origin of all matter-energies, gross and subtle, thus being able to comprehend the true nature of the universe.”26



  • Satya Yuga – Golden Age
    • Comprehends the source of universal magnetism, its principle of polarity, and intelligence that reaches out to grasp the mystery of Vibration, AUM, the creative power that sustains the universe.



“According to The Laws of Manu, one of the earliest known texts describing the yugas, the length is 4800 years + 3600 years + 2400 years + 1200 years for a total of 12,000 years for one arc, or 24,000 years to complete the cycle (one precession of the equinoxes).”27

However, it is now believed by many (Aryabhatta, Paulisa, Srishena, Vishnucandra and others) that the yugas are of equal duration – a yuga cycle of 12,000 years with each yuga lasting for 3000 years.

“As pointed out by Sri Yukteswar, in many Sanskrit texts the 12,000 year duration of the Yuga Cycle was artificially inflated to an abnormally high value of 4,320,000 years by introducing a multiplication factor of “360”, which was represented as the number of “human years” which constitutes a “divine year”.

However, certain texts, such as the Mahabharata and the Laws of Manu, still retain the original value of the Yuga Cycle as 12,000 years. Many other ancient cultures – the Chaldeans, Zoroastrians and Greeks – also believed in a 12,000 year Cycle of the Ages.”28



Vedic Age of the Earth

The Rig Veda states, “So let the Brahman hear the praise we utter.  This hast the four horned buffalo emitted.  Four are his horns.  Three are the feet that bear him.  His heads are two.  His hands are seven in number.”


4                                  “horns”

3                                  “feet”

2                                 “heads”

0000000 (107)        “hands”


4,320,000,000        years in Kalpa


4.32 billion is very close to modern 4.5 billion year estimate of the age of the Earth.



Cycles of Quantum Densities

The precession of the equinoxes and the yugas play a profound role when discussing shifts of consciousness and humanity moving through some sort of shift from ‘age’ to ‘age’.  Overall these cycles relate to the evolution of the soul through octaves of experience, or levels of consciousness, intimately related to the chakras.  These are otherwise known as reincarnational cycles.  (See Articles 234-238.)  This is also poetically referred to as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and it relates to the ‘Seven Heavens’ spoken of in many religions.


We have discussed these concepts many, many times throughout Cosmic Core.

We have discussed the movement or ‘graduation’ through densities, each density being a different level of consciousness or awareness.

We have discussed the belief of the esoteric stream of knowledge that the purpose of existence is the evolution of consciousness and that we are all cosmic beings having an earthly experience.


The timing of the shifts between densities or ages is related to the Precession of the Equinoxes.  For example, 3rd density cycles are approximately 25,000 years.  This is the same time span as one Precessional cycle (25,920 years).


Scientifically speaking, on a physical level the quantum densities are determined by the density of electrons that can fit within one Aether Unit.  This has been worked out by Dr. Harold Aspden.

On a metaphysical level the different densities are determined by the changing base-rate frequency of the photon in a specific area.  The frequency increases as the density goes up.

We have discussed this in detail in previous articles.


In brief the densities are related to levels of awareness as follows:

  • First Density – Red – cycle of awareness; water, fire, air, earth (mineral consciousness)
  • Second Density – Orange – cycle of growth & movement; plants & animal consciousness
  • Third Density – Yellow – cycle of self-awareness; humanity (Where we are at present.)
  • Fourth Density – Green – cycle of love or understanding; forgiveness and acceptance (planetary consciousness)
  • Fifth Density – Blue – cycle of wisdom or light; co-creation (galactic consciousness)
  • Sixth Density – Indigo – cycle of love/light light/love; blending compassion with wisdom; unity (galactic clustering consciousness)
  • Seventh Density – Violet – the gateway cycle; turning towards timelessness (universal cosmic consciousness)
  • Eighth Density – The first density of the next octave – “a mystery we do not plumb.”




We have taken a look at cyclic history and yugas in this article.  The most important idea to take away from this is the idea of our Earth, and all of humanity, shifting into a new cycle.  According to many, many esoteric and scientific traditions we are on the threshold of a new reality.  In order for us to step forward into the best possible world – one of peace, abundance and prosperity for all – each of us must learn how to be kinder, more compassionate and more empathetic, as well as learning forgiveness and acceptance.

To do this we must learn to look within ourselves and identify all our own regrets, doubts, fears, angers, bitterness, jealousies, shortcomings and weaknesses – then learn how to accept them, forgive them, and transform them into strengths, love, compassion, and acceptance.

We must learn to forgive ourselves of each and everything.  We must also learn how to forgive others of everything.

We must learn how to take responsibility for our lives, our health, our emotions and our experiences, not blaming others for our fears and angers, but finding responsibility within ourselves to change what we do not like.  We must learn how to open our minds to see the truth, and open our hearts to feel the unity.

Spiritual evolution implies ethical evolution.

If only we learn to be kinder and more compassionate to all people, to animals and to all aspects of nature, we will see this shift occur and each and every one of us will benefit greatly, with no one left behind.

All will prosper in peace once this shift occurs.  Our own consciousness propels us through this shift to a more peaceful and prosperous world.  Each of us have the power to make it happen and full participation is required from all of humanity.



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