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In this article we will continue our discussion of sound and waves.  We will specifically see how wave structure is inherently tied to geometry.  All frequencies contain within them a geometric structure or shape.

Remember, in time/space matter is structured as a wave.  In space/time matter is structured as a collection of particles.  These particles are held in place by standing waves of geometry.  The geometry that forms is dependent upon the frequency, wavelength and harmonics of the waves.  The combinations of waves can produce very simplistic geometry or very complex geometry, depending on their frequency.


Matter and life are a collection of very complex sets of waves.  These waves form interference patterns that result in a complex geometric structure that the matter and life coalesces upon as it forms, grows and evolves.  This geometric structure itself is always oscillating, changing and shifting through time.

Obviously the more complex the matter or life-form, the more complex the structure of wave sets.


We will look here at sound forming geometry on a simplistic level.  This can then be extrapolated outwards to understand how more complex forms (such as crystals, flowers, human beings…etc.) may emerge from more complex wave sets.



The Geometry of Sound

Sound is invisible, yet it carries structure.

Let me repeat that.  Sound is invisible.  It is still real.  Though it is invisible it most definitely exists and exerts measurable force upon physical reality.  This is an accepted fact.

This is a point well worth contemplation.

Geometry is inherently embedded within the structure of sound waves.  A simple wave structure contains 3D Platonic solid geometry.  This is a fact of nature just as there are harmonic intervals of sound embedded within each single note of sound.  This is the mysterious way in which the universe works.  How can this be?

As mentioned several times before, the inward/outward oscillating flow of waves from the invisible metaphysical realm – the realm of time/space or non-existence in quantum physics – to the visible physical realm – the realm of space/time or existence – creates interference patterns.  These interference patterns form standing waves of geometry.  Physical matter then precipitates upon these lines of geometric force just as sugar crystals precipitate upon a string as seen in rock candy.  This is a simple yet profound explanation.

As in the growth of rock candy, the string will provide the surface on which the crystals will grow.  As water evaporates from the string, small crystals of sugar will encrust the string.  These tiny seed crystals provide starting points for larger crystals.  Future growth will be concentrated around these points.

So, the string represents the lines and corners of geometry.  The crystals represent physical matter.  The tiny seed crystals represent photons.

This means photons are attracted to the lines of force (the edges and corners of the geometry).  They gather there, flowing along these lines of force, looping and spinning to form subatomic particles, then atoms, then molecules, then matter as we know it.

A tiny crystal (a geometric photon) grows into a large crystal (a human body or other life form).  This represents the holographic nature of reality.  That is, the same geometric patterns are found from the tiniest scales to the largest scales.  These geometric patterns are harmonic, like crystals.  Platonic solids are crystalline forms upon which all in reality grows.

The Five Platonic Solids



Geometric Sand Patterns Formed by Sound

Ernst Chladni (1756-1829) was a German physicist and musician, sometimes called the ‘father of acoustics’.  He laid the foundation for acoustics – the science of sound


“In the 1770s, Ernst Chladni earned the credit of being the first person in the modern era to show vibration in physical form, when he scattered sand on metal disks and watched the particles vibrate as a bow was drawn across the plates, much like on a violin.  He called his experiments Cymatics – the capturing of sound waves as they travel through physical substances.  Although Chladni made many careful drawings from his experiments, showing how the sand consistently realigned itself into geometric expressions, at the time not much fuss was made of these curiosities,” writes Freddy Silva.


The Chladni plate experiment made visible the geometry that sound waves generate.

The drawing above shows how vibrations are excited in a Chladni plate with a violin bow to create the sand figures of nodal lines called Chladni figures, from an 1879 textbook on acoustics. 


Stephen Morris writes of his technique, “A thin metal plate shaken vertical by a post in the centre will vibrate in a certain mode pattern. The pattern can be made visible by sprinkling white sand or salt on the plate. The grains are shaken off the areas where the plate is moving most violently (the anti-nodes) and collects on the non-moving regions (nodal lines). This technique was originally invented by Robert Hooke, but made famous by Ernst Chladni in the late 18th century.”

Through his experiments, repeated many, many times, he found that certain frequencies vibrate the metal plate creating beautiful geometric patterns.  As the frequency increases in pitch the patterns become more complex.

1225.0 Hz – Credit: Stephen Morris, 2009,

1450.2 Hz – Credit: Stephen Morris, 2009,

5875.5 Hz – Credit: Stephen Morris, 2009,


His later work revealed circular plates gave circular patterns; triangular plates gave triangular patterns, and so on.

This demonstrated that sound does affect physical matter and it has the quality of creating geometric patterns.

Samuel Colman writes of Chladni’s experiments: “Taking a glass plate clamped in the center he scattered fine sand over the surface and set the waves of sound vibration in motion by drawing a violin bow across the edge.  The grains of sand were thus agitated, and seeking rest at the points where there was least motion of the surface of the plate, formed themselves in clusters and lines along the nodes, thus showing clearly to the eye the lines between the ventral segments.  The forms taken by the lines of sand will thus always agree with the nodes, while the bare spots will indicate the portions most agitated.”

The edge of the plate can be dampened in one or more places.  This will cause intervening nodes to occur.  “Whatever be the position of the dampened node, the diagram of the sand after vibration has ceased will invariably be found perfectly geometric, with straight lines and curves at perfectly balanced distances and showing features in many instances distinctly similar to those exhibited in the forms of crystal and other bodies.”1

Chladni Patterns point to Nature’s Harmonic Unity and the underlying geometric structure of reality.



Margaret Watts-Hughes

“A century later in England [After Chladni], Margaret Watt-Hughes (1842-1907) published the first of a series of photos showing the same connection between sound and form.  Her images were created by similarly placing a powder or liquid on a disk then letting it vibrate to the sound of a sustained musical note.  Having experimented with a succession of musical instruments, Hughes had the most successful results using her voice.  Again the particles arranged themselves into geometric shapes, gradually changing into flower patterns such as pansies, primroses, geraniums, and roses; in some cases the inimitable shape of a fern was created as well as that of a tree.

The Sound Tree produced by Margaret Watts-Hughes – The Resonance of Sound Visualized

Margaret Watts-Hughes’ booklet The Eidophone; Voice Figures: Geometrical and Natural Forms Produced by Vibrations of the Human Voice describes how she created an amazing range of cymatic forms 125 years ago. This book is a testimony to her inventive and creative genius.

A .pdf version can be purchased for $10 here:



Lissajous Figures

Jules Antoine Lissajous (1822-1880) was a French physicist after whom Lissajous Figures are named.  He also studied the geometry of sound.

Lissajous used a mirror, light beam, dark screen and tuning forks to create visual patterns of sound.  He found relative frequencies in simple ratios produced beautiful geometric shapes.  Interestingly, the octave showed a figure eight – not only the shape of an ‘8’ turned on its side, but also the symbol for infinity.

Lissajous Figures


His discovery of Lissajous figures led to the invention of the harmonograph.




The harmonograph is attributed to Scottish Professor and mathematician Hugh Blackburn (1823-1909).

The harmonograph uses pendulums to create geometric images.

Image from Things to make: Charles Benham’s harmonograph.


Varying the frequency and phase of the pendulums relative to one another creates different patterns.  More pendulums or pendulums with rotary motion create more complex patterns.

It is fascinating to note how similar large flocks of birds or schools of fish resemble harmonograph patterns.  It is as if every member of a flock or school are tuned into the same frequency and therefore easily fly or swim maintaining certain patterns, naturally, without having to watch or pay attention to other members for cues on how or when to move.



Sir James Hopwood Jeans

Like Lissajous, Sir James Jeans (1877-1946) also used tuning forks to study the geometry of sound.  “By attaching pens to a pendulum and to a tuning fork, and by registering the pens’ traces on rolling paper, the mathematical physicist Sir James Jeans proved that weight and sound share the same rhythmical, harmonious wave patterns, called sine curves, or simple harmonical curves.”

Credit: Gyorgy Doczi – The Power of Limits, 1981


He discusses this fully in his book Science & Music.

Sir James Jeans was a thorough idealist, believing that consciousness was the originator and creator of matter and not the other way around.  He said:  “The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter… we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.”

Remember, the new scientific paradigm is pointing us in this direction.  Consciousness (thoughts, emotions, beliefs…etc) have an electromagnetic reality.  This means they are present on the electromagnetic spectrum.  They are just outside of or beyond the Planck domain.



Cymatics: Dr. Hans Jenny – Study of Geometry in Fluid Vibrations

Now we will move on to the all-important work of Dr. Hans Jenny, that of Cyamtics.

Robert Lawlor writes, “It is in the work of Hans Jenny that we can begin to see the relationship of form and sound in the physical world.  Jenny’s experiments have shown that sound frequencies have the propensity to call into arrangement random, suspended particles, or to organize emulsions in hydro-dynamic dispersion into orderly, formal, periodic patterns.  In other words, sound is an instrument through which temporal frequency patterns can become formal spatial and geometric patterns.”


“Dr. Hans Jenny (1904-1972) was a Swiss physician and natural scientist who coined the term cymatics to describe acoustic effects of sound wave phenomena.”2

For Dr. Jenny’s experiments he ran a pure sound frequency (white keys on piano) through water with particles of sand (colloids).  They mysteriously arranged in beautiful geometry.  Dr. Jenny commented, “This is not an unregulated chaos; it is a dynamic but ordered pattern.”

Cymatics Patterns – Credit: Hans Jenny


The geometry formed is all based on regular polygons and the Platonic solids, though in different combinations and patterns.

The geometries that form using his methods are stable repeatable shapes and they exert a strong force.

This means that when the plate was tilted the liquid did not yield to gravity.  It stayed in place and continued to produce geometry.  It did not fall on the floor as would be expected.  Only when the frequency was silenced would the geometry fall apart.  This shows an anti-gravity effect that occurs within the geometry of frequencies.  This force that creates and holds the geometry together is stronger than the force of Earth’s gravity.

This is a point well worth contemplation.

The same sound creates the same shape unless you change the shape of water.  In larger pans of water we see complex multi-cellular tessellating geometry that is 3D stacked.

This geometry formed by sound is a standing wave.  Remember, waves oscillate inwards and outwards creating interference patterns.  These interference patterns create geometry.  Matter precipitates upon geometry just as the sand colloids precipitate upon the invisible geometric force lines.

All matter is a standing wave of geometry – a wave that is held in place by the myriad and infinite frequencies of consciousness that fall outside the known electromagnetic spectrum.  These are included in the sea of interrelated fields that quantum physics tells us compose all matter.

They are invisible, yet they are real.  Not only are they real, but they are the most powerful forces in the universe as they are the creators of physical reality.  Thus, the nature of consciousness itself is ultimately geometric.

It is also important to note that the colloids were not sitting still in geometric patterns.  They were continually moving.  They were flowing along in these geometric channels held in place by the invisible structure of sound, or wave frequencies.  This means they were in a dynamic, yet steady-state pattern or process.  This is very important to understand.

Once again, the higher the frequency the more complicated geometry that forms.

Read Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena & Vibration by Hans Jenny for more information.


“As a further demonstration,” writes Freddy Silva, “Jenny built a tonoscope to translate the human voice into visual patterns on a screen.  As a test he had Om chanted into the device, whereupon it produced a circle which then changed into a triangle, six-pointed star, then various pyramidal shapes as found in the Sri Yantra as the last strains of the sacred syllable faded.  The letter “O” when intoned alone produced a figure in the shape of an “O”.

Credit: Dr. Hans Jenny


Dr. Jenny’s work clearly demonstrates the symmetries found throughout the natural world such as crystals, snowflakes, various plant anatomy, sea creatures, animals, and the hexagonal cloud on Saturn, to name a few.

“These [Cymatics] patterns are produced by stable standing waves reflecting inside a container, automatically forming additional harmonic waves that interfere geometrically.  It is really the harmonics that “know” how to create Cymatics geometry by simply crossing one another at whole number proportions.”3


Dr. John Beaulieu of remarks, “There is a similarity between cymatic pictures and quantum particles.  In both cases that which appears to be a solid form is also a wave.  They are both created and simultaneously organized by the principle of pulse [vibration].  Here is the great mystery with sound: there is no solidity!  A form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying vibration.”4

Geometric electron orbitals:  Position probability distributions of eight stationary states of atomic hydrogen, projected along the y-axis.  Credit: Ulrich Mohrhoff


This applies to everything in reality: the form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying vibration!  According to the esoteric stream of knowledge, these vibrations are a direct result of consciousness.



Ben Browne Cymatic Art

Ben Browne’s Cymatic Art can be seen at his website:  His photography includes beautiful visual representations of vibrational energy.  These patterns are formed by ‘light reflected off of water being vibrated by sound’.  On a deeper level this means that geometry is formed by photons being reflected off the fluid-like Aether being vibrated by the forces of consciousness.

To repeat: geometry is formed by light reflected off water being vibrated by sound.

This is a deeply symbolic concept that is well worth the contemplation.

Browne writes, “I use water, light, and sound vibration to produce these images. What you are basically looking at is a speaker cone turned up like a bowl with water inside it, and a tone played through the speaker. I look down over the top of it through a ring of lights and take the pictures.  I use computer programs to enhance to color of the lights, and sometimes to invert the colors. I do nothing to alter the original photo other than that.  The camera I use is a Canon EOS D5 MkII with a macro lens.”5

Here are two examples of his work.  Please visit his Art Gallery to view many more beautiful and fascinating examples.

‘Neutrality’ and ‘Orchid’ by Ben Browne


Cymatics is a 2D Representation of a 3D Effect

The geometric shapes actually go out in all directions.

Remember, “Audible sounds are bubble-like in nature – not wave-like.  Sound (sonic energy) expands away from the site of the collisions of atoms or molecules as a spherical bubble – the surface of which is in a state of radial oscillation.”6

Sound moves from a point source (the center of the torus) in all directions like a bubble as spherical waves.  The oscillation is a result of the oscillation of all consciousness fluctuations from time/space to space/time.

Photo credit:  Please visit for more great information on Cymatics and the geometry of sound.


Standing Waves progressively transform to traveling waves:

Physicist Gabriel LaFreniere (1942-1012) discusses the interesting properties of standing waves in his work.  He believed that “The material universe is solely made out of Aether”, just as we have been studying in Cosmic Core.

He says, “The electron is a spherical standing wave system.  Surprisingly, spherical standing waves can move as a result of the Doppler Effect.  They are not ‘standing’ anymore.”7

He also describes how standing waves progressively transform to traveling waves.  Far away, just outgoing spherical waves remain.

Credit: Gabriel LaFreniere –  Please visit his site for more great info on standing waves.



3D Sound & Buckminster Fuller’s Balloon

Experiments by students of Dr. Fuller were some of the first to prove that sound vibrations are innately three-dimensional in structure.

“Fuller’s students dipped a spherical white balloon in a bath of dark dye and vibrated it with pure diatonic sound frequencies.

The dye would only be able to collect and stain on those areas of the balloon that were experiencing the least amount of movement.

These areas were evenly spaced ‘nodes’ or points where all of the violent motions on the surface of the balloon canceled themselves out to a “null zone” where the dye could easily accumulate.

Faint and perfectly straight lines of dye could be seen connecting these nodes together.  In this manner, sounds became directly visible as simple three-dimensional geometric shapes crisscrossing straight lines over the balloon.”8

Examples of spherical geometry such as was seen in Bucky Fuller’s balloon experiment.  The geometry of sound is three-dimensional.



Geometric Aether-Gravity Waves

A paper published in Physical Review letter Journal February 1, 2013 entitled, “Star-shaped gravity waves discovered by physicists in France” further validates the concept that geometry is inherently structured into sound, vibrations and frequencies.

Reported on 2/22/13, Dr. Jean Rajchenback and other French scientists studied fluid dynamics.  Remember, the study of fluid dynamics is absolutely necessary to understand the dynamics of a fluid-like medium of Aether.

They found that star-shaped waves can form in vibrating tanks of liquid oil.

They experimented with circular and rectangular tanks containing 2/5 inch of silicon oil.

They placed tanks on shakers to vibrate the fluid.

They observed the liquid contained ‘gravity’ waves.   They called them “oscillations due to gravity pulling downward and vibrations pushing upward”.

The ‘gravity’ waves alternated in shape between stars and polygons.

The shapes did not depend on the form of the containers, only strength and frequency of the vibrations changed the geometric shape.

Gravity waves in this study can be thought of as Aether waves, or the inward flow of Aether.  Gravity is the inward flow of Aether and radiation is the outward flow of Aether.

Gravity itself has geometry embedded within it.  These are the geometric standing waves that form from the inward/outward pulsation of the Aether at the center of all mass/matter.

“It is generally accepted that the shape of waves depends on the container shape.  The fact that the pattern shape is here recovered independently of the container shape is surprising, mysterious and stimulating.  We have no clear explanation…This finding just emphasizes that the domain of highly nonlinear waves is still ‘terra incognita’ or unknown territory.”9

This is new to these scientists, but Hans Jenny saw it first with Cymatics, and others have since built upon his work.

In this article thus far we have seen many examples of how vibrations create geometry.  This is a universal phenomenon – a phenomenon that is embedded into the very nature of reality because as the new scientific paradigm acknowledges, vibrations, frequencies and oscillations create all matter and life as we know it.

Despite this phenomenon being well-proven, it has been little understood by mainstream scientists.  However, it is very easy to comprehend when you put the Aether back into the equation and begin viewing reality through the lens of the new scientific paradigm of Aether science, and not through the fractured science of the old mechanistic paradigm.




As we saw in the Article 120, light, sound and gravitation have identical inverse square law rules.


The force of gravity varies inversely as the square of the distance through which it is exercised.

The intensity of sound varies inversely as the square of the distance though which it passes.

The intensity of light varies inversely as the square of the distance from the luminous body.


In many ways heat and light are identical.

“One or two illustrations of the geometric patterns created by the effect of heat will not be without interest.  These are produced by applying heat symmetrically to a glass plate which is thereby unequally expanded, introducing areas of strain and pressure.  If these be examined with the aid of polarized light, the pattern produced will be perfectly geometric and follow the laws we have been examining, showing that the pressure factures caused by the heat denotes the presence of heat waves along these exact lines.”10


This is from the work Six Lectures on Light by John Tyndall (1820-1893).  Tyndall was a prominent 19th century British physicist who made many discoveries in diamagnetism, infrared radiation and the physical properties of air.

The patterns produced by heat very closely resemble Chladni and Cymatic patterns formed from sound.

As Colman wrote, “The point of interest is the fact of their absolute unity, their subjection in great part to the same harmonic laws and systems which control matter, and the possibility of their correlation by being transformed one into another.”

There is a harmonic unity that binds gravitation, light, sound and heat!




In this article we have seen many examples of how vibrations create geometry.  This is a universal phenomenon – a phenomenon that is embedded into the very nature of reality because vibrations/frequency/oscillations create all matter and life as we know it.

Despite this phenomenon being well-proven, it has been little understood by mainstream scientists.  However, it is very easy to comprehend when you put the Aether back into the equation and begin viewing reality through the lens of the new scientific paradigm of Aether science, and not through the fractured science of the old mechanistic paradigm.


The key is to understand that vibration/fluctuation of consciousness creates all in reality.  Vibration is a spherical wave.  These waves oscillate between two realities – that of the metaphysical unseen realm and the physical seen realm.  As they oscillate they form 3D interference patterns which lead to 3D standing waves.  These standing waves are geometric in nature.  The geometry is based on the Platonic solids, Archimedean solids and all stellations, truncations and combinations.


All matter and life, from subatomic particles, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, plants, insects, animals, human beings, planets, stars, galaxies and galactic clusters form or coalesce upon these geometries, just as we see rock crystals coalesce upon a string in simple science experiments.

In the grander sense, the ‘string’ represents the lines of force in geometric structures and the crystals (formed from sugar and water or salt and water) represent matter (formed from gravity and radiation flow processes of the Aether).


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