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In this article we will continue our discussion of the mechanism of gravity.  We will review the work of Nassim Haramein and delve deeper into the work of Dan Winter.  We will see the importance the golden ratio – as a wave structure – in the acceleration of gravity, and how the golden ratio phi flower fractality allows for infinite information storage for each torus, at every scale.


Aether-Based Gravity

To review the last article, gravity is Aetheric flow – or rate of change of flow – into the center of matter, through the center of the toroidal Aether units and into the metaphysical realm of time/space.

It is a contraction-annihilation of aether.

Aether flows into the center of all matter then disappears into the invisible metaphysical realm.

Holes left behind in the Aether are immediately filled – there is a constant supply of aether as there is a constant existence of vibrations of consciousness from the Infinite Source realm.



Nassim Haramein (1962-present) & Gravity

Nassim Haramein discovered a unification theory of classical relativistic physics and quantum physics.

We discussed his work in Articles 90 and 102.

Haramein defined the new structure of space-time with physicist Elizabeth Rauscher.

They put torque and the Coriolis Effect into Einstein’s field equations.

Space-time has a fundamental spin (spiraling flow) that was not accounted for in Einstein’s model.

Haramein calculated the strong force to be quantum gravity and realized gravity and the electromagnetic force are interrelated and illustrate the dynamic synergy of the structure of the universe, which is always in motion.

Gravity is the contracting flow.  It flows inwards.

Electromagnetic radiation is the expanding force.  It flows outwards and is carried on photons.

This shows that the extra forces (strong & weak) are not necessary.

Gravity and the strong force are unified.  Electromagnetism and the weak force are unified.


Gravity and Electromagnetism are unified as one complete system – expansion and contraction or radiating and absorbing.

This expansion and contraction leads to inversion.  Inversion or Reciprocity is the oscillation back and forth from invisible time/space and visible space/time.  In other words, it is the contracting into the invisible metaphysical realm and radiating out into the visible physical realm.

It is a toroidal “black whole” flow between the two realms of time/space and space/time.

Gravity is the contracting flow.  An atom in space/time gets pulled (or pushed) in by gravity.  In other words gravity is pulling and pushing an atom towards the center, towards singularity (the infinite source realm).

EM energy is the radiating flow.  An atom in time/space gets pushed (or pulled) out by levity – in other words levity is pushing and pulling an atom away from singularity, back into physical reality (into the finite realm).


Haramein’s ideas fit very nicely with the work of Walter Russell.

“These two opposite electric conditions which form the basis of the constitution of matter are the compressed condition of gravity pressure and the expanded condition of radiation pressure. These two electric conditions are the equal-and-opposite pressures which make motion imperative and without which motion is impossible.”1


Russell’s conception of gravity mirrors Aristotle’s in an interesting way: “In Aristotelian physics, the tendency of certain things to rise (referred to as buoyancy or levity) and the tendency of other things to fall due to their heaviness were understood as two complementary principles acting within the universe.  Levity was assumed to be more closely associated with the spiritual aspect of existence, and heaviness with the more material aspect: the weight of material bodies.

The four elements tend to arrange themselves above each other in nature, with earth occupying the lowest place, then water above it, then air and then fire.  For this reason heavier bodies (like rocks and stones) with a preponderance of earth will tend downwards towards the natural place occupied by the element earth while lighter bodies (like hot ash or smoke) with a preponderance of fire will tend to rise towards the natural place occupied by the element fire.”2


Russell tells us the Newtonian law based on the apple falling to the ground is invalid because it accounts for only one half of the apple’s growth-decay cycle.

“Had Newton sat with the apple for a week or two he would have seen that same apple ‘rise’ unto the heavens as a low potential gas seeking a like low potential position to balance its electrically-divided state.  The ‘rising’ of the decaying, expanding apple again fulfills Nature’s law of like seeking like.

Everything which ‘falls’ toward one of the two polarized conditions of matter must ‘rise’ toward the other opposite condition. The interchange is equal. The Apple which falls of its own accord rises of its own accord.”3



Black “Wholes”

“Nassim Haramein’s genius is to have turned a proton into a black hole and discovered that the gravitational attraction of a black hole the size of a proton precisely equals the strong force.”4

Gravity is the flow that moves towards the center of every mass or mass equivalence.

Gravity is the flow that moves towards the center of a black ‘whole’.

Matter is a gravitational “sink”.

Black ‘wholes’ are gravitational wells.


Therefore, black holes exist at the center of every mass on every scale.  They are toroidal in structure.  The structure is not a solid thing.  It is a dynamic Aether flow process.

This includes the macro scale: galaxy clusters, galaxies, suns and planets and the micro scale: cells, atoms and protons.


Aether is constantly flowing and spiraling into a galactic black ‘whole’ and constantly flowing into the nucleus of an atom from all sides.


Electromagnetic energy is a ‘white whole’ emerging with a spherical shape from a ‘black whole’.

The ‘white whole’ is visible light or electromagnetic energy carried on photons.

The inward flow of Aether sustains all matter.

The outward release of light/photons rebuilds/repairs all matter (until extinction/death).


Hence, black ‘wholes’ are “matter generators” (photon producers and aether consumers).

The Singularity is the center of the black whole torus.  It is the entrance/exit point between the physical and metaphysical realms.

“It now appears that like billions of raindrops, nucleating around minute specks of particulate matter in order to fall to Earth as a Life giving rainfall, billions of black holes serve as the nuclei for the accumulation of stellar mass into galaxies and metagalaxies, pouring out of the Ultimate singularity at the heart of Creation to bring Life and Consciousness into the Infinite Void of Absolute Nothingness.”5



The Work of Dan Winter: Implosion, Gravity & Fractality

Dan Winter abundantly uses the term ‘implosion‘ in his work.  To put it simply, implosion refers to the contracting force of gravity.  To be specific, it is the turning inside out – movement through the wormhole or center of the torus from the visible physical reality to the invisible metaphysical reality.

It involves the centripetal inward spiraling flow of Aether which is gravity.  This flow that creates the implosion, or the entrance to the other side, is structured by the phi golden ratio.

So when we see the term implosion in his work, think ‘gravity’, and think ‘popping over from space/time to time/space’.

The following information is sourced from Dan Winters book Implosion’s Grand Attractor: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion.

Dan Winter



Implosion is the ‘Holy Grail’ of Sacred Geometry according to Dan Winter.

It is the turning inside out – moving through the wormhole entrance point from the visible physical reality to the invisible metaphysical reality.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts,


It contains the golden fractal seed of symmetry which teaches waves to turn compression into acceleration.

Remember, gravity is the acceleration of the Aether, not just the inward spiraling flow of Aether.  As the pressure forces (as wave-structures) spiral inwards they must arrange in a phi-flower structure.  This arrangement of forces turns the compression of the Aether into the acceleration of the Aether which in turn, allows for the popping over into the ‘other side.’

Each time two lines cross, they have to either figure out how to distribute and share their pressures or self-destruct.

The result of this test for “shareability” is called symmetry.

As Dan Winter says, Symmetry is another way to say “It’s all done with mirrors!”

Mirrors imply reflections.  Think about the multi-faceted creation as a fractal-holographic reflection from the One Infinite Source.  Visualizing the tunnels of infinite mirrors that form when two mirrors face each other is a helpful exercise to begin to glimpse the vast complexity of the fractal-holographic universe.

Implosion is symmetry arrangement of waves such that the outer pattern is the same shape of the inner pattern.

The best way to visualize this is to consider how the outer folds of a rose mimic the shape of the inner folds.

When waves get into this geometry – perfected by the golden mean ratio – something called repeated constructive wave interference allows those waves to constructively turn compression into acceleration!

This is the way infinite compression can be non-destructive.

Waves, when they cross in this rose-like pattern, add and multiply their wave velocities as well as their wave lengths.

The term for this is called recursive or repeated self-similar heterodyning.

This becomes an acceleration path thru the speed of light (from physical to metaphysical).

Gravity is only a name for the acceleration of charge (which this fractal self-similarity permits).

When waves are invited into a center, where all the wave lengths can meet without hurting each other – this is called implosion.

It is what creates a centering force.

The centering force is the collapse inward function towards the metaphysical realm.

It is called by many names:

  • implosion – to burst inward and inward flow only
  • gravity – attraction between two massive bodies
  • magnetic monopole (black hole/wormhole)
  • recursion



Implosion & Gravity

Implosion is due to self-similarity.

It turns compression into acceleration.

It is the charge compression and acceleration through light speed which results when waves in any spectra achieve the critical mass of self-similarity.


Gravity is caused by recurring constructive adding (heterodyning) of wave velocities.

Gravity is acceleration – acceleration of charge from recursive repeated self-similar fractality.

This self-similarity (recursive heterodyning) allows charge to be accelerated coherently thru the speed of light.

Charge acceleration is the only definition or measurement physics has ever had for gravity.

Einstein was right that gravity is acceleration.  He was wrong to say that acceleration is due to gravity – it more correct to say that gravity is due to acceleration (of Aether).

This can be easily proven by seeing that the amount of gravity created by capacitors in a cone (fractal) is greatest when they are spaced by golden mean ratios.

A capacitor is defined as “a passive two-terminal electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field.  The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance.

Capacitors storing charge waves crossing when arranged in a rose or fern like fractal or cone produce gravity.

Capacitors in a curve or cone approaching this geometry of self-similarity create thrust.

Here is a linear design for a fractal capacitor:

Credit: Hirad Samavati, Ali Hajimiri, Arvin Shahani, Citty Nasserbakht, and Thomas Lee –

“Capacitors store energy, and are essential components of oscillating electronic circuits.  If they can be made sufficiently efficient, they could store energy for other applications, perhaps as an alternative to batteries for electric cars…

Capacitance can be increased by a phenomenon called lateral fringing.  The increase is proportional to the length of the boundary of the conductor.  Because fractal curves can enclose a modest area with a very long boundary, these designs can give substantial capacitance increases.”



Implosion & Fractality

Implosion is another name for fractal attractor.

When enough different waves gather to one place in the golden mean ratio they begin to suck in an infinite number of other waves – but always in golden mean ratio.

This is the only way the universe has of arranging for an infinite (in-phi-knit) number of waves to gather at one point without hurting each other.

To repeat: The principle of compression produces acceleration.

Compression produces acceleration due to fractality of the Aether ‘waves’.  Fractality is self-similarity, like the spiral of a rose (phi flower).

This principle occurs because waves of charge which cross upon themselves in a rose like a fractal pattern adds and multiplies their wave velocities – as well as their wavelengths – recursively and always constructively.


In other words:

Gravity occurs because the outer wave nest becomes self-similar or recursive to the inner wave nest.

This pattern on the outside repeated in the pattern on the inside is the definition of fractality.

This means, literally, that fractality (charge arranged into self-embedding) creates gravity.

Fractal compression is the only potentially infinite compression.

Because rose petal-like self-similarity based on phi adds and multiplies wave speeds (velocities), fractal geometry successfully turns compression into acceleration.

The only infinite non-destructive compression is that which changes the centripetal inertia of compression into acceleration.  Remember, charge accelerating is the only definition anyone has ever had for gravity.

Gravitational attraction in general is in proportion to mass because fractality permits the charge compression which allows inertia to be stored.



The Centering Force of Gravity & Fractality

The centering force keeps the torus standing still.  It is what happens when waves collapse implosively toward a center.

The centering force is the essence of the role of mind among waves – to persuade waves to agree – to compress and thus create the centering force.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –


This centering force is the tornado-like collapse compression which arises when waves arrange themselves into rose petal-like patterns called self-similar or fractal.

Fractals change form, shape and vibration into higher and higher evolving patterns – an encoded thread linking larger spirals into smaller spirals on to infinity.

Fractal shapes made out of electrical charge create attraction.



Fractality (Self-similarity)

Fractality is the ultimate or limit or perfected state of coherence.

Coherence is the difference between a flashlight and a laser.

Coherence is when all the soldiers marching across the bridge are in step.

Coherence is when the different harmonics within a complex wave (like a heartbeat) are musically locked into phase.

The only way waves of an infinite number of different wavelengths (harmonic diversity or inclusiveness) can be all locked together is through fractality which leads to coherence.



The Golden Ratio & Fractality

The golden ratio is the ultimate state of fractality or self-similarity.  It defines the state of the “inside that looks like the outside.” (Metaphysically this is Compassion.)

“Although you are divided, you are still connected.”


A golden mean spiral is the only equiangular curve in which a wave can re-enter itself without hurting itself.

The wave can ‘eat its own tail’.  This is called ‘self-reentry’.

This is a picture of recursion.

Recursiveness means something happens inside itself.

“Light when folded back on itself, comes to know itself.”



Phi Flower Fractality

Phi flower fractality describes the principle of perfect:

  • spin density
  • information density
  • recursion
  • embedding
  • implosion
  • gravity (G = C x Phi^!)
  • data compression
  • connectivity
  • symmetry
  • way to turn inside out (labyrinth)
  • phase conjugation
  • magnetic monopole (black hole)
  • scalar wave
  • singularity (wormhole)
  • super-string connector (black hole)
  • geometry of bubble expansion
  • only way a wave can reenter itself non-destructively (self-re-entry)
  • phyllotaxis (maximum exposure/minimum superposition)
  • Nature invented a way to allow waves to nest or branch or embed with optimum sharing or non-destructive interference.
  • This is called phyllotaxis in nature.
  • It is named after phi (.618 golden mean ratio).
  • It simply refers to how all plants branch most excellently to get maximum exposure (sharing) and minimum superposition (destructive interference).
  • balance between equilibrium between liquid/crystal
  • way to sort anything (magnetic, liquid or gaseous)
  • When waves are drawn to a focus, they automatically sort out those which cannot pass the law of symmetry to let them pass the vortex which focus creates.
  • This means that whatever creates focus creates sorting.
  • way to scale anything
  • way to symbolize or embed anything
  • self-organizing path out of chaos
  • spin path to the zero point
  • self-awareness
  • Spin information or pattern density when arranged in recursion specifically creates the phenomenon called self-awareness because fractal data is infinitely compressible and therefore can be distributed infinitely with no energy investment.
  • intent




In this article we have gone deeper into the mechanism of gravity as an inward Aether flow.  We have seen how the compression of Aether leads to the acceleration of Aether, which is the acceleration of gravity, and we have seen the importance the golden ratio plays in the compression of Aether.

The golden ratio phi flower wave structure is what allows for infinite information storage at the center of each and every torus structure, regardless of size.

The golden ratio fractality allows for the fractal-holographic nature of reality.

In the next article, the last of our series about gravity, we will delve into the interesting and poetic metaphysical properties of gravity involving peace, compassion and love.




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