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In this article we will explore the interesting and poetic metaphysical aspects of gravity, including love, peace and compassion.

We will then end this series with a look at the phenomenon of sonoluminescence – one of the unsolved problems of mainstream physics – noting how it is a beautiful and clear illustration and proof of the two-way flow process of gravity and radiation that we thoroughly discuss in Cosmic Core.



Metaphysical Aspects of Gravity



Compassion and Compression according to Dan Winter

Your heart beat is a wave.  Your heart rate is a wave.  Your breath is a wave.  Your day is a wave.

In order for waves to fuse non-destructively: they must embed.

Perfect embedding = “wave on a wave waving”.


Symmetry is the shape of compassion.

Self-similarity attracts compression which is non-destructive.

Self-similarity is symmetry of the shareable.  Only shareable waves which can agree and get in phase can survive.

In physics this principle is called ‘fusion’ and ‘phase conjugation’.

It is non-destructive because fractal compression creates acceleration (gravity).

When the inside of a wave nest (like the heart) becomes self-similar to what is outside then the outside can fall in.

To feel for what is outside you, you create an image of that inside you.

Only fractal data (wave) compression is infinite.

It invites the outside in to you.

That is compassion and it is compression.

You make space for someone’s feelings which were outside you, inside you.

Infinite non-destructive compression, solved in the symmetry lesson of phi based fractality, is not only the solution to Einstein’s dilemma of how to get voltage from gravity in a unified field – it is also the solution to compassion.


“Only love bends the light, so therefore only love creates”.


A feeling of compassion permits compression which permits centering.

Love creates the centering force.

Perfect compression is identical to compassion – both are examples of successful sharing (symmetry) of space.


All bonding is phase-locking – this means that waves coming from opposite directions must line up and get exactly into phase.

This permission to share wave space is called crystallization.



Peace according to Dan Winter

Peace is where waves learn to agree to share.

Peace begins in the heart.  This is ancient knowing.

Today’s science now has a way of teaching how to make peace in the heart measurable and teachable.

Harmonics have been used to find that the EKG of the heart becomes coherent and harmonically embedded when you feel at peace.

This ordering of the heart harmonics is easily experienced with biofeedback when people see that focus in the heart, and awareness of love and compassion create the ‘singing of the heart’ which is measured as coherence.

Brain wave harmonics embedded by the golden mean ratio are seen during euphoria or bliss.

Studies showed that during bliss and euphoria the ratio between brainwave harmonics was consistently within 10% of .62 or golden mean ratio.


Peace is a name for the field effect which learns to center itself.

Peace-making is the difference between fractionation (breaking of connectivity) vs. fractality (embedding into coherence by non-destructive compression).

Peace-making is the principle of arranging magnetism (feeling) into symmetry which allows waves to become self-similar enough to self-re-enter.

This invites non-destructive compression or fusion or implosion which is identical to compassion – because during compassion the heart makes a magnetic picture inside which is so self-similar to what is outside that the outside falls in.



The Metaphysical Properties of Gravity according to David Wilcock

Gravity is the Inward flow of Aether.

Gravity is the tendency of all things in the universe to be attracted to each other – to become One.  Eventually gravity will cause the entire universe to become one again.

The Inward Flow of Gravity is the Process of Cosmic Love.

Love is the tendency of all things in the universe to be attracted to each other – because all in the universe is unified.

Love is the process that holds the creation together – the attractive force towards the center or core.

Love is the process that returns all mass/matter/consciousness back to its Source.

It ensures the return of mass to the invisible source realm.

It attracts the center of all masses to the center of all other masses.

It is the perpetual process that keeps all connected.

Therefore, Aether is a unified medium of love.  Love honors freedom.  Freedom equals Free Will.  This is the paradox.  We can choose to be unloving in a loving universe.  We are given perfect free will to do so.  Humanity’s unloving actions do not mean the universe is unloving.  The universe wants us to match our actions (wave-structure) to its actions (wave-structure.)  This is compassion as Dan Winter discussed above.  We are meant to be compassionate.  Yet we are perfectly able to choose not to be, and to reap the consequences of our actions.

The universe is a loving universe.  The source of creation is loving.  Unity and love are universal laws.  When we live in accordance to these universal laws we flow along with less trouble, distractions, upsets and problems.  When we live against these universal laws  life is more difficult; we can get swept away easily; it takes more energy and force to live.  The universe will continually try to guide us back to moving with the current…just as water acts – we can struggle against the current, but as soon as we relax or fall down and lose our balance the water will automatically put us back in a position moving with the current.


“Eros [Love] is described as he ‘who first leapt forth from the Divine Mind, clothing himself with the fire with which he is bound.”1

Love = the action that creates matter from consciousness

The fire = light/photons

Everything is made of light – therefore love clothes itself in fire/light/photons to create matter.



Love/light = Gravity/Photons

Gravity has feminine symbolism.

Photons have masculine symbolism.

Light is that which does the reaching.

Love is that which awaits the reaching.

The photon is the seed that projects forward impregnating the Aether to form matter and physical life.



Gravity and Photons Work Together

The Aether Inflow Gravitational field is a high pressure zone.

The photon is a low pressure zone.

Pressure naturally wants to flow from high to low.

However, moving from a low pressure zone to a high pressure zone creates lightning (light = photons).


The simple movement of pressure (instigated by vibrational oscillations) creates the photon.

This process works the same in giant black ‘wholes’ (galaxies) and miniature black ‘wholes’ (atoms).

Aether flows in to the “black hole”.

EM radiation flows out as a spherical “white hole”.

Wherever gravity is flowing, especially if it starts torsioning (spinning), photons spontaneously appear.

This explains lightning forming in a tornado or whirling firestorm.

In the center of the nucleus of the atom, as gravitational energy flows into it, it continually collapses the nucleus.  This creates the oscillation of the nucleus.  It pulses from small to large, outward to inward.


This is clearly demonstrated by sonoluminescence.



Sonoluminescence – Sound Vibrations Create Light

Sonoluminescence was first documented in 1930s.  It was further studied in the 1980s.

Mainstream physics claims to not understand what mechanism is at work.

The inward/outward flow of Aether we thoroughly discuss in Cosmic Core which is the gravity/electromagnetism dynamic perfectly explains this phenomenon.

Two speakers are placed facing each other.  They both pump sound into a center area of water.

You take one little pipette and dip it into the water, releasing one tiny bubble of air in the water.

Sound pressure will hold the bubble in place and will cause it to rapidly expand and contract.  This rapid expansion and contraction in a small space causes a massive concentration of energy which causes flashes of blue light.

The bubble will start giving off light – “an emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound”.

Sound creates light!


However, the bubble doesn’t glow all the time.  It does not glow at its largest size of expansion.

As shown above, the bubble collapses, imploding in on itself – going to its smallest size.

Then an explosion occurs.  That’s when the light comes out.  The explosion blows it back to its full size.

These pulses of light during the expansion and contraction happen so quickly it appears to be a continuous beam.

The amount of energy within the bubble is far more than the amount of sound pressure coming off the speakers – so where does the energy come from?

To understand this we have to redefine gravity.  (As we do in Cosmic Core.)

We have to revisit the idea of there being a parallel reality – the visible physical realm of existence (3D space/time) and the invisible metaphysical realm of non-existence (3D time/space).

The flash of light created in sonoluminescence occurs in the atom.

Remember, the physics of the nucleus of an atom are the same as the physics of a black hole.  Nature is consistent in her laws.

Virtual photons are photons that seem to appear out of nowhere.  If you shield a room from all EM energy and light, these photons still appear.

These photons are spiraling in from the parallel invisible metaphysical realm appearing as light when they pop over into the physical realm.

Vibrations are causing photon formation.

Sonoluminescence is a visible representation of oscillations of fundamental essence fluctuators (Aether Units) creating the photons.

These virtual photons are created during sonoluminescence.

Vibrations cause Light.

It is not so much “sound” per se.  It is vibrations (frequencies, wavelengths & amplitudes) – something you don’t necessarily hear; something you feel.


“It seems as if an atom “exists” steadily for a certain amount of time.  Instead it phases in and out, so to speak.  It fluctuates in a highly predictable pattern and rhythm.  It can be perceived within your system only at certain points in this fluctuation, so it seems to scientists that the atom is steadily present.  They are not aware of any gaps of absence as far as the atom is concerned.

In those periods of nonphysical projection, the off periods of fluctuation, the atoms “appear” in another system of reality.  In that system they are perceived in what are “on” points of fluctuation, and in that system also then the atoms seem to appear steadily.  There are many such points of fluctuation, but your system of course is not aware of them, nor of the ultimate actions, universes, and systems that exist within them.”2




As we have seen, the inward flow of the Aether towards the center of all mass is likened to Love, the force which yearns to reunite – drawing the center of each to the center of All.

We have also seen the vast importance the golden ratio plays in the process of gravity and in the process of compassion and peace.

These metaphysical lessons of Cosmic Core are fascinating and are not meant to be marginalized.

However we recognize the need for people to understand the scientific, rational side of reality which is why over thirty scientific articles were covered before this point…with even more coming after.

The science and spirituality fit together in a harmonious whole, just as gravity and radiation fit together in a harmonious whole.  One cannot exist without the other.

Science always circles back around to spirituality and spirituality always circles back around to science.


  1. Critchlow, Keith, The Hidden Geometry of Flowers: Living Rhythms, Form and Number, Floris Books, 2011
  2. Roberts, Jane, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Amber-Allen Publishing, 1972

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