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In this article we will continue our discussion of Aether units.  This time we will take a look at Aether science through the lens of Theosophy and intuitive information-gathering.

This is yet another piece to the puzzle and it shows how different people can get information in different ways and have the information all lead back to the same source.

Theosophy “is a collection of mystical and occultist philosophies concerning, or seeking direct knowledge of, the presumed mysteries of life and nature, particularly of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe.”1

Theosophy is a carrier of esoteric knowledge.  Cosmic Core is an attempt to bring to light esoteric knowledge from various sources including Theosophy.  The knowledge may have been hidden in the past, but it does not need to stay hidden.  The world is ready to see all sides and learn to unify the exoteric with the esoteric, ancient wisdom with modern understanding, and spirituality with science.


Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934) and Annie Besant (1847-1933) were both influential members of the Theosophical Society.

Leadbeater authored over 69 books in his lifetime about Theosophy and Besant was an avid supporter of theosophy, women’s rights, and Irish and Indian self-rule.

They were both clairvoyants and co-authored the book Occult Chemistry: Investigations by Clairvoyant Magnification into the Structure of the Atoms of the Periodic Table and Some Compounds in 1908.2

Occult Chemistry states that the structure of chemical elements can be assessed through clairvoyant observation with the microscopic vision of the third eye.  Observations were carried out between 1895 and 1933. “The book consists both of coordinated and illustrated descriptions of presumed etheric counterparts of the atoms of the then known chemical elements, and of other expositions of occult physics.”3


The following information in this article is gleaned from this book.



The Aether Unit: The Anu

According to Besant and Leadbeater, the Anu is the ultimate physical atom on the subatomic plane.  The Anu is equivalent to the Aether unit or Dr. Harold Aspden’s Quon that we have been discussing in this series of articles.


There are two types.

They may vanish from the plane.  That is, they may disappear into the unseen metaphysical reality.

They are alike in everything except the direction of their whorls and the force which pours through them.

In one case, force pours in from the “outside” [from the unseen metaphysical reality] passes through the Anu and pours into the seen physical world.

The other pours in from the physical world and out through the Anu into the metaphysical.  This means it vanishes from the physical; it dematerializes.

“The one is like a spring from which water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which water disappears.”

Credit: Besant & Leadbeather – Occult Chemistry


Positive Anu (male) – flows out

Negative Anu (female) – flows in


The Anu are clearly seen as two counter-rotating vortexes.  This aligns with the idea of two opposing yet harmonious forces of inward contraction and outward expansion.



Structure of the Anu

The Anu is composed of ten rings or wires, which lie side by side but never touch.

If one wire was taken away and untwisted it would be a complete circle – a tightly twisted endless coil with 1680 turns.



Three whorls surround the “hole” with their triple spiral of two and a half coils that return to their origin by a spiral within the Anu.

The three whorls are followed by seven finer whorls.

These seven finer whorls follow the spiral of the first three on the outer surface and return to their origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction, forms a caduceus with the first three.

Each of the seven finer whorls is formed of seven even finer ones, set successively at right angles to each other, each finer than its predecessor.


The three whorls

Currents of different electricity flow through the three whorls.



The seven finer whorls

These seven finer whorls vibrate in response to aetheric waves of all kinds – sound, light, heat…etc.

They show the seven colors of the spectrum.


They give out the seven sounds of the natural scale.


They respond in a variety of ways to physical vibration – flashing, singing, pulsing bodies.

They move incessantly, inconceivably beautiful and brilliant.



Dots of the seven finer whorls

Unwinding the succession of finer whorls can be continued until nothing is left but an enormous circle of the tiniest imaginable dots lying like pearls upon an invisible string.

Many millions of them are needed to make one Anu.

“These units are all alike, spherical and absolutely simple in construction.  Though they are the basis of all matter, they are not themselves matter; they are not blocks but bubbles – like bubbles rising in water.”


The later Outpourings whirl the bubbles into the various arrangements which we call the atoms of the several planes, and then aggregate those atoms into the molecules of the chemical elements.

“Matter as well as spirit becomes sacred to the student who really understands.”


As said in the Shataphatha Brahmana, “The Sun binds these worlds together by a thread, this thread is the same as the wind.”

“All this universe is strung upon me, as rows of gems upon a thread.”  (Bhagavadgita VII. 7-11)



The Flow of Anu

There is a slightly flattened sphere with a depression where the force flows in causing a heart-like form.

Force pours into the heart-shaped depression at the top of the Anu, and issues from the point, and is changed in character by its passage.


Each Anu is surrounded by a field.

They are not “things”.  Though they are the material out of which all things physical are composed, that is, Aether-consciousness.

The Anu is formed by the flow of the life-force and vanishes with its ebb.

The life-force arises in space [comes into being into the physical] and “digs holes in space” [disappears].

The void or hole left behind is immediately filled – other Anu immediately form.

The flow is continuous.

“Presumably, were that flow checked but for an instant, the whole physical world would vanish as a cloud melts in the empyrean.  It is only the persistence of that flow (the first life-wave, the world of the third Logos) which maintains the physical basis of our universe.”

All is motion.  Nothing endures but change.



Fundamental Motions of the Anu

There are three proper motions of the Anu.  That is, motions of its own, independent of any imposed upon it from outside.


Motion 1: It turns incessantly upon its own axis, spinning like a top. (rotation)

Motion 2: It describes a small circle with its axis, as though the axis of the spinning top moved in a small circle (precession)

Motion 3: It has a regular pulsation – a contraction and expansion, like the pulsating of the heart. (oscillation)



Positive & Negative Anu Joining

Two Anu, positive and negative, brought near to each other, attract each other and then commence to revolve round each other, forming a relatively stable duality; such a molecule is neutral.

This describes the counter-rotating spheres of the double torus or Aspden’s Quon.



Other Movements of the Anu

“When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist.

If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colors, the whorl belonging to that color glows out brilliantly.”



Combination of Anu

Combinations of three or more Anu are positive, negative or neutral, according to the internal molecular arrangement; the neutral are relatively stable, the positive and negative are continually in search of their respective opposites, with a view to establishing a relatively permanent union.

Speaking generally, positive groups are marked by the points of Anu being turned outward and negative groups by the points being turned inward towards each other and the center of the group.

These inward pointing and outward pointing structures mirror the concept of the inward pointing tetrahedra that form the vector equilibrium and the outward pointing tetrahedra that form the star tetrahedron.

The groups show all kinds of possible combinations; the combinations spin, turn head over heels, and gyrate in endless ways.

Each aggregation is surrounded with an apparent cell-wall, a circle or oval, due to the pressure on the surrounding matter caused by its whirling motion.  The surrounding fields strike on each other and the groups and rebound, dart hither and thither, for reasons not distinguished.



“Cell-wall” or “Sphere-wall” of the Anu – Geometry surrounding the Anu

Each Anu, as each group of Anu, whether few in number or making a large configuration as in Radium, has round it what has been termed a “sphere-wall”.

The Anu cannot said to have a wall of its own, unless these whorls of force can be so designated; its “wall” is the pressed back “space.”

The wall belongs to space, not to the atom.  It is a flow process – a force field of Aether.  It is not a solid structure.

The sphere-wall is composed of forces radiating from the center, which after traveling a certain distance, returned to the center.  (A torus)

Though the sphere-wall appears as a part of the Anu, it is only a temporary phenomenon.

It was later discovered that the sphere-walls of Anu within the solar system were all compressed by the attraction of the sun.  When so compressed the sphere-wall did not, as expected, have the shape of the dodecahedron, but that of the rhombic dodecahedron.


The surrounding “cell-wall” of the Anu can therefore take varied geometric shapes.

These are not only spherical or oval, but in the form of Platonic solids: cubes, tetrahedra, octahedra, icosahedra, dodecahedra…etc.


*Note above – the rhombic dodecahedral “cell-wall” forming due to compression by the attraction of the sun.

This is the shape of our cosmic cellular structure on a macro galactic scale as found by Conrad Ranzan and the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU).  See Article 103.




We have taken a brief look at the Anu, or Aether unit, according to Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant.  Their clairvoyant view of the Anu fits in so perfectly with Dr. Harold Aspden’s Aether science, Conrad Ranzan’s DSSU, and the fractal-holographic geometric structure of the Aether according to Cosmometry, Buckminster Fuller and Nassim Haramein, it must be pointed out.


It is included here for those reasons as well as to encourage the idea that information can come from various sources, both external and internal.

All information must be checked against reality before it is incorporated into a belief system, but the fact remains: there is as much true information that can be found by using the powers of the mind and intuition, as can be found by using the powers of technology and rational thinking.

When these two sources are put together, however, the full truth can finally be revealed.


  3. Hodson, Geoffrey, An Appreciation of C.W. Leadbeater

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