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In this article we will continue our discussion of Aether units, this time taking a look at Subquantum Kinetics and the Aether Physics Model.

We are viewing this topic from many angles to show how similar each idea is.  If we can finally lay the old Big Bang expanding universe model to rest and move forward with the new Aether science paradigm we can unify these many ideas into a coherent and easy to understand whole.


Subquantum Kinetics

We introduced Subquantum Kinetics, developed by Dr. Paul LaViolette, in Articles 91-92.

Dr. LaViolette “is the developer of subquantum kinetics, a novel approach to microphysics that not only accounts for electric, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces in a unified manner, but also resolves many long-standing problems in physics such as the field singularity problem, the wave-particle dualism, and the field source problem, to mention a few.

In 1986, he was the first to cast doubt on the big bang theory by showing that it makes a far poorer fit to existing astronomical data when compared to this new non-expanding universe cosmology. The subquantum kinetics cosmology also led him to make successful predictions about galaxy evolution that were later verified with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Dr. LaViolette is credited with the discovery of the planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation which demonstrates that the Sun, planets, stars, and supernova explosions are powered by spontaneous energy creation through photon blueshifting.”1

The following information is taken from his book The Cosmic Ether: Introduction to Subquantum Kinetics, referenced below.2  For a full understanding of this work, please read the book.



The Aether

According to Dr. LaViolette, all fields (electrostatic, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear) are encompassed within a single internally consistent theory and come from a single source – aether (which he spells ether).

The idea of relative frames should not be maintained and should be replaced with the notion of an absolute aether frame.

The Aether medium forms the substrate from which all physical forms in our universe emerge.

The aether is continually active.  Its multifarious components transmute, react among themselves, and diffuse through space.  These interweaving processes bind the aether into an organic unity.

The Aether is composed of various reacting and diffusing Aether Units (etheric species) called etherons.

Etherons are Aether units similar to fundamental essence fluctuators of the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU); Quons of Dr. Aspden; Anu of Theosophy; and the double torus of Cosmometry.

The universe is an open system.

The Aetheric force is the Prime Mover or “life-giving creative force”.  This is referred to as essence-process I in the DSSU.

Aetheric flux results in a transmutative or reactive transformation of etherons from one state to another.  This is referred to as essence-process II in the DSSU.




In Subquantum Kinetics subatomic particles are conceived of as Turing wave patterns that self-organize within a subquantum medium.

Hybrid patterns resulting from interaction between Turing and wave instabilities in a model of two coupled layers. From Yang and Epstein (2003a).  Source


Wikipedia explains, “The solutions of reaction–diffusion equations display a wide range of behaviors, including the formation of traveling waves and wave-like phenomena as well as other self-organized patterns like stripes, hexagons or more intricate structure like dissipative solitons. Such patterns have been dubbed “Turing patterns“.


Material particles nucleate from electric and gravity potential fluctuations that spontaneously arise from the aether vacuum state.  This describes order through fluctuation.


Particle spin is a vortical movement of etherons (Aether units) that takes place in the core of a subatomic particle.

That is, not only does an aether vortex form in the core of a subatomic particle, generating the property of spin, but also the particle’s core pulsates radially, producing longitudinal movements in the Turing wave pattern that propagate outward at superluminal speeds.

The radial pulsation of a particle’s core would cyclically displace the particle’s entire electrogravitic Turing wave pattern inward and outward from the core.

This displacement would be communicated outward essentially instantaneously or at an exceedingly high superluminal velocity, causing the particle’s Turing wave pattern to oscillate radially throughout its entire extent in coherent fashion.3

In light of Sherwin and Rawcliffe’s results, it should be communicated outward essentially instantaneously.



The Sherwin-Rawcliffe Experiment: Evidence for Instant Action-at-a-distance

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. writes “In 1960 an experiment was done by Sherwin-Rawfliffe, in collaboration with unnamed personnel of the A.O. Nier mass spectrometer, that showed the mass of an asymmetrical nucleus to be a scalar quantity.  This was contrary to classical electromagnetic theory going back to the nineteenth century.”4


Chalmers W. Sherwin (1926-2007) was an American physicist who studied at the University of Chicago, MIT and Columbia and taught physics at the University of Illinois from 1946-1960.  He earned a PhD in 1940, wrote two college physics texts and secured numerous patents.  He later became the Chief Scientist (three-star civilian equivalent and the most senior science & technology representative) of the U.S. Air Force and was vice president for laboratories at Aerospace  Corporation from 1960-1963.  After that he served in several positions in government and industry, including a long stint with General Atomics.


Robert D. Rawcliffe was an assistant professor of physics at the University of Illinois who assisted Sherwin in his work.


Einstein’s General Relativity presumes all distant actions to be causally delayed at speed c (light speed).

Sherwin and Rawcliffe’s experiment proves that this Einsteinian model does not apply to nuclei and instant action-at-a-distance actually occurs.  Unfortunately this experiment and its results were neither publicized, reported in scientific literature nor incorporated in the history books.

“Physics is now so deeply and ineradicably committed to Einsteinian ways that any reversal would be all too likely to lead to mass suicides.  Careers are built on nothing else.  Government funds are dispensed on no other basis.  Need more be said?  How can one even dream of the facts getting a fair hearing?…when you build your fundamental understanding of nature on an untruth your science is at an end.  And that is the case for today’s science of physics.”5

“Such an instant-action model fully accords with the observed fact of scalar mass.  This attribute has long been ascribed to the quantum world – that it is ruled by acausality – but physicists are perennially slow to absorb the message and adjust to its consequences.  The effect is known as ‘cultural lag.’  It is not just a lack of education.  Because of the universal trumpeting of Einstein’s counter-message, that all distant actions are causally delayed, amounting to a dedication form of counter-education, the facts about the quantum world tend to get drowned out.  And it continues to be underestimated, how extensive is the penetration of the quantum world into the macro world.  Thus, the possibility that all force actions, not merely all Coulomb actions, exemplify instant action, and only radiation obeys causal retardation, continues to be rejected as an unthinkable aberration – although it fits perfectly with all known facts.  Since the advent of Einstein, the rejecting of the obvious has become a survival necessity of political physicists.”6


We have spoken many times on the flaws and inconsistencies in the theory of relativity.  Here is yet another one.

In physics today it is sad to recognize as Phipps said, that “the fact is that relativity, as not constituted and reduced to practice, is not a falsifiable theory.  It is thus an inhabitant of the realm of religion, not of science.”

Harmful limiting dogma is harmful limiting dogma, whether it comes to us from the realm of science or religion.  These dogmas must ultimately be released if we are to succeed in forming a world of peace, abundance and prosperity for all.


In his later years Sherwin continued his experimentation to disprove Einstein.

The LA Times reports from 1988, “At a recent world affairs group meeting at which Sherwin spoke, several audience members walked out and others remained to heckle and criticize.  One of his scientific friends admitted to Sherwin that he would not even bother to read a scientific article attacking Einstein’s special theory of relativity. 

(Reminds us of the priests refusing to even look through Galileo’s telescopes to see the proof that the Earth revolved around the Sun!)

Sherwin said of this, “There are perhaps only a dozen or so physicists in the world who are willing to even contemplate the idea that Einstein might be wrong, much less make the effort to design and perform an experiment that can distinguish between the two theories (of Einstein and Lorentz).  Physicists must deal with more than their fair share of crackpots, but to reject any challenge to established theory is not the scientific way.”7



Aether Physics Model (APM)

Now we will switch gears and briefly discuss the Aether Physics Model as put forward by David W Thomson III and Jim D Bourassa.

The following information is taken from their book Secrets of the Aether: Unified Force Theory, Dark Matter and Consciousness, referenced below.8  Please read the book for a full understanding of this work.


All physical existence comes together in the Aether.

All physical existence ultimately derives its geometry from the Aether.

Aether units have a non-material origin.

Aether units have double loxodrome geometry.

Credit: Paul Nylander


The geometrical constant of the Aether is 16π2.  This translates to the shape of a tubular loxodrome distributed over two adjacent spheres.

One fourth of the total loxodrome surrounding both spheres is a tube with a surface constant of 4π2 – the toroid constant.

Already we see how the double loxodrome mirrors Dr. Aspden’s Quons; Cosmometry and Nassim Haramein’s double torus; and Theosophy’s Anu.  The following information about spin properties nicely mirrors Ranzan’s DSSU which will be discussed in greater detail in Articles 125-129.



A full loxodrome represents 1-spin, such as the photon possesses.

Credit: Paul Nylander


The proton spin position = half the Aether unit plus ½ spin.

The electron spin position = half the Aether unit minus ½ spin.

The electron and proton spin positions provide the only possibilities for real matter to manifest in our part of the Universe.


Photons convert to electrons through the photoelectric effect.

The electron model is a toroid, which can have variable radii as long as the quantum surface area remains the same.

The electron is not a fixed-point particle, but is a flexible toroidal entity.


Each physical form manifests as a collection of molecules, which in turn are collections of atoms.

Angular momentum (rotation) is the absolute primary unit of matter in Aether Physics Model (APM).

All stable quantum matter is seen as primary angular momentum.  All is motion.

The atoms construct from units of angular momentum, and these units are composed of quantum measurements, which at the finest level of physical perception arise from dimensions.

In APM dimension is the fundamental attribute of measurement, but is not itself measurable.


Absolute dimension is a quality of reality seemingly arising from the ultimate Source of all existence.

In other words dimensions refers to the metaphysical Source reality – a reality of both zero and infinite dimensions or planes of reality based upon wave structures (frequencies, wavelengths, amplitudes, vibrations).  The Source reality is constructed of interconnected fractal wave patterns.  Each different frequency aligns with a different dimension.

Consciousness interfaces with physical existence.



The Golden Ratio

When five Aether units make up a cycle, Phi is the Golden Ratio and phi its inverse.

The product of Phi and phi = the phase of the cycle.

The sum of Phi and phi = the square root of the sequence.


This explains why Phi and phi show up continually in the physical world, wherever growth occurs and living forms appear.

Growth occurs in cycles, and therefore, we would expect the cycles to reflect Fibonacci sequence.

Furthermore, the phi vortex (pictured above) is the cross-section of a torus.  This is the pattern that Aether flows as it cycles from the visible physical reality to the invisible metaphysical Source reality.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts:



Aether Numbers

The following information is taken from Linus Pauling’s Spheron Model.

Linus Pauling (1901-1994) was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author and educator.  He published more than 1200 papers and books, of which about 850 dealt with scientific topics.  He was one of the founders of quantum chemistry and molecular biology.  He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.9


The Spheron Model describes the fill pattern of atomic nuclei.

The fill pattern rests on a system of half-spin numbers.

This system of half-spin numbers is the actual “numbering system” used by the Aether.


Aether units divide into four portions of spin positions in forward time.

Of these four spin positions, only two occur in left hand spin, meaning there are only two possibilities for stable matter, the electron, and proton.  Each of these derive from the photon.


Aether geometrical constant of 16π2 is a vescia piscis or eye.

Aether numbers applied to the spherical coordinate system can produce reflecting pyramids (octahedrons).


Just as octaves increase logarithmically in the tempered music scale, the Aether structures also increase logarithmically, further establishing the reality of the structures.

In the Aether structure series, (158/2)π is an exact “octave”.

The word “octave” does not truly apply to Aether structures since there are more than 8 “whole tones” in each octave; here it indicates a complete set of steps within a cycle.


The Aether numbers also determine harmony in music – the Pythagorean scale built off 432 as the fundamental frequency.


Pauling deduced that in addition to the orbital shells of electrons having the magic numbers of 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126, and 184 the nucleus builds up in three different layers.

“The purpose of showing Aether numbers, the ratio of musical tones, and atomic structure is to illustrate a few of the ways in which the Aether unit influences the structure of the physical world. No doubt, all dynamic and living processes, such as the patterns of seed development in flowers, the growth of plant structures, skeletal and extra-skeletal structures, and population growth patterns, are manifestations of Aether units.”



Philosophy of the Aether Physics Model

Coinciding with the mechanics and electromagnetism of the Universe is a quality we inherently recognize as mind.

The mind has the capacity to create and store impressions of the sensations.

The mind can in turn manipulate the Aether.

There are no individual beings living independent lives, but a grand entity with incredible abilities to fragment itself and regroup in an endless cycle of becoming.

There is no separation of the mind from space, time and form.


The skin conductance of the human body is a measure of its emotions; the conductance of Aether is the collective emotion.

Just as many drops of rain come together to form a river and ultimately a mighty ocean, it seems the purpose of science and spirituality is to return our awareness to the Source.

Our reality is in the truth of our unified existence.




In this article we have once again seen the importance of the torus in understanding the new Aether science paradigm.

We have also returned to the idea of consciousness creating our reality.  The mind interfacing with and manipulating the Aether is a mirror of the double torus consciousness/matter feedback loop we have discussed on several occasions.


When you are on the right track, science always comes full circle to spirituality and spirituality always comes full circle to science.

Truth is a realistic unification of both minus the dogmas.


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