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In this article we will continue our discussion of electromagnetic energy according to Conrad Ranzan’s Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU) Model.  We will also show how the work of Dan Winter mirrors the DSSU.

The following information is sourced from Conrad Ranzan’s paper The Fundamental Process of Energy – Parts I and II(1) and Dan Winter’s book Implosion’s Grand Attractor: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion.



Fundamental Process of Mass, Energy and Gravitation

Photon propagation through the aether, whether a confined or free photon, is by:  Conduction by Aether Absorption.

Aether is absorbed; participating fluctuators are absorbed and do not reappear.

They disappear into the metaphysical reality of time/space – the realm of ‘non-existence’.

Light waves travel through the Aether medium by a process of conduction.

A photon, then, is a wave-like conduction-disturbance of aether.

The photon is conducted by aether in a manner destructive of aether.  The Aether is destroyed, meaning it disappears.  It disappears into metaphysical time/space.  It is continually replenished by the flow of Aether that never stops.


All is a flow of Aether (interpenetrating waves), not separate particles jumping or flying around.  This flow is caused and maintained by consciousness.

Conrad Ranzan writes, “All matter involves a process of conduction by consumption – a continuous process of aether absorption.  In other words, all objects are manifestations of the absorption of aether process.  Atoms, pencils, rocks, and organisms exist because they are sustained by a continuous stream of essence-process units.”

In other words: matter is created from Aether by compression.  Aether units are compressed as they are sucked inwards.  This compression refers to areas of Aether that become denser.  Matter is Aether that has been compressed.  It is denser than the Aether medium in its equilibrium state.  It is denser Aether – but it is still Aether.  Matter is composed of vortices of energy in the Aether that have been compressed and are being held together by a particular standing wave structure.  The continual flow of Aether feeds matter and keeps it ‘alive’ until it dies of decomposes.



The Formation of Matter from Waves

Dan Winter teaches a similar viewpoint as Conrad Ranzan:

Matter is created from Aether by compression.

Waves are universal – they naturally form the torus shape.

The torus is the primal multi-connected wave surface.

Rotation among waves is the only origin and definition and measurement we have ever had for both mass and time.

The word “relativity” is obsolete to describe the relationship of mass to energy because that relationship (which allows charge to compress and thus be called mass) is more precisely fractal.

E=mc2 merely quantified the obvious: that inertia storage – called ‘mass’ – was only a function of sustainable wave rotation.


Standing waves are waves that arrange themselves into nested geometries triggered by waves of sound (frequency of vibration).

The entire phenomenon called matter arises when patterns of these waves begin to stabilize and begin to stand in one place for a while.

Standing waves in Cymatics.  Wave frequencies create standing waves of geometry.


All matter in the universe is a standing wave.  Waves only stand if they enter rotational symmetry (the circle) which stores inertia ‘creatively’.


The atomic table is born because torus fields find the geometry which is the symmetry of the simple platonic solids (pictured below).

The atomic table is a polygonal (many faced/faceted) grouping of toroidal vortices, and is archetypically multi-connected.

When you tilt these tiny tornado vortex wormholes into the symmetry angles of the Platonic solids the result is the atomic table.

Chemistry and alchemy are ultimately about the toroidal wave shapes that can make little black holes (wormholes) happen – called matter.



The Energy Process

Returning to the work of Conrad Ranzan and the DSSU, energy, at the most fundamental level is manifest in the consumptive-absorption of fundamental fluctuators which are also known as discrete units of aether.

The consumptive-absorption process = disappearance into the non-material realm.

Any process that consumes/absorbs aether is an energy manifesting process.

Regardless of scale, if there is a quantitative change in the aether then some form of energy is involved.

There is a direct quantitative relationship between energy and aether absorbed.


The greater the frequency of an EM-wave, the greater is the number of lateral excitations.



The more lateral excitations, the greater the quantity of aether absorbed.

The greater the aether absorption, the greater is the photon’s energy.

Blue light carries more energy than red light because the blue’s more numerous excitations consume more aether than red light.



Symmetry and Energy Balance

Noether’s theorem states there is a conserved quantity associated with every continuous symmetry of a physical system.


What is being conserved here?

The quantity of Aether.

However, it is never the same Aether for it is continually being renewed.


What is the continuous symmetry of the physical system?

The perpetual balance of flow of energy from the source process of ‘Lambda’ [Source energy of the non-material realm] to the sink process of radiation, mass, field electrodynamics, and gravitational self-dissipation.



Dark Matter (Lambda) and Source Energy

Dark Matter Does Not Exist!  It is an ad hoc concept and mathematical construct that does not apply to reality.  Ad hoc is defined as “formed, arranged or done for a particular purpose only.”

Gravitation and Lambda are opposites that act toward a common end – they are opposites in harmony.

The need for dark matter disappears once it is understood that contractile gravitation and Lambda both contribute toward the cohesion of galaxy clusters.

They are two complementary processes of the same Source material (non-material Aether).

Dr. Reginald T. Cahill tells us, “There is no dark matter, merely an exotic self-interaction and annihilation process of the quantum cellular structure that is space.”



Local Space Expansion & Contraction

Briefly turning once more to the work of Dewey B Larson and his similar viewpoint of local space expansion and contraction:


Local Space Expansion

Every location in the universe is moving outward from every other location at unit velocity because of the space-time progression resulting from the equivalence of the basic units of space and time.


Local Space Contraction

Simultaneously all material atoms are moving in the opposite direction, inward toward each other, because of their rotational motion.  This is gravitation.

These motions control the large-scale aspects (cosmic cellular structure) of the material universe.

Large-scale structure of the Universe pictured above.  Invisible cosmic gravitational cells are octahedral.  Galaxies and dust are attracted to the edges and vertexes of the geometry.  The local expansion and contraction of Aether within each cell maintains the steady-state shape and size of the cell.  Dynamic processes occur within each cell.  Credit: Battaner & Florido



Cosmic Cellular Structure (Geometric Space-Lattice/Space Domains)

Returning again to the DSSU, the cosmic cellular structure of the Universe leads to vast empty regions surrounded by significant clusters of galaxies along with dust clouds, gas clouds and other debris. (See image above).

These clusters and voids have been observed in nature and accepted as reality.  Why they are this way has remained a mystery to mainstream science.

Vast regions of tension are formed from clusters pulling towards each other from opposite sides of a void.

These cosmic cells are shaped like rhombic dodecahedra and are approximately 350 million light-years in diameter.

Rhombic dodecahedral cosmic cell. Each cells is 350 million light-years in diameter.  Credit: Conrad Ranzan


A cosmic region under tension behaves much like Einstein’s famous cosmological constant.  Cosmic tension is equivalent to negative pressure and produces an expansion of space.

The voids are regions in which there is a quantitative growth of essence fluctuators.  This is the Lambda “force” which involves the birth of new fluctuators.

Lambda is akin to radiation here.

Hence, Voids are regions of “Source” Energy.


Oscillatory Essence Process: only occurs on the subquantum scale.  It involves the pulsation of “activity” of the fluctuators.


Cosmic Essence Process:  On the subquantum scale this involves the coming into being of new fluctuators.

On the cosmic scale this involves the quantitative growth of aether, that is, the expansion of the space medium.


The “source” energy process (Lambda) is the same as the cosmic essence process.

Which is the same as Larson’s “Cosmic” realm – the non-material realm or time/space.



The Balance of Energy

Energy is viewed as a balance between a fount process and a negation process.

‘Lambda’ is the source energy (growth of essence medium).  It represents positive energy.

All other manifestations of energy (because they absorb/consume the essence medium) represent negative energy.


(Positive energy) + (negative energy) = (2 opposite processes)


These energy processes are interdependent and self-adjusting.

Matter depends on a continuous supply of new aether via the cosmic-scale source-energy process (Lambda).


“Metaphorically, this veritable harmony sustains the perpetual dance of existence.”

This veritable harmony is the inward flow of geometric Aether units (gravity) and the outward flow of geometric Aether units (radiation/photons/Lambda).



The Balance of the Universe (Larson)

Ranzan’s ‘Balance of Energy’ relates to Dewey B Larson’s reciprocal dynamically stable universe.

Space expansion carries all matter outward to infinite space.

There is a co-existing system, likewise expanding and carrying all of its constituent parts outward toward infinite time.

The net effect of the system as a whole is zero (equilibrium).



Stable Universe – Cyclic physical processes (Larson)

We have a universe which is forever changing in detail but will always remain the same as a whole.  This idea of Larson’s perfectly fits with Ranzan’s Dynamic Steady State Universe.

This is a universe of motion.  (A Universe of Processes according to the DSSU).

Motion continually alters the relationships of the subsidiary units.




In this article we have discussed the idea that matter is an absorption of Aether, and photon propagation is also an absorption of Aether.

Aether is what sustains all mass and matter.  It is akin to the ‘life-force’ that flows through and sustains all life.

Matter is created by the compression of Aether – that is, the inward flow of Aether, which is gravity.  Aether units are absorbed in the process and photons are created.  This process forms and sustains matter.

Furthermore, there are two opposing yet harmonious processes that maintain the harmonious balance of the universe.  These are the outward flowing source energy – radiation or ‘Lambda’ – and the inward flowing source energy – gravity.

The basic idea is that all is Aether flow.  The idea of ‘particles’, even photons, can mislead.  All is a flow of Aether units – and even these Aether units are not ‘things’.  They are wave structures with specific frequencies, wavelengths and amplitudes.  Geometry is embedded within waves.  This is clearly demonstrated in Cymatics.  Therefore, the Aether units can take any geometry and can combine to form any size, depending on what matter process is occurring.

Through all of this, remember that these Aether units are Consciousness Units.  They themselves are continually shifting, oscillating, rotating, combing with others and breaking apart from others.  The process is incredibly complex yet can be understood with simple concepts.


We will continue our discussion of electromagnetic radiation, mass-acquisition, and matter formation in the next article.



  1. Ranzan, Conrad, The Fundamental Process of Energy – Parts I and II, Infinite Energy Magazine, #113-114, Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr 2014


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