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In this article and the next we will circle back around to explore cosmology in depth from the esoteric view point.  We have taken a look at cosmology from the mainstream religious perspective and in the past eight articles we have dug down into the scientific perspective of cosmology.  We will continue to dig down even deeper into the science in the next series of articles about the Aether.  Before then, in this and the next article, we will take a fascinating and poetic journey into the exploration of esoteric cosmology and the creation of the universe through consciousness.


In this article we will focus on cosmology according to The Law of One found here:   The Law of One is a series of five books that were channeled mostly in 1981, with fewer sessions in 1982-1984, by three people: Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty.  They were receiving information from a group of very highly advanced entities not from Earth.

The Law of One is highly unique and deeply fascinating as it gave much scientific information in the early eighties that has subsequently been proven accurate lending much credence to the texts.


We are well aware of the resistance many people have to anything that has been channeled.  At Cosmic Core we do not recommend channeled material except from two sources.  Those are The Law of One and The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

In Cosmic Core we are studying the esoteric stream of knowledge, so of course we are going to look at esoteric sources of information.

However, in channeling there is far too much opportunity for the channeler to bring in sketchy, manipulative or fraudulent information.  That is why we only recommend these two sources.  That is not to say there are no other trust-worthy channeling sources out there.  Positive and helpful information is positive and helpful information no matter where it comes from.

Regardless, we don’t recommend blindly worshiping any text: spiritual, religious, channeled, scientific, or other.  In Cosmic Core we encourage all people to investigate information from a wide variety of sources to find how they can be unified into a coherent, accurate whole – retaining the universal truths and discarding the dogma.




The Universe started as Infinite Oneness.  It then divided itself out into what we call Galaxies.  The intent was to use its creative potential to realize the perfection of itself in a process of co-creation.

Galaxies, stars and planets are intelligent super beings, acting as a type of cosmic parents to the ‘smaller’ intelligent life forms – that is humanity, plants, animals, insects and minerals.

This universal process is organized in a structure of quantized evolutionary planes of existence – that is, the seven densities, or planes of existence.



The Creation Story According to the ‘Law of One’

Creation is a single entity or unity.

All things, all life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.



Simultaneous Steps of Creation

The steps of creation, as you call them, are simultaneous and infinite.


First: The first thing in the creation is infinity.  The infinity is creation.

Second: Infinity became aware.

Third: Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy.  You have called this by various ‘vibrational sound complexes’ [words], the most common to your ears being “Logos” or “Love”.

You may fruitfully view each Logos and its design as the Creator experiencing itself.

The Creator is the focusing of infinity as an aware or conscious principle called by us, intelligent infinity.

Fourth:  The next step is still at this space/time nexus achieving its progression as you may see it in your illusion.

This step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following the Law of One in one of its primal distortions, freedom of will.

Thus many, many dimensions, infinite in number, are possible.

The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored.

These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes.



How did Intelligent Infinity become individualized from Itself?

The intelligent infinity discerned a concept.  This concept was discerned to be freedom of will of awareness.

This concept was finity.  This [free will] was the first and primal paradox or distortion of the Law of One.

Thus the one intelligent infinity invested itself in an exploration of many-ness.

Due to the infinite possibilities of intelligent infinity there is no ending to many-ness.  The exploration is free to continue infinitely in an eternal present.

In this process we must further confuse you by stating that the process by which free will acts upon potential intelligent infinity to become focused intelligent energy takes place without the space/time of which you are so aware as it is your continuum experience.

[The process where free will (consciousness) creates focused intelligent energy (events and objects) happens in the metaphysical source realm of time/space.]



Creation & Timeless Evolution

The creation itself is a form of consciousness which is unified, the Logos being the one great heart of creation.

The Logos is not a part of time.  It exists in timelessness.



Logos Creating Light

The simplest manifest being is light or what you have called the photon.  In relationship to energy centers it may be seen to be the center or foundation of all articulated energy fields.


The Logos creates light.

From the Logos comes all frequencies of radiation of light.  These frequencies of radiation make up all of the densities of experience that are created by that Logos.

The nature of this light thus creates the nature of the catalytic and energetic levels of experience in the creation.

The first thing created in the visible universe was a single photon.

Love creates, by the process of vibration, the photon – the basic particle of light.

[Love is the inward flow towards the center and source of creation, which is gravity.  Light is the photon or electromagnetic radiation – the outward flow away from the source.]

The photon, by added vibrations and rotations, further condenses into particles of the various densities.



Light dividing into Color

The universe in which you live is recapitulation in each part of intelligent infinity.  [As above, so below.]

Thus you will see the same patterns repeated in physical and metaphysical areas; the rays or apportions of light being those areas of what you may call the physical illusion which rotate, vibrate, or are of a nature that may be, shall we say, counted or categorized in rotation manner in space/time as described by the one known as Dewey [Larson]; some substances having various of the rays in a physical manifestation visible to the eye, this being apparent in the nature of your crystallized minerals which you count as precious, the ruby being red and so forth.

This light then can condense into material as we know it in our density, into all of our chemical elements because of rotations of the vibration at quantized intervals or units of angular velocity.

[This describes how the photon vibrates, oscillates and loops in various ways to form the subatomic particles.  These in turn, form the atoms, then molecules, then matter and life.  It all varies according to the rate of rotation or vibration.  The rate of rotation defines the density.  All is motion.]



Formation of the Densities

The nature of the vibratory patterns of your universe is dependent upon the configurations placed upon the original material or light by the focus or Love using its intelligent energy to create a certain pattern of illusions or densities in order to satisfy its own intelligent estimate of a method of knowing Itself.

You may understand each color or ray as being a very specific and accurate portion of intelligent energy’s representation of intelligent infinity.

[These colors or rays being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.]

The nature of vibration is such that it may be seen as having mathematically strait or narrow steps [quantized states].

These steps may be seen as having boundaries.  Within each boundary there are infinite gradations of vibration or color.  However, as one approaches a boundary, an effort must be made to cross that boundary.

These colors are a simplistic way of expressing the boundary divisions of your density.

There is also the time/space analogy which may be seen as the color itself in a modified aspect.


First density was formed by an energy center that is a vortex.

This vortex then causes these spinning motions of the light, vibration which is light, which then starts to condense into the materials of the first density.

However, it is well to point out that the Logos has the plan of all the densities of the octave in potential completion before entering the space/time continuum in first density.

[This means, the whole plan was formed first in the Cosmic Mind, in metaphysical time/space, before it gradually came into being in the physical realm of space/time.]

Thus the energy centers exist before they are manifest.

As it had been found to be efficient to use the various densities, which are fixed in each octave, in order to create conditions in which self-conscious entities could exist, this was carried out throughout the growing flower-strewn field of the one infinite creation.

[This octave of densities is used throughout the creation as it has been shown to be a valuable and useful way for entities to exist and evolve.]



Awareness forming Life

The process by which space/time comes into continuum form is a function of the careful building, shall we say, of an entire or whole plan of vibratory rates, densities, and potentials.

When this plan has coalesced in the thought complexes of Love, then the physical manifestations begin to appear; this first manifestation stage being awareness or consciousness.

At the point at which this coalescence is at the livingness or beingness point, the point or fountainhead of beginning, space/time then begins to unroll its scroll of livingness.

[This means a plan is formed in the Mind in time/space.  When it is ready, physical manifestations begin to appear as awareness or consciousness.  This is first density – the density of awareness – that of the mineral world and the four elements, fire, water, air, earth.  After these are formed and evolve appropriately life begins to form – that of the single-celled, then multi-celled, then plant and animal.  This is the scroll of livingness unrolling in space/time.]



The Creation of Matter

The energies moved in increasingly intelligent patterns until the individualization of various energies emanating from the creative principle of intelligent infinity became such as to be co-Creators.

Thus the so-called physical matter began.

The first entities upon this planet were water, fire, air and earth.  These are the entities of first density.  [This is the four elements forming physical matter – the chemical periodic table of elements and the mineral world.]

The concept of light is instrumental in grasping this great leap of thought as this vibrational distortion of infinity is the building block of that which is known as matter, the light being intelligent and full of energy, thus being the first distortion of intelligent infinity which was called by the creative principle.

[This explains that all matter is condensed light.  All matter is looping, spinning and oscillating photons.  Each photon contains the whole plan of the creation.  They are fractal-holographic in nature.]

This light of love was made to have in its occurrences of being certain characteristics, among them the infinite whole paradoxically described by the straight line, as you would call it.

This paradox is responsible for the shape of the various physical illusion entities you call solar systems, galaxies, and planets of revolving and tending towards the lenticular.

[This describes again how the infinite whole is present in each part.  The photon is spiraling, oscillating, looping, rotating and vibrating.  It is always oscillating back and forth from time/space to space/time.  However, we see photons travel in straight lines.  This is how we measure their movement in science.  So, we have the infinite whole represented by a straight line, or a straight-line spiral (corkscrew).  The rotating, spiraling aspect of the photon is responsible for the spiral shapes we see in nature and the rotational aspects of the planets, suns, galaxies, and of course the electrons around the nucleus of an atom.]



The Creation from the Center Outwards – Spherical Creation

There is a center to infinity.  From this center all spreads.

Therefore, there are centers to the creation, to the galaxies, to star systems, to planetary systems, and to consciousness.

In each case you may see growth from the center outward.

[Note the centers as seeds or points from which continual creation occurs.  This aligns with the idea of black wholes at the center of all entities from which growth occurs, and the concentric quantized shells that form around entities.]

In the context of one particular Logos, or Love, or focus of this Creator which has chosen It’s, shall we say, natural laws and ways of expressing them mathematically and otherwise, each particular Logos expands outward from all locations everywhere.

It expands outward in every direction uniformly like the surface of a balloon or a bubble expanding outward from every point everywhere.

It expands outward at what is called unit velocity or the velocity of light.  This is Larson’s idea of the progression of what he calls space/time.

The One Original Thought is the harvest of all previous, if you would use this term, experience of the Creator by the Creator.

As It decides to know Itself It generates Itself into that plenum, full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifested to your perceptions as space or outer space.

Each generation of this knowing begets a knowing which has the capacity, through free will, to choose methods of knowing Itself.

The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself.



Creation of the Universes

The process is from the larger, in your illusion, to the smaller.

The Logos creates all densities.  We shall state the Logos does create both the space/time densities and the accompanying time/space densities.

The rotations, the quantized incremental rotations of the vibrations show up as the material of these densities.

In each beginning there is the beginning from infinite strength.  Consciousness then begins to have the potential to experience.  Free will acts as a catalyst.

Beings begin to form the universes.

The potentials of experience are created as a part of intelligent energy and are fixed before experience begins.  However, there is always, due to free will acting infinitely upon the creation, a great variation in initial responses to intelligent energy’s potential.

Thus almost immediately the foundations of the, shall we call it, hierarchical nature of beings begins to manifest as some portions of consciousness or awareness learn through experience in a much more efficient manner.

[This means the potentials of each entity were set before physical experience began and each entity had equal though different potentials.  Some learned faster, and some slower.  This led to the hierarchical nature of beings – being of different levels of consciousness.]

The galaxy and all other things of material of which you are aware are products of individualized portions of intelligent infinity.

As each exploration began, it, in turn, found its focus and became co-Creator.

Using intelligent infinity each portion created a universe and allowing the rhythms of free choice to flow, playing with the infinite spectrum of possibilities, each individualized portion channeled the love/light into what you might call intelligent energy, thus creating the so-called Natural Laws of any particular universe.



Creation of the Galaxies

As the major galaxy is created, all of its densities, all eight are created.  However, it is well to perceive that the eighth density functions also as the beginning density, in its latter stages, of the next octave of densities.

We cannot speak in firm knowledge of all the creations.  We know only that they are infinite.  We assume an infinite number of octaves as well.

In the case of the galactic systems the first manifestation of the Logos is a cluster of central systems which generate the outward swirling energies producing, in their turn, further energy centers for the Logos or what you would call stars.  The closer to the, shall we say, beginning of the manifestation of the Logos the star is, the more it partakes in the one original thought.

A Logos may create what you call a star system or it may be the Logos creating billions of star systems.  [A solar system is a galaxy – a baby galaxy.]

All roughly 250 billion stars in this major galaxy are all part of the same Logos.

Since there are many individualized portions of consciousness in our lenticular galaxy, the Logos then subdivided into more individualization of consciousness to create more sub-Logos.

Galaxies & Polarity

When this major galaxy is formed by the Logos, then we not only have a polarity of electrical charge but also a polarity in consciousness at that time.

All is potentially available from the beginning of your physical space/time; it then being the function of consciousness complexes [life forms] to begin to use the physical materials to gain experience to then polarize in a metaphysical sense.

The potentials for this are not created by the experiencer but by intelligent energy.

After the original creation of the major galaxy is continued by the further individuation of consciousness of the Logos so that there are many, many portions of individualized consciousness then  further items are created, you might say, for experience all over the galaxy.  For within the, shall we say, guidelines or ways of the Logos, the sub-Logos may find various means of differentiating experiences without removing or adding to these ways.

Choices of Free Will.  What will you choose?  Positive or negative.  Compassion or hatred?

Creation of the Solar Systems

Remember, solar system and galaxies are the same thing, but on different scales.  A solar system is a baby galaxy.

Each universe individualized to a focus becoming, in turn, co-Creator and allowing further diversity, thus creating further intelligent energies regularizing or causing Natural Laws to appear in the vibrational patterns of what you would call a solar system.

Thus, the solar system of which you experience inhabitation is of its own patterns, rhythms, and so-called natural laws which are unique to itself.

Each solar system has its own, shall we say, local coordinate system of illusory Natural Laws.

It shall be understood that any portion, no matter how small, of any density or illusory pattern contains, as in a holographic picture, the One Creator which is infinity.


Thus all begins and ends in mystery.


However, the progression is from the galaxy spiraling energy to the solar spiraling energy, to the planetary spiraling energy, to the experiential circumstances of spiraling energy which begin the first density of awareness of consciousness of planetary entities.

[This means evolution happens from the galaxy, to the stars, to the planets, then to the life forms of first density, then second density, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and back to the eighth.]



The Sun

Our sun in this planetary system is a sub-Logos of the major galactic Logos.

The sun has various aspects in relation to intelligent infinity, to intelligent energy, and to each density of each planet, as you call these spheres.

Moreover, these differences extend into the metaphysical or time/space part of your creation.

The relationship is hierarchical in that the sub-Logos [Sun] uses the intelligent energy in ways set forth by the Logos [Galaxy] and uses its free will to co-create the, shall we say, full nuances of your densities as you experience them.

In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light.

Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and co-entity, or other-self, nature of this sun body.

Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth-density entities in their evolution.

In sixth density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body.

Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love.  These sixth-density entities, in the latter portions of sixth density, are using that mechanism to be more closely co-Creators with the Infinite Creator.



Planetary Entities

The experience or existence of space/time comes into being after the individuation process of Logos or Love has been completed and the physical universe, as you would call it, has coalesced or begun to draw inward while moving outward to the extent that which you call your sun bodies have in their turn created timeless chaos coalescing into what you call planets, these vortices of intelligent energy spending a large amount of what you would call first density in a timeless state, the space/time realization being one of the learn/teachings of this density of beingness.

Entities through the level of planetary have the strength of intelligent infinity through the use of free will, going through the actions of beingness.

It is only when the planetary sphere begins harmonically interacting with mind/body complexes, and more especially mind/body/spirit complexes, that planetary spheres take on distortions due to the thought complexes of entities interacting with the planetary entity.

A planetary entity is so named only as Logos if it is working in harmonic fashion with entities or mind/body complexes upon its surface or within its electromagnetic field.  [That is, only when those planetary entities have achieved fourth density or higher.]



Individual Entities

Every entity that exists would be some type of sub- or sub-sub-logos, down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive.

An example of a sub-sub-Logos is each person’s mind/body/spirit complex.

The intelligent energy [from the Sun, forming the human being] is somehow modulated or distorted, so that it ends up as a mind/body/spirit complex with certain distortions of personality that it is necessary for the [human being] mind/body/spirit complex or the mental portion of that complex to undistort in order to conform once more precisely with the original intelligent energy.

The general plan of created evolution, which seems to be uniform throughout the One Infinite Creation, is for this process of the human being to grow through the densities and, under the first distortion of free will, find their way back to the original thought.

Each entity contains within it all of the densities and sub-densities of the octave so that in each entity, no matter whither its choices lead it, its great internal blueprint is one with all others.

Thusly its experiences will fall into the patterns of the journey back to the original Logos.  This is done through free will but the materials from which choices can be made are one blueprint.



Re-Uniting with the Original Creative Thought

Once a mind/body/spirit complex [human being] becomes aware of this process it then decides that in order to have the abilities, the full abilities of the Creation and the Creator of which it is a small part yet at the same time, all of, in order to have the abilities that go with the entire Creation, it is necessary to reunite its thinking or reharmonize its thinking with the Original Creative Thought in precise vibration or frequency of vibration.

In order to do this it is necessary to discipline the personality so that it precisely conforms to the Original Thought or Original Vibration, and this is broken into seven areas of discipline each corresponding to one of the colors of the spectrum.

However, the precision with which each energy center matches the Original Thought lies not in the systematic placement of each energy nexus but rather in the fluid and plastic placement of the balanced blending of these energy centers in such a way that intelligent energy is able to channel itself with minimal distortion.



Evolution of the Consciousness through the Octave of Densities

A full and detailed discussion of the densities will occur in subsequent articles.  For now it is important to note that the evolution through the densities is an evolution through consciousness.  In brief:

  • First Density – Red – cycle of awareness; water, fire, air, earth (mineral consciousness)
  • Second Density – Orange – cycle of growth & movement; (plant & animal consciousness)
  • Third Density – Yellow – cycle of self-awareness; (human consciousness as we are currently experiencing it)
  • Fourth Density – Green – cycle of love or understanding (planetary consciousness)
  • Fifth Density – Blue – cycle of wisdom or light; co-creation (galactic consciousness)
  • Sixth Density – Indigo – cycle of love/light light/love; or blending compassion with wisdom; unity (galactic cluster level)
  • Seventh Density – Violet – the gateway cycle; turning towards timelessness (Universal Cosmic consciousness)
  • Eighth Density – The first density of the next octave – “All begins and ends in mystery.”



The Cosmic Breath – The Transition from One Octave to Another

When all of creation in its infinity has reached a spiritual gravitational mass of sufficient nature, the entire creation infinitely coalesces; the light seeking and finding its source and thusly ending the creation and beginning a new creation much as you consider the black hole, as you call it, with its conditions of infinitely great mass at the zero point from which no light may be seen as it has been absorbed.

The concept of the white light of the sub-Logos being prismatically separated and later, at the final chapter, being absorbed again is basically correct.  However, there are subtleties involved which are more than semantic.

The white light which emanates and forms the articulated sub-Logos [Suns] has its beginning in what may be metaphysically seen as darkness.  The light comes into that darkness and transfigures it, causing the chaos to organize and become reflective or radiant.

Thus the dimensions come into being.


Conversely, the blackness of the black hole, metaphysically speaking, is a concentration of white light being systematically absorbed once again into the One Creator.

Finally, this absorption into the One Creator continues until all the infinity of creations have attained sufficient spiritual mass in order that all form once again the great central sun, if you would so imagine it, of the intelligent infinity awaiting potentiation by free will.

Thus the transition of the octave is a process which may be seen to enter into timelessness of unimaginable nature.  To attempt to measure it by your time measures would be useless.

Thus, all begins and ends in mystery.


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