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In this article we will continue our discussion of esoteric cosmology. This article will take us on a fascinating and poetic journey through the creation of the universe according to The Seth Material, channeled by Jane Roberts.

As Jim Serra, member of says,

“Seth’s writings deal objectively with issues of religion, beliefs and faith. He eschews all dogmas, including, it should be noted, those of organized atheism and humanism.
The Seth Material parallels much of the core wisdom under-girding western religions, eastern religions, and modern science. But the system of reality outlined by Seth is generally incompatible with any sort of dogma, religious or scientific. If you adhere unbendingly to dogmas of either discipline, you will probably find the Seth Material uninteresting or ludicrous. If you are firm in your belief that humans are passive, objective observers of the scientific process with no impact on outcomes, you will likely label the Seth Material as pseudo-science or worse. If you are firm in your belief that humans are congenitally flawed creatures somehow separated from a divine Maker who demands worship and metes punishment, you may well find this material blasphemous. In either case, don’t waste your time.”1


Seth details a philosophy of conscious creation.2  This philosophy supposes that:

  • Physical reality arises from consciousness, not the other way around.
  • We create our own reality.
  • We are not at the mercy of a disjointed deity or subconscious.
  • We are multi-dimensional beings; more than our physical bodies.
  • Time and space are dimensional “illusions” we jointly create and by which we tacitly agree to abide.
  • At the core of our being we reside in a realm in which time and space do not exist.
  • We are, in essence, creative spiritual beings having an earthly experience.
  • The fate of each of us is in our own hands.
  • We have multiple, perhaps infinite, life experiences. Problems not faced in this life will be faced in another.
  • We cannot blame God, society, genetics or our parents for “misfortunes,” since before this physical life we chose the circumstances into which we would be born and the challenges that could best bring about our development.
  • We form physical matter as effortlessly and unself-consciously as we breathe. Telepathically, we are all aware of the mass ideas from which we form our overall conception of physical reality.



As Jim Serra writes to those who fear an ulterior motive within any channeled material, the following quote in Seth’s own words provides assurance that this is no work of an ‘evil spirit’.

“There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adulterated. It is wrong to curse a flower and wrong to curse a man. It is wrong not to hold any man in honor, and it is wrong to ridicule any man. You must honor yourselves and see within yourselves the spirit of eternal validity. You must honor all other individuals, because within each is the spark of this validity. When you curse another, you curse yourselves, and the curse returns to you. When you are violent, the violence returns.”



The Creative Source for All Realities

“In a manner of speaking, your universe and all others spring from a dimension that is the creative source for all realities—a basic dream universe, so to speak, a divine psychological bed where subjective being is sparked, illuminated, stimulated, pierced, by its own infinite desire for creativity.

The source of its power is so great that its imaginings become worlds, but it is endowed with a creativity of such splendor that it seeks the finest fulfillment, for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imagining.”

“That good intent is apparent within your world.  It is obvious in the cooperative ventures that unite, say, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, the relationship of bee to flower.

And your beliefs to the contrary, you have closed your minds to man’s own cooperative nature, to his innate desire for fellowship, his natural bent for taking care of others, and for altruistic behavior.”

This means humanity is innately good, despite evidence to the contrary.  Cooperation, not competition, is the basis of life.  Without cooperation life on this planet would never have existed.



The Creation is Occurring Now

Science and religion seek for the origin of the universe in the past.  However, the universe is being created now.

Creation occurs in each moment, in your terms.  The illusion of time itself is being created now.

“It is therefore somewhat futile to look for the origins of the universe by using a time scheme that is in itself, at the very least, highly relative.

The universe is always coming into existence, and each present moment brings its own built-in past along with it.”



Space and Time

Space is a psychological property.  So is time. You cannot pinpoint the location of consciousness.

The universe did not, then, begin at some specified point in time, or at any particular location in space—for it is true to say that all of space and all of time appeared simultaneously, and appear simultaneously.



The Creative Universe & Divine Surprise

“Almost anyone will agree, I should hope, that the universe is a most splendid example of creativity.

Few would agree, however, that you can learn more about the nature of the universe by examining your own creativity than you can by examining the world through instruments – and here is exquisite irony, for you create the instruments of creativity, even while at the same time you often spout theories that deny to man all but the most mechanical of reactions.”

“In other terms, the world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the Planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained; nor is there anywhere within it anything that corresponds to your survival-of-the-fittest theories.”



Look for Creation within Your Minds & Emotions

“Since your universe springs from an inner one, and since that inner one pervades each nook and cranny of your own existence, you must look where you have not before – into the reality of your own minds and emotions.

You must look to the natural universe that you know.

You must look with your intuitions and creative instincts at the creatures about you, seeing them not as other species with certain habits, not as inferior properties of the earth, to be dissected, but as living examples of the nature of the universe, in constant being and transformation.

You must study the quality of life, dare to follow the patterns of your own thoughts and emotions, and to ride that mobility, for in that mobility there are hints of the origin of the universe and of the psyche.”

“Thoughts spring into your mind as the objective universe swims into reality – that is, in the same fashion.”

“Diagramming sentences tells you little about the spoken language, and nothing about those miraculous physical and mental performances that allow you to speak – and so diagramming the species of the world is, in the same way, quite divorced from any true understanding.”

“The truth is that the answers lie in your own experience.  They are implied in your own spontaneous behavior – that is, in the wondrous activity of your bodies and minds.”



Consciousness as the Origin of the Universe

“The universe formed out of what God is.

The universe is the natural extension of divine creativity and intent, lovingly formed from the inside out—so there was consciousness before there was matter, and not the other way around.”

“There is no point at which consciousness emerged.  Consciousness is within the tiniest particle, whatever its life conditions seem to be, or however it might seem to lack those conditions you call living.”

“Before the smallest cell appeared, in your terms, there was the consciousness that formed the cell.

Consciousness predates physical forms.  Consciousness predates the physical universe.  Consciousness predates all of its manifestations.”

“Scientists say now that energy and matter are one.  They must take the next full step to realize that consciousness and energy and matter are one.”

“Consciousness and matter and energy are one, but consciousness initiates the transformation of energy into matter.

In those terms, consciousness is the agent that directs the transformation of energy into form and of form into energy.”

“In those terms, the “beginning” of your universe was a triumph in the expansion of consciousness, as it learned to translate itself into physical form.”

“The universe emerged into actuality in the same way, but to a different degree, that any idea emerges from what you think of as subjectivity into physical expression.”

“Your closest approximation — and it is an approximation only—of the state of being that existed before the universe was formed is the dream state.  In that state before the beginning, your consciousness existed free of space and time, aware of immense probabilities.

Your consciousness is a part of an infinitely original creative process.”



What is the Purpose of this Consciousness?

“When you ask what is the purpose of consciousness you take it for granted there must be one purpose – where the greater truth and creativity must be that consciousness itself cannot be aware of all of its own purposes, but ever discovers its own nature through its own manifestations.”

To those who want easy answers, this is no answer, I admit.

“There is, I know, in heroic terms a love, a knowledge, a compassion, a creativity that can be assigned to All That Is, which is within each creature.”

“I know that each smallest “particle” of consciousness can never be broken down, and that each contains an infinite capacity for creativity and development – and that each is innately blessed.”

“There is a design and a designer, but they are so combined, the one within and the one without, that it is impossible to separate them.  The Creator is also within its creations, and the creations themselves are gifted with creativity.”



Spontaneous, Holographic Consciousness

“All-That-Is is so much a part of its creations that it is almost impossible to separate the “creator from the creations,” for each creation also carries indelibly within it the characteristics of its source.

Each portion of consciousness is a part of All That Is, and that the universe falls together in a spontaneous, divine order—and that each portion of consciousness carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole.”



The “Invisible” Universe as the Source for the Visible Universe

“When you ask about the beginning of a universe, you are speaking of a visible universe.

The universe did not originate from what you like to think of as an external, objectified source.”

“There is consciousness within each conceivable hypothetical point within the universe.  There is therefore “an invisible universe” out of which the visible or objective universe springs.”

“Your universe did not emerge at any one point, therefore, or with any one initial cell – but everywhere it began to exist at once, as the inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that “impregnated” the entire physical system simultaneously.”

In this case, first of all light appeared.

“At the same time Electromagnetic Energy (EE) units became manifest, impinging from the invisible universe into definition.

The motion and energy of the universe still come from within.”

“I certainly realize that this is hardly a scientific statement – yet the moment that All That Is conceived of a physical universe it was invisibly created, endowed with creativity, and bound to emerge.

Because each hypothetical, conceivable portion of the universe is conscious, the Planner is within the plan itself in the greatest of terms – perhaps basically inconceivable to you.”

“There is of course no “outside” into which the invisible universe materialized, since all does indeed exist in a mental, psychic, or spiritual realm quite impossible to describe.”



The Origin of the Invisible Universe

“Your next question is easy to anticipate, of course, for you will want to know the origin of that “interior” universe from which I have said the exterior one ever emerges – and here we must part company with treasured objectivity, and enter instead a mental domain, in which it is seen that contradictions are not errors; an inner domain large enough to contain contradictions at one level, for at another level they are seen to be no contradictions at all.”

“While you believe in and experience the passage of time, then such questions will naturally occur to you, and in that fashion.  Within that framework they make sense.  When you begin to question the nature of time itself, then the “when” of the universe is beside the point.”



Before the Beginning & All That Is

“Before the beginning of the universe, we will postulate the existence of an omnipotent, creative source.

In the deepest of terms, however, and in ways that quite scandalize the intellect when it tries to operate alone, the beginning is now.”

“All That Is, before the beginning contained within itself the infinite thrust of all possible creations.

All That Is possessed a creativity of such magnificence that its slightest imaginings, dreams, thoughts, feelings or moods attained a kind of reality, a vividness, an intensity, that almost demanded freedom.

Freedom from what? Freedom to do what? Freedom to be what?”

“The experience, the subjective universe, the “mind” of All That Is, was so brilliant, so distinct, that All That Is almost became lost, mentally wandering within this ever-flourishing, ever-growing interior landscape.  Each thought, feeling, dream, or mood was itself indelibly marked with all of the attributes of this infinite subjectivity.  Each glowed and quivered with its own creativity, its own desire to create as it had been created.”

All That Is knew of itself only.

“It was engrossed with its own subjective experiences, even divinely astonished as its own thoughts and imaginings attained their own vitality, and inherited the creativity of their subjective creator.

Thoughts of such magnificent vigor began to think their own thoughts—and their thoughts thought thoughts.

As if in divine astonishment and surprise, All That Is began to listen, and began to respond to these “generations” of thoughts and dreams, for the thoughts and dreams related to each other also.”

There was no time, so all of this “was happening” simultaneously.

“All That Is spontaneously thought new thoughts and dreamed new dreams, and became involved in new imaginings—and all of these also related to those now-infinite generations of interweaving and interrelating thoughts and dreams that “already” existed.”

“All That Is began to watch the interactions that occurred among its own subjective progeny.  It listened, began to respond and to answer a thought or a dream.  It began to purposefully bring about those mental conditions that were requested by these generations of mental progeny.  If it had been lonely before, it was no longer.”

“All-That-Is is quite beyond any designations having to do with any one species or sex.”

“All That Is, then, began to feel a growing sense of pressure as it realized that its own ever-multiplying thoughts and dreams themselves yearned to enjoy those greater gifts of creativity with which they were innately endowed.”

“All-That-is is possessed by “the need” to lovingly create from its own being; to lovingly transform its own reality in such a way that each most slight probable consciousness can come to be; and with the need to see that any and all possible orchestrations of consciousness have the chance to emerge, to perceive and to love.”

“All That Is, then, became aware of a kind of creative tumult as each of its superlative thoughts and dreams, moods and feelings, strained at the very edges of their beings, looking for some then- unknown, undiscovered, as of then unthought-of release.”

“All That Is searched through the truly infinite assortment of its incredible progeny to see what conditions were needed for this even more magnificent dream, this dream of a freedom of objectivity. What door could open to let physical reality emerge from such an inner realm?”

“When All That Is, in your terms, put all of those conditions together it saw, of course, in a flash, the mental creation of those objective worlds that would be needed—and as it imagined those worlds, in your terms, they were physically created.”

“[All That Is] did not separate itself from those worlds, however, for they were created from its thoughts, and each one has divine content.”

“The worlds are all created by that divine content, so that while they are on the one hand exterior, they are on the other also made of divine stuff, and each hypothetical point in your universe is in direct contact with All That Is in the most basic terms.”

“The knowledge of the whole is within all of its parts—and yet All That Is is more than its parts.”

“God, or All That Is, is in the deepest sense completed, and yet uncompleted.”



Consciousness of All That Is

“Imagine now, as far as you are able, the existence of All That Is, a consciousness so magnificently complex that what we may call its own psychological compartments are, literally now, infinite.”

“All appearances of time, and all experience of it, must be psychological.  The “speed” of electrons, for example, would reflect their psychological motion.”

“All That Is, as the source of all realities and experience is so psychologically complex, so multidimensionally creative, that it constantly surprises itself.

It is, itself, the invisible universe that is everywhere implied within your world, but that becomes manifest to your perception only through historic time.”

“It is in all meanings of the word, divine, yet it disperses even that divinity so that in your terms, each unit of consciousness contains within itself those properties of divinity.”

“All That is has no one image, but is within all images (whether or not they are manifest).”

“Your position on the scale of awareness inclines you to categorize consciousness so that only your own familiar brand seems to fit the definition – so again here I remind you that consciousness is everywhere in the deepest terms, because All That Is disperses itself throughout physical reality.”

“All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence, and purposes within it.  So of course do all peoples, and all races.”

“All That Is endows each portion of its own transformed reality with a unique existence that is duplicated nowhere else, and each spark of consciousness is endowed with a divine heritage that is never extinguished – a spark that is apparent in all other corners of the universe.”



All That Is, Value Fulfillment & Creation

“That characteristic of value fulfillment is perhaps the most important element in the being of All That Is, and it is a part of the heritage of all species.

Value fulfillment itself is most difficult to describe, for it combines the nature of a loving presence—a presence with the innate knowledge of its own divine complexity—with a creative ability of infinite proportions that seeks to bring to fulfillment even the slightest, most distant portion of its own inverted complexity.”

“Translated into simpler terms, each portion of energy is endowed with an inbuilt reach of creativity that seeks to fulfill its own potentials in all possible variations—and in such a way that such a development also furthers the creative potentials of each other portion of reality.”

“Now because All That Is contains within itself such omnipotent, fertile, divine creative characteristics, all portions of its subjective experience attained dimensions of actuality impossible to describe.”

“The thoughts, for example, of All that Is were not simply thoughts as you might have, but multidimensional mental events of superlative nature. Those events soon found that a transformation must occur.  They sensed a kind of value fulfillment that required of them the utilization of their own creative abilities.

They yearned to create as they had been created, and All That Is, in a kind of divine perplexity, nevertheless realized that this had always been its own intent.”

“All That Is realized that such a separation would also allow you to bring about a different kind of divine art, in which the creators themselves created, and their creations created, bringing into actuality existences that were possible precisely because there would seem to be a difference between the creator and the creations.”

“All-That-Is is, therefore, within each smallest portion of consciousness.  Yet each smallest portion of consciousness can uniquely create, bring into being, eccentric versions of All That Is, that in certain terms All That Is, without that separation, could not otherwise create.”

“The loving support, the loving encouragement of the slightest probable consciousness and manifestation—that is the intent of All That Is.”



The Illumination of Consciousness into Matter

“There was a point where consciousness impressed itself into matter through intent, or forced itself into matter.  That “breakthrough” cannot be logically explained, but only compared to say an illumination – that is, a light everywhere occurring at once, that became a medium for life in your terms.

It had nothing to do with the propensity of certain kinds of cells to reproduce, but with an overall illumination that set the conditions in which life as you think of it was possible – and at that imaginary hypothetical point, all species became latent.”

“There was no point at which consciousness was introduced, because consciousness was the illumination from which the first cells emerged.  That illumination was everywhere then at every point aware of itself, and of the conditions formed by its presence.”



Non-living to Living? – Everything is Alive

“There was no point in which chemicals or atoms suddenly acquired life, for they always possessed consciousness, which is life’s requirement.”

“You wonder what gave life to the first egg or seed, or whatever, and think that an answer to that question would answer most others; for life, you say, was simply passed on from that point.

But what gives life to the egg or the seed now, keeps it going, provides that energy?  What gives life to chemicals now? That is the more proper question.”

“It appears that there is living matter and nonliving matter, leading to such questions as:  “How does nonliving mater become living?”

There is no such thing as nonliving matter.

“There is simply a point that you recognize as having the characteristics that you have ascribed to life, or living conditions – a point that meets the requirements that you have arbitrarily set.

This makes it highly difficult in a discussion for there is no particular point at which life was inserted into nonliving matter.”

“There is no point at which consciousness emerged.  Consciousness is within the tiniest particle, whatever its life conditions seem to be, or however it might seem to lack those conditions you call living.”



The First Physical Matter

“The first “object” was an almost unendurable mass, though it had no weight, and it exploded, instantaneously beginning processes that formed the universe—but no time was involved.

The process that you might imagine took eons occurred in the twinkling of an eye, and the initial objective materialization of the massive thought of All That Is burst into reality.”



Units of Consciousness – The Building Blocks of Matter

“In the beginning CU’s, units of consciousness, existing within a divine psychological gestalt, endowed with the unimaginable creativity of that sublime identity, began themselves to create, to explore, and to fulfill those innate values by which they were characterized.

Operating both as waves and particles, directed in part by their own creative restlessness, and directed in part by the unquenchable creativity of All That Is, they embarked upon the project that brought time and space and your entire [universe] into being.”

The CU’s were the first entities, then.

“I want you to try and imagine a situation in which there exists a psychological force that includes within its capabilities the ability to act simultaneously on the most microscopic and the most macroscopic levels; that can form within itself a million separate inviolate unique identities, and that can still operate as a part of those identities, and as a larger unit that is their source—in which case it is a wave from which the particles emerge.

That description fits our units of consciousness.”



CU’s In the Beginning

“CU’s built your world from the inside out.

As physical creatures, they focused upon what you think of as physical identities: separate, individual differences, endowing each physical consciousness with its own original variations and creative potentials, its own opportunity for completely original experience, and a viewpoint or platform from which to participate in reality —one that at that level could not be experienced in the same way by any other individual.”

“This is [the] privileged, always new, private and immediate, direct experience of any individual of any species, or of any degree, as it encounters the objective universe.”

“At other levels, while each individuality is maintained, it rides the wavelike formations of consciousness.  It is everywhere at once, and the units of consciousness that make up your cells know the positions of all other such units, both in time and in space.”

“Units of consciousness (CU’s), transforming themselves into EE units, formed the environment and all of its inhabitants in the same process, in what you might call a circular manner rather than a serial one.  And in those terms, of course, there are only various physical manifestations of consciousness, not a planet and its inhabitants, but an entire gestalt of ‘awareized’ consciousness.”


Energy, Atoms & Molecules in the Beginning

“All possible visible or invisible particles that you discover or imagine— meaning hypothesized particles—possess consciousness.  They are energized consciousness.”

“In the beginning the atoms and molecules imagined the myriad of forms that were physically possible.  They imagined the numberless cells that could arise from their own cooperative creation.”

“Energy is boundless. It is exuberant. It knows no limits.  Energy is above all things infinitely creative, innovative, original.  Energy is imaginative.”

“I am not assigning human traits to energy.  Instead, your human traits are the result of energy’s characteristics—a rather important difference.

In those terms, the atoms dreamed the cells into physical being—and from that new threshold of physical activity cellular consciousness dreamed of the myriad organizations that could emerge from this indescribable venture.”



In the Beginning

“In the beginning, there was not God the Father, Allah, Zoroaster, Zeus, or Buddha.”

“In the beginning there was instead, once more, a divine psychological gestalt—and by that I mean a being whose reality escapes the definition of the word “being,” since it is the source from which all being emerges.”

“That being exists in a psychological dimension, a spacious present, in which everything that was or is or will be (in your terms) is kept in immediate attention, poised in a divine context that is characterized by such a brilliant concentration that the grandest and the lowliest, the largest and the smallest, are equally held in a multi-loving constant focus.”

“In the beginning, then, there was a subjective world that became objective.  Matter was not yet permanent, in your terms, for consciousness was not yet as stable there.”

“In the beginning, then, there was a dream world, in which consciousness formed a dream of physical reality, and gradually became awake within that world.

Mountains rose and tumbled.  Oceans filled.  Tidal waves thundered.  Islands appeared.  The seasons themselves were not stable.”

“In your terms the magnetic fields themselves fluctuated— but all of the species were there at the beginning, though in the same fashion, for as the dream world broke through into physical reality there was all of the tumultuous excitement and confusion with which a mass creative event is achieved.

There was much greater plasticity, motion, variety, give-and-take, as consciousness experimented with its own forms.  The species and environment together formed themselves in concert, in glorious combination, so that each fulfilled the requirements of its own existence while adding to the fulfillment of all other portions of physical reality.”



The Birth of the World & Dreams

“In the most basic of ways, the world is formed from the inside out, and from dreaming reality into the physical one—and those processes happen at another level of consciousness.”

“The birth of the world represented a divine psychological awakening.”

Each consciousness that takes a part in the physical universe dreamed of such a physical existence, in your terms, before the earth was formed.

If I say to you:  “Life came from a dream,” such a statement sounds meaningless.  Yet as your physical reality personally is largely dependent upon your dreaming state, and impossible without it, so in the same way the first cell was physically materialized and actual only because of its own inner reality of consciousness.”

“All of your grandest civilizations have existed first in the world of dreams.  You might say that the universe dreamed itself into being.”



The Dream World & Dream Bodies

“When I speak of the dream world, I am not referring to some imaginary realm, but to the kind of world of ideas, of thoughts, of mental actions, out of which all form as you think of it emerges.  In actuality this is an inner universe rather than an inner world.”

“Your physical reality is but one materialization of that inner organization.  All possible civilizations exist first in that realm of inner mind.”

“In the beginning, then, the species did not have the kinds of forms they do now.  They had pseudoforms— dream bodies, if you prefer—and they could not physically reproduce themselves.  Their experience of time was entirely different, and in the beginning the entire earth operated in a kind of dream time.”

“In your terms, this meant that time could be quickened, or lengthened. It was a kind of psychological time.  Again, forms appeared and disappeared.”

“In your terms of time, however, the dream bodies took on physical forms.  Physical reproduction was impossible. That did not happen to all of the species at once, however.

For a while, then, the earth had a mixed population of species who had completely taken on physical forms, and species who had not.

The forms, however, whether physical or not, were complete in themselves. Birds were birds, and fish fish.”

“In the beginning there were also species of various other kinds: combinations of man-animal and animal-man, and many other “crossbreed” species, some of fairly long duration in your terms.       There were dream trees, with dream foliage, that gradually became aware within that dream, turning physical, focusing more and more in physical reality, until their dream seeds finally brought forth physical trees.”

“There may be other terms I could use, in some ways more advantageous than the term, “the dream world.”  I am emphasizing this dream connection, however, because the dream state is one familiar to each reader, and it represents your closest touchstone to the kind of subjective reality from which your physical world emerges.”

“The dream state appears chaotic, shadowy, suspicious, or even meaningless, precisely because in life you are so brilliantly focused in daily reality that dreams appear to be staticky objective background noise, left over from when you sleep.  But that is how physical experience would seem to someone not focused in it, or inexperienced with its organization.”

“Initially, then, the world was a dream, and what you think of as waking consciousness was the dreaming consciousness.

In that regard the earth’s entire environment was built mentally, atom by conscious atom—each atom, again, being initially formed by units of consciousness.”



Dream Bodies Became Physical

“Dream bodies became physical, and through the use of the senses tuned to physical frequencies—frequencies of such power and allure that they would reach all creatures of every kind, from microbe to elephant, holding them together in a cohesive web of space-and-time alignment.”



The Birth of the World

“The earth then appeared as consciousness transformed itself into the many facets of nature.  The atoms and molecules were alive, aware— they were no longer simply a part of a divine syntax, but they spoke themselves through the very nature of their being.

But in your terms this was still largely a dream world, though it was fully fashioned.”

“You had the birth of individualized consciousness as you think of it into physical context.  Those consciousnesses were individualized before the beginning, but not manifest.

For one thing, while individualized consciousness was within the massive subjectivity of All That Is, it enjoyed, beside its own uniqueness, a feeling of supporting unity, a comforting knowledge that it was one with its source.”

“So in the beginning of [your] world, consciousness fluctuated greatly, focusing gently at the start, but not quite as willing to be as fully independent as its first intent might seem.”



Environments & Organisms Creating Each Other

“There is no place where consciousness stops and the environment begins, or vice versa.        Each form of life is created along with each other form—environment and organism in those terms creating each other.”

“After forms were fully physical, however, all species operated as sleepwalkers for many centuries, though on the scale that existed then the passage of time was not considered in the same fashion.  During that period the work of wedding nonphysical consciousness to matter was accomplished.

Effects of gravity, for example, were stabilized.  The seasons took on the rhythms best suited to the creatures in various locations.  The environment and the creatures accommodated each other.”

“I must of necessity tell this story in serial terms, but the world and all of its creatures actually come together like some spontaneously composed, ever-playing musical composition in which the notes themselves are alive and play themselves, so that the musicians and the notes are one and the same, the purpose and the performance being one, with each note played continuing to strike all of its own probable versions, forming all of its own probable compositions while at the same time taking part in all of the themes, melodies, and notes of the other compositions—so that each note, striking, defines itself, and yet also exists by virtue of its position in the composition as a whole.”



Birth of the Myriad Species

“If we must speak in terms of continuity, which I regret, then in those terms, you could say that life in the physical universe, on your planet, “began” spontaneously in a given number of species at the same time.”

“No matter what your version of creativity, or the creation of the world, you are stuck with questions of where such energy came from, for it seems that unimaginable energy was released more or less at one time, and that this energy must then run out.

The same energy, however, still gives birth anew to the universe.  In those terms, it is still being created.”

“The EE units, impressing a probable physical field, contain within them the latent knowledge of all of the various species that can emerge under those conditions.  The groupings “begin” in the invisible universe.”

“You can say that it took untold centuries for the EE units “initially” to combine, form classifications of matter and various species; or you can say that this process happened at once.

It is according to your relative position, but the physical universe was everywhere seeded, impregnated, simultaneously.”

“On the other hand, this still happens, and there is no real “coming in” point.”

“What you have in your physical species are the manifestations of inner species of being, or creative groupings originated by consciousness as material patterns into which consciousness then flows.

The patterns for the earth and for its creatures were as real before their physical appearances, and far more real than, say, the plan for a painting that you might have in your mind.

The universe always was innately objective in your terms, with its planets and creatures.  The patterns for all of the species always existed without any before or after arrangement.”

“I am not pleased with those analogies, but sometimes they are all I can use to express issues so outside of normal channels of knowledge.”

“It is as if, then, the earth, with all of its species, existed in complete form as a fully dimensioned cosmic underpainting, which gradually came alive all at once.

Birds did not come from reptiles. They were always birds.  They expressed a certain kind of consciousness that sought a certain kind of form.”

“Physically the species appeared — all species appeared — in the same way that you might imagine all of the elements of a highly complicated dream suddenly coming alive with physical properties.

Mental images — in those terms, now — existed that “in a flash of cosmic inspiration” were suddenly endowed with full physical manifestation.  Life was given, was free to develop according to its characteristic conditions. The planet was prepared, and endowed with life.”

“Consciousness built the forms, so life existed within consciousness for all eternity.”

“In the terms that you can understand, all species that you are aware of appeared more or less at once, because the mental patterns had peaked.  Their vitality was strong enough to form differentiation and cooperation within the framework of matter.”

If the universe were a painting, for example, the painter would not have first painted darkness, then an explosion, then a cell, then the joining together of groups of cells into a simple organism, then that organisms’ multiplication into others like it, or traced a pattern from an amoeba or a paramecium on upward – but he or she would have instead begun with a panel of light, and under-painting, in which all of the world’s organisms were included, though not in detail.

Then in a creativity that came from the painting itself the colors would grow rich, the species attain their delineations, the winds blow and the seas move with the tides.”



Earth & the Creation of the Species as Parts of the Earth

“In a matter of speaking, the birds and the insects are indeed living portions of the earth flying, even as, again in a matter of speaking, bears and wolves and cows and cats represent the earth turning itself into creatures that live upon its own surface.”

And in a matter of speaking, again, man becomes the earth thinking.  And when he thinks, man thinks for the microbes, for the atoms and the molecules, for the smallest particles within his being, for the insects and for the rocks, for the creatures of the sky and the air and the oceans.

Man thinks as naturally as the birds fly.  He looks at physical reality for the rest of physical reality.

He is earth coming alive to view itself through conscious eyes—but that consciousness is graced to be because it is so intimately a part of earth’s framework.”



Probable Earths & the Evolution of the Species

“I understand that it appears that species have vanished, but again you must remember probabilities, and that those species simply “developed” along the patterns of probable earths.”

“You are not just dealing with a one-line development of matter, but of an unimaginable creativity, in which all versions of your physical world exist, each one quite convinced of its physical nature.”

There are ramifications quite unspeakable, although in certain states of trance, or with the aid of educated dreaming, you might be able to glimpse the inner complications, the webworks of communications that connect your official earth with other probable ones.”

“You choose your time and focus in physical reality again and again, and the mind holds an inner comprehension of many seemingly mysterious developments involving the species.

Even the cells are free enough of time and space to hold an intimate framework of being within the present, while being surrounded by this greater knowledge of what you think of as the earth’s past.”

“In greater terms, the earth and all of its species are created in each moment.  Consciousness forms the environment, and not the other way around.  I hope to show that all species are motivated by what I call value fulfillment, in which each seeks to enhance the quality of life for itself and for all other species at the same time.

This further unites all species in a cooperative venture that has remained largely invisible because of beliefs projected outward upon the world by both your sciences and religions.”


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