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In this article we will continue our discussion of the strange and wonderful world of multidimensional time.  We will look at the ideas of simultaneous time, probabilities, and alternate timelines as described by Jane Roberts in The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.

Throughout this discussion keep in mind the importance of probabilities in quantum physics.  Modern science has found that at the smallest levels of physical reality only probabilities or ‘tendencies to exist’ occur. What decides which probabilities will be activated over others?  Consciousness.

Once again, science circles back around to spirituality and spirituality circles back around to science.




Simultaneous Time, Probabilities & Timelines

If time is 3D as we have been discussing in Cosmic Core, that implies time is simultaneous and past, present and future exist simultaneously.

Simultaneous time leads to “Layered time” – a series of alternate timelines.  Alternate timelines involve alternate realities and parallel universes.

All lives/lifetimes we experience are happening simultaneously in different dimensions of psychological reality on different timelines.

Time is spinning outward and inward, backward and forward into all probabilities simultaneously.

The vast reality of probabilities and layered time makes the existence of free will possible.

This is the key to free will!  Without probabilities and alternate timelines that each individual can choose from, true free will would be impossible.

Beliefs, thoughts, expectations (movements of consciousness) activate certain probabilities while leaving others latent.

All probabilities exist in potentiation, though some are more probable than others.

All possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual world or universe.

There are an infinite number of universes.

Reality is a many branched tree where every possible outcome is realized and exists in its own ‘history’ or ‘world’.

Time is alive and intelligent and has self-correcting mechanisms.  Time layers try to collapse into singularities to prevent time travel paradoxes from occurring.

You can change the past by how you act in the present.  It will not erase your memories of the past, so to speak, but it will affect your behavior, thoughts, emotions…etc. according to your new state of mind.



Probabilities and Time

“You form your corner of the universe, which is itself a part of another one. Within this the actions and beliefs of one affect all.

Each part is vital, and in one way or another there is instant communication between the smallest and the largest, the cobweb and the spider, the man, the entity, and the star — and each spins its own web of probabilities from which other universes continually spring.”




“Both men and molecules dwell in a field of probabilities, and their paths are not determined.

As we have already pointed out, the vast reality of probabilities makes the existence of free will possible.

This is a key idea to remember!  Probabilities in a multidimensional reality make free will possible.  You cannot have one without the other.

“If probabilities did not exist, and if you were not to some degree aware of probable actions and events, not only could you not choose between them, but you would not of course have any feelings of choice.

You would be unaware of the entire issue.”

“In your terms, probabilities are extensions and variations on the growth principle that is quite obvious in your daily reality.

Such growth is a natural manifestation flourishing within your particular area of actuality, observable to your senses.”

“Probabilities involve you with a rich psychological growth and development, present but not observable in your “home ground”.

Probabilities are an ever-present portion of your invisible psychological environment.”

“You exist in the middle of the probable system of reality.  It is not something apart from you.  To some extent it is like a sea in which you have your present being.  You are in it, and it is in you.”

“Occasionally at surface levels of consciousness, you might wonder what might have happened had you made other decisions than those you have; chosen different mates, for example, or taken up residence in other portions of the country. You might wonder what would have happened had you mailed an important letter that you subsequently decided not to mail; and in such small wonderings only, have you ever questioned the nature of probabilities.”

“But there are deep connections between yourself and all those individuals with whom you have had relationships, and with whom you were involved in deep decisions.”

“These are not nebulous. They are profound psychological interconnections that bind you each to each, particularly in a telepathic framework, though this may be beneath normal consciousness.

The unrealized physical connections that might have occurred, but did not, are worked out in other layers of reality.”

“In terms of probabilities, therefore, you choose certain acts, unconsciously transform these into physical events or objects, and then perceive them.

But those unchosen events also go out from you and are projected into these other forms.”

“These probabilities are realities, regardless of which decision you make.

Say, for example, that you have three choices and it is imperative that you select one. Using this state, you take the first choice.

The alternative present is the moment in which you make that choice.

Having made it the present is changed, and quite clearly you perceive exactly the way it is changed and what actions and events will flow from the change into the future that belongs to that particular alternate present.”



Probabilities and the Soul

“Any kind of existence happens within the context of nature, and nature includes the soul. Your definition of nature has simply been too limiting.

“The soul can be considered as an electromagnetic energy field, of which you are part.

It is a field of concentrated action when you consider it in this light – a powerhouse of probabilities or probable actions, seeking to be expressed; a grouping of nonphysical consciousnesses that nevertheless knows itself as an identity.”



Probabilities, Time & the Infinite Present

“There simply is no time as you think of it, only a present in which all things occur.”

“Think of the present as a pool of experience drawn from many sources, fed, in your terms, by tributaries from both the past and the future.

There are an infinite number of such tributaries (probabilities), and through your beliefs you choose from these, adjusting their currents.”

“There are miracles of condensed information within the cells themselves that scientists cannot perceive, for they exist outside of the scope of physical instruments.”

“In its own way, cellular comprehension includes a vast recognition of probabilities in your terms, and works with flashing manipulations in which these probabilities are contended with and responded to — and therefore altered.”

“The physically attuned conscious mind in your now cannot handle those staggering probabilities while maintaining a sense of identity, yet there are conscious traces within your daily thoughts that are the psychological representations of such knowledge.”

The present hub of the wheel is but one prominent present, operationally valid.

“Cause and effect as you think of them appear only because of the motion, the relative motion, of the wheel in our analogy.

When your eyes are on the road of time, therefore, you forget the circular motion of your being.”



Your Beliefs Activate Certain Probabilities

“All of your present experience was drawn from probable reality.”

“During your life, any event must come through your creaturehood, with the built-in time recognition that is so largely a part of your neurological structure; so usually there is a lag, a lapse in time, during which your beliefs cause material actualization.”

“When you try to change your convictions in order to change your experience, you also have to first stop the momentum that you have already built up, so to speak.”

“You are changing the messages while the body is used to reacting smoothly, unquestioningly, to a certain set of beliefs.

There is a steady even flow in which conscious activity through the neurological structure brings about events, and a familiar pattern of reaction is established.”

“When you alter these conscious beliefs through effort, then a period of time is necessary while the structure learns to adjust to the new preferred situation.”

If beliefs are changed overnight, comparatively less time is required.

“In a manner of speaking, each belief can be seen as a powerful station, pulling to it from fields of probabilities only those signals to which it is attuned, and blocking out all others.”

“When you set up a new station there may be some static or bleed-through from an old one for a while.  Any ability you have, then, can be “brought in more clearly,” amplified, and become practical rather than probable.”

“But in such a case you must concentrate upon the desired attribute — not, for example, upon the fact that you have not used it well thus far.”

“Your beliefs act like a hypnotist, then.”

“As long as the particular directions are given, so will your “automatic” experience conform.”

“The one suggestion that can break through is this:  “I create my reality, and the present is my point of power.”

“If you do not like the effects of a belief you must alter it, for no manipulation of the exterior conditions themselves will release you.”

“If you truly understand your power of action and decision in the present, then you will not be hypnotized by past events.”



Activating Human Potential from the Field of Infinite Probabilities

“When you are conceived, there is already a complete pattern for your grown physical body – a pattern that is definite enough to give you the recognizable kind of adult form, while variable enough to allow for literally infinite variations.”

“In the psychic areas, all patterns for knowledge, cultures, civilizations, personal and mass accomplishments, sciences, religions, technologies and arts, exist in the same fashion.

“Certain leanings, inclinations, and probabilities are present in your biological structure, to be triggered or not according to your purposes and intents.”

“Each individual is gifted in a variety of ways.  His or her own desires and beliefs activate certain abilities and ignore others.”

“The human species has built into it all of the knowledge, information, and “data” that it can possibly need under any and all conditions.

This heritage must be triggered psychically, however, as a physical mechanism such as a muscle is triggered through desire or intent.”

“This does not mean that you learn what in large terms you already know; as for example, if you learn a skill.  Without the triggering desire, the skill would not be developed; but even when you do learn a skill, you use it in your own unique way.”

“Still, the knowledge of mathematics and the arts is as much within you as your genes are within you.

You usually believe that all such information must come from outside of yourself, however.”

“Certainly mathematical formulas are not imprinted in the brain, yet they are inherent in the structure of the brain, and implied within its existence.”

“Your own focus determines the information that is available to you.

Your desire automatically attracts the kind of information you require, though you may or may not be aware of it.”

“If you are gifted, and want to be a musician, for example, then you may literally learn while you are asleep, tuning in to the world views of other musicians, both alive and dead in your terms.

When you are awake, you will receive inner hints, nudges, or inspirations.

You may still need to practice, but your practice will be largely in joy, and will not take as long as it might others.”

“The reception of such information facilitates skill, and operates basically outside of time’s sequences.”

“It seems almost heresy to suppose that such knowledge is available, for then what use is education?

Yet education should serve to introduce a student to as many fields of endeavor as possible, so that he or she might recognize those that serve as natural triggers, opening skills or furthering development.”

“Any information of knowledge must have a pattern if you are going to understand it at all.  This direct kind of knowledge is available, again, on any subject, to anyone who provides a suitable pattern through desire, love, intent or belief.”



Probable Events

“You process daily experience, project it into what you think of as the future, choose from an infinity of probable events those you will make physical, and begin the mental and psychic processes that will bring them into the world of substance.”

“In any given period of time, with one physical body, you can anticipate or perform an infinitely vaster number of events — each one remaining probable until you activate it.”

“All of the probable events of your life exist at once, at certain levels that are connected to the dream state.  Dreams serve as one of the methods by which you ascertain the desirability of any given probable act.

The dream also serves as a drama of interweaving probabilities, a springboard from which events emerge in all directions.”

“Probable events are brought into actuality by utilizing the body’s nerve structure through certain intensities of will or conscious belief.

These beliefs obviously have another reality beside the one with which you are familiar.

They attract and bring into being certain events instead of others.

Therefore, they determine the entry of experienced events from an endless variety of probable ones.”



Probabilities, Past, Present & Future – Reprogramming Your Past

“In your terms, practically speaking, probable events seem to make more sense when you think of them as latent future ones.”

“The fact remains that there are probable past events that “can still happen” within your personal previous experience.

A new event can literally be born in the past — “now.”

On a grand scale this rarely occurs in such a way that you perceive it.”

“A new belief in the present, however, can cause changes in the past on a neuronal level.”

“You must understand that basically time is simultaneous.  Present beliefs can indeed alter the past.”

“In some cases of healing, in the spontaneous disappearance of cancer, for instance, or of any other disease, certain alterations are made that affect cellular memory, genetic codes, or neuronal patterns in the past.

In such instances there is, as easily as I can explain it, a reaching into deep biological structures as they existed at one time; at that point the probabilities are altered, and the condition erased in your present — but also in your past.”

“Learning is not simply passed on from living tissue to living tissue — this your biologists have discovered — but it is also passed on through the body’s present corporeal reality, sometimes entirely changing the messages to past cells, that in your terms no longer exist.

The biological structure as it existed in the past is therefore affected.  Experience is built into the organism that it did not have before, in your terms.

It is a sort of reprogramming.”

“It is impossible, of course, for you to examine cellular structure now as it exists in the present and simultaneously as it existed in the past. Scientifically, you can only probe those effects that appear within your present.”

“You must remember that basically time is simultaneous.  Present beliefs can indeed alter the past.  A sudden or intense belief in health can indeed “reverse” a disease, but in a very practical way it is a reversal in terms of time.”

“When you alter your beliefs today you also reprogram your past.”

“As far as you are concerned the present is your point of action, focus, and power, and from that point of volition you form both your future and past.

“Realizing this, you will understand that you are not at the mercy of a past over which you have no control.”

“For example: If you constantly focus on the belief that your early background was damaging and negative, then only such experiences will flow into your present life from the past.

It does no good to say, “But my life was traumatic,” therefore reinforcing the belief.

You must in one way or another modify that conviction, or preferably change it entirely — or you will never escape from its effects.”

“This does not mean “lying” to yourself; but if it seems to you that your background held no joys, accomplishments or pleasures, then you are lying to yourself now. You have concentrated upon the negative to such a degree that anything else seems invisible.”

“From the present you have hypnotized yourself, viewing the past not as it was to your experience, but as it appears now in the light of your current beliefs.

You have reconstructed it. So when I tell you to restructure your past, I am not telling you to do something that you have not already done.”

“Your desire or belief will literally be reaching back into time, teaching the nerves new tricks.  Definite reorganizations in that past will occur in your present, allowing you to behave in entirely new fashions.   

Learned behavior therefore alters not only present and future but also past conduct.”

“The moment as you think of it, then, is the creative framework through which you, the nonphysical self, constantly form corporeal reality; and through that window into earthly existence you form both its future and its past.”



Probable Selves

“In surface terms, the sense of “I” that you possess is the result of constantly emerging probable identities, given continuity in time through the physical apparatus of the body with its built-in intervals of nerve reaction.

You only remember the portion of your identity that is physically realized – those portions that are drawn into corporeal pattern.”

“Because of your psychological and psychic structure, there is within the rich makeup of your being literally endless variety of what you may call probable selves.”

“In one reality or another these will all be experienced.”

“In your present existence however, you will utilize only those psychological characteristics that you believe you possess.

When your ideas about yourself change, so does your experience.”

“In your terms “to advance” as a consciousness is to become more and more aware of these other materializations of your own identity.”

“The probable selves are to gain awareness of the other probable selves, and realize that all are various manifestations of the true identity.

They are not “lost”, buried or negated in some super-self, without free will, self-determination, or individuality.”

“Instead the identity is what they are, with full freedom to express all probable actions and developments, both in this reality and in others that you do not know.”

“Your consciousness is not a thing that you possess.  Your individuality is not a thing with limits.”

“If you ask, “What is my individuality in all of this?” or, “Which ‘I’ am I?” then you are automatically thinking of yourself as a psychological entity with definite boundaries that must be protected at all costs.”



Daydreams and Probable Realities

The Law of One teaches that for daydreams to become real in other realities it will depend upon the nature of the daydream. This is a large subject. Perhaps the simplest thing that can be said about it is if the daydream is one which attracts to self, this then becomes reality to self.

If it is a contemplative general daydream, this may enter the infinity of possibility/probability complexes and occur elsewhere, having no particular attachment to the energy fields of the creator.

If an entity daydreams strongly about building a ship, for example, this would/would have/or shall occur.

If an entity daydreams strongly about battling another entity, for example, in this case the entity’s fantasy concerns the self and other-self, thus binding the thought-form (daydream) to the possibility/probability complex connected with the self which is the creator of this thought-form.

This then would increase the possibility/probability of bringing this into occurrence in physical reality.



Probable Realities

“Each consciousness is endowed with creativity of a multidimensional nature, so that it will seek to create as many possible realities for itself as it can, using its own significance as a focus to draw into its experience whatever events are possible for it from the universe itself.

It will then attract events from the universe, even as its own existence imprints the universe as an event with the indelible stamp of its own nature.”



Probable Worlds

“The historical and cultural world as you know it appears to be the only one objective world with its history already written, its present, and hopefully its probable future.

It seems also that the future must be built upon that one known species or world past.”

“Often it may simply sound like a figure of speech when I talk about probabilities.”

“In many ways it may indeed appear to be almost outrageous to consider the possibility that “there is more than one earth,” or that there are many earths, each similar enough to be recognizable, yet each different in the most vital respects.”

“Your particular house exists.  Yet you may open the door on any given day to a probable world from your immediate standpoint, and never know the difference.”

“This happens all the time, and I mean all the time.

“You move through probabilities without knowing it.

The transitions are literally invisible to you, though they may appear as trace elements in your dreams.  As a diamond has many facets, so does your reality in that regard.”

“The year 2018, [or any year] exists in all of its potential versions, now in this moment.”

“Because mass events are concerned there is not a completely different year, of course, for each individual on the face of the planet— but there are literally an endless number of mass-shared worlds of 2018 “in the wings,” so to speak.”

“It is not quite as simple a matter as just deciding what events you want to materialize as reality, since you have, in your terms, a body of probabilities of one kind or another already established as the raw materials for the coming year.”




When speaking of probable words, selves and timelines it is imperative to understand that these probable selves are not disconnected from one another.  There exists an access to each of our probable selves, and this access comes through the dream world, and also through intense or advanced meditation.  There are, of course, other ways, but these are the predominant ones each person has fairly easy access to.

To recap: “If you ask, “What is my individuality in all of this?” or, “Which ‘I’ am I?” then you are automatically thinking of yourself as a psychological entity with definite boundaries that must be protected at all costs.”

There are no boundaries to the Self, and what happens to one probable self is felt through all probable selves in one way or another.

As each individual spiritually evolves and learns to balance their body, mind and spirit, their consciousness will continue to expand until they become their Higher Cosmic Self.  This Higher Self is the expanded version of each entity.  It is the version that is able to see the bigger picture of the Self and is aware of all probable and reincarnational versions and recognizes they are all one Self with no boundaries.

Until that point is reached, the Higher Self can act like a filter, lens or contact point through which to view reality.  That is, each person, through lucid dreaming, meditation or contemplation, can contact or experience their higher self and recognize all the parts of their being as one Self.


To put it another way, as we evolve these probable version of ourselves collapse or combine together into a single expanded entity.  Then we realize that we are all probable selves and not just one; or not many that are separate and disconnected.

This is the importance of going inside your own mind and exploring your own consciousness.  Only then can you recognize the unity of your being.  We have many, many probable selves but as we evolve we realize they are all One Self experiencing reality in many different ways.  Eventually our minds expand to encapsulate all those parts and the complete unity which binds all things becomes clear.

At this point we view our probable selves in the same way that we currently view each of the days of our lives.  Each day is a separate piece of a lifetime, but they are all connected as one life and they all affect the life as a whole.  When our consciousness expands we are able to to see our cosmic probable selves in the same way we are able to now see each day (and the person we were on each of those days) of our current life.


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