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In this article we will continue our discussion of the holographic universe, focusing now on the biological properties of a holographic Aether.

In the last article we began to get into the idea of a holographic brain, the implications being that memories, personality and intelligence are not stored in the brain or body, but in a holographic ‘energetic’ blueprint of the body and mind.

We will expand on these ideas in this article.



The Biological Properties of a Holographic Aether



Dr. Herbert Frohlich

Herbert Frohlich (1905-1991) was a German-born British physicist who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963 and 1964.

Dr. Frohlich advanced the idea that radiation and oscillating waves are responsible for synchronizing cell division and sending chromosomal instructions around the body.

He introduced the idea that some sort of collective vibration was responsible for getting proteins to cooperate with each other and carry out instructions of DNA.

He called these “Frohlich frequencies”.

“Frohlich had shown that once energy reaches a certain threshold, molecules begin to vibrate in unison, until they reach a high level of coherence.  The moment molecules reach this state of coherence, they take on certain qualities of quantum mechanics, including non-locality.”1

“Recent theoretical considerations predict generation of radio frequency electromagnetic fields in cells as a result of vibrations of microtubules.”2

Recall that microtubules are thought to play an important role in consciousness.  We have briefly touched upon this subject in Cosmic Core, and we will again in article 139.



How Molecules Communicate with a Living Cell

The mainstream theory is called QSAR – Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship.

QSAR describes how two molecules that match each other structurally exchange specific chemical information which occurs when they bump into each other.

“Biologists still adhere to the mechanistic notions of Descartes that there can only be reaction through contact, some sort of impulsive force.  They accept gravity; they reject any other notions of action at a distance.”3

“The central problem with the current theory is that it is too dependent on chance and also requires a good deal of time.  It can’t begin to account for the speed of biological processes, like anger, joy, sadness or fear.  But if instead each molecule has its own signature frequency, its receptor or molecule with the matching spectrum of features would tune into this frequency, much as your radio tunes into a specific states, even over vast distances, or one tuning fork causes another tuning fork to oscillate at the same frequency.  They get in resonance – the vibration of one body is reinforced by the vibration of another body at or near its frequency.  As these two molecules resonate on the same wavelength, they would then begin to resonate with the next molecules in the biochemical reaction, thus creating, in Jacques Benveniste’s words, a ‘cascade’ of electromagnetic impulses traveling at the speed of light.”4

The electromagnetic frequencies Benveniste studied corresponded with frequencies in the audio range, even though they don’t emit any actual noise that we can detect.

“According to Benveniste’s theory, two molecules are then tuned into each other, even at a long distance and resonate to the same frequency.  These two resonating molecules would then create another frequency, which would then resonate with the next molecule or group of molecules in the next stage of the biological reaction.”5

“This is not so far-fetched considering what we already know about how molecules vibrate. Both specific molecules and intermolecular bonds emit certain specific frequencies which can be detected billions of light-years away, through the most sensitive of the modern telescopes.  These frequencies have long been accepted by physicists, but no one in the biological community save Fritz-Albert Popp and his predecessors has paused to consider whether they actually have some purpose.”6

“From 1991, Benveniste demonstrated that you could transfer specific molecular signals simply by using an amplifier and EM coils.  Four years later, he was able to record and replay these signals using a multimedia computer.  Over thousands of experiments Benveniste and Guillonnet recorded the activity of the molecule on a computer and replayed it to a biological system ordinarily sensitive to that substance.  In every instance, the biological system has been fooled into thinking it has been interacting with the substance itself and acted accordingly, initiating the biological chain reaction, just as it would if in the actual presence of the genuine molecule.”7



Jacques Benveniste & His EM signals

Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004) was a French immunologist considered the ‘Father of Homeopathy’ and known for the ‘Memory of Water’.  We will discuss his interesting and controversial work on water in later articles.

In 1997 Benveniste founded the company DigiBio to “develop and commercialize applications of Digital Biology.”8

Since then, Benveniste and his DigiBio colleagues have filed three patents on diverse applications.

In essence, if you don’t need the molecule itself, but only its signal (as Benveniste found), then you don’t need to take drugs, do biopsies or test for toxic substances or pathogens such as parasites and bacteria with physical sampling.

He’d already shown in one study that you could use frequency signaling to detect the bacteria E. coli.

It’s known that latex particles sensitized to a certain antibody will cluster in the presence of E. coli K1.

By recording the signal for E. coli, another bacteria and also control substances, and then applying them to the latex particles, Benveniste found that the E. coli produced the largest clusters of any of the frequencies.

Before long, his team’s record for detecting the E. coli signal became virtually perfect.

The implications of digital biology means that when we are ill, we may not need to take drugs. We could get rid of unwanted parasites or bacteria just by playing a frequency destructive to the pathogen.

We could also use electromagnetic means of detecting dangerous microorganisms in our agriculture.  Using the correct frequencies, we wouldn’t have to use dangerous pesticides but could destroy harmful pests with electromagnetic signals.

Jacques Benveniste was not the first to discover this information.

We will now look at one of the world’s most unsung heroes, Royal Raymond Rife.

Royal Raymond Rife discovered that sound frequencies can heal and destroy pathogens, including viruses.



Royal Raymond Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) was an American scientist, inventor, and the ‘Father of Bioelectric Medicine’.  He is a true American hero and one whose work has tragically been suppressed.

Rife received 14 major awards and honors and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg.

He invented the world’s first virus microscope by 1920 and perfected the incredibly complex Universal Microscope by 1933.

Rife’s microscopes including the Universal microscope are discussed in detail in the paper ‘The New Microscopes” by R.E. Seidel and M. Elizabeth Winter from 1944.   (Found here:

He could magnify objects 60,000 times with the Universal Microscope he created.

He was the first human to see a live virus and the first to identify the human cancer virus.

Modern electron microscopes instantly kill everything beneath them.

His microscope allowed viewing of live viruses – able to see the bustling activity of living viruses as they change form to accommodate changes in environment, replicate rapidly in response to carcinogens and transform normal cells into tumor cells.

Over 75% of the organisms seen with this microscope are only visible with ultraviolet light.

He illuminated the microbe with two different wavelengths of the same UV frequency which resonated with the spectral signature of the microbe.

The two wavelengths produced a third longer wavelength (interference) which fell into the visible spectrum.

He was able to see them without killing them – today’s electron microscopes cannot do this.

He identified the individual spectroscopic signature of each microbe using a slit spectroscope attachment.

He rotated block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength upon the microorganism he was examining.

Every molecule oscillates at its own distinct frequency – this is now established fact; it wasn’t at his time.

No two species of molecule have the same EM oscillations or energetic signature.

Rife used resonance to both see and kill the viruses.

He increased the intensity of a frequency which resonated naturally with these microbes, increasing their natural oscillations until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stress – like a high musical note shattering a wine glass.

He called it the “mortal oscillatory rate” or “MOR”.

He discovered the frequencies of many diseases: herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza, tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, streptococcus, typhoid, staphylococcus, leprosy, hoof and mouth disease and many more…

“Under the universal microscope disease organisms [such as the ones listed above] are observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies, coordinated with the particular frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by rays covering a wide range of waves.”9

He had a 100% success rate of curing cancer patients over a 10 week treatment period at the University of Southern California in 1934.

He kept meticulous records, including film and stop-motion photographs.

Sadly, he and his work was later attacked in life.

His work was gradually stolen starting in 1939.

His microscope was vandalized.

There was an arson fire in a New Jersey lab, just as scientists were preparing to announce confirmation of his work.

Commercial production of his frequency instruments ceased in 1939 due to a frivolous lawsuit against the company.

Doctors who defended his work lost their foundation grants and hospital privileges.

His papers were purged from medical journals due to pharmaceutical industry influence.

“In Rife’s lifetime, he had witnessed the progress of civilization from horse-and-buggy travel to jet planes.  In that same time, he saw the epidemic of cancer increase from 1 in 24 Americans in 1905 to 1 in 3 in 1971 when Rife died.

He also witnessed the phenomenal growth of the American Cancer Society, the Salk Foundation, and many others collecting hundreds of millions of dollars for diseases that were cured long before in his own San Diego laboratories.

In one period, 176,500 cancer drugs were submitted for approval.  Any that showed ‘favorable’ results in only one-sixth of one percent of the cases being studied could be licensed. Some of these drugs had a mortality rate of 14-17%. When death came from the drug, not the cancer, the case was recorded as a ‘complete’ or ‘partial remission’ because the patient didn’t actually die from the cancer. In reality, it was a race to see which would kill the patient first: the drug or the disease.

The inevitable conclusion reached by Rife was that his life-long labor and discoveries had not only been ignored but probably would be buried with him. At that point, he ceased to produce much of anything and spent the last third of his life seeking oblivion in alcohol. It dulled the pain and his acute awareness of half a century of wasted effort – ignored – while the unnecessary suffering of millions continued so that a vested few might profit. And profit they did, and profit they do.10



How Could This Happen?  How could so many human beings be denied life-saving treatment?

Read the article published by BBC News on November 6, 2014 Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits, to understand the tip of the iceberg.11

Richard Anderson writes, “Imagine an industry that generates higher profit margins than any other and is no stranger to multi-billion dollar fines for malpractice.

Throw in widespread accusations of collusion and over-charging…

Last year, 100 leading oncologists from around the world wrote an open letter in the journal Blood calling for a reduction in the price of cancer drugs.

Dr. Brian Druker, director of the Knight Cancer Institute and one of the signatories has asked, “If you are making $3bn a year on a cancer drug Gleevec, could you get by with $2bn?  When do you cross the line from essential profits to profiteering?”

This is extremely important information to research and understand.  Please be aware.  Many a book could be written on the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry alone.

For the purposes of this article we will move on.



Next we have yet another example of how sound frequencies can cure cancer.


“Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies”

In 2011 a TEDx presentation occurred regarding the destruction of cancer cells by resonant frequencies.12

Anthony Holland, Associate Professor and Director of Music Technology at Skidmore College, and associates discovered that custom digital electronic signals could destroy cancer cells and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA).

They used Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to induce sympathetic resonant vibrations which shatter targeted cells.

These included: cells from pancreatic cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer and the antibiotic resistant MSRA.

Shattering microscopic organisms is possible because they have many similar properties of liquid crystals.

They found that cancer cells react to the eleventh harmonic frequency combinations.  This means the high frequency was 11 times greater than the low frequency.

In a Holographic Universe in which reality is composed of complex wave structures and interference patterns, all the above information makes complete sense.

We have been establishing the fact that all in reality is composed of oscillating waves with various frequencies, wavelengths and harmonics.

Now we are getting into some of the practical and vastly important applications of this information.

Once the new scientific paradigm is accepted and understood on a societal level, the planet will have an opportunity to prosper in peace and health like never before.  Our energy supply systems will be vastly improved, as well as our medical industries.  Each and every human being alive will benefit once enough human beings open their minds to discovering the full truth of science, spirituality and reality.


We will now continue to investigate the biological properties of a fractal-holographic universe.



Hans Driesch

Hans Driesch (1867-1941) was a German biologist and philosopher who was a pacifist and openly hostile to Nazi ideology.  During the rise of Hitler he “refused to retract his support for embattled colleagues, one of whom was the Jewish philosopher Theodore Lessing. In 1933 he was forcibly retired.”  In his later years he developed a deep interest in psychic research and parapsychology.

In the 1890s he examined the sea urchin.

The sea urchin is unique in that it has vegetative cells that look and behave exactly like plants do, and it has animal cells.

In the earliest stages of development, the embryo is only a hollow sphere.  The vegetative cells are on the bottom half and animal cells are on the top half.

When it develops further, the vegetative cells roll inside and form a pocket (the gut) and the animal cells remain on the outside.

He found that if he separated the very first two cells of the embryo, each one produced a whole new embryo – not a deformed half-creature.

He also found he could cut the early, sphere-shaped embryo into as many as eight different pieces and each of them would grow into a full new embryo – even if the piece he cut was 100% vegetative cells!

He believed there was an overall guiding force that determined the growth of any one cell within an embryo and that the force contains information that gives each cell instructions on what it should do – depending on where the cell is located.


James Strick tells us in Wilhelm Reich, Biologist, by 1899 Driesch “felt he could understand each step in development only by introducing a teleological principle into embryogenesis.  Because Driesch was a well-respected embryologist who had done important work under the mechanistic model in the 1890s, when he declared in 1899 that he was having real doubts about the mechanistic project, and switching to philosophy, declared his beliefs after 1900 to be ‘neovitalism’ it was not something that could just be ignored by laboratory scientists.”

“Driesch, believing that his results compromised contemporary mechanistic theories of ontogeny, instead proposed that the autonomy of life that he deduced from this persistence of embryological development despite interferences was due to what he called entelechy, a term borrowed from Aristotle’s philosophy to indicate a life force which he conceived of as psychoid or “mind-like”, that is; non-spatial, intensive, and qualitative rather than spatial, extensive, and quantitative.”13




Alexander Gurwitsch

Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954) was a Russian biologist and medical scientist who originated the morphogenetic field theory and discovered the biophoton.

Biophotons are “photons of light in the ultraviolet and low visible light range that are produced by a biological system.”14

Gurwitsch was a contemporary of Driesch and the two had developed a mutual professional admiration.15

Gurwitsch postulated a field, and not chemicals, were responsible for the structural formation of the body.  He emphasized that some key insights from vitalism ought not to be overlooked, despite embracing modern experimental work in biology.


Note: vitalism is the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces.

The opposite extreme of vitalism is reductionism.

Various forms of vitalism were the predominant mindset of scientists throughout the 1880’s.  It began to fall out of fashion in the early 1900’s as materialism and reductionism began to be pushed as the dominant paradigm.

James Strick writes, “To many, living organisms were not machines pure and simple: one could not disassemble the parts and reassemble them with the same result.  But neovitalism seemed too extreme in the other direction, declaring the most essential properties of life were simply inaccessible to modern laboratory investigation.”


There is a middle ground between science and spirituality.

He believed the energy fields were not only found in the embryo, but they governed and regulated the growth of adult forms as well.

He believed all organisms were being kept alive by this “mitogenetic energy field”, and they absorbed and radiated these fields throughout their life cycle.

He experimented with a growing onion.

He aimed the top of a sprouting onion at the side of another onion.  The cells on the second onion grew much faster than the rest, forming a noticeable bump where the first onion pointed.

He found that the effect could be blocked by putting a piece of glass in the way which shields infrared and UV light.

A piece of quartz did not block the effect.  “This made it highly unlikely a chemical signal was involved.”

He published this paper in 1926 that proved a very weak but measurable UV radiation emanating from the tip of the onion creating his “mitogenetic radiation” (MR).

This was proven true by later scientists:  a weak radiation from tissues stimulates cell growth in neighboring tissues of the same organism.

“It appears that this ultraviolet light is a signature of the Source Field, but is not the actual Source Field itself – much like the ripple in the surface of a lake, from a stone you just dropped in, is not the stone itself.  Many Russian scientists replicated Gurwitsch’s classic experiment with positive results over the years, though this intriguing research got washed away in the excited speculation that genes and DNA were responsible for all the codes that build living organisms – and determine their growth.”16


“As bacteriologist Otto Rahn has already observed in 1933, about the reaction to Gurwitsch’s MR discovery, ‘Fundamentally new scientific discoveries are by no means readily accepted by fellow scientists.  They are, as a group, quite conservative, and intolerant toward radically new ideas…Mitogenetic radiation, proved by hundreds of onion root experiments and tens of thousands of yeast experiments, is still doubted by many biologists.  Two things seem to have made the biologist suspicious.  He does not like the conception of radiating organisms.  It smacks of the popular conception of radiating personality, miraculous healing powers and similar mystic superstitions.  Further, some biologists did not obtain the same results when they repeated the work of Russian, German, French or Dutch workers.’”17


Alexander Hollaender, one of the early researchers in the U.S. to study MR wrote in 1935 that he was beginning to see problems with a lot of the MR work but still basically believed that the phenomenon was real.  He stated that the “politics of appearances” is just as important or more so in the skeptical reaction of most scientists to MR than the data themselves.

Hollaender lamented, “It is doubly unfortunate that the problem has attracted some workers who, apparently, see in the problem only an opportunity to deal in the spectacular.  In some respects Gurwitsch, himself, is to blame for this.  He tends very pronouncedly to accept the work of investigators whose data agree with his theories and to reject almost entirely criticism of a contradictory nature.  The result has been that a large number of scientific workers have become prejudiced against the problem; and the problem has not received the consideration which the work of a man of Gurwitsch’s integrity deserves.”18

Part of the problem, however, was that “it appeared that negative results might be a result of changes made in the technique by some subsequent researchers.  They believe they were ‘improving’ on the original technique but might be inadvertently altering or overlooking some key element.”



Dr. Harold Saxton Burr

Dr. Harold S. Burr (1889-1973) was a neuro-anatomist and Professor of anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine.

He was also a researcher into bio-electrics.

Dr. Burr discovered even an unfertilized salamander egg had an electrical energy field that was already shaped like an adult salamander – showing a straight line of charge along the egg in the direction it would eventually grow into an adult.

In plant seedlings he found electrical fields that looked similar to the adult plant.

He found these electrical fields around many different life forms.

He noticed the charge of these fields would change with growth, sleep patterns, the amount of light exposure, tissue regeneration, the presence of water, storms, the onset of cancer, diurnal, lunar and annual cycles.


Dr. Burr wrote a book in 1962.  His book The Nature of Man and the Meaning of Existence “was an attack against materialist philosophy.  In the book Burr wrote there is order in the universe, unity in the organism and man is endowed with a soul.  His book Blueprint for Immortality, published late in his career though he based it upon work carried out over decades, contended that the electro-dynamic fields of all living things, which may be measured and mapped with standard voltmeters, mold and control each organism’s development, health, and mood. He named these fields ‘fields of life’ or L-Fields.”19



Victor Adamenko & the “Phantom Leaf Effect”

Victor Adamenko was a Bealrusian scientist who studied Kirlian photography.

Kirlian photography, discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, “is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges…If an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.”20

In other words, if you put a leaf or other living thing on an electrified Kirlian plate, you see a beautiful aura that appears around it as a fuzzy electric discharge corona.

Kirlian Photograph of a Coleus Leaf.  Credit: MrX, 1980

In 1975 when Adamenko cut the top of a living leaf and put it on the plate, a phantom image of the missing piece still appeared for 10-15 seconds.

Kirlian Photograph of Fingerprints, female & male.  Credit: Sergio Valle Duarte, 1989



Dr. Peter P. Gariaev – Wave-based Genetics (Fractal Genetics)

From 1984 to 1994 Dr. Gariaev created a new direction in genetics: wave genetics.21

Visit his website for more information:


Wave-based Genetics:

  • Combines physical models of holographic associative memory and mathematical formalism having to do with intrinsic wave patterns in DNA.
  • Treats the genome as a holographic bio-computer that generates endogenous solitonic acoustic and electromagnetic waves to carry 4D epigenetic (alternative coding) information used by biosystems for spatial and temporal self-organizing.
  • Establishes the primacy of energetic, as opposed to biochemical, activity in directing cellular metabolism and replication.


Dr. Gariaev made the famous discovery of DNA phantom effect.



The DNA Phantom Effect

In 1984 Dr. Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin, from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow discovered the DNA phantom effect.22

They took a quartz container (cuvette) with a DNA sample in it.

When light is zapped into the room photons appear all over as little dots.

When DNA is in the room, it acts like a miniature black hole – every photon was absorbed into the DNA.

Dr. Gariaev ended the experiment and removed the DNA.  He then looked through the microscope.

The light kept spiraling where the DNA was before.

He blasted the phantom with nitrogen gas.

The phantom disappeared for 5-8 minutes then returned.

The phantom remains visible for 30 days after it is first removed!

This was duplicated again and again.  Later it was verified in Moscow and Stanford.

This effect only happened with DNA in the chamber, no other substances.

Two Necessary Conditions in order to observe the DNA phantoms:

  • the presence of the DNA molecule
  • the exposure of the DNA to weak coherent laser radiation


Two different frequencies have been shown to work.

Dr. Vladimir Poponin states, “The DNA phantom effect may be interpreted as a manifestation of a new physical vacuum substructure which has been previously overlooked.”

This proves DNA is harnessing an electromagnetic energy source.

There are DNA-forming waves all around us in the Aether apparently being caused by the energetic structure of gravity (flowing Aether).



Dr. Peter Gariaev – Healing with Light

Dr. Gariaev continued his research in this area.

He took seeds that were killed by radioactivity at Chernobyl.

He then passed a laser light through healthy seeds.

Next he redirected the beam towards destroyed seeds.

The dead seeds came back to life and were healthy and rejuvenated!


The next study involved experimentation on rats.

A control group of rats were injected with “alloxan” which destroys the pancreas.

The control group developed diabetes and died within 4-6 days.

The second group was given an identical dose of alloxan.

Afterwards, the pancreas and spleen were removed from a separate healthy rat.  A laser was then shone through the healthy organs then the laser was redirected into a poisoned rat.

The rat’s blood sugar normalized and the pancreas was completely regenerated within only 12 days.

Healing light transferred up to 20 kilometers with equal results.

This process involves the use of a specially modified, wide-spectrum red laser.



Dr. Peter Gariaev – Transforming Species

Dr. Gariaev’s next experiments were on salamander and frog eggs.

He sent a green non-burning laser through salamander eggs and then redirected the beam into frog eggs.

The frog eggs completely transformed into salamander eggs.

They lived normal lives and could breed with other salamanders to produce healthy offspring.

This is strange science indeed.  However, if we recall the buildup of Cosmic Core articles prior to this information, we have already established the fact that all matter is composed of photons.  This is an established fact in quantum physics and it is an established fact in various spiritual traditions throughout the world.

In a holographic universe composed of an Aether medium of wave-structures, this science isn’t so strange after all.

Once we accept and understand the new Aether science, all fields of science change – and they change for the better!



Dr. A.B. Burlakov

Russian scientists L.V. Beloussov, A.B. Burlakov and N.N. Louchinskaia continued this interesting research and published a paper with their findings in 2003.23

They put growing fish eggs next to each other so light could pass between them.  The fish eggs were hermetically sealed.

If they put older, more mature eggs in front of younger eggs, the older eggs sucked the life force out of the younger eggs – the older eggs grew stronger and faster and the younger ones withered.

If they put a slightly younger egg next to a slightly older egg, the younger egg would absorb life-giving energy from the older egg – its growth and development would speed up.

When putting a piece of glass between the two sets of eggs the effect stopped.

They also found that by using different wavelengths of light and polarizing lenses, they could create freak abnormalities – multiple heads and hearts…etc.  If they reintroduced normal wavelengths, these abnormalities disappeared.

All these experiments prove that life and growth is due to a field that can be transferred from one to another.  This makes perfect sense in a universe composed of a fluid-like holographic Aether.

The field seems to correct for developmental abnormalities in time.

Younger embryos grow stronger when the gap is close and die off if they are too young compared to the other eggs.



Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev

Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev MD, PhD is an academic member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

He conducted an experiment that started with two hermetically sealed cell cultures.  He then infected one of them with a disease.

When he shone the light from the diseased cell culture into the healthy one, the healthy cells mysteriously got infected with the disease.

“Bear in mind that there was no possible way, through any known genetic process, that this could have happened.  The only way this could have worked is if the DNA inside the healthy cells actually rearranged to form the DNA of the virus.  The virus then cannibalized the cellular material around itself to form more viruses, as it normally would have done in its typical life cycle.”24

Note that once again, a piece of glass in the way blocked the effect.



Dr. Yu Tszyan Kangchen (Chaing Kanzhen)

Dr. Kangchen is a Korean scientist who performed experiments dealing with the microwave transfer of biological information.25

He found he could transfer the genetic code from one species to another through nothing more than an energy wave.

He placed a duck inside a pentagon-shaped container and covered it with a domed mirror roof.

Each of the five sides had a hole with a funnel mounted in it – and each funnel had a pipe that fed into a neighboring room where there was a pregnant mother hen.

For five days the duck was zapped with a high-frequency electrostatic generator.

When the hen laid her eggs, they were half-duck, half-chicken hybrids.

He repeated the experiment with 500 eggs.

480 eggs hatched and grew.

80% of the 480 had a flat, duck-shaped head.

90% of them had the eyes move to a position that was more like a duck’s than a chicken’s

25% had webbing between their toes.

Kangchen’s work was thoroughly proven and he was granted a patent for his invention as a “device for biological information-directed transfer”.


“Dr. Kanchzen’s discovery provides effective proof that the spiraling torsion waves are the true hidden architects of the DNA molecule, and that these templates can be energetically altered within a single lifetime. Despite ethical objections, these experiments could be repeated relatively easily, if desired.”26

More importantly writes Freddy Silva, “Dr. Kanzhen’s work demonstrates how DNA is a passive data storage device comprising active material carriers in the form of bioelectromagnetic signals.  These are photons possessing corpuscular and wave properties capable of transmitting energy and information.

These photons operate at the extreme ends of the electromagnetic spectrum, namely, at very low frequencies (which excite the photons) and very high frequencies (the bandwidth capable of transmitting large amounts of information).  Any excitation for the bioelectromagnetic field is therefore transmitted to the DNA, and in laboratory experiments genetic information has already been successfully transmitted from one organism to another…

Furthermore, for more than a decade, Irish molecular biologist and immunologist Colm Kelleher has also researched the structure and properties of the 97 percent of our genetic material that does not code for protein, and discovered that more than a million sequences in human DNA have the property of being able to ‘jump’ from chromosome to chromosome.  When activated to jump, these sequences, or ‘transposons’ are capable of large-scale genetic change in a very short time.”



Pier Luigi Ighina

Pier Luigi Ighina (1908-2004) was an Italian scientist and inventor.

“After years of arduous lab work, Ighina discovered the most profound nature of matter – that atoms do not oscillate but vibrate.  This revelation led to one of his more curious and brilliant inventions – the magnetic field oscillator.  The scientist discovered that if he managed to change the vibratory state of a group of particles, the material itself could transform.  What followed was a series of fantastic experiments in which the field oscillator played a leading role.  On one occasion, Ighina set up his apparatus before an apricot tree. He then altered the atomic vibration so that it gradually became the same as that of an apple tree…After 16 days, he ascertained that the apricots had mutated, almost completely, into apples.”27

“Through studying the vibration of a healthy bone of a rabbit, he excited the atoms of another rabbit’s fractured feet until they were healed in record time.  In this way, Ighina understood that sick cells (including cancerous ones) of any individual were possible to cure through a simple, gradual alternation in their vibrational index, if this was correctly calculated.”28




This article has taken us through a whirlwind of fascinating scientific experimentation.  Each experiment has in common the fact that matter is made up of oscillating waves of various frequencies, wavelengths and harmonics.  Each species of life, from smallest to largest, has its own unique frequency and wave structure.

These wave structures can be used for healing and transformation.

The new scientific paradigm proves this is not ‘magic’.  It is science.  It is well-documented, replicable science that is unified with the new discoveries of quantum physics, physics, and astronomy that we have been investigating in Cosmic Core.

This is not to say that these processes are fully understood.  We need much more of this type of research to better understand the processes and implications involved.


Everything in life is composed of Aether.  Aether is an energetic medium of consciousness composed of fluctuations of waves that oscillate from two realms of existence, metaphysical time/space and physical space/time.

The whole of the universe is present in each life-form, and the whole of the life-form is present in each part of that life-form.

This is the fractal-holographic universe composed of consciousness that we live in.  The implications and practical uses of this information staggers the imagination, they are so vast and so fantastic in scope.

Not until we release the dogmas of the old scientific paradigm and step forward into the knowledge and wisdom of the new scientific paradigm will we be able to transform our world into one of peace, prosperity and good health for the greatest good of all.


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