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In this article we will take an overall view of creation myths that exist throughout the world.

We do this in hopes that we can begin to see that each creation myth is not made up by each culture, but instead these common themes, or archetypal patterns, are ideas and processes from the metaphysical source reality that make themselves known to human beings from different cultures in various ways.  The themes are similar; however they are interpreted differently depending on the cultural background doing the interpreting.

Keith Critchlow writes in Time Stands Still, “The great creation myths of humanity epitomize our need to transmit our roots and give original meaning to existence.”



Common Motifs of Creation Myths

Mircea Eliade and Charles Long developed the following list of motifs that show up in the vast majority of traditional creation myths the world over.  Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) was a Romanian historian of religion, writer, philosopher and professor at the University of Chicago.  According to Wikipedia, “he was a leading interpreter of religious experience, who established paradigms in religious studies that persist to this day.”


Common Creation Myth Motifs:

  1. Creation ex nihilo (out of nothing) in which the creation is through the thought, word, dream or bodily secretions of a divine being

2. Earth diver creation in which a diver, usually a bird or amphibian sent by a creator plunges to the seabed through a primordial ocean to bring up sand or mud which develops into a terrestrial world

3. Emergence myths in which progenitors pass through a series of worlds and metamorphoses until reaching the present world.

4. Creation by dismemberment of a primordial being.

5. Creation by the splitting or ordering of a primordial unity such as the cracking of a cosmic egg or a bringing order from chaos.



Common Themes of Creation Myths

The following list is an alternative view developed by Raymond Van Over, author and editor of over thirty books.  The notes in parenthesis have been added in order to compare his ideas with the ideas presented in Cosmic Core.

1. Primeval abyss, and infinite expanse of waters or space (Infinity; timelessness; darkness; fluid-like Aether medium)

2. Originator deity which is awakened or an eternal entity within the abyss – (Awakening – using consciousness, divine thought, for creation

3. Originator deity poised above the abyss

4. Cosmic egg or embryo – (Birth from darkness to light, spherical shape, creation from destruction)

5. Originator deity creating life through sound or word – (Vibration (frequencies) containing the power of creation)

6. Life generating from the corpse or dismembered parts of an originator deity – (The idea of wholes from parts – fractal-holographic nature of reality)

“Myths and sagas in the oral tradition,” says Keith Critchlow, “embody a total cosmology – an integration of psychology, number and cosmic rhythms.”



The Metaphysical Reality as the Source for all Creativity

In The Myth of the Eternal Return, Eliade writes, “The crude product of nature, the object fashioned by the industry of man, acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality.”

In the esoteric stream of knowledge, and in nearly every single creation myth, it is believed that the universe did not originate from an external, objectified source.  The visible universe sprang out of ‘an invisible universe’ – the metaphysical source reality, the transcendent reality we have been discussing throughout Cosmic Core and one we will continue to discuss in greater and greater detail as we move through subsequent articles.


“In a manner of speaking, your universe and all others spring from a dimension that is the creative source for all realities—a basic dream universe, so to speak, a divine psychological bed where subjective being is sparked, illuminated, stimulated, pierced, by its own infinite desire for creativity.  The source of its power is so great that its imaginings become worlds, but it is endowed with a creativity of such splendor that it seeks the finest fulfillment, for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imagining.”1


According to the esoteric viewpoint, the visible universe did not begin with one point or cell, but sprang into existence as “the inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that ‘impregnated’ the entire physical system simultaneously.  In this case, first of all light appeared.”2


This refers to the idea that the metaphysical source reality was already present, as it is timeless and infinite – infinite in space, time, potential, variety and quality.  The “inner pulsations” are stirrings of cosmic consciousness – the thoughts of the Divine Mind.  These inner pulsations result in spherical waves – it all begins with the circle.  These spherical waves then result in standing waves of geometry.  This geometry is the shape of space itself.


These principles are beautifully illustrated in Cymatics, which will be discussed in detail in later articles.  The point is that the pulsations/fluctuations of consciousness create a network of invisible standing waves that are geometric in nature and the Platonic solid geometry is based on these harmonics of waves.


“Waves are electric pressure-conditioned octaves of tones.”3


As the “inner pulsations” grew stronger “first of all light appeared”.  This means that photons were the first thing in creation to form.  They began to pop out of the metaphysical reality from the centers of the geometric matrix.  For instance, if you have a network of intersecting spheres then the photons will come out of the centers of these spheres.


This does not sound so crazy when you remember that subatomic particles pop out of ‘nowhere’ all the time.  This has been proven by quantum physics.  Remember, this ‘nowhere’ is the metaphysical realm.


So, from the Infinite stillness of timelessness, consciousness stirred, then began to intensify.  This began to create an invisible geometric framework that was continuously shifting and fractalizing inwards and outwards based upon those movements of consciousness.

Then photons began appearing – that is the fluctuations of consciousness had oscillations of sufficient emotional and psychological intensity to create photons.


As these photons were released outwards, it simultaneously created the inward flow of gravity.  The ‘Return’ was immediately built into the initial ‘Separation’.  What was separated from Unity always had an open doorway back to Unity.


These two forces of gravity and radiation are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other.  They are the centripetal and centrifugal spiraling forces of motion.


The centripetal force is gravity – the inward spiraling flow back to the metaphysical source realm.


The centrifugal force is radiation – the outward spiraling flow into the physical reality that creates radiation.


Electromagnetic “radiation” = photons.  Radiation thrusts outward from within as gravity flows inward from without.


These two conditions “are the equal-and-opposite pressures which make motion imperative and without which motion is impossible…One of these conditions of electric motion thrusts inward toward a center to create a centripetal vortex to simulate gravity.  On the other side of the dividing equator, the other condition thrusts outward from a center to create a centrifugal vortex to simulate vacuity [empty space].”4


Some of these photons then, as more and more were produced, began to accumulate along the lines of the geometry, coalescing together which – with sufficient intensity and specificity of pulsations of consciousness – they confined to form looping subatomic particles such as electrons.  Different spin and loop patterns formed different subatomic particles.

These subatomic particles, in turn, gathered according to wave vibrations to form atoms, elements, matter, and so on.

Remember, all matter is motion, and different substances of matter are but different states of motion.


“Elements are not different substances but are differently-conditioned pressures of motion – and the structure of the atom is based upon the gyroscopic principle [rotation or spin]…All of the elements are made up of the very selfsame spiral units of motion – or vortices.  The only reason we have for thinking of them as different substances is because they have certain predictable effects upon each other and upon our senses.”5

It is to be noted that the gyroscopic principle is used to maintain equilibrium.  Balance and harmony were built into the beginnings of the physical universe and remain so.


Note that the word “impregnated” was used above:

“The inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that ‘impregnated’ the entire physical system simultaneously.”

This refers to the symbolism of the masculine/feminine principle (The Dyad) created from the Infinite One (The Monad).  This divided male/female aspect represents the symbolism of love/light or gravity/electromagnetic radiation.

Love is gravity – the force that attracts all towards unity – towards togetherness – towards the center of itself, back to the metaphysical source.  “Love is metaphysical gravity,” according to Buckminster Fuller.


Light is photons – electromagnetic energy is carried on photons.  Photons are the ‘seeds’ of matter that impregnate the Aether-space to form physical light, matter and life.

Light (the masculine) is that which does the reaching.  Love (the feminine) is that which awaits the reaching.  They are two aspects of the same process – physical creation.  They are intertwined with one another to such a degree they cannot be separated.

The Dyad by Renee Hoadley


These concepts mirror the eternal creative dichotomy put forth in Hinduism.  Robert Lawlor tells us, “Purusha is the anthropocosmic, paradigmatic Man or Seed that project Prakriti, the eternally enchanting Feminine, in order that her womb may give birth to his own embodiment in the world of forms.”

In this way, the universe blossomed forth from the metaphysical reality.  The process of the Universe began and has been evolving ever since.


Space and time are psychological realities that appear physical.  Everything is based on wave structure and all matter is composed of light (photons).


“Not one particle of matter which constitutes the material body of any product can move of itself.  It can move only through desire and command of the Mind of its creator extended to it electrically.”6


The Creation Story & the Creative Word or Cosmic Sound

Now we will discuss one of the most well-known aspects of creation myths – that of ‘The Word’, or Sound/Vibration bringing the universe into existence.  This shows up again and again throughout time and throughout the world.  Although this idea is often couched in metaphorical and symbolic terms, it shows us that many ancient societies were aware of the importance of vibration, frequency, and harmonics (i.e. sound) as the creative force behind the universe.


The Word = Pure Vibration

‘The Word’ in India means Nada.  In Hinduism the sacred sound of the Universe is Om (AUM).

In Christianity, ‘The Word’ is the Logos.


In ancient Egypt it was referred to as Nun.


The Pythagoreans knew is as The Music of the Spheres.


The Aboriginal Australians referred to it as the Three Sacred Songs.


Remember from Article 8, that the word Logos means Ratio.


Throughout the world and throughout time, ‘The Word’, represents the essential nature of all that exists.  All is motion – vibration/frequency/harmonics – ratios of wavelengths and amplitude.


            Vibration is the source of all creation.  All Vibration flows geometrically.


The universe springs forth from the Word – from Sound/Vibration.  Divine thought gives rise to the fractioning of Unity.  The fractioning of Unity is the act of Creation itself.


Robert Lawlor writes, “Concentric vibrational waves span outward from innumerable centers and their overlappings (interference patterns) form nodules of trapped energy which become the whirling, fiery bodies of the heavens.”7


Conversely, on a subatomic scale, the interference patterns form nodules of trapped energy which become protons and electrons forming atomic structure.


The point is that the processes that form reality and matter are the same on every scale from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic.

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”8


“Today, in the field theory of modern astrophysics,” writes Robert Lawlor, “the universe is conceived as an integral, incomprehensible vast vibrating field of ionized, pre-gaseous plasma.  Within this field gravitational influences are triggered which cause a warp and densification into nodal patterns.


The disequilibrium and turbulence caused by the newly formed galactic mass-centers under the forces of contraction releases compound ripples causing violent, abrupt changes in the pressure and density of the whole cosmic plasma.  These are referred to as galactic ‘sonic booms’, sonic because indeed the propagation of any sound is simply the rapid oscillatory pressure-density change in any medium.

These whirling sonic shocks create a spin in the entire galactic cloud and within the inner regions set up by this spin the stars are born.  This clearly restates the ancient image of universal creation through sound waves or the Word of God; science reaffirms that visible stars and galaxies are spiral blast patterns, residual imprints of standing shock waves from the thundering voice of the Universe.”9




In this article we have introduced the basic themes of creation myths and taken a look at the extremely important esoteric idea that all is motion, vibrations/oscillations of consciousness create matter and life, and all physical matter and life is created from light, or photons.


In the next twelve articles we will continue to explore these themes, starting with mainstream religious creation myths from around the world, moving to mathematical creation myths, and then taking eight articles to dive head-first into current scientific astronomical belief systems, exploring in detail the hindering ideas of the old scientific paradigm and introducing new alternative ideas from the new scientific paradigm based on the esoteric stream of knowledge.  From there, in the final two articles we will delve much deeper into the esoteric viewpoint of creation which unifies the scientific and spiritual in a harmonious and interesting fashion.


We at Cosmic Core believe it is important to learn about all the various viewpoints of creation in order to understand that no matter how different they seem to be, in truth, they are all from the same source.  This is the Perennial Philosophy.


Just as we study a large number of scientific theories, we also study a large number of spiritual traditions.  This is because, no matter how profound and close to the truth one may be, none will have the full picture with all details correct.  Combined, we start to see the bigger picture and how all viewpoints fit within that picture.  None are excluded.  None have to be discarded in full.  Once again, the only things that must be discarded are limiting dogmas that lead to arrogance, superiority complexes, ignorance, oppression and violence.



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