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In this article we will finish off our discussion of electromagnetic radiation.  We will review the fundamental forces and the unification of those forces before we move into a discussion of the geometry of atomic physics in the next two articles.  We will end this article with a quick look at Scalar physics, as it gives us yet another perspective of these four forces, not as separate forces, but as different perturbations in a single Aether medium.



Four fundamental Types of Forces in Traditional Quantum Theory


Strong force – holds the protons within the nucleus of the atom

The strong force is the force of confinement.  It is the force that allows protons to stay stuck together within the small space circumscribed by the nucleus, although they have the same positive sign and should therefore intensely repel each other.

It is called the “color” force now.  It is a glaring problem in physics (without Aether) that the color/strong force is without a visible source of energy from which it is derived.


Weak force – responsible for radioactive decay of subatomic particles

In 1968 Sheldon Glashow, Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg unified the electromagnetic force and the weak force by showing them to be two aspects of a single force.1


Electromagnetic force – takes place between all charged particles

Electromagnetic radiation has been redefined as the outflow of Aether and resulting production of photons.


Gravitational force – traditionally thought to be a very weak, undetectable force

Gravity has been redefined as the inflow of Aether.

Gravity and EM energy are interrelated forces.  They are two opposing yet harmonious flow processes of the same Aether.


Einstein wrote in his 1920 Leyden lecture, “Of course it would be a great advance if we could succeed in comprehending the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field together as one unified conformation.  Then for the first time the epoch of theoretical physics founded by Faraday and Maxwell would reach a satisfactory conclusion.  The contrast between aether and matter would fade away…”

And now, it has…



Unification of the Fundamental Forces

The toroidal Aether flow process is the sole fundamental ‘force’.  This ‘force’ is created, maintained and altered by consciousness.

Gravity is the inward centripetal spiraling force of Aether towards the center of all mass.


Electromagnetic radiation is the outward centrifugal spiraling force of the Aether.  EM energy is carried upon photons.  Photons are both waves and particles.  They are tetrahedrally structured.


All particles of mass are self-confined photons – self-orbiting photons configured as patterns of integer-wavelength loops.  In other words, photons confine and loop (within geometrical constraints) creating various vortexes in the Aether that are categorized as various subatomic particles which form atoms.

The strong nuclear force results from the interaction between the two flow forces of the Aether – the inward flow of gravity and the outward flow of radiation.  This inward/outward flow creates interference patterns.  These interference patterns result in standing waves.  These standing waves are geometric in nature.  They can be spherical, ovoid, tetrahedral, octahedral, cubic, icosahedral, dodecahedral, or any stellation, truncation, or combination of these.

The photon vortexes, then, remain stabilized in the standing wave geometry formed by the oscillating Aether.

Recall Cymatics.  (See Cymatics patterns below.)  The sound frequencies that were played created standing waves of geometry in which the colloids, or sand particles, coalesced upon.  Remember that a strong force was automatically created.  Even when the plate was tilted the water and particles did not run off.  They remained in place as long as the sound frequency kept playing.  This showed an incredible anti-gravitational effect.  This anti-gravitational effect was a ‘strong force’ that resulted from the standing waves of geometry.  This is extremely profound yet often overlooked!

This same process keeps planets orbiting around a sun without running out of energy, as it keeps electrons orbiting around a nucleus without running out of energy.  They are held in place by standing geometric waves that result from the two opposing yet harmonious flow processes of Aether: gravity and electromagnetic radiation.  This flow process is created and controlled by wave frequencies (just as we see in Cymatics.)  The only difference is that these wave frequencies are the result of consciousness and are outside our current measurement capabilities.



Difference between the EM-field and Gravitational Field according to Conrad Ranzan’s Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU)

The EM-field involves aether annihilation by absorption-conduction.

The Gravitational field involves aether annihilation by self-extinction.

Note, however, that absorption and extinction of Aether units both involve a disappearance (annihilation) into the realm of ‘non-existence’ or the metaphysical realm of time/space.  These two fields (gravity and EM) both involve the inward/outward flow of Aether, yet there are different processes at work.


Energy of the Electric Field

The electric field conveys (or mediates) the Coulomb force.


Coulomb repulsion force

The Coulomb repulsion force is the force of attraction and repulsion between two charged particles.

It pushes protons (+) apart like an electrostatic charge that repels two magnets of the same polarity.

It also pushes protons (+) and electrons (-) together.

The Coulomb force was said to be “mediated” by a field (an exchange of particles).

The mediator is the photon.  The photon is the source of aether excitation.



The Electron Field

The electron surrounds itself with a negative electrostatic field.

This is often visualized as channeled or concentrated along radial lines of force.

Above Figure: (a) The electric field line diagram of a positive point charge. (b) The field line diagram of a dipole. In both diagrams, the magnitude of the field is indicated by the field line density. The field vectors (not shown here) are everywhere tangent to the field lines.  Credit: OpenStax


EM forces involve the interaction of aether “particles”.

The complex nature of this interaction can only be imagined – yet remember, it is geometric in nature.



Energy of the Gravitational Field

The EM-field consists of lines of force (as seen above).  These are pathways of patterns of aether excitations.

The Gravitational field has no lines of force and no excitations of aether.

The gravitational field is NOT an EM effect – its energy is NOT electromagnetic.


We have seen how radiation, mass and charge all exist as excitations of a nonmaterial aether.

The excitations involve the absorption and annihilation of aether – tiny amounts on the particle scale; astronomical amounts on the astronomical scale.

Annihilation is not the conversion of one form of energy into another – it is the disappearance of aether involved in the excitation.  It disappears into time/space.

“What happens when the aggregation is in the form of a planet, moon, or a star?  Just think of all that mass, all that radiation, all those energy processes taking place.  Think of the vast numbers of quarks, electrons, photons, and EM-fields that must be supplied with the aether medium which sustains them.  And that is exactly what the aether medium does, it sustains them.  What was shown to occur on the quantum particle scale now occurs on the astronomical scale.”2

The direct cause of gravitation is simply the accumulated absorption effect of all the mass and mass equivalences.

The cause of gravitation is the activity of the multitude of confined photons as they excite and absorb-annihilate aether.

This bulk inflow aspect of gravitation is simply the side effect of the relentless demand by mass (and its equivalence) for the essence medium.


Now we will turn to quick look at scalar physics.  Note how it is yet another perspective that complements the ideas we have been discussing throughout Cosmic Core.


We repeatedly acknowledge the fact that one scientist or scientific system does not have all the answers.  To achieve a complete, unified and accurate model of the universe many sources must be put together as there are many brilliant scientists, thinkers and artists that have crucial pieces to the puzzle.  Discovering the new scientific paradigm must be a collaborative effort or it will fail.



Scalar Physics

Visit for more info.

The Origin of Scalar Physics & Electrodynamics began with Michael Faraday (1791-1867) & James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879).

Faraday discovered electric and magnetic phenomena and performed numerous experiments with these phenomena.

Michael Faraday


Maxwell developed a mathematical framework to explain Faraday’s observations.  He found electricity and magnetism were two aspects of one EM field.

James Clerk Maxwell

This resulted in a complete theory of electromagnetism.


Maxwell replaced the concept of a force with a force field – going beyond Newtonian physics for the first time.

He said each charge creates a disturbance or a condition in the space around it so the other charge, when present, feels a force.  It exists whether or not another charge is present.

Maxwell viewed electromagnetism as perturbations in a fluid aether.  He applied mathematics in use for fluid dynamics to electric and magnetic phenomena.

His work culminated in electrodynamics – light is nothing but a rapidly alternating electromagnetic field traveling through space in the form of waves.


Today we have the electromagnetic spectrum.  This refers “to the entire range and scope of frequencies of EM radiation and their respective, associated photon wavelengths.”3  Visible light is only a tiny part.

Maxwell’s work gave birth to the vast technology of electrical engineering.



Maxwell’s Twenty Equations

Maxwell produced a system of 20 equations.

He incorporated force fields (electric & magnetic) into his equations.

He also incorporated potentials (magnetic vector potential & electric scalar potential), as well as a primordial superpotential.

He incorporated an Aether in the equations and the equations worked!  It was the only way they would work.

“All of Maxwell’s equations were developed using Aether dynamics.  To throw away Aether, to be logically consistent, one would have to also throw away Maxwell’s theories and equations.”4

The scalar model is rooted in the potentials.


In 1884 Oliver Heaviside (1850-1925) reformulated Maxwell’s equations into a compact set of four, removing the potentials.

Oliver Heaviside


The potentials were thought to be mathematical conveniences – abstractions with no basis in physical reality.

Quantum physics and particularly the Aharonov-Bohm experiment in 1959 found that the vector potential could alter the quantum phase of the electron wave function in the absence of a magnetic field, proving potentials could affect matter.5

However, the potential-free versions were already entrenched in mainstream scientific thinking by Heaviside’s bias.  Sadly, the importance of the potentials were forgotten.




Scalar refers to a physical quantity that can be described by a single element of a number field, such as a real number.

They are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude (or numerical value) alone.

Scalar vs. vector – vectors are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude and direction.



Scalar Physics – A Brief Introduction to Scalar Physics by Thomas Minderle

The forces of magnetism, electricity, and gravity are distortions of a single primordial field that permeates the universe and comprises the fabric of existence.

The scalar superpotential is the substrate of physicality, the aether permeating and underlying the universe, from which all matter and force fields derive.


Vorticity in this field gives rise to magnetic fields.

Dynamic undulations give rise to electric fields.

Compression or divergence gives rise to gravitational fields.



The Aether – Magnetism, Electricity & Gravity

“The forces of magnetism, electricity, and gravity are simply different types of perturbations in a single field that permeates the universe and comprises the fabric of existence.”6

They are all three aspects of the same aether (scalar superpotential).



Magnetic Vector Potential

The magnetic vector potential arises from a gradient.

It generates no forces in its undistorted form – we have no direct experience with it.

It exists and can be measured with quantum instrumentation.

It is the most important and fundamental field of EM according to James Clerk Maxwell.  He likened it to “aetheric momentum”.



Magnetic Field

The magnetic field arises once the vector potential distorts in a circulatory manner aka “curl”.

When there is curl in the vector potential, a magnetic force field arises at right angles to that curl (think torus).

Picture the axis of a tornado as a magnetic field line and the circulating air currents as the vector potential.

The Magnetic field arises from circulation in the aether.


Attraction & Repulsion based on Direction of Spin

A cylindrical magnet is surrounded by an aetheric vortex made of superpotential.

When the north pole of a magnet is near a south pole of another, the fields of both circulate in the same direction and so attract.

When like poles are put together, their circulation is oriented oppositely, so they repel.

This is exactly how it is described in Conrad Ranzan’s DSSU (shown below).


Electric Scalar Potential (Voltage)

Undistorted electric potential does not generate any forces since it is uniform – we cannot detect it.



Electric Field

The electric field arises from the value changing over time – this creates voltage.

It involves scalar superpotential varying over space and time.

Voltage varies over distance.

When there is a gradient in the electric scalar potential there arises an electric force field.


Gravitational Potential

The gravitational potential arises from divergence in the magnetic vector potential, from a compression or expansion in the aether.

When there is linear or radial divergence or convergence in the magnetic vector potential, there arises a gravitational potential.

If uniform, it has no forces – we have no direct experience of it.



Gravitational Field

When gravitational potential varies over distance a gravitational force field arises – gravity is a gradient in the divergence of the magnetic vector potential.

Gravity arises from a double compression or expansion of the aether.

Masses suck aether into themselves, generating an inwardly directed gradient in the aether that varies with distance from the center, which creates a gravitational force aiming toward the center of mass.


Superpotential Function of Gravity

For every distance from the center of mass, there is a unique superpotential value.

Like the electric scalar equipotential surfaces around a charge, the superpotential is distributed in concentric shells around mass like the layers of an onion.

Mass determines how densely packed these concentric shells are, which is the aforementioned compression or rarefaction of the aether.

These concentric shells of various ‘densities’ of superpotential value (Aether) reflect the idea of concentric spheres of Aether densities around every body of mass.  We discuss this in Cosmic Core in other articles.  These are the electron shells around atoms and the Redshift shells around galaxies.

Electron shells around the nuclues of an atom and Aether density shells around a galaxy (Credit: William G. Tifft – University of Arizona)


They also exist around every body of mass in between those two scales.



Mass vs. Charge

Both fields are radially symmetric, but only electric charge is dependent on time.

Electric charges vary through time.

Mass is static through time.




This article completes our lengthy series on electromagnetic radiation.  We have been studying this phenomenon through the lens of Aether science, not through the lens of mainstream mechanistic fractured physics.

The Aether medium is all there is.  Its source is consciousness and it is composed of a liquid crystal medium of a fractal-holographic nature.  Every phenomenon is a different spiraling or spinning flow process of the Aether.


EM radiation and the formation of photons are the result of excitation of the Aether due to fluctuating, oscillating Aether units.  The fluctuations are a result of consciousness.

Radiation is an outward flow or expansion of the Aether.

Gravity is the resulting inward flow back towards time/space.  It is the process that feeds and sustains all bodies of mass.

These two opposing yet harmonious flow processes occur continually.  They are the oscillations of Aether from time/space to space/time and back again…on and on…

Photons confine and loop in various configurations to form subatomic particles.  These in turn form various atoms based on the geometry of the standing waves that result from the oscillations.  Various geometries each create a distinct element on the periodic table.

The periodic table of elements as a whole is also a flow process.  Various elements are the results of various Aether vortexes.  Each atom has a unique geometry depending on the specific vortex structure.  It is a spiraling gradient of elements that grows in octaves.

In the next two articles we will examine the atomic world in more detail.  We will discuss electrons, protons, atoms and the periodic table of elements and see the geometry that defines and connects these aspects of the Aether flow process.



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