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In this article we will delve back into our discussion of Aether science, focusing on the toroidal flow process of Aether units for the next twelve articles.

We touched upon a corresponding idea of Aether units in the last article when we discussed harmonic oscillators of the quantum field theory.  We will review those ideas before we jump head-first back into the new scientific paradigm of Aether science.



Aether Units as Harmonic Oscillators of “Vacuum Energy”

In mainstream quantum field theory, harmonic oscillators are proposed to exist at each and every point in space.  These oscillators serve as a quantization of space and as a space medium.

“If the field at each point in space is a simple harmonic oscillator, its quantization places a quantum harmonic oscillator at each point.  Excitations of the field correspond to the elementary particles of particle physics.  Thus according to quantum field theory, even the vacuum has a vastly complex structure and all calculations of quantum field theory must be made in relation to this model of the vacuum.”1


Note that the vacuum energy exists at every point in space.  What is this vacuum energy but a space medium!  What is a space medium but the Aether!

Remember, it is admitted by mainstream science that the “fluctuating zero-point fields lead to a kind of reintroduction of an aether in physics, since some systems can detect the existence of this energy”.2  Yet the properties of this ‘aether’ is highly debated.

Mainstream science (through Wikipedia in this case) is basically coming right out and telling us that quantum mechanics demands an aether must exist, but it cannot contradict Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR).

As we saw in the past several articles there are so many flaws with Einstein’s theory of general relativity that GR needs to be reevaluated and adjusted to new advancements in Aether science, not the other way around!

In Cosmic Core we accept there is an Aether (whatever word you want to call it).  The Aether is a key aspect of the esoteric stream of knowledge and Aether science is the paradigm that shows us how spirituality interacts with physical reality and consciousness.  Through this science we know there are continual fluctuations/oscillations/vibrations in the Aether.  All is motion.

These fluctuations are a result of consciousness and they exist on the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the Planck scale.  The fluctuations are put into motion by consciousness and continue their oscillations due to polarity – that is, the oscillation back and forth between the invisible metaphysical time/space and the visible physical space/time.  This oscillation or alternation back and forth between these two reciprocal realms creates the inflow and outflow of Aether.

In Aether science, instead of simple harmonic oscillators at each point, we have Aether “units” at each point.

These oscillators, or Aether units, are wave patterns in a field of probabilities, not particle points.  They result from Aether flow.  The intersecting and interfering waves from the inflow of Aether and the outflow of Aether create the toroidal vortex structure that is represented by the ‘harmonic oscillators’.  These oscillators are spinning/rotating and oscillating spheres.

This movement creates the torus shape.  The torus is composed of Aether just a whirlpool going down a drain is composed of water, or how a tornado is composed of varying pressures of air.  The torus is inseparable from the Aether just as water is inseparable from the wave.  Structure and function are inextricably connected.

Embedded within every spinning torus are all the Platonic solid geometries that act as the energetic framework upon which matter is built.  This will be discussed again and again throughout Cosmic Core.


They key to understand the next ten articles is that the Aether has a geometric shape, or as Buckminster Fuller puts it, Space has shape!

This is admitted in mainstream science: “Even the vacuum has a vastly complex structure.”3

The ‘vacuum’ in mainstream science refers to “empty space” or space-time.

This structure or geometry results from spinning/rotating spheres.  Rotating spheres equals toroids.  Around the spheres geometry forms.  This geometry is Platonic solid geometry, Archimedean solid geometry and their associated duals, stellations, compounds and combinations.



Aether Units as Fundamental Essence Fluctuators or Consciousness Units

In Conrad Ranzans Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU) the Aether is composed of subquantum fundamental fluctuators which are non-ponderable.  This means they have no mass and no energy (as we traditionally define energy: which is the ability to do work).  These Aether units are consciousness fluctuators or Consciousness Units.

They are subquantum in size and quality.  This means they are unimaginably small!

They do not represent energy as we understand energy to be.  They exist beyond the Planck scale.


[As an aside, Ranzan writes on his website, “As for the shape of the subquantum units, I have not speculated.  I’ll let others try to work that out.  Other than the fact that they do pulsate/fluctuate and must do so in perpendicular directions, there are few specifics.  (Personally, I think the shape and the nature of the essence fluctuators is unknowable.)”3

In Cosmic Core we speculate that the Aether units are toroidal/geometric in shape.  We back up this concept in many ways.


The Conventional definition of energy is ‘the capacity for doing work’ (work always involves some kind of force).

The New definition of energy according to the DSSU is ‘whenever there is a quantitative change in the number of essence fluctuators there exists a manifestation of energy’.  This change in essence fluctuators creates the very fluctuations, oscillations and pulsations themselves – which are waves.  Hence, energy in Cosmic Core is defined in wave terms.  That is, frequencies, wavelengths, and harmonics.

These waves formed by consciousness – whether Cosmic consciousness or individual consciousness – fall far outside the known electromagnetic spectrum and are beyond our current capacity of detection and measurement.  They are of extremely short wavelengths and extremely long wavelengths.  They are beyond the Planck scale.

The electromagnetic spectrum is infinite in an Infinite universe.  The esoteric stream of knowledge and all corresponding science teaches the universe is infinite, thus the spectrum of ‘energy’ (wavelengths, frequencies, amplitudes) would be infinite as well.

Our physical senses register a tiny fraction of the EM spectrum.  Just because we do not see certain wavelengths and frequencies, does not mean they do not exist.


We have no current way (that we know of) to measure the ‘energy’ type or content of consciousness, but this ‘Source energy’ is what is fluctuating the Aether.  Consciousness puts the Aether in motion on subquantum scales.  This motion creates the toroidal flow process we refer to as the fundamental fluctuators.

These fluctuators represent processes, not things, and are essence-units (Aether units) of unimaginable minuteness and serve as the precursors of all matter and life.

In fact, this fluctuating toroidal flow process produces photons that then form subatomic particles that coalesce into atoms, molecules and matter.  We will discuss this process in detail throughout these articles.



Compressibility of the Aether

The compressibility of Aether is an important aspect, as it plays a pivotal role in the process of gravitation, electromagnetism and mass.


Compressibility is defined as “the measure of the relative volume change of a solid or fluid [in this case Aether] as a response to a pressure change.”

The Compressibility of the Aether causes waves to form.  The pattern of the way waves pass inertia in the Aether has only one shape: the sine wave.


When a wave in the Aether moves in a line it is called energy.


When the same wave is sucked into a circle, the slight gyroscopic resistance to change of position is called “matter”.

This wave ‘being sucked into a circle’ means that a standing wave is formed.  All matter is actually a standing wave of Aether.


To say that a substance is compressible means, among other things, that it can store momentum.

The momentum of Aether involves movement in symmetrically opposing directions.

“These two opposite electric conditions which form the basis of the constitution of matter are the compressed condition of gravity pressure and the expanded condition of radiation pressure. These two electric conditions are the equal-and-opposite pressures which make motion imperative and without which motion is impossible.”4

Compressing charge stores the inertia of that charge, which physics calls ‘mass’.  In physics, inertia stored is the only definition of mass.


There are three simple patterns in which this oscillating sine wave-energy articulates:

  • Radial vectors (like rays) – This represents electricity.


  • Concentric circles (rings or waves) – This represents magnetism.


  • Spirals – This represents the movement of electromagnetism through space.


All three components are combined within the torus.

It is important to be reminded that the torus in this case is not a separate ‘thing’.  The torus is the flowing and oscillation of Aether itself.

Also notice how interference patterns form concentric movement and radial movement simultaneously.


Furthermore, notice how the phi vortex (composed of repeated phi spirals around a common center) contains concentric movement, radial movement and spiraling movement all in one.


This phi vortex is the cross-section of a torus.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –




Origin of the Torus

The following information about the torus is taken from Dan Winter’s book Implosion’s Grand Attractor: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion.  Dan Winter was first discussed in Article 30.

All fields and all things are made of torus shaped domains.

The natural way for a wave to stand is in a tornado.


In the study of fluid dynamics it is claimed that the only self-organizing shape (in a unified field) would be the torus.  This is the shape of all magnetic domains and field effects.


Remember, the compressibility of the Aether causes waves to form and the pattern of the way waves pass inertia in a compressible Aether has only one shape: the sine wave.

Revolve a sine wave around its oscillating center in three dimensions and it creates the torus.

Sine waves revolve to become the torus.  Sine waves as three-dimensional tori are the toroidal vortex or wormhole of physics today.  The wormhole is the center of the torus, which is the entrance/exit point between physical and metaphysical, space/time and time/space.  The torus is what allows the consciousness/matter feedback system to function.

These entrance/exit points are located at every point in time and space.  They are the accepted ‘harmonic oscillators’ of quantum physics.  It turns out, however, they are subquantum – that is smaller than the Planck scale.



Waves & the Torus: From Dan Winter

Our world is conceived as being one of waves.

We are given a glimpse of the atomic world as packets and bundles of waves, locked in the musical geometry of coherent waves’ prolonged embrace.

Wave nature requires compressibility.  Compressibility requires momentum storage.  Momentum storage allows order to be stored and retrieved.

A multi-connected wave surface allows for multi-connected information storage.

The torus is the primal multi-connected wave surface.


The atomic table is a polygonal (many faced/many faceted) grouping of toroidal vortices, and is multi-connected.  This means that the periodic table of elements (the atomic table) consists of toroidal vortices of varying speeds and geometric structure.  Each element is connected however, and they represent movement in octaves along a spiral.  As the movement goes from simple (hydrogen) to complex (uranium and above) the geometry gets more complex and more subatomic particles are involved.

We discuss the atomic table in detail in later articles.

Everything (starting at the tiniest scale imaginable) gets boiled down to waves and standing waves of geometry.

The universe is uninterrupted as wave surfaces.  It is multi-connected and holographic.

The principles of wave interference are the same for waves between nerve cells at their synapse as they are for waves between electron shells at their quantum levels.

They carry the same forces of compressibility and information storage though the same media – they simply act on different scales.

To meet – for waves – means to be ‘phase locked’ into some pattern which allows bonding or touching.  This ‘phase locking’ results in the formation of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, matter and life.

In electronics a “phase-locked loop” is an electronic circuit with a voltage or voltage-driven oscillator that constantly adjusts to match (lock onto) the phase and frequency of an input signal.

In the case of Aether science consciousness is the controlling oscillator that allows the output to match the input creating a stable standing wave…or not.  The point is, consciousness is the controller.



The Geometry of Space – “The Vacuum has a vastly complex structure.”

Geometry is the underlying organizing principle and key to unifying and understanding interactions between the macro and microcosmic.

Fractal-holographic geometry allows for the massive amounts of information storage that must take place at the subquantum level.  It also allows for the instantaneous inter-connection between all points in space and time.

Fractal-holographic geometry means the same 3D web of geometry is present on all scales and the whole is present within each part, no matter how small the part is.

The geometry varies, depending on the scale.  The variation also strictly depends on the type of oscillation occurring with the fundamental fluctuators – or, the type and intensity of the source consciousness movement (the type and intensity of the thought, emotion, intention, focus…etc.).

As demonstrated in Cymatics, the higher the frequency, the more complex the geometry.  Cymatics will be discussed in great detail in later articles.



Aether Units as Spherical Units

“Ultimately the aether must be visualized at the tiniest level as being composed of [oscillating] spherical bubbles of aetheric energy that exist throughout the entire Universe.”5

These field bubbles or Aether units are called Planck Spherical Units (PSU) by physicist Nassim Haramein.  They are close-packed spheres.  In other words, they are an assembly of interpenetrating spheres that fill the entire space in the universe.  Each unit is a tiny, subquantum black hole/wormhole/torus center.

A Planck Spherical Unit.  Credit: Nassim Haramein


“The plank lattice of close-packed spheres is the 3D flower of life pattern.  It makes up everything.  It is a hyper instantaneous information network that is in a feedback and feed-forward loop with itself due to the dual torus structure.  It is the superfluid, superconducting light lattice that allows instant harmonic communication between all particles via wormholes.”6

Remember, Geometry is the underlying organizing principle and key to unifying and understanding interactions between the macrocosmic and microcosmic.


Light is geometric (tetrahedral) in nature.

Subatomic particles move along ‘tracks’ of geometric Aether gravity flow fields.  This is called the amplitudehedron.

Electrons are held in place around the nucleus of an atom by geometric Aether gravity flow fields.  These are electron density probability patterns.

Physical nature is structured on geometry – this includes atoms, molecules, DNA, minerals, viruses, bacteria, insects, plants, animals and human beings.

Planets are held in place around a sun by geometric Aether gravity flow fields.  These are called solar domains.

Galaxies are held in place around a central cluster by geometric Aether gravity flow fields.  This is called the large-scale structure of the Universe or the Cosmic Cellular Structure of the Universe.


Each of these ideas are discussed in extreme detail throughout the Cosmic Core article series.



The Torus as the Fundamental Harmonic Oscillator

In other words, the Aether Unit is a torus or toroidal flow process.  Embedded within and around the torus are all the geometries (Platonic, Archimedean, Duals & Compounds).  Depending on the type of fluctuation, a different geometry will be ‘activated’.  The infinitely various types of fluctuations result from the infinitely various movements of consciousness or the “infinite potential” of the Source realm.

“Conceptually the universe is a hologram.  Physically it is a fractal.”


This concept is attributed to German polymath and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) who viewed the outside or physical universe as a fractal.  No matter at what scale you look, one finds the Monad.  This is the basic concept of Leibniz’s Monadology.


The following are quotes taken from The Monadology.7

“67. Each portion of matter may be conceived as like a garden full of plants and like a pond full of fishes. But each branch of every plant, each member of every animal, each drop of its liquid parts is also some such garden or pond.”

This sounds so much like the Mandelbrot Set fractal, covered in Article 132.


Leibniz also had a simultaneous holographic aspect of the inside or mental universe:

“57. And as the same town, looked at from various sides, appears quite different and becomes as it were numerous in aspects [perspectivement]; even so, as a result of the infinite number of simple substances, it is as if there were so many different universes, which, nevertheless, are nothing but aspects [perspectives] of a single universe, according the special point of view of each Monad.”7

“61. All is a plenum (and thus all matter is connected together) and in the plenum every motion has an effect upon distant bodies in proportion to their distance, so that each body not only is affected by those which are in contact with it and in some way feels the effect of everything that happens to them, but also is mediately affected by bodies adjoining those with which it itself is in immediate contact. Therefore it follows that this inter-communication of things extends to any distance, however great. And consequently every body feels the effect of all that takes place in the universe, so that he who sees all might read in each what is happening everywhere, and even what has happened or shall happen, observing in the present that which is far off as well in time as in place: sympnoia panta, as Hippocrates said. But a soul can read in itself only that which is there represented distinctly; it cannot all at once unroll everything that is enfolded in it, for its complexity is infinite.”




In this article we have introduced the idea of the Aether Unit as a rotating sphere or torus flow process that is composed of Aether.

This torus shape is extremely important and will show up again and again throughout Cosmic Core.  The torus is the center of all matter and life, on all scales, from the micro to the macro.  It creates the consciousness feedback system that allows for consciousness to be able to form matter.

We have introduced the system of Cosmometry in this article and seen how it describes a fractal-holographic Universe structured by geometry and the polarity flow of Aether that creates the torus.

In the next several articles we will take a look at various other perspectives of Aether units that relate to the torus.



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