The following principles are the basis of the esoteric stream of knowledge.  These are not here to persuade you to believe or not to believe.  I am simply presenting the facts of what these core beliefs are so that you may be exposed to them for your own personal knowledge.  Take them or leave them.

They are:

  1. Consciousness creates matter and not the other way around. Consciousness came first.
  2. Everything contains consciousness, without exception.
  3. The fundamental principles of the Universe are Unity, Infinity and Harmony.
  4. The three principles above are illustrated by geometric principles, patterns and ratios common to all scales of reality. This means all in reality has a geometric underpinning to it.
  5. All in reality, seen and unseen, are interconnected and interpenetrate one another. There are infinite dimensions that are interconnected to make a unified harmonious whole.  All points in space, time and consciousness are connected.
  6. The point of existence is to take the cosmic journey of the evolution of the soul and to encourage others to wake up and recognize this task set before each of us.


To Begin:

  1. Consciousness creates matter and not the other way around. Consciousness came first.  This is called idealism
  2. Everything contains consciousness, without exception.

These two principles will be addressed as one since they both point to the esoteric stream of knowledge’s fundamental truth of idealism.

What is consciousness?  How do you feel about your own consciousness?  How do you experience it?  What is your opinion of it?  Where do you think consciousness comes from?  These are important questions to ask.


Consciousness relates to everything coming from your inner being such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, imagination, intention, will power, inspiration, creativity, rational thinking, intuition, ideas, dreaming, awareness, perception and opinion among others.

Consciousness has been avoided by the majority of mainstream scientists because it is a subjective phenomenon and cannot properly be studied using objective experimental methods. Despite this fact, consciousness does exist.  Mainstream science has tried to avoid it because without the metaphysical/spiritual viewpoint consciousness can never be fully understood.

There are many mainstream scientists who feel that science and spirituality have nothing to do with one another and should stay as separate schools of belief.  However, with fragmented belief systems come fragmented minds.  From fragmented minds come fragmented relationships.  From fragmented relationships come fragmented societies.  From fragmented societies come violence, war, elitism, injustice and the needless suffering that this planet has experienced for oh so long.  The esoteric stream of knowledge directly addresses the problems of the fragmentation of consciousness and points towards a path of unification, healing and transformation.


There are two broad, traditional and competing theories of consciousness: dualism and monism.  There are two general types of dualism and three types of monism.

Dualism holds that there is a non-physical mind (or soul) and physical matter.  These are two (dual) types of substance and they are separate from one another.  They arise from separate sources and it is not known how they interface with one another, yet it is obvious they do.

Substance dualism holds that the mind is formed of a distinct type of substance not governed by the laws of physics.  It is undetectable.

Property dualism holds that the laws of physics are universally valid but cannot be used to explain the mind.

The main difference between substance dualism and property dualism is that substance dualism claims the mind or soul is separate from the physical body and will exist after death.  Property dualism claims that the mind, though different from the body, is dependent upon the body and will end upon death.


There are three types of monism.  These are materialism, neutral monism and idealism.

Materialism states the mind is nothing more than the physical brain or is caused solely by neural activity and chemical impulses.  It holds that the mind consists of matter organized in a particular way but it cannot truly explain just how or why some brain states are conscious.  There is an important ‘explanatory gap’ between mind and matter.  Materialists believe all is physical matter; the non-physical does not exist; there is no spirit or soul and when we die we are totally extinguished, body, mind and all.  The chemical constituents that make up our body merge with the Earth upon our death and decomposition.  The brain is ‘meat’ and consciousness is purely a result of chemical interactions in the neural synapses.

Neutral monism holds that both mind and matter are aspects of a distinct essence that is itself identical to neither of them.  Those who hold this belief think that mind and matter are part of the same thing – a thing that is unlike either.  A third ‘source’ thing we do not know or understand.

Idealism holds that all matter arises from consciousness, thus matter is merely an illusion.  The word illusion used here does not mean that matter is not real or does not exist.  The illusion lies in the fact that there is far more to ‘solid matter’ than meets the eye.

Idealism asserts that reality is not a fixed and firm, immutable system that can only be changed by physical or mechanical action.  Reality behaves more like a lucid dream that can be changed by the power of consciousness including beliefs, thoughts, emotions, imagination, intention and the directed will.  We should, therefore, be aware that our thoughts, intentions and emotions can manifest definite and discernible effects in the physical world.

Idealism is the belief that “All is Mind” and consciousness creates physical reality.  The concept of idealism is as old as humanity itself and lies at the core of esoteric knowledge.


Edward Close, mathematical-physicist and cosmologist says this: “Many years ago, I asked these questions: What if we scientists are wrong about consciousness?  What if Consciousness came first, instead of matter?  After many years pursuing the ramifications of that question, I can say conclusively that Consciousness did come first.  Not the consciousness we experience as an individual person, but a grand undifferentiated, infinite consciousness that I call Primary Consciousness, an undifferentiated conscious substrate out of which all complexity, life and self-awareness arise.”


Sharon Hewitt Rawlette Ph.D. writes in Psychology Today, July 22, 2019: “There is one elegant solution to the riddle of how to explain the relationship between consciousness and physical properties. Many illustrious philosophers throughout history have held to this view, and if it is rarely considered today, this is likely because it requires such a radical shift in perspective. Nevertheless, if we are ever going to understand consciousness and its relationship to the physical world, I believe this is a shift we are going to have to make.  The key to resolving the hard problem of consciousness lies in the following observation. While physical properties cannot explain consciousness, consciousness is needed to explain physical properties.

If we look carefully, we can see that all of the physical properties that science has so carefully measured and cataloged ultimately derive their meaning from the effects they produce on a conscious observer: the person who’s holding the yardstick or looking at the fMRI or gazing at the interference pattern produced by the double-slit experiment. Even the properties of the basic particles of physics derive their meaning from the ways that these particles ultimately affect the conscious observations we make of them. Scientific experiments cannot tell us what a photon or an electron is in itself. Science can only tell us that, when a photon or electron is present, our conscious experience of the equipment detecting these particles will be affected in a certain way. (In fact, a large number of quantum physicists believe that consciousness is even more central to the operation of the physical world than this, but we’ll have to save that for another time!)

Ultimately, the hard problem of consciousness is the result of a category mistake. We have been trying to reduce consciousness to physical properties when it is consciousness that is the more comprehensive category, and it is only in terms of consciousness that physical properties themselves can be understood.”

Idealism tells us that the universe is a mental universe and as was briefly mentioned above quantum physics is proving this statement true.  Richard Conn Henry, Professor in the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University wrote in July 2005 in Nature, Volume 436, “The 1925 discovery of quantum mechanics solved the problem of the Universe’s nature.  Bright physicists were again led to believe the unbelievable – this time that the Universe is mental.  According to Sir James Jeans: ‘the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.  Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter…we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.’”

Or as the great German physicist Max Planck stated, “There is a no matter as such!  All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.  We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.  This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Richard Conn Henry then goes on to say, “One benefit of switching humanity to a correct perception of the world is the resulting joy of discovering the mental nature of the Universe.  We have no idea what this mental nature implies, but – the great thing is – it is true.  Beyond the acquisition of this perception, physics can no longer help.  You may descend into solipsism, expand to deism, or something else if you can justify it – just don’t ask physics for help.”


The point is that physics has definitively demonstrated the universe is mental.  Since physicists cannot agree on what the implications are of this mental universe, they shun the topic altogether.  Because, let’s be honest, to understand these implications one must embrace not only the scientific, rational-thinking aspect of reality, but also the philosophical intuitive even mystical side of reality.  This requires physicists to be fearless, open-minded and non-dogmatic, transcending any false limitations in order to find the whole truth.

The most important point here is that the core belief upon which the esoteric stream of knowledge turns is idealism.  Consciousness is the core or heart of this knowledge.  To understand it is to understand how the Universe, Nature, science and humanity truly work.  Everything arises from the Source – a mysterious, infinite and undifferentiated consciousness – the Cosmic Mind.

Read more about Consciousness here.



  1. The fundamental principles of the Universe are Unity, Infinity and Harmony

This section will expand on the last sentence above: Everything arises from the Source – a mysterious, infinite and undifferentiated consciousness – the Cosmic Mind, or “Cosmic Consciousness”.


Unity refers to the connection of all consciousnesses stemming from the infinite, undifferentiated Cosmic Mind.  Unity also refers to the connection of all things in the physical universe through the “space medium” or “essence medium”.  This medium is a scientific (physical) aspect of reality as well as a spiritual (metaphysical) aspect of reality.

One quick note: The terms spirit and consciousness refer to the same thing.  However, consciousness must be recognized as more than just simple day-to-day thoughts and emotions.  Consciousness has deep cosmic roots and so refers to aspects of spiritual illumination, reverence, compassion and wisdom as well as day-to-day operations of the mind.  When the body dies the spirit or consciousness does not die.  It lives on.  Spirit is simply a term used to denote the “Whole” aspect of consciousness – whether or not people are aware of those deeper parts of themselves, they do exist.  They are waiting to be rediscovered.

To continue, the “space medium” has been called by many names: Aether, Source Field, Source Realm, Sub-Planckian Energy Domain, Zero-point energy, Scalar Superpotential, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Antimatter, Torsion Fields, Virtual Particle Flux, Quantum Foam, Superstrings, Time/Space, Metaphysical Realm, Chi, Brahman, Dharmakaya, Tao, the Vacuum, Quantum Physical Vacuum, Vacuum Energy, the Void, Prana, Akasha, Purusha, Dzogchen, Infinity, Divinity, Spiritual Reality, Infinite Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God, Allah, Spirit, Great Spirit, Kosmos, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Loving Energy, Spiritual Energy, Logos, The Universe, Cosmic Mind…hopefully you can see that the name doesn’t matter.

This “essence medium” is the basic substratum of all space.  It is the raw essence of the Universe.  It is the medium of consciousness from which all arises.  It represents the mysterious Source or Cosmic Mind.  The qualities of this essence medium are as follows.  It is:

  • Invisible, infinite, conscious, intelligent, self-organizing, highly creative and highly ordered
  • Unified – all points in space, time and consciousness connect
  • Fractal-holographic in its storage of information.  This implies a geometric framework.
  • Fluid-like
  • Bio-crystalline – it acts like fluid crystals.  This also implies a geometric framework.
  • Compressible and elastic (like jello for instance)
  • Measurable and active – it expands and contracts.
  • Occupies the spatial interstices of matter and fills the “emptiness” of atoms
  • Electric, magnetic, gravitational and potential fields all arise from this medium.
  • It conducts the electromagnetic force/energy.
  • It does not circulate; it flows. It flows radially, then “sinks” [flows inward to the center of mass].  This radial flow of Aether is a spiraling whirlpool flow.  It is centripetal motion.  This is the source of rotation from the smallest scale to the largest scale.  This centripetal flow is akin to the force of gravity.


The term Unity is often misunderstood.  Unity (or Oneness) does not mean everyone is or should be homogenized – a mass of undifferentiated clones or “hive-minded” beings.  Within Unity individuality and freedom of choice are universal rights.  Unity alludes to a greater, deeper connection between all consciousnesses – a connection that can never be severed, although it can be ignored or denied.  Unity does not mean all consciousnesses are the same, or need to be the same.  Within Unity there is room for Infinite expressions.  This is the idea of ‘Multiplicity within Unity’.  Each expression is equal – equal in validity, importance and worth – equal but different.

The saying “We are all One” has many complex and nuanced aspects to it.  Perhaps it sounds like a trite and meaningless ‘hippie’ statement, yet it succinctly sums up the truth of Unity.  We are all connected.  Our thoughts, words and actions affect everyone and everything else in the world, and indeed the whole Universe (seen and unseen).  We all come from the same source, are carried along the same flow and will all return to the same source, more whole and much wiser from having undertaken the cosmic journey.  However we each decide how long our journey should take and what route we would like to take to get there.

To return to the Cosmic Mind does not mean we become subservient of some powerful nebulous force we can never understand.  It does not mean we get gobbled up into this infinity, losing ourselves forever.  It means we become the Cosmic Mind.  We regain the consciousness of the entire Universe.  We become more, not less.  Much, much more.  And we get to share this experience with all the people we love…and those we will learn to love, along the way.  This is a beautiful process and one that demands we retain our unique individuality throughout the journey.  If anyone tells you that you must give up your individuality or sacrifice your selfhood or autonomy for this journey then they are negatively manipulating you for one reason or another.  You just be true to yourself, becoming more of yourself as you journey through the Universe learning to live by its principles so that you can rise to your own highest unique potential for the greatest good of all.


Black Elk, the famous Oglala Sioux sage, said it this way, “We know that we are related and one with all things of the heaven and the earth…the Morningstar and the dawn which comes with it, the moon of the night and the stars of the heavens…Only the ignorant person…sees many where there is really one.”

“We may smile at such beliefs, thinking them to be antiquated, naïve, and unscientific.  Nevertheless, there is an element of truth here,” writes Gyorgy Doczi.  “There is a wholeness in which everybody and everything is related, just as the diversities of [geometric] patterns [seen in Nature] are related.  All people and all things are indeed neighbors.”

In fact, when we recognize that Unity is the truth and we are all connected and we are infinite beings with a grand unified consciousness, we begin to see each other person, animal and plant as our brother and sister, if not a part of our very selves. This perception in our mind automatically brings about more harmony and balance in our lives. That is: when our minds become unified, our lives automatically become more harmonious.  The universe wants us to be happy and fulfilled.  All we must do is endeavor to live by its principles.

Unity is one thing we all have in common. Recognizing we are all a part of a greater consciousness allows us to have more compassion for others. It allows us to recognize the fact that when we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves. When we lie to another, we are lying to ourselves. When we steal from another, we are stealing from ourselves. Knowledge of unity breeds compassion and love. It breeds concord rather than discord. It breeds reverence – that is, a reverence for all life.




This idea of ‘equal but different’, ‘unity in diversity’ or ‘order in complexity’ involves the concept of harmony “By harmony,” explains Gyorgy Doczi in The Power of Limits, “we generally mean a fitting, orderly and pleasant joining of diversities, which in themselves may harbor many contrasts.  In this sense, harmony is a dinergic relationship, in which different and often contrasting elements complement each other by joining.”

The concept of harmony pierces polarity by offering a way through to transcend opposites.  It shows the way to infinite possibilities where there had only been two before.  It offers the path of the return to Unity after the initial separation from the Source.  It symbolizes rebirth, transformation and success and represents balance, friendship and peace.

As Keith Critchlow writes, “Harmony is the finest relationship that can be nourished between two entities.  It both honors their differences yet binds them into one.”

Michael Schneider writes, “[Harmony] shows us that we’re not separate from the rest of the universe but are literally braided into it; we are a complete whole living in a greater complete whole.”

The esoteric stream of knowledge further points to the concept that everything is connected according to harmonic proportions.  This is explained in Principle #3: The three principles of Unity, Harmony and Infinity are illustrated by geometric principles, patterns and ratios common to all scales of reality.  This means all in reality has a geometric underpinning to it.

This naturally leads to the ancient concept that the Universe is based upon order, not chaos.  It must be stressed here that when we use the word order in this way we are referring to “the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern or method.”  This is in contrast to the other meaning of order referring to an “authoritative command, direction or instruction.”  It is unfortunate that when many hear the word order they often automatically think of authoritarian or even totalitarian ideals.  This is the very opposite of how this word is used in this book.  Cosmic order opens the door to harmony, not tyranny.  Please keep this in mind.

Without order, life would not be able to exist, to reproduce, to heal or to grow.  Your finger would never ‘miraculously’ heal after being cut open; your bone would not mend after a break; a child would not be able to form in the womb; plants would not be able to photosynthesize or bear fruit; electrons would not be able to arrange and continually orbit around the nuclei of atoms; stars and planets would not be able to arrange properly to nourish life…


The study of sacred geometry within the esoteric stream of knowledge teaches that the universe is an ordered whole consisting of infinite individualized parts unified by harmonious proportions (unique reflections of the same divine light, if you will).  The universe is not chaos – meaning chaos is not a universal principle like unity, infinity and harmony.  Chaos is indeed a part of the Universe.  Human beings can choose to experience or create chaos in their minds, their life, or their communities.  However the Universe is not chaos itself.  Chaos could never randomly form life, let alone consciousness.  If you would like to understand the kind of results chaos would produce then study the effects of atomic bomb blasts on natural systems and radiation poisoning on the human body.  Chaos can clearly be seen to destroy life, not propagate it.  We must not ignore chaos, but we must learn to transform it.




Like Unity there are many complex and nuanced aspects to the idea of Infinity.  According to the esoteric stream of knowledge the universe is infinite.  This means it is infinite in time, space and number of dimensions or worlds.  It has infinite potential.  Basically the universe will always exist.  Different things will flow through it, changing it as they experience a beginning and end, but always returning to Infinity – the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness – becoming All-That-Is once again.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  Our bodies are not infinite, but our consciousness or spirit is.  All consciousness goes on after death.  This is a core concept of the esoteric stream of knowledge.

Furthermore, each person has infinite potential within themselves.  This potential can be expressed positively or negatively.  For instance, we each have the potential to be a criminal, liar, cheater and destroyer of life.  We also have the potential to be productive, creative and kind.  The mind contains all things.  It is our responsibility and our honor to be able to choose from an infinite well of possibilities what we would like to express.  We choose each and every day – every moment we have a thought, express a word or complete an action.  We are responsible for our choice and for the consequences of our choices.


Modern science has tried to effectively cut itself off from the metaphysical or spiritual, claiming that nothing exists except what you can sense with your five basic senses.  This cold materialistic attitude has been detrimental to the psychological, emotional and spiritual evolution of humanity and it has prevented us, as humans, from understanding how the Universe truly works and what our part is in that Universe.

In order to understand the scientific aspect of Infinity more deeply, we must take a look at the electromagnetic spectrum.  What we can perceive with our five senses is but a tiny piece of this spectrum.  Yet science has proven that there are many powerful forces contained within it that we cannot see, hear or feel such as cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, microwaves, brain waves, radio waves, radar and so forth.  Just because we cannot see or hear them does not mean they do not exist.

“X-rays,” Thomas Kuhn tells us, “were greeted not only with surprise but with shock.  Lord Kelvin at first pronounced them an elaborate hoax.  Others, though they could not doubt the evidence, were clearly staggered by it.  Though X-rays were not prohibited by established theory, they violated deeply entrenched expectations.”

Current mainstream science essentially “cuts off reality” at the Plank scale (1.6 x 10–35 meters) – claiming that wavelengths shorter than the Plank length do not exist.  This is called renormalization.  Although infinity shows up in physics equations time and time again the mathematical proofs usually so revered by physicists are strangely denied in these cases.

Reality should not be cut off at the Planck length.  The vast majority of what constitutes ‘reality’ lies outside the Planck domain with finer and finer scales of higher and higher energy density as it moves towards infinity.

As a colleague explains, “Think of the octaves on a piano keyboard, with each octave representing a ‘dimension’.  Then picture the keyboard extending infinitely in both directions.  In the upward(/inward) direction it’s a vibrational continuum of higher and higher frequencies, shorter and shorter wavelengths beyond the Planck threshold, encompassing the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  It’s a nestedness-of-scale, a fractalization of octaves, each ‘dimension’ interlocking with the next… on the Keyboard of Infinity.”


So when we speak of infinity we are not talking about some fuzzy, nebulous “woo-woo” idea with no basis in reality.  We are talking both about something firmly grounded in psychology – the ability to choose what potentials we express, and we are also talking about something firmly grounded in science: the existence of infinite wavelengths upon the electromagnetic spectrum.  Without infinity neither physics equations nor calculus equations can work.  When it is said in calculus that something is ‘infinite’, this simply means that there is no limit to its values.  So think about the electromagnetic spectrum as having no limit to its values.

We can conclude then that the “energy” of consciousness is electromagnetic and resides on the well-known electromagnetic spectrum beyond the Planck domain.  Thoughts and emotions have an electromagnetic reality.  Consciousness creates matter.  There are no limits to the potentials of Cosmic Consciousness.  The Universe is infinite in space, time and number of dimensions.


  1. All in reality, seen and unseen, are interconnected and interpenetrate one another. There are infinite dimensions that are interconnected to make a unified harmonious whole.  All points in space, time and consciousness are connected.

To understand how everything seen and unseen interpenetrate we have to understand the two realms of existence.  To be clear, the Universe is One, yet it has two reciprocal parts that work together so seamlessly and are so interdependent one upon the other, one could not exist without the other.  They are not two opposite and separate ‘sides’, they are two interdependent relationships of one unified whole – the Universe.  Thus they represent the Cosmic Heartbeat and the Cosmic Breath.

These two realms represent the metaphysical and physical realms; the unseen and seen; the spiritual and material; the ‘heavenly’ and ‘earthly’; the wave nature and particle nature of physics.  These two realms have been given many names throughout time:

  1. Vedic tradition calls them Purusha (the Source) and Prakriti (the physical manifestation).
  2. Kabbalists call them the Concealed God and Revealed God.
  3. The physics of David Bohm call them the Implicate order (the inner realm) and the Explicate order (the outer realm).
  4. The physics of Dewey B. Larson call them space/time (the physical) and time/space (the metaphysical).
  5. The physics of Conrad Ranzan and the Dynamic Steady State Universe call them the realm of existence (physical) and the realm of non-existence (metaphysical).
  6. The physics of Milo Wolff call them the visible World of Energy-exchange (the physical) and the unseen world of Scalar Waves (the metaphysical).
  7. Tibetan Buddhists call them the Void (the metaphysical) and nonvoid (the physical).
  8. Hinduism calls them Brahman (the One) and maya (physical illusion).
  9. The ancient Greeks called these the intelligible realm (related to spirit or consciousness) and the sensible realm (related to material expression).
  10. Each human being alive has a personal experience of these two realms whether they realize it or not. This is the realm of the waking-self which represents physical material reality, and the realm of the sleeping-self which represents invisible metaphysical reality.  In this metaphysical reality the strict laws of physics that we are used to in our waking lives no longer hold true.  We are suddenly able to teleport, fly, time travel, meet with the dead, materialize and dematerialize at will…and so on.  Lucid dreamers are particularly experienced with this realm.  It is in this state when one can begin to understand what it means to have both zero dimensions and infinite dimensions simultaneously.


Again, these two realms of reality are the metaphysical realm and the physical realm.  The metaphysical realm is the Source realm – a realm of pure energy, potential and consciousness.  It is the mysterious ocean of infinite undifferentiated consciousness.  It is unseen (invisible).  It is composed of infinite dimensions and zero dimensions simultaneously.  It is also called “time/space”.  It is infinite and timeless.  It has no beginning or end.  In time/space time is three-dimensional and space is one-dimensional.  This means you can move through past, present and future as easily as you can move through forward, backward and side-to-side in physical reality.

The physical realm is the material realm we are most familiar with.  This realm is the seen, visible, finite reality.  It refers to objects of entities that result from universal processes stemming from consciousness.  It is also called “space/time”.  Here space is 3D and time is 1D.


Imagine an hourglass or torus.  The upper funnel is space/time.  You can move around at will, changing your coordinate position in space, but you can only move forward in time.  You cannot jump ahead to future times and you cannot go backwards to the past.  You can only stay in the ‘present’ and move forward towards the future.

The lower funnel is time/space.  When you are focused in this realm you can move through time at will.  This is the realm of timelessness.  You move through the past, present and future as you desire, but you will remain in the same ‘place’ or space because there are no physical bodies there, only consciousness.  You are focused in this realm when you are dreaming.  Your consciousness leaves your body and enters this realm.  You have no body; you are not moving through space.  You are only moving through a psychological space of zero dimensions.  Dreams appear to have solidity but we all know they do not.  There is an illusion of material matter and this matter is always created and influenced by consciousness.  This is what the metaphysical reality is like.

In this realm there are zero dimensions because you do not have length, width or breadth.  You are an individualized consciousness that is experiencing infinite dimensions through the power of your connection to Cosmic Consciousness.  When dreaming you enter different worlds.  These worlds are infinite in number and solely depend upon consciousness creating them.  However these worlds are all connected.  They are all unified.  So it you fear you are being played out all over the universe in various forms (like Rick and Morty) and that it seems like an unconnected, chaotic mess – this is an incorrect view of the multidimensional reality.  All of your selves are connected.  If you are experiencing many worlds at once – or many experiences simultaneously, eventually (as your consciousness expands and you learn to balance yourself physically, mentally and spiritually) all these aspects will come together to form a greater whole.  Rick and Morty is a nihilistic (though humorous) view of a chaotic universe that does not represent the beliefs of the esoteric stream of knowledge.  Rick and Morty is materialism (wrapped in a fundamentally flawed string theory) at its coldest.


Throughout time people have tried various practices to allow their human consciousness to enter the realm of time/space and remain long enough to explore.  These include: focused meditation, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, psychedelic experiences, fasting, chanting, breathing techniques, sexual practices and my favorite – lucid dreaming.

It’s important to note here that many people depend on psychedelics to access the spiritual realms.  This is valid.  However the danger of psychedelics is that it distracts from what the psychedelic experience is trying to wake people up to.  The focus gets turned towards psychedelic journeys and away from the far, far, far more important journey – that of waking up to your cosmic existence and learning how to evolve for the greatest good of all – balancing your mind and emotions in the process.  You do not need any exterior substances to heal, transform and evolve.  The work is done through the inner self – the consciousness, not through the exterior world.  Psychedelics contribute to the problem of taking power away from people and leaving them with the feeling that the only way to connect with spirituality, the cosmic source or their inner selves is through drugs.  This is detrimental to humanity and the evolution of the planet as a whole.


Read more about Dreaming here.


To continue regarding the two realms: Modern science has discovered that everything oscillates at the subatomic level constantly flickering in and out of existence.  Everything in physical reality is always in motion.  Quantum physics has proven that at the smallest levels there are no solid ‘things’ only processes or ‘discrete energy events’.

At these subatomic scales everything has a wave nature and a particle nature.  This is called wave-particle duality.  What this means, according to the esoteric stream of knowledge, is that every atom, every photon, every wave that makes up our bodies and minds oscillates back and forth from the unseen realm to the seen realm, flickering in and out of physical existence.  It moves so quickly we cannot perceive it.  Our minds – our brainwaves – are usually tuned into the physical particle aspect of reality, at least when we are awake.  However this oscillation happens so fast we are actually in both realms at the same time.  We are particles and we are waves.  We are finite and we are infinite.  We are matter and we are consciousness.

This oscillation from time/space to space/time is the process that forms matter and it is also the process that keeps everyone and everything continually connected to the Source.  Spiritual practices such as the ones listed above are all ways to experience that Source.

The process forms a consciousness-matter feedback loop.  Consciousness demands feedback.  We are constantly disappearing and reappearing at the speed of light.  The structure of the torus allows feedback from what’s coming from the outside to go inside, then coming back to the outside again…When our consciousness fluctuates into the invisible realm we pick up information there as we simultaneously inform it with our thoughts, feelings, expectations and beliefs.  This information is shared by all other consciousness when they in turn fluctuate into the invisible realm.  It is a continual exchange and sharing of internal understanding and perspectives of everyone and everything.

When we fluctuate back to the physical reality we react and observe – creating new experiences, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  When we fluctuate back to the metaphysical reality we share those new experiences, thoughts, emotions, beliefs that help to form the physical reality while also picking up information from all other consciousnesses – the info they have deposited there.  In turn, physical reality is constantly created and adjusted by the new input.

We input, input creates reality, we learn from reality, we input new understanding, new input creates an altered reality, we learn from the altered reality…and so on.

While we are in the metaphysical reality what are we saying? How are we informing it when we are present there?  What is your general state of mind?  What are your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations?

This consciousness feedback process occurs on an individual level and on a mass level.  We are co-creating our reality with everybody and everything at all times.  We are in a relationship with the universe at all times and exchanging information on all scales.  We are unified.  We are infinite.



  1. The three principles of Unity, Infinity and Harmony are illustrated by geometric principles, patterns and ratios common to all scales of reality. This means all in reality has a geometric underpinning to it.

This principle of the esoteric stream of knowledge leads to the study of Sacred Geometry.  Sacred Geometry is the seed that ties together the various elements of esoteric philosophy, mainstream science, and the symbolism of many spiritual paths.  The study of sacred geometry is grounded in the experience of self-awareness, self-discovery, discovery of the Source of reality, and the realization of the interconnection of all things.

All actions in the Universe obey distinct patterns and sacred geometry describes these laws through shapes, forms, patterns and ratios.  It is a universal language of pure truths based on the inner workings of nature.

The geometric patterns that we see include the circle and sphere; the regular polygons: the equilateral triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and octagon; the Five Platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron; the Archimedean solids; the Catalan solids; spirals: the Archimedean spiral and logarithmic spirals; and ratios that come from the Platonic solids and regular polygons such as the: square root of 2, square root of 3, square root of 5, the golden phi ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence.  The musical harmonic ratios of the octave, fourth and fifth are also included.

These same geometric patterns show up on all scales of reality, without exception.  This includes the scale of the photon (light), sound, music, subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, molecular lattices, DNA, cells, water, snow crystals, minerals, plants, insects, animals, humans, planets, solar systems, galaxies and galactic clustering.  There is a huge amount of observational evidence and scientific experimentation to back this up.


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In regards to these geometric patterns, the “essence medium” or metaphysical reality is absolutely necessary to account for the apparent oneness in the great multitude of different inorganic and organic physical forms and for the similarity of structure in the different scales of physical reality from the subquantum up to the galactic cluster and every scale in between.  Everything is guided by the same principles.  Everything is drawing from the same source.

Of course we also see these same geometric patterns show up in spiritual symbolism throughout the world including: Christianity, Judaism, the Kabbalah, Islamic art, Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Native Indigenous traditions, ancient Celtic, Greek, Egyptian and Persian traditions…and many more.  They are trying to tell us something.  They are all pointing to specific cosmic truths shrouded in symbolism.  They are trying to awaken us.  Wake up.  Remember.


So how does geometry work in forming reality, you may ask?  To truly understand sacred geometry it must be understood that everything in the universe is made up of energy and this energy is in a continual state of transformation.

In mainstream science, energy is defined as the capacity or ability to do work.  Energy, however, always travels in waves. Waves are the way energy moves from place to place. Waves result from vibrations or oscillations.  In the deepest sense, according to the esoteric stream of knowledge, these vibrations or oscillations are created by consciousness.

All waves are defined in terms of wavelength, amplitude and frequency.  The wavelength is the distance between two like parts of a wave – that is, between two crests, or two troughs.  The amplitude is the height of the wave. The higher the amplitude, the greater the energy of the wave.  The frequency is the number of waves passing a point in 1 second, although other units of time can be used.

Harmonics are also involved with waves. Harmonics are component frequencies of a wave and they are based upon whole number ratios.  These relate to the musical octave (2:1 or ½), the fifth (3:2 or 2/3) and the fourth (4:3 or ¾). This means there are multiple frequencies embedded in a single wave. Higher harmonics equals shorter wavelengths, and therefore greater energy.  In sacred geometry, therefore, energy can be defined in terms of wavelength, frequency and harmonics.

In the esoteric stream of knowledge and the new understanding of science through quantum physics, everything is composed of ‘energy’ – that is waves (oscillations and fluctuations of consciousness). There are no ‘things’ only ‘discrete energy events’. Wavelength, frequency, and harmonics are essential in understanding how this can be.

To understand how this works it also must be understood that everything in reality continually oscillates at it smallest scales.  These oscillations are “wave energies” put in motion by consciousness itself.  These oscillations begin in the metaphysical reality and continue until the death or disintegration of the thing created.  When the oscillations cease, the consciousness of the “thing” does not die.  It remains intact.  Only the physical form dies away.

These oscillations are found on the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the Planck domain.  As these waves are created they oscillate back and forth from the metaphysical reality to the physical reality and back again.  These oscillations are pulse-like from a central point, but they also rotate as they pulse inwards and outwards.  They spiral out from the metaphysical reality and then spiral back inwards to where they begin.  This process repeats creating a toroidal flow process, which is like an invisible energetic matrix of a spinning sphere with an axis down its center.  Waves spiral out, then spiral in as if it moving through an hourglass-like figure that continually flows from bottom to top – top to bottom – over and over again.

As these oscillations of waves spiral outwards and inwards they create interference patterns.  These interference patterns automatically create standing waves.  The toroidal vortex process is a standing wave.  It is a continually moving dynamic process that forms a steady-state process.  These standing waves that form are geometric in nature.  The type of geometry that forms depends on the source of the waves and the information encoded into those waves.  For instance, do we have the creation of a hydrogen atom, a snowflake, a flower?  The geometry depends on the information encoded into the electromagnetic wave composed of photons.  A photon is a quantized packet of light.  It is a particle and a wave.  Information is encoded into light.  This information organizes into particles or into DNA in order to create life.

The geometric standing waves that result are invisible.  They are invisible force fields – or flow fields.  The “thing” seems to be stable, but the processes creating and sustaining it are ever-moving, ever-changing.  Photons coalesce upon these standing waves.  As they become trapped they form different vortexes which form subatomic particles.  These subatomic particles arrange into atoms.  The atoms group to form molecules.  The molecules form molecular lattices….then cells if we have a “living” form.  All of these ‘particles’ are attracted to the invisible lines of geometric force; thus the physical form is built off of an invisible geometric framework.

Everything is a “dynamic steady-state process” within a “dynamic steady-state universe”.  The physical realm represents the dynamic aspect – the ever-changing flow of creation, preservation and destruction.  The metaphysical realm represents the steady-state aspect – the stable, infinite, timeless source of consciousness and reality.


Thus, both waves and the oscillations of waves lie at the heart of the creation of matter.  This eternal oscillation represents the Cosmic Heartbeat.  The eternal oscillating flow of energy (of waves and consciousness) represents the Cosmic Breath.

We are the Cosmic Mind. Therefore, we are of One Heart.  We are of One Breath.  These statements are simple, yet at their core they represent very complex scientific processes and spiritual truths.



  1. The point of existence is to take the cosmic journey of the evolution of consciousness (or of the soul) and to encourage others to wake up and recognize this task set before each of us so that we may all rise to our highest individual potential for the greatest good.

Here we get to crux of the esoteric stream of knowledge by learning how these deep esoteric spiritual principles affect human beings in their everyday lives.

The cosmic journey of the evolution of consciousness has many subtle and nuanced aspects to it.  There are many implications braided within this concept such as reincarnation, the spiritual energy system, the use of the consciousness for spiritual evolution, karma, the hierarchy of spiritual levels and the existence of the Two Paths (the origin of “good vs. evil”).  These will be briefly discussed here.

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To begin, as has been stated above, the physical body dies upon death, disintegrates and returns to the earth, its molecules becoming the molecules of Nature.  The consciousness or spirit does not die.

There are many who believe that upon death our energy dissolves and rejoins the ocean of undifferentiated energy thus losing our selves, our individuality, our personality and our memories – basically ‘nothingness’ greets us upon our death.  Others believe in a reward/punishment system upon death such as the Heaven/Hell duality – meaning the work is done after one life if you get to Heaven!  Or if you go to Hell you are there for eternity with never a chance for redemption!  The esoteric stream of knowledge does not advocate either of these silly belief systems.


The esoteric stream of knowledge describes a reality in which multidimensional reincarnation occurs within simultaneous time.  As we take the cosmic journey we live many, many lives.  These lives are ours to choose.  We decide what we want to accomplish and who we want to accomplish it with, thus choosing the experiences and families we will meet upon our birth.  When we are in a body we forget the greater picture.  We forget the cosmic journey and become totally absorbed in physical reality.  Some have to undertake many, many lives before they are able to “pierce the veil” and remember that they are greater cosmic beings attempting the evolution of the soul.

The point is that we all live many lives…as many as it takes.  If we live according to the principles of the Universe: unity, infinity, harmony and compassion, we find ourselves evolving more quickly.  If we do not live by these principles then we do not evolve.  We live our lives, die and then try again.  If we do harm to others we must devise a life for ourselves (or a series of lifetimes) that will balance any negative actions we have taken against others.  We choose how we want to do this, but we are forbidden from evolving until we balance all negative actions.  This is the law of karma.  It does not entail punishment.  It entails balance.  Our journey can take hundreds, thousands or millions of lifetimes.  There is no limit.

There are many aspects to this multidimensional reincarnation in which each person is the captain of their own destiny.  Of course there are wise guides who can help us along the way.  We take counsel with them in between lives, if we choose, as we plan our next lifetime.  But the journey of evolution is an individual thing and we must all learn how to do it in our own way.

Click here: Reincarnation to read a series of articles discussing all the issues and questions most have in regards to death and reincarnation according to the esoteric stream of knowledge.  It is far too much information to repeat here.


Within this belief system we are taught that pain is an illusion.  This does not mean pain is not real.  It just means that there is more to ‘pain’ than meets the eye.  For instance, you may lose a limb or get stricken with a serious disease.  When you die, you are whole again.  You are healed.  It was meant to be a temporary learning experience – one in which you decided to undertake on your own, for your own reasons.  The pain and suffering was real, but it was only temporary.  No matter the suffering, you will be free from it.

Or, perhaps you lose a loved one.  This is an extremely painful experience to undertake in life.  You may fear that you may never see them again.  This is an illusion.  They did not die, they only disappeared from your physical reality.  Upon your own death you may meet with them again, if you both choose.  You can communicate again, in between lives.  You can plan other life experiences with these same loved ones.  They are not lost to you.  Nothing is ever lost.  You and your loved ones decided to undertake those experiences in order to learn.  Everyone has their own private reasons for deciding to experience certain things.  In the end, you will always be able to see and communicate with your loved ones again.  The pain of loss is thus an “illusion”.

The same applies to animals.  They have souls and spirits too.  They go on after death.  Every consciousness undertakes the same journey whether they be mineral, plant, animal, human…therefore it is wise to learn to respect the lives of animals.


According to the esoteric stream of knowledge the journey of consciousness is as follows:  We each begin as individualized sparks.  We then move through the spiral of evolution that takes billions of years.  We begin by experiencing life as a mineral for untold millions of years.  We then evolve our awareness by experiencing the consciousness of plants, insects or animals.  We choose.  How many years each stage takes is unimportant.  Once we become self-aware, or aware of ourselves as an individual, we experience consciousness as a human.  This takes as many lifetimes as needed to learn the lessons to evolve to the next level.  When we learn the lessons of love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness we move on to experience (as individuals) what planetary consciousness is.  From there we must learn the lessons of wisdom, honesty and creativity to evolve to experience galactic consciousness.  From there we must learn how to balance compassion and wisdom and learn the lessons of true faith in order to experience the consciousness of galactic clustering.  From there, when our mission of helping others grow and evolve is completed to our satisfaction, we then return to the Source, becoming the Cosmic Mind again and experiencing Universal or Cosmic Consciousness.


This system naturally leads to hierarchies.  These hierarchies are simply the existence of different beings on each different level.  These beings are not set.  This system is not static.  By this I mean that each consciousness experiences all levels.  You grow and evolve and then help others grow and evolve. Higher guides are always available.  And then one day you become the higher guide, helping others in the way you choose.


These levels correspond to the spiritual energy system or chakras.  To sum:

  1. Mineral consciousness – Simple awareness – Stability/Solid Foundation
  2. Animal consciousness – Growth & Movement – creativity/emotions
  3. Human consciousness – Self-Awareness – courage, power, individuality
  4. Planetary consciousness – Compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness
  5. Galactic consciousness – wisdom, honesty, truth, the ability to co-create
  6. Galactic clustering consciousness – the balance of wisdom and compassion; faith
  7. Cosmic consciousness – the experience of All-That-Is


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In order to evolve one must learn how to mature.  Mature people treat all others with compassion.  They stay true to themselves and they do no harm.  They know how to forgive and they do not perpetuate grudges.  They know all life is sacred and they know that all types of people are equally important.

Forgiveness is key.  Forgiveness is the true cornerstone of spiritual evolution.  Forgiveness creates a ‘magical’ act – one that transforms all involved.  The only way to heal is to forgive.  The only way to evolve is to learn to forgive everyone of everything.  Of course this is extremely difficult.  So many people have committed so many heinous crimes it seems idiotic to say we must forgive.  Yet that is the law of the universe.  Forgive to heal.  Heal to evolve.  Those that do harm will learn to balance their actions in order to evolve.


This cosmic journey of the soul relates to the Hero’s Journey.  This is the journey of:

  1. Separation
  2. Initiation
  3. Return

This is the story of life.  We are seemingly separated from the Infinite Source.  We wander in the dark, unaware, alone.  We fear we disintegrate upon our death.  We believe in chaos and nothingness.  We struggle with pain and fear.  Our eyes are closed.

We then enter a period of initiation.  This is a learning period.  We discover new things.  Things happen to us that cannot be explained by materialism.  We realize there is not a black impenetrable wall in our mind sealing us off from others and from Nature.  There is a veil.  We can pierce through it if we try.

Once we discover the truth of our cosmic existence and choose to live according to the harmonic principles of the universe we begin the path of the Return.  This is the stage of our conscious participation in the cosmic evolution of the soul.

Each of the three parts are extremely challenging.  The journey is not easy.  But it is extremely rewarding.  Guides are always available, if desired.

The main point is that we contain all things.  We contain all the darknesses and we contain all the light.  We have the potential for positive and for negative.  We will all experience pain and suffering at some point.  We will all feel fear, anger, bitterness, shame, jealousy…etc.  We must learn to move through the darkness.  We must not hide from the darkness.  We must not deny it, ignore it or be ashamed of it.  We must accept it, face it and learn to heal and transform it.  Humor helps in the process.

This is the struggle of humanity.  We are all undertaking the same journey with the same struggles.  We must learn to help support and uplift others along the way.  We must not stereotype, pigeon-hole or unfairly judge others.  We must learn to have compassion for ourselves when we struggle and we must learn to have compassion for others when they struggle, even if we do not understand them.

Above all, we must learn to forgive.


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The last brief point is that of the Two Paths.  In brief, there are two paths of spiritual evolution, but only one path will take you all the way home.  These two paths are:

  1. The Positive Path – that of acceptance, forgiveness, love, unity, compassion and peace. This path is much easier than the negative path.  When you consciously walk this path you are moving in harmony with the universe.  The universe essentially helps you along the way  There may be interventions to save or protect you; maybe you have premonitions to save you or alert you do danger; just the right people come along at just the right time to help you; you experience meaningful synchronicities to tell you that you are on the right path.  You are protected and guided every step of the way.  There is a built in protection if you choose this path.  This means you are never alone.  There are always guides.
  2. The Negative Path – that of control, manipulation, separation, violence and greed. This path is very, very difficult.  You must essentially be 95% evil in order to stay on this path for any length of time.  This means that you must be the most hardcore genocidal sociopath to get anywhere along this path.  Sadly, it’s obvious there are few of these alive today.  When you walk this path you have no help and no protection.  You are alone.  You are always fighting others and there are always others trying to take your place or take your power.  It is a life of violence, paranoia, narcissism and extreme greed.  Those who are a little bad – those who do bad things but aren’t genocidal sociopaths, are essentially the slave fodder for these people.  This means that if you do not choose the positive path you will be trampled underfoot by these dark forces.  You will be controlled and exploited and destroyed.  If you want protection from these forces you must choose the positive path and endeavor to walk it every single day.  There is no other way.  Those seriously on the negative path may evolve to a certain level, but they will not make it to the galactic clustering and cosmic consciousness levels because they are not in harmony with the universe.


This polarized aspect of consciousness (negative vs. positive) is a tool for learning.  The power is in the choice.  Do you choose negative or positive?  Once you choose, you must choose all the way.  There is no half-assing it.  Do you give power to the negative or the positive?  You have the power to decide.  You have the choice of love and protection or chaos and destruction.  Until you decide you will be metaphorically bashed against the rocks, from shore to shore, over and over again.  This can be seen in life when bad things happen, over and over again, interspersed with a few good things.  The more you choose the positive, the more positive aspects will come into your life.  And vice versa.  This does not mean life will become perfect.  We are imperfect humans living in an imperfect world up against many dark forces.  But if you try to be as kind as possible you will notice great things happen in your life.  Until you make the choice you will suffer as you are stuck swinging from cliff to cliff in the chasm of indifference.  But the way out is always open to you.  It is always open to everyone, no matter who they are or what they’ve done.  Everyone is important.  Everyone has a unique potential that can be developed for the greatest good.  Everyone is capable of having a fulfilling life full of joy and peace.

Wake up.  Remember.  Make the Choice now.

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