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In this article we will begin a seven-part series on methods of healing and balancing that can help improve the health of the body, mind and spirit.



Achieving Solutions to Problems

“Attend to what is before you, for it is there for a reason.

In each person’s life, and in your own, at each and every point of your existence, the solutions to your problems, or the means to achieving those solutions, are always as apparent – or rather as present – within your days as is any given problem itself.

What I mean is quite simple:  The solutions already exist in your lives.

You may not have put them together yet, or organized them in the necessary ways.”1



Honoring the Spirit

“Those who honor the Self within them will strive to take good care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

They will try to lead healthy lives at all levels.

They will eat nourishing food, if it is available.

They will get enough rest so that their bodies stay energetic and vibrant.

They will be attentive to their feelings and emotions without being overpowered by them and will work diligently at transforming unhealthy states of mind to healthy ones.”2



Natural Healing Processes

“If you do not trust your nature, then any illness or indisposition will be interpreted as an onslaught against health.

Your body faithfully reflects your inner psychological reality.

Sometimes sad or depressing thoughts provide a refreshing change of pace, leading you to periods of quiet reflection, and to a quieting of the body so that it rests.

Fears, sometimes even seemingly irrational ones, can serve to rouse the body if you have been too lethargic, or have been in a rut psychologically or physically.

If you trusted your nature you would be able to trust such feelings, and following their own rhythms and routes they would change into others.

Ideally even illnesses are a part of the body’s health, representing needed adjustments, and also following the needs of the subjective person at any given time.

They are a part of the interplay between the body and mind, or spirit.

The majority of my readers have come down with one or another disease usually considered very dangerous, and without ever knowing it, because the body healed itself normally and naturally.

The disease was not labeled. It was not given recognition as a condition.

Worries or fears were not aroused, yet the disease came and vanished.

In such instances natural healing processes occurred, for which the body is seldom given credit.

Such healings do not just involve changes in the body, for example, for a physical healing can take place because of events that seem utterly disconnected.

Natural therapy is difficult to achieve to its fullest benefit in your society, because it is constantly interfered with from the time of your birth.

Yet it operates regardless of interference, and is always at your command to give health and vitality to the living sculpture in which you have your present experience.”3



The Difficulty of Natural Healing

“It is extremely difficult to work with yourself in the natural manner when you are surrounded everywhere by the belief that certain drugs, or foods, or doctors will provide the answers.

So, in the barrage of mass ideas to the opposite, those who try to allow themselves the benefit of their own innate healing must usually face the stress of wondering whether or not they are right.

Unfortunately, the more you rely upon exterior methods the more it seems you must rely upon them, and the less you trust your own natural abilities.

You will often become “allergic” to a drug simply because the body realizes that if the drug was accepted, all recourse to the solution of a particular problem would be cut off, or another more severe illness would result from the physical “cover-up” of the dilemma.”4



Medications & the Natural Healing Process

Regarding medication – If you accept Western beliefs I am not suggesting that you suddenly forsake all doctors.

But naturally and left alone, any chemical upsets in the body will right themselves after the inner problems causing them are worked out through any of a variety of innate healing methods.

The new balance signals the organism that an inner problem has been resolved.

The body, mind and psyche are then more or less operating together.

When new psychic challenges arise, another round of natural therapy begins in rhythmic pattern.

When imbalances of a physical nature are removed by the introduction of drugs, however, the body signals say that the inner dilemma must have been taken care of also – while this may not be the case at all.

The whole organism is not at one with itself under such conditions.

The problem manifested itself in a given way, and the drugs then block that normal expression of the psychic disorder.

Other pathways of demonstration will be sought.

If these are blocked in the same manner also, then the entire mind-body-relationship becomes alienated from itself.

The inner mechanics are disturbed.

The basic challenge not only is not faced, but is constantly denied the physical expression that, left alone, would bring about its natural solution.

If you do not believe in the natural healing processes you will simply block them.

Your fear of not seeing a doctor then will only cause more damage.

On the other hand, if you have faith in medical help, this alone will bring therapeutic benefit.

This can only go so far, though, if the inner problems are not dealt with.

Often they are resolved regardless of what you do or believe, simply as a result of the vast creative energies within your being, and the system of checks and balances with which you provided your body at birth.”5



Natural Healing Methods leading to Illumination and Grace

“When you do not trust your own therapeutic nature, or really understand the conscious or unconscious mind, then you run to so many therapies that originate from without the self.

There are many natural doorways to self-illumination and states of grace.

These can be alternative courses to those who believe that there is no other way but to browbeat the ego – either through the use of chemicals or by other methods calculated to strip it of is powers at least momentarily, rather than teaching it to use those great abilities of assimilation that it does possess.

Your nature, besides possessing natural, general healing abilities, has its own unique and particular private triggers arising from your experience.  They can be learned, recognized and utilized by you.

In this area certain events really matter.

Singular circumstances, meaningless to others, can be used to open your own storehouse of energy and inner strength.

These will include both waking and dreaming events.

If you remember having certain dream experiences and waking refreshed, then before sleep consciously think about those dreams and tell yourself they will return.

If any activity, odd or silly as it might seem, brings you a sense of satisfaction, pursue it.

Any of these natural healing methods can even lead beyond feelings of well-being and strength, physical health and vitality, to those sublime experiences of illumination and grace.”6



Methods of Natural Therapy

“Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies, and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior universe.

Enjoyment of art is also very therapeutic, and its creation springs from an exquisite wedding of the conscious and unconscious minds.

The most rejuvenating idea of all, and the greatest step to any true illumination, is the realization that your exterior life springs from the invisible world of your reality through your conscious thoughts and beliefs, for then you realize the power of your individuality and identity.”7



Natural Therapy through Music

“It seems that technologies and inventions have done a lot of harm, and so they have.

On the other hand technology brings within your reach the great therapy of music; this activates the inner living cells of your body, stimulates the energy of the inner self and helps to unite the conscious mind with the other portions of your being.

Music is an exterior representation, and an excellent one, of the life-giving inner sounds that act therapeutically within your body all the time.

The music is a conscious reminder of those deeper inner rhythms, both of sounds and of motion.

Listening to music that you like will often bring images into your mind that shows you your conscious beliefs in different form.

The natural healing of sound can happen also when you do such a simple thing as listen to the rain.

You do not need drugs, hypnotism, or even medication.

You only need to allow and direct the freedom of your conscious mind.

Left alone, it will flow through thoughts and images that provide their own therapy.”8



Avoiding Natural Therapy Due to Fear

“It is often not enough – in fact, seldom enough, that deep emotional fears simply be realized once or twice.  They must be encountered more or less directly.

Otherwise the old habits allow such fear to be buried again.

You often avoid this natural treatment, however, and run from frightening conscious thoughts that would in their turn lead you to the source of “negative” beliefs, where they could be faced; you could then travel through them, so to speak, into feelings of joy and victory.

Instead, for example, many of you accept the way of drugs, where such feelings and thoughts are thrust upon you, or forced out of you while you are denied the stabilizing comforts of the conscious mind.”9

[In this case we refer to both pharmaceutical drugs and psychedelic drugs used for therapy.]



The Rhythm of Natural Therapeutic Programs

“There is a rhythm to therapeutic programs, and it is natural for the self to rouse at certain times, begin such activities, then apparently discard them.

They begin with a certain impetus, give you a certain kind of progress, and regardless of how great or small that progress may be, there is a necessary time of assimilation – that is, the stimulation over a period of time is more effective when it is in a fashion intermittent, when certain methods are tried out, applied, and so forth – but by the very nature of the healing process there is also the necessity of letup, diversion, and looking away.”10



A Loving Touch

“A loving touch – a light quick massage or embrace – acts as quickly on the nervous system as anything else, and far faster than any medicine.

Animals even have long been aware of such immediate therapeutic action.”11


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