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In this article we will begin a lengthy series on the spirituality of humanity.  We will begin with a four-part series on chakras, the energy centers of the human body.


Spiritual System – Aura – Human Energy Field

In order to understand chakras, it is necessary to understand that chakras are the major vortex points, or energy centers, in a larger spiritual/energetic/consciousness system.

This spiritual system is sometimes referred to as the aura.

The aura is a part of the greater soul and consciousness of each person, yet if seen, it is not the total soul and consciousness of an individual.  It is the part needed for existence in each human incarnation, yet it is connected to the whole soul, or Higher Self through these energy centers or chakras.

“In their book Future Science, writer John White and parapsychologist Stanley Krippner list 97 different cultures that refer to the aura with 97 different names.”1

The aura is recognized as the energetic spiritual system of the body.  Nadis (subtle energy channels) and chakras (subtle energy centers) are a part of this spiritual system.

72,000 fine, subtle energy channels or “nadis” run throughout the body, along which “prana”, or “Aetheric energy” or “life force” moves.

Note here the number 72.  It was thought that ancient Indian mystics were able to see and count each thread or nadi, and were able to count 72,000 of them.  However, it is more likely they were able to discern the geometry of the spiritual system and infer from there how many nadis there should be.  72 is one of the most important foundational numbers of the sacred number canon.

72 degrees is also the exterior angles of a regular pentagon.  720 also equals the sum of the angles of a tetrahedron, and the sum of the angles of a hexagon.

Therefore, by knowing the geometry of the human energy system, the number of channels can be easily inferred without having to count each one, which may be difficult to do due to their Aetheric nature which is constantly in motion.

Nadis are formed by fine threads of energetic matter and represent fluid-like energies that parallel the nervous system.

Where these nadis meet at different points in the body they form a triangle, which we call a chakra.

Each of the seven major chakras are aligned with an endocrine gland in the body.  The endocrine system is the physical counterpart to the spiritual chakra system.  We will discuss this in detail as we go on.



Qi (Life Force), Meridians & Acupuncture

The Meridian system is the same as the nadis discussed above.  The term nadis is from the Hindu tradition.  The term meridian system is from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  It refers to the pathways through which the life-energy (Aetheric consciousness) they call “qi” flows.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp tells us that the meridian system “may work like wave guides transmitting particular bodily energy to specific zones”.2

Illness occurs when there is a blockage of this qi energy along the pathways.

“Scientific studies show that many acupuncture points on the body have a dramatically decreased electrical resistance compared with points on the skin surrounding it (10 kilo-ohms at the center of a point, compared to 3 mega-ohms in the surrounding skin.)”3

Each primary energy center (chakra) of this system has secondary centers.

Some work with these energy centers using acupuncture.



Dr. Robert Becker

Dr. Robert Becker (1923-2008) was a U.S. orthopedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology/electromedicine.

He worked mainly as a professor at Upstate Medical Center in State University of New York, Syracuse and as Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, New York.

“Becker was known for his work in bio-electricity…and has been credited with furthering the awareness of the scientific community to the study of electric potentials in organisms.  His work showed that living organisms and animals show a direct current of electric charge which is measurable from their body surface.”4

Dr. Becker studied the human body’s natural Electromagnetic fields.

He designed a special electrode recording device which would roll along the body like a non-sharpened pizza cutter.

He found that every person he studied had the strongest electrical charges on the Chinese acupuncture meridian points.

His work lent great credibility to the scientific validation of the energetic system of the body and the existence of chakras.

However, in regards to acupuncture, “it is to be noted that there are most often anomalies in the placement of the energy centers so that the scientific precision of this practice is brought into question. Like most scientific attempts at precision, it fails to take into account the unique qualities of each creation.”5

This explains some of the difficulty of scientific validation in regards to the uniqueness and ever-changing currents of the human spiritual system.



The Electrical Activity of the Body

“Over the past twenty years Valery Hunt, a physical therapist and professor of kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the existence of the human energy field.

Medical science has long known that humans are electromagnetic beings. Doctors routinely use electrocardiographs to make electrocardiograms (EKGs) or records, of the electrical activity of the heart, and electroencephalographs to make electroencephalograms (EEGs) of the brain’s electrical activity.

Hunt has discovered that an electromyograph, a device used to measure the electrical activity in the muscles, can also pick up the electrical presence of the human energy field.

The normal frequency range of the electrical activity in the brain is between 0 and 100 cycles per second (cps), with most of the activity occurring between 0 and 30 cps.

Muscle frequency goes up to about 225 cps, and the heart goes up to about 250 cps, but this is where electrical activity associated with biological function drops off.

In addition to these, Hunt discovered that the electrodes of the electromyograph could pick up another field of energy radiating from the body, much subtler and smaller in amplitude than the traditionally recognized body electricities but with frequencies that averaged between 100 and 1600 cps, and which sometimes went even higher.

Moreover, instead of emanating from the brain, heart, or muscles, the field was strongest in the areas of the body associated with the chakras.”6




Chakras are energy centers, or “wheels of light” that are key elements of the spiritual system of the body.  They are connected to the endocrine glands and major nerve centers in the body.

They are like lenses through which everything in existence is interpreted.

Chakras are representative of our state of consciousness and they are directly related to the evolution of our consciousness.

This evolution of consciousness related to our chakras is sometimes referred to as the “Rainbow Bridge”.

The journey to fully activate and balance each chakra is a journey through varying states of consciousness.

It represents the seven stage transformation of our inner self.

Recognize that the 7 centers vibrate at different rates and carry different qualities.

They are our psychological motivations, “the spectrum of the passions, desires, emotions, thoughts, and intuitions we experience, each with its own countless shades.”7

Mark Booth writes, “The working together of these different centers of consciousness makes us variously loving, angry, melancholy, restless, brave, thoughtful and so on, forming the unique thing that is human experience.”


This 7-step journey is referenced in many cultures and mythologies, ancient and modern, throughout the world.  Some of the symbolism of this seven-stage journey is as follows:

  • The Aztec 7 “caves of initiation” within ourselves
  • 7 stepped ladders
  • 7 heavens (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism)
  • 7 earths or underworlds (Jainism)
  • 7 gates of the underworld
  • 7 seals (Revelations of the Bible)
  • 7 rays of crowns – Statue of Liberty; Isis; Native American sun god


“Just as Christianity contains a hidden tradition of gods of the stars and planets, so it also contains a hidden tradition of the chakras.

In the esoteric tradition, the horns of Moses, represent the two petals of the brow chakra.

The flowering rod of Aaron refers to the activation of the chakras.

The opening of the seven seals is in fact a way of talking about the enlivening of the seven chakras.

The Vesica Piscis that often surrounds Jesus symbolizes the birth-portal and the Third Eye, or brow chakra.”8

“Johann Georg Gichtel, a student of Jakob Bohme, illustrates the tenets of human subtle anatomy according to his master’s teaching.  Each center is characterized by one of the planets.  The closeness of this image to the oriental version of the chakras of Lotuses indicates that such subtleties have been available to all spiritual traditions.”

Gichtel is on the left.  The Vedic perspective is on the right.

The seven main human chakras, or energy centers, are often depicted as flowers – specifically lotuses.

Keith Critchlow reminds us, “The Lotus is a mythological symbol of the flowering of the human soul.”


In the primary system there are 7 chakras.

In the Ancient Egyptian system there are 13 chakras.

Some say there are 114 total chakras in the body; some conclude 360; some say more.

In Cosmic Core we will stick to the study of the 7-chakra system, with the 8th chakra being the first chakra of a new octave.

We study the 7-chakra system because it mirrors the octave structure of the Universe.  Growth occurs in octaves (spiraling octaves).  This includes the musical spectrum and the electromagnetic spectrum as well as the chemical periodic table of elements.

“We have the number seven repeated from the macrocosm to the microcosm in structure and experience.  These energy centers are in potential in macrocosm from the beginning of creation by the Logos.

Coming out of timelessness, all is prepared.

This is so of the infinite creation.”9

Each of the primary chakras are associated with a color and psychological/emotional/spiritual quality.

“Physiologically chakras appear to act like energy transformers.  They take in higher energies, step them down from one form and frequency to a low, more utilizable energy form for the human body.”10


Each chakra has a wide range of rotational speed and brilliance.

The more strongly one concentrates upon and purifies each chakra, the more brilliant or rotationally active it will become.

However, the brilliance or the rotational speed is not more important than the balanced aspect of all chakras as a unified whole.

Each person must find their unique balance point, as no two are the same.

Ill physical or mental health can be a result of activating the higher energy centers while not having penetrated the lower, more fundamental energy centers.

As we move up each chakra, awakening, unblocking and balancing each one, we become more awakened to our true nature and the true nature of reality and the universe.

“The will of the entity as it evolves is the single measure of the rate and fastidiousness of the activation and balancing of the various energy centers.”11

“The precision with which each energy center matches the Original Thought lies not in the systematic placement of each energy nexus but rather in the fluid and plastic placement of the balanced blending of these energy centers in such a way that intelligent energy is able to channel itself with minimal distortion.”12

“The mind/body/spirit complex is not a machine. It is rather what you might call a tone poem.”13

“While it is a primary priority to activate or unblock each energy center, it is also a primary priority at that point to begin to refine the balances between the energies so that each tone of the chord of total vibratory beingness resonates in clarity, tune, and harmony with each other energy. This balancing, tuning, and harmonizing of the self is most central to the more advanced or adept mind/body/spirit complex.”14



Psychological Aspects of Chakras

“On the journey through life, chakras are like inner gears that allow you to experience different levels of power. A good vehicle has a free range of gears that allows it to move slowly or quickly, uphill and downhill. If you are stuck in one gear, or cannot move into a higher or lower gear, your journey is limited. When you’re stuck in a tight parking space, you also need a reverse gear, which in this system is a means of looking at past events that may have created the patterns in which you are now stuck.”


“The chakra map also charts your lifelong psychological experience.  You will see how certain patterns become established in the chakras at crucial developmental stages of childhood, and how each chakra builds upon the accomplishments of the previous stage.

If you understand the purpose and function of each chakra, and then look at how the energies associated with that chakra play out in your life – as well as how your body functions in that particular area – you will discover how your childhood coping mechanisms evolved into excessive and deficient chakra patterns…This is the great gift of the chakra system: It represents a profound formula for wholeness that integrates body, mind, and spirit, restoring them to their original unity.”

“In examining your defense patterns, you will discover two main characteristics: you may have increased your energy on a particular level in order to deal with the issue; or you may have decreased it in order to avoid the issue…In this way, a chakra can become excessive, in that it habitually compensates on a particular level (you might say it is fixated), or the chakra can become deficient, in that it habitually avoids a particular level.

An excessive chakra is crowded with stagnant energy, like a traffic jam.  It holds on too tightly and needs to let go and release energy.

A deficient chakra is more like a constriction: a place where the road is too narrow to permit the easy passage of energy.  It is undernourished, and needs to let go and receive energy.”15




In this article we have begun to discuss the chakras.  We will discuss them in far more detail in the next three articles, always emphasizing the importance of learning how to balance the chakras according to your own individual balance.  It is in the balance that we will find peace of mind, healing, transformation and stability.  It is in the balance that we are able to rise to our individual highest potential for the greatest good of all.


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