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In this article we will discuss each individual chakra in great detail.  The vast bulk of this information is sourced from The Law of One ( unless otherwise noted.



The Octave of Chakras



The 1st chakra – Red Ray – The Root – The Foundation – Earth

This is the basic strengthening ray for each density.  It shall never be condescended to as less important or productive of spiritual evolution, for it is the foundation ray.

It should be obvious that without a strong, stable foundation, no edifice can be built that can withstand the rigors of physical life.

“We can speak in terms of lower and higher chakras, but such language is often and too easily misunderstood. It is like comparing the foundation of a building to the roof; the roof is not superior to the foundation. The foundation of the building is more basic to the building than the roof, and the quality, life span, stability and security of the building depends, to a large extent, on the foundation rather than the roof. But in terms of language, the roof is higher, and the foundation is lower.”1


Being the lowest or root energy center of the body it will have the first opportunity to react to any experience.  In every facet of mind and body the root or foundation will be given the opportunity to function first.

This opportunity is survival and self-preservation and will be the strongest instinct.

In one way, this can be translated as the “fight or flight” response.

It also represents our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane.

The red ray body is your chemical body – the unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form.

This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical body.

This body or energy ‘shell’ is spherical or egg-shaped.

If this chakra alone is dominant, food and sleep will be the predominant factors in life.



Blockages in Red Ray

A blockage in red-ray can manifest as a constant worrying and fear of survival.

In general, it will exhibit the “demon” of fear, doom, mistrust, helplessness, fearfulness, and inability to cope.



Balanced Red Ray

When this chakra is balanced much is open to the seeker due to the fact that it stops blocking experiential data and the higher chakras can begin to use these experiences for higher purposes.

Balanced, it will bring up health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence in the moment of “Now”.

We will feel a sense of belonging, safety and security in the world.

We will be able to provide for life’s necessities and stand up for ourselves.


Associated Dysfunctions of Red Ray:

hemorrhoids, anus issues, elimination, tops of legs, osteoporosis, hips, coccyx, chronic spinal problems, sciatica, scoliosis, rectal problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, arthritis, skin problems, and addictions




The 2nd chakra – Orange Ray – Sacral chakra – Awareness and growth – Water

The Orange Ray, or 2nd chakra, is located within the pelvis, in front of the sacrum, in the middle of the body.

It is related to the reproductive organs, the testes and ovaries.

It is concerned with expression of the self on an individual basis, whether through creativity, sexuality, sensuality, or emotions.

It is also concerned with how you relate to yourself, your orientation to self-gratification, and sexual reproduction.

Note how important creativity plays a role here.  This refers to creativity in the artistic sense and in the reproductive sense.

It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation and movement.

The Orange Ray body is the physical body complex – not the body you inhabit, but the body formed without self-awareness – the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters.

The geometry of this energy ‘shell’ is an icosahedron.

If this chakra is dominant you are a pleasure seeker and you want to enjoy the physical world in as many pleasurable ways as you can.



Blockages in Orange Ray

Often financial concerns fall within this category, as many feel they are not creative enough to make money, or worthy or talented enough to share their creativity.

Blocked orange chakras can often lead to self-doubt, self-loathing, issues of possession, self-consciousness, and the inability to accept the self as the self is.

In the extreme, power over other individuals may be seen to be stemming from an orange ray blockage or orange ray dominance over all other chakras.

In the extreme, you may also see this ray in the treating of others as non-entities, slaves or chattel, thus giving others no status whatever.

It can exhibit the “demon” of guilt, inhibitions, shame, blame, dependency, or co-dependency, poor boundaries, submission, needing protection, money & sex issues, power & control issues.



Balanced Orange Ray

As this chakra becomes balanced, much more creativity, fairness and more emotional balance can result.

It will bring us fluidity, grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.

It will also result in directness, independence, good boundaries, assertive abilities, and ability to be protective of others.


Associated Dysfunctions of Orange Ray:

sex organs, lower intestines, reproduction, hernia, bladder, lower back/lumbar (your belief you are not creative enough to make money), pelvic pain, sexual potency problems, and urinary issues




The 3rd chakra – Yellow Ray – Navel Chakra – Self-awareness and Interaction – Fire

The Yellow Ray, or third chakra, is located behind the navel in the center of the body.

It is associated with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

The adrenals are responsible for increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased cardiac output, increased respiratory rate and decreased digestive action.

Yellow Ray governs our metabolism.

It is concerned with how you relate to and view groups and society.  That is, how your personal expression fits into society.

It is oriented toward self-definition.


Plato writes that this area was tethered to the body “as if it were a wild animal.”  Indeed, the ego, feelings of power, and the will can act as a wild animal that needs discipline in order to do the work it needs to do.  How often do people’s ego and feelings of power run away with them to detrimental effect?


Yellow Ray is often thought of as the “power” chakra.  It rules our personal power, will and autonomy.

It is also concerned with the concepts of power, courage, discipline, control issues, endurance, self-awareness, individuality, will power, and determination.

Here you can begin to investigate the feelings of power, especially power over others or a group power over another group, including in your investigation how healthy and helpful these feelings of power are and if they need to be balanced.


Yellow Ray motivations also include the desire of people attempting to remake or alter society according to their feelings or opinions of being correct personally or of having answers which will put political and financial power in a more correct configuration, however positive or negative it might be.

This chakra most closely resembles the idea of the ego.  (In this sense we refer to self-absorption, arrogance and superiority issues.)

Sports teams and gadgets such as our modes of transportation can activate the orange and yellow-ray.  These may be seen to be ways of investigating the feelings of power; more especially, power over others (video games) or a group power over another group of others (sports teams).

The yellow-ray body is your physical vehicle which you know of at this time and in which you experience catalyst. This body has the mind/body/spirit characteristics and is equal to the physical illusion, as you have called it.

The geometry of this energy ‘shell’ is an octahedron.

If this chakra is dominant you are a “doer”.  You are all about action.



Blockages in Yellow Ray

Blocked yellow chakras can manifest as power manipulation of others and bellicose actions in which one group of entities feel the necessity and right of dominating other groups of entities and bending their wills to the wills of the masters.

Blockages in orange-ray or yellow-ray manifest in sexual interactions as a blockage then insatiable hunger for more sex due to the blockage.

When two entities are vibrating in orange-ray or yellow-ray in sexual interactions, one entity will experience the pleasure of humiliation and slavery or bondage, the other will experience the pleasure of mastery and control over another entity.  In this way a sexual energy transfer of a negative polarity will take place.

The negative entity will use the three lower centers for separation from and control over others by sexual means, by personal assertion, and by action in society.

It’s “demon” is shame, inadequacy, inferiority or superiority, giving up, irresponsibility, addictions, defensiveness, aggressiveness, arrogance, self-absorption, escapism, intimidation, avoidance, territoriality, overly competitive actions, and sensitivity to criticism.



Balanced Yellow Ray

Unblocked, this chakra acts as a stepping stone to higher vibrations, where the mind and body potentiates to its fullest balance.

The strong red/orange/yellow triad springboards the entity into the center ray of green.

A positive entity will transmute strong red-ray sexual energy into green-ray energy transfers, transmuting self-hood and place in society into energy transfer situations in which the entity may merge with and serve others and then, finally radiate unto others without expecting any transfer in return.

The yellow-ray is the power center.  In a balanced entity, the tools (power, love, wisdom) will not be abused but rather, it will approach those tools balanced in the center of love and wisdom and thus seeking power in order to serve.

Each entity must, in order to completely unblock yellow ray, love all which are in relationship to it, with hope only of the other-selves’ joy, peace, and comfort.

An unblocked yellow ray brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.



A Side Note on the Concept of “Power”

Since the yellow chakra is often associated as the “power” chakra we will digress for a moment to discuss the nature of power itself.

“Power does not basically imply superiority over.  There is the power of love, for example, and the power to love.  Both imply great action and vitality, and an aggressive thrust that has nothing to do with violence.  Love is propelled by all of the elements of natural aggression, and it is powerful; yet because you have made such divisions between good and evil, love appears to be weak and violence strong.”2

“Power is natural. It is the force, the power of the muscle to move, or the eye to see, of the mind to think, the power of the emotions — these represent true power, and no accumulation of wealth or acclaim can substitute for that natural sense of power if it is lacking.  Power always rests with the individual, and from the individual all political power must flow.”3

“When you think of power you think of, say, nuclear energy, or solar energy—but power is the creative energy within humanity’s minds that allows them to use such powers, such energies, such forces.”4

“The true power is in the imagination which dares to speculate upon that which is not yet.  The imagination, backed by great expectations, can bring about almost any reality within the range of probabilities.”5

“The flow of power, just as the flow of love or wisdom, is enabled not by the chary [reluctant or cautious] conserver of its use but by the constant user.”6


Reverting from Yellow Ray back to Orange Ray

The influences of the true color green acting upon yellow-ray entities have caused many entities to revert to the consideration of self rather than the stepping forward into consideration of other-self or green ray.

Those reverting to orange ray, and we may add these are many upon the Earth at this time, are those who feel the vibrations of true color green and, therefore, respond by rejecting governmental and societal activities as such and seek once more the self.

However, not having developed the yellow ray properly so that it balances the personal vibratory rates of the entity, the entity then is faced with the task of further activation and balancing of the self in relation to the self, thus the orange-ray manifestations at this space/time nexus.


This idea from The Law of One means that the influence of love and compassion (green-ray) is heightening in our earthly experience.  This strong influence of green-ray has led many people to revert to Orange Ray, rather than stepping forward into Green Ray.  This reverting to Orange Ray is due to many people disgusted by the government, political, religious and/or social activities, and therefore, find it nearly impossible to learn to love and have compassion for all humans, regardless of belief system.  They then revert to a “tribe mentality”.  This “tribe mentality” allows them to have love and compassion, but only for those in their “tribe” and for themselves.  That is, only those who believe as they do.

This is a problem, to say the least.


Those that choose to turn away from unconditional, universal love will not evolve until they balance the orange, yellow, and green rays by facing difficult issues and learning to love humanity and have compassion for others who believe and live differently.

This involves transcending polarities (moving into green ray), and leaning to respect conservatives if you are liberal, or respect liberals if you are conservative; or respect new-agers if you are scientific, or respect other races, or respect religious believers if you are scientific, or vice versa…or any number of other varieties of learning how to have empathy for different types of beliefs and attempting to understand why different people feel the way they do in order to work towards the greatest good for all.


Associated Dysfunctions of Yellow Ray:

stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, thoracic/mid back, gallstones, lower lung, duodenal ulcers, colon problems, Crohn’s Disease, heartburn, diabetes, constipation and diarrhea, anorexia, bulimia, and hepatitis




The 4th chakra – Green Ray – Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love & Compassion – Air

The Green Ray, or 4th chakra, is located in the chest, between the nipples, behind the sternum, in the center of the body.

Green Ray is associated with the heart, lungs and thymus gland, a specialized organ of the immune system.

It is concerned with unconditional all-forgiving love, compassion, understanding, giving & receiving, acceptance and forgiveness – of both ourselves and others.

It is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity.

The green-ray body is what you call ectoplasm – it is a lighter body packed more densely with life, often called the astral body.

The geometry of this energetic ‘shell’ is the star tetrahedron.

If this chakra is active you are a creative person and you live very intensely.



Blockages in Green Ray

The green chakra can be easily blocked by the lower feelings of orange and yellow, such as fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, and desire to be possessed.

Blockages show up as an inability to offer universal love and compassion.

In more conscious beings this expresses or manifests as lack of compassion for the self.

Green ray blockages can manifest as the “demon” of grief, resentment, anger, jealousy, anxiety, grudge-holding, abandonment, bereavement, isolation, self-centeredness, loneliness, martyrdom.



Balanced Green Ray

Those desiring to remake society who are working from the green chakra rather than the yellow chakra understand that universal love freely given is more to be desired than principalities or even the rearrangement of peoples and political structures.

As American author Tom Robbins puts it, “Social action on the political/economic level is wee potatoes.  Our great human adventure is the evolution of consciousness.  We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”

Balanced Green-ray sexual energy transfer between mates allows the Creator to know Itself with great beauty, solemnity and wonder.

Intelligent infinity having been reached by this sacramental use of this function of the body, each mind/body/spirit complex of the mated pair gains greatly in polarization (spiritual evolution for the greatest good) and ability to serve.

Green Ray activation brings us the ability to love deeply, feel compassion and have a profound sense of peace and centeredness.

It also brings us balanced emotional expression, passion, serenity, joy, courage, intimacy, accepting, nurturing, giving, and the all-important ability of forgiveness.


The importance of forgiveness cannot be stressed enough.  We will discuss it in detail in subsequent articles.  We all must learn how to forgive others and ourselves before we can evolve.  Forgiveness is the only way to end the trauma of guilt for all the damage that has been done to other people by other people in the past and present.  Forgiveness is the only way to end the trauma of racism, sexism, genocide, war and environmental destruction.  Forgiveness is the only way our entire world population can move forward into peace, harmony and prosperity for all.  This forgiveness is forgiveness of ALL people in the past and present, including ourselves.  We must recognize that others need forgiveness, and we must recognize that we must forgive ourselves as well.  Full forgiveness is impossible without forgiveness of the self.


Associated Dysfunctions of Yellow Ray:

heart, respiratory, shoulder blades, ribs, breasts, lungs, upper back, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, chest pain, hypertension, asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia




The 5th chakra – Blue Ray – Throat Chakra – Communication & Co-Creation – Sound

The Blue Ray, or 5th chakra, is located in the mid-throat area, in the center of the neck.

It is associated with the throat and thyroid gland – very important for hormone regulation.

It is concerned with wisdom, communication, co-creating, honesty, and the ability to freely give and receive communication and honesty with others and with one’s self.

This chakra is about owning your opinions and judgments in order to avoid creating karma.

To penetrate the blue energy center requires great amounts of honesty.

Honesty is greatly lacking in our current society.  This honesty includes many people unable to be honest with others, but more importantly, unable to be honest with themselves.

It is the first ray of radiation of self, regardless of any actions from others.

The blue-ray entity is a co-Creator.

This is the ray where compassion is imbued with wisdom.  Wisdom enables the entity to appreciate its contributions to the planetary consciousness by the quality of its being without regard to activity or behavior which expects results upon visible planes.

This means it is worker in consciousness, not necessarily physical activity.

Activating the blue ray increases wisdom.  Wisdom allows the individual to know the powerful affects they have by using their consciousness, outside of physical activity, behavior, protests, petitions, groups, meetings, associations…etc.

Great power and great work can be done through the use of the consciousness – that is, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, and intentions.

Wisdom allows one to know they have a great affect upon the world, others, and the course of history just by using their consciousness, even if they can see no visible or tangible results.

Blue ray coupled with green ray allows the person to know how to use their consciousness for the greatest good.

That is why it was said that freely giving love (and we do not mean sex here) and acceptance to others is more powerful than trying to rearrange petty political structures.

The blue-ray body is the light body or devachanic body.  It’s geometry is the cube.

If this chakra is active, you become a very powerful person – but not just political or administrative.

“A person can become so powerful that if he just sits in one place, things will happen for him.  He can manifest life beyond the limits of time and space.”7



Blockages in Blue Ray

Blockages in the blue chakra can be seen as a person’s difficulty understanding themselves and also difficulties in accepting communication from others.

It can also manifest as an inability to be honest with others and oneself.

The “demon” of this chakra is lies, dishonesty, and complaining.



Balanced Blue Ray

A balanced blue ray means any opinions or judgments are owned.  An individual will have no problem taking responsibility for their opinions, judgments and actions, whether they had a positive or negative effect, intentionally or unintentionally.

The blue ray is the truth which empowers.

It also aids in comprehension, listening, patience in waiting, expression, creativity, good timing, pushing forward, willfulness, following one’s dream, and the capacity to make decisions.


Associated Dysfunctions of Blue Ray:

neck, throat, mouth, jaw, teeth, shoulders, larynx, thyroid, Grave’s Disease, hypothyroidism, bronchitis, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, cervical disk disease, and TMJ




The 6th chakra – Indigo Ray – Third Eye Chakra – Unity – Faith – Light

The Indigo Ray, or 6th chakra, is located between the eyebrows in the geometric center of the head.

It is associated with the pineal gland, the small, pinecone-shaped endocrine gland that we discussed in Article 150.

The pineal gland actually works as a gateway, a wormhole to intelligent infinity, and through it, anything is possible.

Indigo Ray is concerned with insight, intuition, and the perfect blending of compassion with wisdom.

Insight is a clear, clean line to understanding beyond what is seen.

It is also concerned with being able to see unity and the sacramental nature of all things and also to truly have faith in the divine, as well as seeing yourself as a being of infinite worth.

Indigo ray is the ray of freely shared intelligent energy.

It allows us to see the bigger picture – more philosophical, spiritual unfiltered information.

The indigo stimulation activates that great gateway into healing, magical work, prayerful attention, and the radiance of being.

This ray is infinite in its possibilities.

Those who heal, teach and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.

The indigo-ray body is the etheric body, the gateway body.  In this body form is substance and you may only see this body as that of light as it may mold itself as it desires.  Its geometry is the dodecahedron.

“The etheric body is considered a holographic energy template that guides the special orientation, growth and development of the physical body.  The difference between physical matter and etheric matter is only a difference of frequency.  It is an acknowledged principle within physics that energy of different frequencies can co-exist within the same space without destructive interaction.” 8

However, it cannot, no matter how crystallized, correct to any extent whatsoever imbalances or blockages in other energy centers.  They must be cleared seriatim [in order] from red upwards.

If this chakra is activated you are intellectually enlightened.  You have attained a new balance and peace within you.  The outside no longer disturbs you.



Blockages in Indigo Ray

Blockages in the indigo chakra can manifest as feelings of unworthiness.

The “demon” of this chakra is illusion, ignorance, ambiguity, inability to focus, irrationality, rigidity, critical attitudes, and repressive tendencies.



Balanced Indigo Ray

When the indigo-ray is activated, balanced and crystallized it is able to transcend space/time and to enter the combined realms of space/time and time/space.  Truly through this chakra we can find answers to all the questions we seek.  We can contact our higher selves, our higher intelligence and wisdom, in order to fulfill more of our unique potential.  With practice and devotion, through this center we can truly touch the infinite.

A balanced indigo ray can brings us clear vision, letting us see the bigger picture; also clarity, focus, receptivity, wisdom, perception, intuition, honest self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, openness to ideas of others, ability to learn from experience, and emotional intelligence.


Associated Dysfunctions with Indigo Ray:

ears, sinus, eyes, nose, head, brain, equilibrium, brain tumor, stroke, neurological disturbances, blindness, deafness, dizziness, tinnitus, and learning disorders




The 7th chakra – Violet Ray – Crown Chakra – The Gateway to Intelligent Infinity

The Violet Ray, the 7th chakra, is located at the crown of the head, spiraling upwards towards the next octave.

It is associated with the pituitary gland, another extremely important gland for hormone regulation and balance.

The violet ray is oriented toward self-knowledge and the understanding of our universal identity.

It is the center of pure awareness – our connection to the greater world beyond – a place of all-knowing, beyond the limits of space and time.

It is the gateway and connection to the divine source or intelligent infinity and it is also the mark, the register, the identity, the true vibration of a being.

It is a combination of the intensity and balance of all six lower chakras.

It is concerned with a sense of oneness of all Creation, transcendence, illumination, and higher love.

When penetrated, one may experience the sense and knowing of the hallowed, sacramental nature of everyday creations and activities.

The entity who penetrates intelligent infinity is basically capable of walking the universe with unfettered tread.

The stimulation of the violet ray is the spiritual giving and taking from and to Creator, from Creator to Creator.

We advise and suggest caution and patience in the over-hasty opening of [violet ray] without due attention to the synthesized and integrated mind/body/spirit complex. To know your self is to have the foundation upon firm ground.

The violet-ray body may be understood as the Buddha body – or that which is complete – within it lies a sense of wholeness which is extremely close to unity with all there is.

The geometry of this energetic ‘shell’ is the icosahedron returning to the sphere.

If this chakra is active you become ecstatic beyond all reason.  You will simply burst with ecstasy for no reason whatsoever.



Blockages of Violet Ray

The “demon” of this chakra is attachment, and an undefined life purpose.

“From a yogic perspective, a person’s attachment to something can be beneficial, as in true and genuine devotion or dedication to that which is true, good, healthy, holy.  Yet attachments of various sorts can also be harmful.

Spiritual paths from around the world and across time have in their various ways noted the constricting and debilitating effect of a psychological, ideological, emotional or spiritual grasping that strangles the inherent expansiveness of life.  We cling when we are afraid of change, even if that change is necessary or for the better.  We grasp when we insist on maintaining control over something that really is not ours to control.

Sometimes what people may think is love may instead be an emotional or psychological attachment to a state of being that actually inhibits or smothers love.”9



Balanced Violet Ray (Or Whole Being)

The balancing of violet ray refers to the balancing of the whole being, or all chakras together as a greater whole.

This balance can bring us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, bliss and a clear sense of purpose.

It can also bring an ability to trust life, values, ethics and courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, faith and spiritual devotion.


Associated Dysfunctions of Violet Ray:

Depression, child abuse can cause 7th chakra to close, genetic or life-threatening diseases such as ALS or MS, developmental disorders, and any life-threatening illness or accident that serves as a wakeup call.




The 8th chakra

The 8th chakra is the first chakra of the next octave.  “A mystery we do not plumb.”

There are an infinite number of octaves, and there are octaves within octaves.

“Thus,” as The Law of One states, “All begins and ends in mystery.”


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