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In this article we will continue our discussion of the Tetrad by elaborating on one important aspect of the square – that is crossing and crosses.

crossing interference



“Three Above and Four Below”

As we have seen, the Triangle and Square can be used as symbols for Humanity.

The triangle denotes the divine trinity ‘above’ or deep within – that is the metaphysical reality.

The square represents the four elements of human nature and the earth, the physical reality.

This is often represented in art and architecture.

The Egyptian Sphinx’s trapezoidal head dress implies an unseen golden triangle above.

sphinxheaddress golden triangle pentagram


The Tibetan plan for correctly drawing a Buddha involves delineating the head in a triangle and the body below in a square frame.

tibetan buddha copy copy


The well-known Freemason symbol is an open compass over the carpenter’s rule.

freemason 3433649 1920

The compass is open to 60 degrees, the angle of the equilateral triangle. This represents the divinity in humanity – the unseen spirit.

The rule is a 90 degree angle. This represents the physical manifestation of humanity – the seen body.

“The compass and the square rule together symbolize our inseparable divine and human natures.”1

compass gold


We also see this ‘three above, four below’ in the architecture of triangular roofs over square houses.

architecture 1867187 1920 cabin 1081733 1920 church 2464899 1920

houses 670327 1920 large home 389271 trondheim 2074284 1920


“The architecture itself, its proportion and ornamentation, held the esoteric teaching in plain sight, a reminder of their divinity to those initiated in the timeless wisdom that speaks of self-knowledge and spiritual transformation.

Triangular lintels are no longer used to support weight and pass along the traditional teachings that, until recently, had endured for thousands of years. By allowing the square and cube to eclipse the divine triangle from common sight, we’ve replaced a valuable body of knowledge with soulless architecture.”2

city 731385 1920 city 3237906 1920

gehry buildings 1559784 1920 soviet architecture 1457391 1920



The Four Cornered Cross

The four-cornered cross is the long-time astronomical symbol for planet Earth.


“Square Labyrinths and those built around squares and crosses are metaphors of our wanderings through the earth, symbolically within ourselves, and our path of transcendence.”3

st omer labyrinth square labyrinth


Crosses symbolize the meeting of two planes of consciousness – human and Divine.

jesus 1327987

The top arm represents the Infinite Divine.

The other three arms represent the qualities that must be balanced to achieve union with the Infinite Divine: power (3rd chakra), love/compassion (4th chakra), and wisdom/truth (5th chakra).

The 6th chakra is activated and balanced when power, love and wisdom are balanced in the individual and the individual is able to work for the greatest good and is no longer living in fear and selfishness.

“Saint Germaine said to call not so much for an increase of Power, as for a better understanding of how to use that Power, which we abundantly receive each day. Then we need to observe how the universe in all of its great Wisdom, desires to give us the pureness of Being, conferring to us the alchemical secrets which will lead us away from the continuing abuse and towards a correct and glorious use of the Power of the Divine, bringing blessings and salvation to all.”4

raise 3338589 1920


The symbolism of the cross overall is indicative of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life. Every moment of every day we stand at a crossroads. Our choices move us forward or backward, side to side. We learn from every choice we make.

doors 1587329 1920

change 2930404 1920



Types of Crosses

Coptic Cross

The Coptic cross is a symbol for Christianity that originated with Egyptians during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. These Egyptians were called Copts.

Together the Essenes, the Druids and Copts became the first Christians.

The Coptic cross is a cross in a circle.

coptic cross


Christian Cross – Crucifix

The Christian cross represents the forgiveness that can set us free, as exemplified by Jesus.

art 2092530 1920


Ankh – Crux Ansata

The crux ansata was the most important tool of understanding that the Egyptians possessed.

To them it was the key to eternal life.



“There are mathematical ratios within this image [Crux Ansata] which may yield informative insights to one fond of riddles. We shall not untangle the riddle. We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind, the circle indicating the magic of the spirit, the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.”5

What this means is that the circle represents the Infinite spirit that transcends time and space and the cross represents everything we experience in material reality: relationships, careers, money, possessions…etc. The value of these material things are only recognized upon losing them. This is how many people learn, yet it is not the only way to learn. ‘You don’t know what you got til it’s gone,’ as they say. Thus the crux ansata is an image of what is eternal that remains through the ever-changing tides and the rising and declining phases of physical existence. Material things are lost – jobs, money, houses, cars, family members, true loves, possessions. These things are sacrificed in order for the human to learn gratitude for these things, and also to learn how to let go of these things and recognize that which is eternal; that which will never be lost. Upon recognition of the eternal, the human learns to live in Unity for the greatest good. This transformation of the spirit only occurred because of the losing of that which they believed was important – the trappings of physical reality – in order to learn what was truly important – the metaphysical existence of the soul and spirit and the interconnection among all consciousnesses in the infinite universe.


“Nothing is truly lost. That which is not needed falls away.” ~ The Law of One

alone 2751484 1920


Maltese Cross and Variants

The Maltese cross is a combination of cross and circle. It represents cosmic union. Like the other crosses this cosmic union involves the harmonious binding of the spiritual with the material.

maltesecross 600x600 Maltese cross.svg


The four arms represent four primary types of power to balance in order to achieve cosmic union: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

There are other variations of this cross including the: Cross Formee, Cross Patte, Iron Cross, and Teutonic Cross.

The Maltese cross also represents the photon – the seed of the universe and the smallest entity that makes up all life.

photon shape quantum holography


The cross can represent the tetrahedron, the shape of the photon, as well as the crossing axes of electromagnetic energy. The circle represents the rotation of the photon. Photons travel in straight-line spirals.


All matter is made of light.

Photons pulsate, loop and spin to form subatomic particles.

Subatomic particles form atoms.

Atoms combine to form molecules.

Molecules combine to form matter.

All the way up everything is made of light (rotating photons).

Light is conscious, intelligent, and highly-ordered. Light is alive.


The alchemical teachings coded within the Maltese cross deal with recognizing that all physical matter including our bodies are made of light and learning how to transform into finer bodies of light by balancing our energy centers (chakras).

angel 1578033 1920

This body of light is known by many as the Merkaba. The Merkaba is a star-tetrahedral ‘energy’ field that surrounds each life form. We each have all the Platonic solid geometries surrounding us as part of our bodies of light. These energy bodies are the metaphysical counterpart to our physical bodies. The star tetrahedral field is a part of our energy body and the one to be activated at present to move to a higher state of consciousness.

As we said, moving to a higher state of consciousness involves balancing the energy centers.

7chakra lr

The energy centers are balanced in turn by balancing the emotional and psychological activity of our being: facing our true selves, facing our mind, healing our doubts, regrets, guilt, shame, pain, and fears and also learning to balance power, compassion, love, wisdom, and honesty within ourselves and working only for what is the greatest good and not just the lowly selfish individual good.


All this must be done freely, on our own accord, using our own will power. This is the Choice we must make. No one can do this for us and no one can force us to do it.


As is shown multiple times throughout the article series in Cosmic Core, the photon has been scientifically validated to be the shape of a Maltese cross.

The Maltese cross can be a symbol of the star tetrahedron and associated star tetrahedral body of light.

hexagon merkaba meditation


Verified Shape of the Photon

In 2016 the shape of the photon was independently verified by Polish physicist Dr. Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz.

On July 20, 2016 an article was published entitled, What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds lightby Cathal O’Connell in Cosmos Magazine.6

photon article

The following information is sourced from that article.


Physicists Chrapkiewicz and Banaszek created a hologram of a single light particle (photon).

“The image – which is called a hologram because it holds information on both the photon’s shape and phase – was created by firing two light beams at a beam splitter, made of calcite crystal, at the same time.”

Each photon could either go straight or turn, depending on the shape of their wave function.

“It’s a little like firing two bullets to glance off one another mid-air and using the deflected trajectories to figure our shape of each projectile.”

After over 2000 repetitions a pattern of flashes built up.

They discovered the shape of the photon was a star tetrahedron looked at from its ‘cubic’ angle.

star tetrahedron star angle star tetrahedron cubic angle2


It looks exactly like a Maltese cross.

photon shape quantum holography

The shape they found (on left) was predicted by Schrodinger’s equation for the quantum wave function (on right).

In the arms of the cross where the photons were in step, the image is bright. Where they weren’t, we see darkness.

Therefore, the photon is tetrahedral in nature and appears to be a star tetrahedron.

star tet



Maltese Cross Historical Significance

The Maltese cross is associated with the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, Order of St. John, Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Freemasonry.

Flag of the knights templar


It is worn on different colored backgrounds for different reasons.

The eight points of the four arms can symbolize the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights.

These are:

  • to live in truth
  • to have faith
  • to repent one’s sins
  • to give proof of humility
  • to love justice
  • to be merciful
  • to be sincere and wholehearted
  • to endure persecution


Other meanings of the eight points refer to the eight Beatitudes of the Knights:


  • observant
  • tactful
  • resourceful
  • dexterous
  • explicit
  • discriminating
  • persevering
  • sympathetic


Or the Eight Beatitudes of Christ:

Blessed are the:

  • Poor
  • Those who mourn
  • The meek
  • Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • The merciful
  • The pure in heart
  • The peacemakers
  • Those who are persecuted for righteousness sake


Above is an image of two Knights Templar playing chess. Recall from Article 20c that the chess board represents the power of choice. Crossroads also represent the power of choice. The ultimate choice is that of choosing to work for the greatest good or choosing to work for individual selfish good. The choice must be made.



The Cross and the Arch

The static cross is a stationary symbol representing the world of matter.

cross bow Pointed Arch Cross Vault Winchester Cathedral 20050322 a


As Randall Carlson said, “With the weight of the suffering born by mankind in fulfilling the mandates of cosmic destiny, the transverse arm of the cross is bent into a great arc, the cross becomes, in effect, a crossbow. The greater the weight of suffering the more powerful is the tension drawing back the bow, the static has become dynamic, and like the vaults of the mighty cathedrals, is set to launch terrestrial Life, and the souls of Mankind, into the Great Deep of Cosmic Existence from whence we came.”

space lowres



Crossing – Diagonals – Multiplication

Crossing is symbolized by a cross, plus (+) or X.

Flag of Switzerland Pantone.svg red x


When we cross a vertical with a horizontal, both of equal length, they generate a square surface.

“A tangible, measurable entity comes into existence as a result of crossing.”7

“Diagonals are the means by which a square may be extended beyond itself or into its own depths.”8

pyramid 1548355 1280


Diagonals represent fertilization (crossing and fixing).

cross 556110 1920


The cross is the ultimate symbol of material manifestation.

An ideal human body fits within a square with the arms stretched out to the sides.

The diagonals of the square cross at our genitals as seen here on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

vitruvian cross


This indicates fertility, birth, generation and reproduction (crossing of male & female).

family 2610205 1920


The cross can also represent genetic crossing between individuals to achieve genetic diversity. Genetic diversity is important for the survival and adaptability of a species.

Squares and diagonals also represent the:

  • crossing of warp and weft to birth a cloth surface

weaving loom 2571179 1920


  • crossing of dark and light gives birth to tangible, visible form

square 2730229 1920


  • crossing of matter and spirit (consciousness) gives birth to life
  • ‘cross pollination’

bee 3360682 1920


  • ‘Multiplying our progeny’
  • ‘cross-breeding animals’

collage 1588416 1920 horses 1268256 1920


“Crossing is an action-principle which the square perfectly represents.”




The Crossroads

black elk

Black Elk said, “You have set the powers of the four quarters to cross each other. The good road and the road of difficulties you have made to cross; and where they cross, the place is holy.”


Here we have yet another level of symbolism of the cross that represents the Crossroads. This takes us back to the idea of “The Choice”. The Choice hinges around the concept of learning to focus the Will so the choice can be made and continually honored. This Choice is the choice of walking the road of unity, compassion and peace (acceptance and forgiveness); or choosing to walk the road of separation, selfishness and violence (control and manipulation).

man 2546791 1920


This all-important choice occurs not just in a whole lifetime, but every single day, at every moment where options are present to move us forward in the world.

It is a not a choice made once, but a choice made at all times.

Once the choice is made we must be persistent in honoring it. We must stay focused (keep a focused Will) to stay on the path of our choice.

And as Black Elk said, the place where they cross is holy. This is the center – the place of Unity that lies at the center of every choice we make – both beginning and ending. Unity is the inescapable truth. We may choose ‘good’ or ‘bad’, peace or violence, yet Unity is the over-riding reality that contains all choices – the reality we can always return to if we so choose.

crossroad Rhomas Guignard

Credit: Thomas Guignard


“In folk magic and mythology, crossroads may represent a location ‘between the worlds’ and as such, a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place.”9

fantasy 2750995 1920


The mythology of the crossroads extends to the idea of summoning a demon in order to broker a supernatural deal. This shows up frequently in blues and rock music, particularly in Robert Johnson’s Cross Road Blues.

robert johnson robert johnson poster


Ultimately, however, “the symbolic meaning of crossroads deals with choice, consequence, making a selection about the direction in which we want to go (both physically and philosophically). Furthermore…visions of standing at the center of a crossroads speaks of being poised in a position of pure potential. Suspended upon a vortex of power – and that begs the question, ‘In what direction shall I navigate that power?’

For many of us, being in a position of power requires taking a stand for what we believe, even when we do not know what we will encounter upon the road we have chosen.”10

lost 1605501 1920


“And so no decision should ever be made lightly, the crossroad also represents a time and place of pause, contemplation, and marination of thought which we all must suffer through, and accept, prior to moving forward.

As we travel from one Crossroad to another we begin to understand that every Decision we make brings forth a Creation into our life. We also begin to understand that every Creation which manifests itself in our life is but the result of some Decision we made at some previous Crossroad in our past.”11



Crossing of the Square & The Weaving of the World

decomposed square2013 04 05 1909


“The Goddess’s Weave”

goddess weave


The ancients represented the materialization process (from metaphysical to physical) with weaving.

The oscillation from time/space to space/time is symbolized by the continuous crossing of warp and weft.

“The weaving of fabrics is as dinergic a process as the weaving of baskets, with the difference that in fabric, both warp and woof move along straight lines, crossing each other, the threads of the warp being held evenly within a frame, while the threads of the woof are laced over and under them.”

Dinergy, coined by Gyorgy Doczi, means “the energy-creating process that transforms discrepancies into harmonies by allowing differences to complement each other.”

craftsman 1839920 1920


Neith was the Egyptian goddess of weaving, wisdom, and war.

This Goddess was called Athena to the Greeks.

Neith.svg Athena Louvre Ma530 n2


Cloth was the ancient symbol of matter.

fabric 2346187 1920


On one level the crossing of warp and weft represented the crossing of male and female to produce offspring. On another level it represents the crossing of consciousness with spirit to create matter, or the crossing of sound and geometry to create light.

tetrad deconstructed square


Gyorgy Doczi explains in The Power of Limits: Weavers belonging to different cultures show the preference for simple harmonic proportions.  An East Prussian carpet reveals the proportions of a golden rectangle in its overall shape as does the Mexican woven pattern in its repeated diamond shape.”  These are pictured below.

Credit: Gyorgy Doczi – The Power of Limits


Furthermore, “The masterfully woven ceremonial blankets of Northwest American Indian people show the same preference in overall shape, as well as in the articulation of the design, carried through consistently even to minute details.  The image below shows golden section constructions drawn around a Chilkat blanket.  These proportions relate the short sides to half the width, as well as to the middle height, the latter two dimensions usually being equal in these blankets.  The minute difference between exact phi ratios and the actual ratios in this blanket are marked with d.  The blanket’s short sides allow it to be wrapped conveniently around the body, but the dimensions of the sides are never arbitrary.  The seventeen samples [Doczi] examined all approximate these same proportions.”

Credit: Gyorgy Doczi – The Power of Limits



The “Goddess’s Weave in Nature & Art

In Michael Schneider’s A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe, he shows many interesting examples of the “Goddess Weave”.

Monad Cube spiral squares HR


Some of these include:

  • Field Ion Microscope (FIM) imaging of Tungsten and Platinum atoms magnified two million times

tungsten copy platinum copy


  • Skeletal design of a microscopic radiolarian and diatoms

haeckel1 haeckel2 haeckel3

haeckel4 haeckel5


  • The Egyptian sky goddess and mother of the gods, Nut as a painted celiing relief in the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, Egypt

eqyptian Nut


  • Egyptian mother goddess Aset – “Isis” in Greek and English; carving on the end of the Sarcophagus of Tuthmosis III, c. 1450 BC)

egyptian aset copy


  • Egyptian vulture goddess Mut; pendant from the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amon

vulture tutankhamon copy


  • Sumerian pottery of 5th century BC

Sumerian seal copy


  • Lady of the Beasts; Winged goddess with a Gorgon’s head wearing a split skirt and holding a bird in each hand, type of the Potnia Theron. Probably made on Rhodes. From Kameiros, Rhodes, c. 600 BC

lady of beasts copy

“One could perhaps look upon the harmonious patterns of the arts and crafts as symbols, metaphors and models of similarly harmonious behavior patterns yet to be created in the arts of living.” ~ Gyorgy Doczi



The Decomposition of a Square

goddess weave

“The use of + and x between the midpoints and corners allows us the harmonically decompose or diminish the square in a quaternary rhythm, giving us lines and crossings that maintain the root-two geometry of generation. This is the ultimate symbol of material manifestation.”12

The decomposition of the square produces the second ‘set square’. The first was the 30°-60°-90° triangle.

The second one, produced here, is the 45°-45°-90° triangle, which is a half square cut by its diagonal.


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