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In this article we will discuss the preeminent symbol of the Tetrad: the square.

cubes 447703 1920



A quadrilateral is any figure composed of four straight lines as its sides.

Examples include:


Parallelogram – both pairs of opposite sides are parallel

parallelogram 499x300


Rectangle – all four angles are right angles; adjacent sides are different lengths

A sample of the transparent rectangle.svg


Square – four right angles and all four sides are equal in length

square lr


Trapezoid – one pair of opposite sides are parallel; these parallel sides are called the base



Trapezium – no sides are parallel

Trapezium example


Rhombus – two adjacent sides are equal; therefore, all sides are equal; no right angles

Rhombus 1.svg



The Square (Tetragon) – 360º

A square has four equal straight sides joined at right angles.

Square geometry.svg copy

Sum of angles = 360º

360 hertz = F#

That is, the sound of a square is F #. This is a perfect octave up from the triangle at 180 Hz (F#).

Area of a Square: A = a2 where a = side length


The square is the fact that any number, when multiplied by itself, is a square.

Polygonal Number 4


Squares are formed by two pairs of perfectly equal yet oppositional linear elements, graphically fulfilling the description of universal Nature found in Taoist and other philosophies.

abstract 1867937 1920


(The reciprocal aspects of space/time and time/space; or matter and consciousness.) torus

Squares are associated with equality, reliability, fairness, firmness, and solidity.

Take these sayings into account:

  • “square deal”
  • “square meal”
  • “fair and square”
  • “facing problems square on”
  • “back to square one”
  • “square our accounts”…etc.


The circle is the symbol of unmanifest Unity.

The square represents Unity poised for manifestation.

circle in square

pattern 3232784 1920


There are many ways to construct a square.

Reference Construction Lesson #32: Squares.



The Square as Representation for the Material World

“The most primary polygon, the triangle (in red), arose from the intersection of the first two arcs in the east-west orientation procedure [the Vesica]…next, the square (in blue) stabilized and fixed the site within the solar system by giving exact north, south, east and west positions, the four cardinal directions.”1

vesica square tri


The Triad represents the metaphysical reality – the source of consciousness. The Tetrad represents the physical reality – the creation from consciousness.

Keith Critchlow wrote, “When matter [the Tetrad] emerged, principle [the Triad] was already there. Otherwise no order could have ensued. This is a principle shared by the traditional wisdoms of humankind.”



“Four was cardinal for it represented the polarization of universal nature into the active qualities of heat and cold and the passive qualities of moisture and dryness.”2

4elements2 lr


In terms of the solar system the Tetrad represents the winter and summer solstices, longest night and longest day; and spring and autumn equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length.

Equinoxes solstice EN.svg



The Square and Fourness as Earth and Nature – “The World Mother”

The Tetrad and Square are associated with Earth, solid ground, matter, and mass.

cartography 1801579


They also represent:

  • Four cardinal directions – north, south, east, west

banner 1033933 1920


  • Four elements – fire, air, water, earth

4 elements lr


  • Four steps of becoming – point, line, plane, solid

volume lowres


  • Four states of matter – solid, liquid, gas, plasma
    • These unfold in a certain way, from most dense to least dense.
    • Fill a jar with water, soil and air and shake it up.
    • The natural layering as it settles will show the layer of the elements.
    • Earth – most dense
    • Water – 2nd dense
    • Air – 3rd dense
    • Light – most ephemeral of all
    matter state transition 1 en.svg


  • Four perspectives of viewing any subject: the material level, the social-psychological level, the cultural-mythological level and the inspirational level
  • Four types of knowledge: illusion (eikasia), belief (pistis), intelligence (dianoia), and understanding (noesis)

Four levels of knowing lowr


  • Four rules – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Four fundamental Forces – electromagnetic, strong, weak, gravitational
  • Four traditional winds
  • Four corners of the Earth
  • Four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter

the four seasons


  • Solstices and Equinoxes quarter the year
  • Four nucleotide nitrogen base types in DNA – adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine

dna1 5


  • Four types of living beings in the universe (Plato): the heavenly gods (formed mostly of fire/light), winged creates that travel through the air, those that live in water, those that go on foot on dry land.

angel 1578033 1920 seagull 3465550 1920 fish 582695 1920 farm 3370154 1920


  • Earthbound animals walk upon four legs

zebra 3044577 1920


  • All insects with wings except flies have four wings

insect bees


  • Four blood types – A, B, AB, O
  • Four chambers of the human heart

heart lr


  • Four Humours – Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholic
  • Four stages of transformation in the scarab beetle and butterfly – egg, larva, pupa, adult

collage 1696221 1920


  • Four-cornered cracks of inelastic materials such as: old paint, tree bark, porcelain, tiles, glazed ceramic mugs…

background 2485820 1920 jug 316136 1280 bark 1384635 1920




The Tetrad and Mother Nature

The square is an ancient symbol for Earth Mother Goddess or “Mother Nature”.

girl 1132797 1920


The square represents the nourishing aspects of the Earth Mother Goddess: She gives birth, clothes her creation with material substance, and encourages their growth equally and unconditionally.

‘Nature’ comes from the Latin for ‘birth’ or ‘that which is born’.

schrecksee 2534484 1920


Nature in Navajo means ‘Changing Woman’

Summer in Navajo means ‘Changing Woman’s Happiness’



‘Mater’ in Latin means ‘Mother’. Mater gives rise to ‘Matter’.

Mater is related to meter (measure) and matrix.

‘Pater’ in Latin gives rise to ‘Patron’ and ‘Pattern’.

“The very word ‘pattern’ is the origin of recognition. Without pattern we cannot make sense of anything; so pattern is the great reminder. Pattern is synonymous with recognition and the power of consciousness.”3

rotation 2721735 1920


“Thus, natural forms can be seen as coming from both a mother and father, the mating of matter and pattern.”4

“All birth into nature requires a crossing of opposites. So the square came to represent the earth, and as such symbolized the conscious experience of finite existence, of what is born into Nature.”5

Elements Of Four low res




The Square as a Symbol for Material Boundary

There are square-cornered sports fields. These represent arenas of earthly action, material conquest and physical interplay.

The square chessboard represents material interplay in the world. Chess is the “Royal Game of Life”.

chess 1709621 1920


There are squares on sidewalks which represent the earth they cover.

shoes 1246691 1920


There are many square-grid street patterns and right-angled architecture and square or rectangle houses.

skogar 1989483 1920


Chain-link fences with tilted squares represent symbolic walls of earth.

chain link 690172 1920


Beds, tables, chairs, and thrones are miniature models of the earth itself.

bedroom 665811 1920 brick wall 1834784 1920


A Buddhist analogy of the ‘squareness’ of life is said to go like this: “Time is like a necklace of square beads of tangible objects, or moments or events, and to be absorbed by this succession of limited frames is maya or illusion, whereas only the inner thread of the necklace, the unimaginable continuum, is reality.”

square beads2

The square beads represent every action in physical reality. These events and experiences are real, but there is more to reality beneath them, unseen. If we get completely absorbed or distracted with the beads, we forget what lies beneath them, holding them together, and holding us connected to all else in reality. Our physical lives and bodies may die, but in the grand scheme we are divine creatures, unlimited by physical reality, eternal in our souls, and timeless in our natures.

moon 3188563 1920




The Tetrad (4) & The Human Tetrachord

“Since the whole earth was symbolized by the human microcosm, it is we who are referred to as the “four corners of the globe” containing the “seven seas” (chakras), as well as the four stages of a spiritual journey and four levels of a temple or society.”6

4 human copy


Earth Nature

This is the most dense and slowest to change.

It represents the Body Area of the Pelvis.

Its Action is Digestion.

plants 2411458 1920


Water Nature

The Body Area symbolized by water is the Belly.

Its Actions are Emotions. Emotions are mood’s like the movement of water: surging, rising and falling, turbulent, stormy, calm, sometimes a laughing mountain stream, sometimes a ferocious torrent.

Like water, emotions take the form of their container.

They are shaped by our worldview, traditions, beliefs, opinions and thoughts.

Emotions always follow beliefs, not the other way around.

water 1057484 1920


Air Nature

The Body Area represented by Air is the Chest.

Its Action is our Thoughts.

Like clouds and wind, they are a pollinating source, spreading ideas over our inner landscape.

clouds 2329680 1920


Fire Nature

The Body Area represented by Fire is the Head.

Its Action is our Intuitions.

Fire (like intuition) is the most ephemeral, the most electric, least dense and most difficult to discern.

Fire is a symbol of purpose.

fire 3478889 1920



The Four Elements of Transformation

  1. “If you can think so deeply that you can rediscover the spiritual roots of thought, if you can recognize thoughts as living, spiritual beings …(Thoughts)
  2. If you can develop a strong enough sense of your own individuality that you can become aware of your interaction with the Thought-Beings that weave in and out of yourself, yet not be overwhelmed by this reality …(Emotions)
  3. If you can recreate the ancient sense of wonder and use this sense of wonder to help awaken the willpower that lies sleeping in your deep, dark recesses …(Will Power)
  4. If the fire of love for your fellow human beings rises from your heart and causes you to weep tears of compassion …(Love/Compassion)

… Then you have been working on the Four Elements. You have begun the process of their transformation.”7



Water & Fire

Water represents the yin principle – the source of health, fertility and inspiration.

Fire represents the yang principle – the source of action and will power.

yin and yang 1947878 1920


John Michell writes, “On the mental plane [these elements] are located in the depths of the unconscious mind, from which they may rise up to overwhelm the order of sanity, or inner temple, constructed by each individual. This is the periodic destruction by water that, according to the old philosophers, alternates with the fiery cataclysm invoked by excessive predominance of the intellect. At the point where the two forces meet is the citadel of the mind, the seat of judgment, where in daily life their rival claims are assessed and balanced, the success with which that is done depending on the quality of one’s overall mental pattern and its adequacy in reflecting the essential reality of things.”8



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