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For the next several articles we will shift gears from discussing number and geometry and delve into the science section of Cosmic Core.

We have introduced Number, Geometry and Harmony/Music.  Now we will begin to explore the fourth petal or branch of the Quadrivium: Cosmology.


“The overall purpose of modern speculative physics,” writes John Michell, “is to construct a Grand Unified Theory demonstrating mathematically the generation of the physical universe and its underlying dynamics.  Ancient scientific metaphysics had a similar but wider function.  It attempted to describe not merely the nature of the physical universe but human nature also, and in the same terms, linking the two together as macrocosmic and microcosmic aspects of the one primordial act of creation.  The universe, human nature, and the mind of the Creator were made commensurable by number, which Plato called the ‘bond’ holding all things together.”

Michell continues, in the final chapter of The Dimensions of Paradise: “A cosmology in the present sense is an overall view of the world as formed by individuals and by societies as a whole.  Everyone has a personal cosmology, compiled from his or her experiences, prejudices, conclusions, beliefs, and wishes, certain features of which are held more or less in common by people of the same culture.  The common features in the cosmologies of individuals constitute, and also reflect, the accepted worldview of their societies…

“Because it shapes the reality he is accustomed to, a person’s cosmology becomes his most precious and jealously guarded possession.  It is commonplace of psychoanalysis, confirmed by everyday experience, that people tend to ignore or angrily reject unfamiliar ideas that have no place in their mental cosmologies.  Similarly with societies, unorthodox views and observations that run counter to the established cosmology are not gladly received and may well be suppressed.”

He continues further, “For a cosmology to be successful and lasting, it needs to be inclusive, capable of reflecting every possible type of human experience, physical, mental, and those that lie in between…The cult followers of Darwin, Freud, Marx, Einstein, and all other systematizers are compelled for the sake of consistency to ignore or devalue testimonies that do not suit their book; and the Church (though avowedly based on faith and therefore less vulnerable to incidents of being proved wrong) has nevertheless felt threatened by every new discovery that went against its temporary dogma.

To the extent that they fail to recognize and allow for all possible elements in human experience, they are inadequate, producing friction between convention and reality.

The rulers of our Western world today uphold no formal cosmology and tolerate free speculation about the nature of things.  Yet at the root of all our institutions there is an undeclared cosmology, a conglomeration of received theories and assumptions that constitute the dominant orthodoxy.  In order to perceive its character and inherent tendencies it is necessary to be detached and view it from outside itself; but to those of us who are part of it, educated within its framework, that is no easy task.  An external viewpoint is required, and that is provided ready-made by the traditional form of cosmology that takes human nature as a constant reflection of divinity and values its interests accordingly.”


The New Cosmology

Discussing cosmology is no easy task.  As Mark Booth writes, “If you believe that matter came before mind, you have to explain how a chance coming together of chemicals creates consciousness, which is difficult.  If, on the other hand, you believe that matter is precipitated by a cosmic mind, you have the equally difficult problem of explaining how, of providing a working model.”  And so, we have our work cut out for us.

The new cosmology is the esoteric viewpoint of the Perennial Philosophy – one which unifies the physical with the metaphysical in a rational and intuitive way.

“This theory…in general,” writes physicist Dewey B Larson, “should meet the specifications of those who agree with Kelvin in wanting an explanation of the physical universe which can be visualized:  a demand that modern scientific opinion has been inclined to look upon as naive and even somewhat juvenile.”

The most important and obvious aspect of a universe which can be visualized is that of geometry, and specifically the organization of space, time, matter, life, creation and evolution based on geometric principles.

And so, at the core of the new Cosmology lies Sacred Geometry as the blueprint of reality.  Exactly how geometry ties into science, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, astronomy and the other branches of science will be discussed at length over the course of these many articles.


Besides sacred geometry and the ancient geometric viewpoints of Pythagoras and Plato, the New Cosmology is a combination of research from various modern sources.  By no means do we claim to have all the pieces to the puzzle, and by no means do we claim that one scientist or researcher has all the pieces.  In this modern age we have multiple scientists, researchers, mathematicians, thinkers, writers and artists who share, to one degree or another, the esoteric viewpoint that there is a metaphysical reality as the Source to the physical reality, and they work to show how this is possible in our modern, physical world.  This is a valid, working hypothesis, and as Amy Edmondson wrote in A Fuller Explanation, “My hope is that if enough other people become aware of these principles, the missing pieces will ultimately come together.”

It is my hope, and the hope of these brilliant thinkers, that one day this updated cosmology will be taught in schools and the consciousness of the world can be further expanded leading to a world of unity, peace, justice and prosperity for all.

Keith Critchlow reminds us, “Since Francis Bacon defined science as the study and testing of exterior phenomena, a definition that was never challenged by those with the knowledge to do so, present-day science and methods of obtaining and testing knowledge have become a complete reversal of the ancient wisdoms which insisted that knowledge became valid only to the extent that it led to the unification and self-realization of the person concerned.”

Without further ado, let us begin to explore the New Cosmology in hopes that it can lead us to unification and self-realization within our minds, and eventually, within our world.



The New Cosmology is a combination of the following core ideas.

  1. The Dynamic Steady-State Universe (DSSU) developed by Conrad Ranzan
  • “The most comprehensive, problem-free, natural and accurate physics model to date”
    • Deals only with the physical and not the metaphysical
  1. Aether Science of Harold Aspden
  2. The Reciprocal System & Coordinate Time developed by Dewey B Larson & Time Dimension physics & extended electrodynamics of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
  3. Synergetics “The Whole is more than the sum of its parts” – Buckminster Fuller
  4. Cosmometry & The Fractal-holographic Universe – Nassim Haramein…and others
  5. The Two-way Universe of Walter Russell
  6. Idealism in the traditional sense – Consciousness forms Matter
  7. Additional ideas by: Dr. William Tifft, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Alexey Dmietriev, Dr. David Bohm, Albert Einstein, Dr. Robert Moon, Dr. Milo Wolff, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Dr. Vladimir Kozyrev, Dr. Max Plank, Dr. Reginald Cahill, Dr. Halton Arp, Dan Winter, David Wilcock…and many more.

Please note: This list is by no means comprehensive of what will be covered in Cosmic Core.  See the Introduction in Article 1 and the ‘About’ page on for a more complete list.



A Note on “Pseudoscience”

Some of the topics we will cover in Cosmic Core have unfortunately been labeled ‘pseudoscience’.  This is not because these topics in the esoteric stream of knowledge are nonsense, but because their implications do not fit into the rigid and narrow-minded dogma of mainstream science.  Instead of looking at the vast amount of data that points to a truer (and admittedly more complex and strange) reality, mainstream scientists are afraid to challenge the dominant dogma and so relegate these topics to the rubbish bin.

James Strick writes, “The ‘pseudoscience’ category has become a broad, vague, epistemological wastebasket into which all kinds of things get thrown.”1

The evidence suggests that “no longer can these experiments be dismissed as careless or incompetent, or as pseudoscience, which is a label sometimes used to dismiss unconventional work out of hand.

Recent studies that compare a scientist’s published work with the messy, detailed daily record from laboratory notebooks have highlighted the way scientists rhetorically create and deploy ‘rationalized reconstruction’ of the path of research.  It is evident that polished published works are often used to simplify and render more persuasive the way in which scientists come to some important finding and realize its significance.  [In the 1930’s Wilhelm Reich] argued that it denied the public the full understanding of just how difficult and confusing the daily practice of science was, leading them to inflated expectations that all discoveries could be quickly and easily distilled into ‘sound-bites’ they could digest without much effort.”2

Wilhelm Reich


As an example, Wilhelm Reich – notoriously criticized for his unconventional ground-breaking work – “often emphasized the difference between workaday science within well-established boundaries and truly pioneering research that crossed into unknown territory.  The two are fundamentally different intellectual enterprises.  This difference is also what Thomas Kuhn emphasized in his classic book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, and which Kuhn called ‘normal science’ versus ‘revolutionary’ or ‘paradigm-changing’ science.  While he emphasized that normal science, done within an existing paradigm, is crucial to scientific progress, Kuhn asserted that revolutionary science, because by definition it violates or fundamentally overturns an existing paradigm, must always, by its very nature, provoke strong opposition – perhaps most of all from the most well-established, credentialed, specialist experts in the scientific community.”3


“Terms such as ‘pseudoscience’ are not very helpful here, since they are always used by the mainstream during a controversy in an attempt to discredit any and all paradigm-challenging claims…Scientists, then, whose names we associate with revolutions – Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Lavoisier, Darwin, Pasteur, Semmelweiss – all, by definition, faced staunch, often irrational resistance to their ideas, not least from the established scientific authorities of their day.”4



New Cosmology Overview

The new cosmology is based on the idea of two natures of existence.  These are the Metaphysical Realm and the Physical Realm.

“The things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”  ~The Unseen Universe, Balfour Stewart & P.G. Tait


The metaphysical realm is ‘Universe’ itself – that is, the Source of All reality – the world of ideals, according to Plato.  It is infinite, self-organizing, timeless, invisible and composed of consciousness-spirit (Aether) that is geometric and fractal-holographic in nature.  The movements (vibrations, wavelengths, frequencies, harmonics) of consciousness-spirit are the Processes that Manifest the Universe.  These wavelengths and frequencies are beyond the Planck domain which modern scientists view as the limit to how small a wavelength can be.  However, the electromagnetic spectrum is infinite.  Thoughts and emotions have an electromagnetic reality in this sub-Planckian energetic domain.

This unseen metaphysical realm can also be referred to as Time/Space.  The invisible realm has three-dimensional time and one-dimensional space.  This is the Wave Nature of matter and human consciousness.  This is the realm in which we are connected to everything else.  In this realm we are spread out in time and space.

The psychologist William James saw the essence of true religion as ‘the belief that there is an unseen order, and that our supreme good lies in harmoniously adjusting thereto.”  Another psychologist, Abraham H. Maslow, refers to the ‘peak experience’ as “a clear perception that the universe is all of a piece and that…one is part of it, one belongs in it.”  From this follows a sense that “the sacred is in the ordinary…that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends and family, in one’s backyard…To be looking elsewhere for miracles is to me a sure sign of ignorance that everything is miraculous.”


This metaphysical realm is the ‘inside’ aspect of the system of the Universe, using Bucky Fuller’s terms.  “A system, says Bucky, is a ‘conceivable entity’ dividing Universe into two parts: the inside and outside of the system.”  This ‘inside’ aspect is the “invisible energetic reality” he was determined to model through his development of ‘synergetics’.  He referred to his accumulated findings as ‘energetic geometry’.


“Universe is energy and thought all knotted together by incredibly complicated webs of relationships.  It is ultimately impossible to separate the physical and metaphysical; both are ‘experience’.  The scientific principles that govern the interactions of energy events as timeless statements of truth – are themselves metaphysical.  The line therefore becomes ever more difficult to draw.  This is why [Fuller’s definition of Universe] depends on consciousness.  Our awareness of energy events defines their existence.”  Amy Edmondson, A Fuller Explanation


Buckminster Fuller writes of invisibles: “When I was born in 1895, reality was everything you could see, smell, touch and hear. The world was thought to be absolutely self-evident. When I was three years old, the electron was discovered.  That was the first invisible.  It didn’t get in any of the newspapers; (nobody thought that would be important!) Today 99.99% of everything that affects our lives cannot be detected by the human senses. We live in a world of invisibles.”


The physical realm is ‘The objects and entities contained in the physical universe.’  This is the seen, physical, material aspect of reality – the reality accessible with our five senses.  This reality is subordinate to the Universal Processes that form them, sustain them, transform them, and terminate them.

This physical realm can also be referred to as Space/Time.  This visible realm has three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time.  This is the Particle nature of matter and human consciousness.  In this realm we are located in a certain point in time and space.  In this realm exists the ‘Illusion of Separation.”  This illusion tricks us into thinking all we experience with our five senses is all that is.  As we are learning, there is far more to reality than meets the eye.

This realm is the ‘outside’ aspect of the system of the Universe.


Time is an illusion created by movement through space.  The metaphysical source realm is timeless.  The physical realm recognizes time.  However time is only the movement of matter and energy through the stable universe.  Time is not increments on a clock. Time is movement through space.  Time is a handy construct used to function in this physical material reality, but our deepest natures are beyond all time.  Our infinite selves, and the infinite Universe are timeless.


“For those hard-line rationalists who would like to do without the metaphysical altogether and reduce their world to the physical behavior patterns of energy,” notes Keith Critchlow, “it is salutary to look up this word ‘energy’ in the dictionary.  It merely means ‘the ability to do work.’  Reductionism can lead us as certainly to poverty as it can to essence.”

Remember, in Cosmic Core we explicitly define ‘energy’ in terms of frequency, wavelength and harmonics.

A major premise of the new cosmology is Oscillation.

Everything in the Universe continually oscillates back and forth between the visible physical universe and the invisible metaphysical Source Universe.  The scientific premise that gives weight to this concept is the fact that in the subatomic world of quantum physics, ‘particles’ such as electrons have been proven to continually blink in and out of existence.  Simply put, at the smallest scales all matter exits physical existence then returns to it so quickly we do not notice it.

So where does it go?  Mainstream physicists say ‘nowhere’ or they claim ignorance.  In the esoteric stream of knowledge we teach that it leaves the physical – it can no longer be seen – and enters the metaphysical.  Then it returns.

There is a Reciprocal Relationship between the two realms.  They pour into and out of each other like an hourglass full of water rather than sand.  The water twists as it flows from one realm to the next.  It does not fall straight in.  After it fills the bottom portion of the hourglass it flips itself.  This is the motion that creates a toroidal flow process.  Again, it happens so quickly, over and over, we cannot perceive it.

This is the oscillation of the fundamental fluctuators or harmonic oscillators of the Aether.  Put simply, the Aether is the medium of space.  More on this below.

There is a constant toroidal flow between the two realms (like the hourglass full of water twisting as it flows).  It is a consciousness feedback loop.  Consciousness itself is what puts the fluctuators or oscillators into motion and consciousness determines what frequencies, wavelengths and harmonics the oscillation will have.

Remember, consciousness is the material or medium, so to speak, of the metaphysical reality.

These fluctuator/oscillators are Aether units and they are created, controlled and altered by consciousness alone – both Cosmic Source Consciousness and by all other individualized consciousness – humans, animals, plants, stars…etc.

The quality and intensity of thought, belief, emotion, and intention determines the qualities of the oscillation – fast or slow, big or small, fluid or erratic, harmonious or inharmonious…etc.  It is much like the difference between beautiful music and chaotic noise.  These various qualities of oscillation in turn manifest different aspects of physical reality – be they objects or events.



Other Premises of the New Cosmology

            As Amy Edmondson writes in A Fuller Explanation, “Here is an invitation to start over; with a temporary suspension of disbelief, we can embrace a new understanding of the exquisitely designed ‘scenario Universe’.  One of the challenges lies in opening rusty mental gates that block discovery, for we are asked to be explores and ‘comprehensive thinkers’ – job titles not usually assigned in our specialized world.”


There are several basic premises of the new esoteric cosmological theory based on sacred geometry.  They are as follows:


  1. The Universe is Infinite.

    • We have an Infinite Universe filled with finites.

    • The metaphysical realm is infinite and multidimensional. It is up for debate if the physical realm is infinite as well.

  2. The Universe is Unified. It is One, though it has many parts.  All points in Space and Time are connected.

  3. The Universe is ordered. Order is a prerequisite for the formation and continuation of life.

    • Chaos exists within order.  It is a part of order – a part of the Universe.  Chaos is not the Universe.  Chaos can never create life.

  4. The Universe is connected by a fluid-like dynamic “Essence Medium” called the Aether.



The Aether

The Aether (or Sub-Planckian energetic domain) consists of sub-quantum fundamental essence fluctuators devoid of mass and energy.  These can be referred to as Aether Units.  They fluctuate, oscillate and pulsate as a result of movements of Consciousness.  Fluctuations of consciousness do not contain energy as we know it.  It is a different type of energy, not directly measurable by our usual scientific instruments.  It is the Source energy (spiritual/metaphysical energy) of the physical universe and it is defined by us in terms of vibration/wavelength, frequency/harmonics.


These Aether Units are everywhere at all times.  They are not ‘things’.  They are processes of energy and matter generators.  They produce photons.  Photons in turn, form matter.  The Aether Units can be thought of as wormholes – gateways from the physical to the metaphysical.

These Aether Units can be thought of as “Consciousness Units” as well.  They can be any size and can combine in an infinite number of ways.  Their intensity, size and duration depend on the intensity of the movement of consciousness – that is, the intensity of emotion, thought, intention or focus.


  1. Consciousness is the Building Block of the Aether

Consciousness is the Building Block of the Aether.  This cannot be stressed enough.  This is the root of idealism – that consciousness creates matter, or “Mind before matter.”

As Plato writes in Timaeus 28a, “Now, anything created is necessarily created by some cause, because nothing can possibly come to be without there being something that is responsible for its coming to be.”


This “cause” is consciousness or Will.


In the grandest scheme, All is Mind, Divine Thought, Cosmic Consciousness.

As it says in the Hermetic text the Kybalion, “The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.”  This is the Principle of Mentalism.


Consciousness is contained within everything.  This is called Panpsychism.  The Source of the Aether is Consciousness/Spirit.  It exists in the realm of “non-existence” – the realm of the metaphysical.

We discuss the Aether at length in Articles 98-129.


For millennia the Aether was an understood and accepted fact of reality.  We will discuss in detail what led, erroneously, to its dismissal in the scientific community in the 1890s.  For now, it is important to realize that the denial of Aether led to a chain of misconceptions of the nature of reality.


James Clerk Maxwell’s valid ‘preferred frame of reference’ was discarded in exchange for the misconception of the ‘no-preferred frame of reference’ idea.  The discarding of ‘preferred frame of reference’ led to the erroneous idea that there is no absolute motion, because absolute motion must have a frame of reference, i.e. the Aether.

With no absolute motion, all motion must be relative.  This led to Einstein’s special and general relativity models.  It also led to the flawed expanding universe model.


It is to be noted, according the DSSU theory, that the new Aether cosmology does not reject all existing theories.  Einstein’s general relativity remains valid in a restricted mathematical sense.  A theory of absoluteness can embrace relativity and incorporate it into a broader theory.  Absolute space is dynamic, not static.

As Conrad Ranzan states, “Absolute because the experimental evidence demands it to be so; dynamic because Einstein and Freidmann proved it to be so.”


Furthermore, this ‘Aetheric dimension’ is absolutely necessary to account for the apparent oneness in the great multitude of different inorganic and organic physical forms and for similarity of structure (geometric patterns) in the different scales of physical reality from the subquantum up to the galactic cluster and every scale in between.

Without this background or Source reality it would be impossible for this similarity of structure to continue to show up in such varied things as the structure of subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, minerals, crystals, plants and plant parts, insects, animals, human bodies, planets, suns and galaxies.

We will offer much evidence to back up this claim throughout Cosmic Core.  View the comprehensive introductory video for an overview of this information.


  1. Everything in the Universe is a Process. There are no “things”.

  • Matter consists exclusively of energy.
  • Nature consists exclusively of endlessly transforming energy.
  • ‘Things’ or ‘objects’ are ‘discrete energy events’ – processes.
  • The Universe = Processes
  • Processes = Fluctuations of Consciousness


Bucky Fuller says, “There are no solids, no continuous surfaces…only energy event complexes [and] relationships.”

Dewey B. Larson says, “All is Motion.”


The ancient Hermetic text, The Kybalion, says of the Principle of Vibration, “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

“This principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration.  The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest–just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration.”5



  1. The Universe is cellular in structure. It is comprised of geometric units.

  • Space has shape.


  • The cells are geometric in nature. They are composed of tessellating Platonic and other solids (polyhedra) that are a result of the spinning sphere/toroid Aether units.
  • The cells pervade all of space. They are invisible and are more like ‘force fields’ than physical structural cells.
  • They appear and repeat at all scales: Universal; Galactic; Suns; Planets; Humans; Plant & Animal life; Minerals; Molecules; Atoms; Electrons; Protons; Subatomic particles; Photons…


  • The scales are bounded by geometric ratios.
  • The cells exist as timeless geometric patterns and are maintained by perpetual steady-state processes.
  • Within each cell local expansion and contraction of space occurs.
  • This expansion and contraction of space occurs through each Aether Unit, expanding out from the metaphysical and into the physical, and contracting into the metaphysical from the physical.
  • The cellular structure is stationary at large scales (galactic scales). Things move through it.  They appear to counter-rotate, yet rather the matter is moving through a stationary and stable geometry.


  • The matter will fall in line with the geometry of the structures. This is why all scales of life can be seen to have been formed on a geometric framework, because they literally
  • Depending on the type of fluctuation/vibration/oscillation occurring in the Aether (due to consciousness), it will activate certain geometries over others.
  • This is seen in Cymatics. A higher vibration (higher frequency or shorter wavelength) will activate a more complex geometry.
  • Furthermore, different geometries are more commonly used at different scales, for different aspects of life.


  1. The structure of the Universe is Fractal-holographic.

  • This is how the universe is ordered. Remember, order is absolutely necessary for the creation, maintenance, growth and evolution of any and all life.  This cannot be stressed enough.
  • There is self-similarity at all levels.
  • The geometric structure of the Universe is a fractal.
  • All Platonic solids are fractals.
  • This is the essence of Scale Invariance. The shape can repeat within itself, and expand out from itself, to infinity in both ways.  The shapes will be the same and they will fit together harmonically, but the sizes will vary.


  • The growth of physical matter within the Universe occurs fractally.
  • Visualize this:
    • The original photon (the first physical photon created from the metaphysical) fractalized out into the primordial Sun. Over time, the Sun budded off planets to become a galaxy that grew in size.  Certain planets became Suns, budding off to form other planets…and on and on, until we get what we see today.
    • Solar systems are mini-galaxies.


  1. The Universe is a Continual Creation.

  • This is the Dynamic Steady-State Universe.
  • The Universe = Continual Processes.
  • Matter is being continually created and continually destroyed.
  • In other words, matter is continually formed from the metaphysical and continually absorbed back into the metaphysical.


  • There was no one initial ‘Big Bang’. There are many ‘little bangs’ happening all the time.


  1. All the Forces in the Universe are Unified and occur as a Result of the Fluctuations of Aether (Aether Units).

  • The strong force, weak force, gravity, and electromagnetic energy are unified processes. They are all different aspects of the processes of Aether.
  • Fundamental fluctuator Aether Units produce photons.
  • In other words, Vibrations of consciousness create Light.


  • Light = Photons.
  • All matter is confined photons.
  • All light is free photons.
  • Gravity is the inward flow towards the center of mass/matter or mass equivalent.
  • Electromagnetic energy is the outward flow and it is carried on photons.


  1. The Universe is Non-Expanding.

  • There was no “Big Bang” to start the Universe.
  • It is a dynamic steady-state universe.
  • This means the Source Universe – the metaphysical reality – always was and always will be. There is no beginning or ending to it.  Only the physical reality will change.  It is dynamic and continually changes, grows, evolves, contracts, expands…etc.  The Universe itself – the Source of All – is timeless.
  • The Universe as a whole does not expand.
  • Regional space (Aether) does expand and contract.


  1. “Black Holes” act as galactic nuclei on a galactic scale and are at the nuclei of cells and atoms on smaller scales.


  • There is no such thing as a cannibalistic black hole that sucks all matter and energy into it.
  • Black holes can be any size.
  • There are black holes within black holes.
  • The center of the black hole (the wormhole) is the center of the torus – the center of the Aether Unit – the point of exchange between the physical and metaphysical.
  • Black holes are regions of space contraction and expansion. They are matter generators.
  • Electromagnetic (EM) energy carried on photons flow out from these points.
  • Gravity flows in, accelerating as it does until it hits the boundary between the physical and metaphysical, in which case it “disappears” into the metaphysical realm.
  • This flow of gravity and EM energy is in a torsioning, spiral, whirlpool flow, like water going down a drain. The flow is not straight in, like a waterfall falling off a cliff.  All flow is a spiraling flow.
  • Black holes at the center of galaxies are active galactic nuclei.
  • Black holes at the center of stars are active stellar nuclei.



  1. There is more than one component to Redshift.

  • Redshift is the only factor used to back up the idea that the universe is expanding.
  • This idea is fatally flawed, has been extensively proven wrong, and will be discussed in great detail.
  • There are two components to redshift: the velocity component and the inherent component.
  • The velocity component is recognized by mainstream science and has to do with how fast an object is moving away from the viewer.
  • The inherent component is the property of the matter in the object. It changes over time in discrete steps and indicates the age or youth of an object.



Throughout Cosmic Core we hope that you will begin to see an expanded version of what spirituality and science is, and to see how they rely on one another to raise each other to the heights of the True, the Beautiful and the Good.


“Science,” Jeremy Naydler explains, “is as much an inner path of spiritual development as it is a discipline aimed at accumulating knowledge of the physical world.  It involves not only a rigorous training of our faculties of observation and thinking, but also of other human faculties which can attune us to the spiritual dimension that underlies and interpenetrates the physical: faculties such as feeling, imagination and intuition.”




Each of these concepts will be discussed in great detail and scientific data will be extensively provided.  Perhaps some of these concepts are new to people.  Perhaps they are not.  It is to be noted however, that none of these ideas as a whole reject religious or scientific belief systems.  They do require a re-working and re-configuring of ideas and a discarding of dogmas.


“We simply confute those who (in the outraged name of science) have asserted that science is incompatible with religion…For indeed we are entire believers in the infinite depth of nature, and hold that just as we must imagine space and duration to be infinite, so must we imagine the structural complexity of the universe to be infinite also.” ~Balfour Stewart & P.G. Tait, The Unseen Universe


It will be mentioned, again and again, the important point that the new cosmology does not go against any particular belief system, yet contains them all.  If you have a beloved religious, spiritual or scientific belief system, understanding this new cosmology based on the esoteric stream of knowledge does not require you to turn your back on or deny the belief system you hold dear.  This broader more unified cosmology will not destroy your belief system.  But it will expand it.  It will become more, not less.  It will become stronger, not weaker.


It is important to realize however, that when consciousness becomes expanded, sometimes it is necessary for certain boundaries, walls, or restrictions to be torn down in order to provide more room for the expansion.  These boundaries, walls or restrictions are simply the limiting dogmas that do not serve anyone well, no matter the belief system.  These dogmas are the cause of sectarian conflict, war, anger, fear, oppression, division in society, ignorance, superiority complexes, false supremacy issues, elitism and harmful arrogance.  These are things that do not serve anyone well and they do not lead to a more peaceful, harmonious society that allows each person to worship, view or understand the Universe in his or her own way.

There is abundant room for Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age beliefs, Rational Humanism…yes even atheism my friends.  This is the Perennial Philosophy.  It embraces all.  You do not have to discard your beloved belief system.  All these belief systems exist within the Infinite arms of Unity.  The only thing that must be discarded is fear, arrogance and an unwillingness to truly understand others and the Universe around us.

“Everyone has an underlying belief system that influences their interpretation of everything they see and hear, no matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary.  These fundamental questions of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going, are mysteries that we all must ponder with an open mind and an open heart.”6

Bucky Fuller, writes Amy Edmondson, “saw humanity’s role in Universe as discoverer and utilizer of the progressively uncovered truths.  That the human mind is able to detect eternal truths amidst ‘special-case’ experiences, explains Fuller, is the wealth of humanity and our hope for the future.”

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality,” said Fuller.  “To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


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