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In this article we will continue our discussion of Consciousness Units.

Recall from the last article that consciousness units are the precursors of all physical matter.  Their intensity and size depends on the intensity of the movement of consciousness – that is the intensity of emotion, thought, intention, imagination or focus.  Consciousness units (CUs) are animations arising from consciousness.

They are electromagnetic structures beyond our current scientific instruments and they operate as both particles and waves.

They are holographic in nature and they are constantly in motion.  They operate in a pulsating matter, oscillating from time/space to space/time and operate as extremely tiny extremely potent black holes and white holes that serve as points through which energy exchanges occur from time/space to space/time.

They are formed of consciousness, so obviously they contain consciousness.  They possess purpose and intent and are endowed with the desire for creativity.

In this article we will discuss how consciousness units build up in intensity until they reach a point where they become physical.  At this point they are Electromagnetic Units (EEs).

Once again, this information is quoted and paraphrased from Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul and The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts.



Consciousness Units into Electromagnetic Units

Each unit of consciousness intensifies, magnifies its own intent to be—and, you might say, works up from within itself an explosive spark of primal desire that “explodes” into a process that causes physical materialization.

It turns into what we are calling [an] EE unit, in which case it is embarked upon its own kind of physical experience.

These units are natural emanations from all kinds of consciousness.

They are the invisible formations resulting from reaction to any kind of stimuli.

They very seldom exist in isolation, but unite under certain laws.

They change both their form and their pulsation.

Their relative “duration” depends upon the original intensity behind them – that is, behind the original thought, emotion, stimuli, or reaction that brought them into being.

They are built up in response to emotional intensity.

They are one form that emotional energy takes.

They follow their own rules of attraction and repulsion.

Intensity governs not only their activity and size, but the relative strength of their magnetic nature.

They can expand or contract.

They can completely envelop, for example, a small cell, or retreat to the nucleus within.

They combine qualities of a unit and a field.

They will draw other such units to them according to the intensity of the emotional tone of the particular consciousness at any given “point.”

[David Wilcock explains that “the amplitude of the spherical wave is actually a function of the emotional intensity that went into its creation.]

Theoretically there is no limit to their rate of contraction or expansion.

They change constantly.

In terms of size, they change in size constantly as they expand and contract.

They are also absorbent.

They do give off thermal qualities, and these are the only hint that your scientists have received of them so far.

[David Wilcock again comments, “Heat is simply a reflection of how fast the molecules in a given object are vibrating.”]

The physical brain is the mechanism by which thought or emotion is automatically formed into EE units of the proper range and intensity to be used by the physical organism.



Perceiving EE Units

These units are freewheeling. They can be used in normal perception or what you call extrasensory perception.

It is not that you cannot devise instruments to perceive these units.  Your scientists are simply asking the wrong questions, and do not think in terms of such freewheeling structures.

One of the reasons why they have not been discovered is precisely because they are so cleverly camouflaged within all structures.



EE Units and Geometry

The initiation point is the basic part of the unit, as the nucleus is the important part of the cell.

The initiation point is the originating, unique, individual, and specific emotional energy that forms any given unit.

It becomes the entryway into physical matter.

It is the initial three-sided enclosure from which all matter must spring.

The initial point forms the three sides about it.

[We are referring here to the equilateral triangle – the basis for the tetrahedron, octahedron & icosahedron.  Recall that the photon and all subatomic particle reactions are tetrahedral in nature.  The tetrahedron is the equilateral triangle taken into three-dimensions from two.]

There is an explosive nature as the emotional energy is born.

The three-sided effect, instantly formed, leads to an effect that is something like friction, but the effect causes the three sides to change position, so that you end up with a triangular effect, closed, with the initial point inside the triangle. [This describes the tetrahedron automatically forming!]

Now, you understand this is not a physical form.

The energy point, from here on, constantly changes the form of the unit, but the procedure I have just mentioned must first occur.

The unit may become circular, for example.

[The unit, starting as a tetrahedron (pictured below), can then change into any other form of geometry, yet it always starts as a tetrahedron.  The photon, the building block of physical matter is tetrahedral.]



EE Units as Air

Their characteristics draw them toward constant interchange.

Clumps of them will be drawn together, literally sealed, only to drop away and disperse once more.

They form – and their nature is behind – what is commonly known as air, and they use this to move through.

The air, in other words, can be said to be formed by animations of these units.

The air is the result of these units’ existence, formed by the interrelationship of the units in their positions and relative distance one from the other, and by what you could call the relative velocity of their motion.

Air is what happens when these units are in motion.

It is in terms of weather that their electromagnetic effects appear most clearly to scientists, for example.

[We will discuss how consciousness affects weather in much greater detail in upcoming articles.]



EE Units as Related to a Rock

The rock is composed of atoms and molecules, each with their own consciousness. This forms a gestalt rock consciousness.

These units are sent out indiscriminately by the various atoms and molecules, but portions of them are also directed by the overall rock consciousness.

The units are sent out by the rock, informing the rock as to the nature of its changing environment: the angle of the sun and temperature changes, for example, as night falls; and even in the case of a rock, they change as the rock’s loosely called emotional tone changes.

As the units change, they alter the air about them, which is the result of their own activity.           

They constantly emanate out from the rock and return to it in a motion so swift it would seem simultaneous.

The units meet with, and to some extent merge with, other units sent out, say, from foliage and all other objects.

There is a constant blending, and also attraction and repulsion.



EE Units Coagulate Into Matter

These EE units also operate as fields, as waves, or as particles, as the units of consciousness do.

In your terms EE Units are closer to physical orientation than CUs.

Their die is cast, so to speak: They have already begun the special kind of screening process necessary that will bring about physical form.

They begin to deal with the kinds of information that will help form your world.

There are literally numberless steps taken before EE units combine in their own fashion to form the most microscopic physical particles, and even here the greatest, gentlest sorting-out process takes place as these units disentangle themselves at certain operational levels from their own greater fields of “information,” to specialize in the various elements that will allow for the production of atoms and molecules impeccably suited to your kind of world.

Again, highly simplified here, under certain conditions EE’s coagulate into matter.

Those electromagnetic units of high enough intensity are accelerated and propelled into matter far more quickly, in your terms, than units of lesser intensity.

Molecules would appear as large as planets to these units.

Atoms and molecules and planets and these electromagnetic energy units are simply different manifestations of the same principles that bring the units themselves into being.

It is only your relative position, your focus within an apparent space and time that makes this seem so unlikely.



EE Units and the Shifting of Polarity

They do not have any specific, regular, preordained “life.” They will not seem to follow many scientific principles.

Since they are the intuitive force just beyond the range of matter, upon which matter is formed, they will not follow the laws of matter, although at times they may mimic the laws of matter.

It is almost impossible to detect an individual unit, for in its dance of activity it constantly becomes a part of other such units, expanding and contracting, pulsating and changing in intensity, in force, and changing polarity. This last is extremely important.

It would be as if the positions of your north and south poles changed constantly while maintaining the same relative distance from each other, and by their change in polarity upsetting the stability of the planet – except that because of the greater comparative strength at the poles of the units, a newer stability is almost immediately achieved after each shifting.

The shifting of polarity occurs in rhythm with changing emotional intensities, or emotional energies, if you prefer.

The “initial” originating emotional energy that sets any given unit into motion, and forms it, then causes the unit to become a highly charged electromagnetic field with those characteristics of changing polarities just mentioned.

The changing polarities are also caused by attraction and repulsion from other like units which may be attached or detached.

There is a rhythm that underlies all of this changing polarity and changing intensities that occur constantly. But the rhythms have to do with the nature of emotional energy itself, and not with the laws of matter.

Without an understanding of these rhythms, the activity of the units would appear haphazard, chaotic, and there would seem to be nothing to hold the units together.

Indeed, they seem to be flying apart at tremendous speeds.

The “nucleus” – now using a cell analogy – if these units were cells, which they are not, then it would be as if the nucleus were constantly changing position, flying off in all directions, dragging the rest of the cell along with it.

The units obviously are within the reality of all cells.



Emotions & Thoughts into EE Units – EE Units into Physical Matter

EE units are emanations from consciousness.

These intensities of emotional energy, forming the units, end up by transforming all available space into what they are.

Certain intensities and certain positions of polarity between and among the units and great groupings of the units compress energy into solid form (resulting in matter).

Each thought or emotion therefore exists as an electromagnetic energy unit or as a combination of these under certain conditions, and often with the help of coordinate points, they emerge into the building blocks of physical matter.

The intensity of the thought or emotion determines the characteristics of the units themselves.

The intensity of the original emotional energy controls the activity, strength, stability, and relative size of the unit; the rate of its pulsation, and its power to attract and repel other units, as well as its ability to combine with other units.

The intensity of the EE Unit can vary to amazing degrees, so that it could, relatively speaking, be too weak or fall back, not strong enough to form the basis for matter, but to project into another system, perhaps, where less intensity is required for “materialization.”  [i.e. alternate realities]

As certain ranges are reached, they are propelled into physical actualization.

This emergence into matter occurs as a neutral “result” regardless of the nature of any given thought or emotion.

Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion, are blueprints upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will in your terms appear.

The intensity is the core about which the electromagnetic energy units form.

In your terms, the more intense the core, the sooner the physical materialization.

These units may also gain so in intensity and strength that they form relatively permanent structures within your system because of the astonishing energy behind them.

These units, as was said, are indestructible. They can, however, lose or gain power, fall back into intensities beneath matter, or go through matter, appearing as matter as they do so and projecting through your system.

Thoughts and emotions are formed into physical matter by very definite methods and through laws quite valid, though they may be presently unknown.

These emanations in varying degrees rise from all consciousness, not simply your own.

This includes cellular consciousness as well, so that an invisible network of electromagnetic units pervades your entire atmosphere; and upon this [geometric] webwork and from it, the particles of physical matter are then formed.



EE Units, the Inner Self and the Formation of Matter

It is the inner self, out of massive knowledge and the unlimited scope of its consciousness that forms the physical world and provides stimuli to keep the outer ego constantly at the job of awareness.

It is the inner self that organizes, initiates, projects, and controls the EE units of which we have been speaking, transforming energy into objects, into matter.

The EE units are the forms that basic experience takes when directed by this inner self.

These form physical objects, physical matter.

Matter, in other words, is the shape that basic experience takes when it intrudes into three-dimensional systems.

Matter is the shape of your dreams. Your dreams, thoughts, and emotions are literally transformed into physical matter purposefully by this inner self.

The individual inner self, then, through constant massive effort of great creative intensity, cooperates with all other inner selves to form and maintain the physical reality that you know, so that physical reality is an offshoot or by-product of the highly conscious inner self.

Buildings appear to be made of rock or stone or steel. They appear fairly permanent to the physical senses.

They are actually oscillating, ever-moving, highly charged gestalts of EE units (“beneath” any atomic particles), organized and maintained by the collective efforts on the part of inner selves.

They (the buildings) are solidified emotions, solidified subjective states, given physical materialization.

All matter, is likewise solidified emotions, solidified subjective states.



The Powers of Consciousness

The powers of consciousness are clearly not understood.

Each individual has his part to play in projecting these EE units into physical actuality.

Therefore, physical matter can be legitimately described as an extension of the self, as much as the physical body is a projection of the inner self.

It is obvious that the body grows up about the inner self, and that trees grow out of the ground, whereas buildings do not spring up like flowers of their own accord; so the inner self has various methods of creation and uses the EE units in different ways.

Having determined upon physical reality as a dimension in which it will express itself, the inner self, first of all, takes care to form and maintain the physical basis upon which all else must depend; the properties of earth that can be called natural ones.

The inner self has a vast and infinite reservoir from which to draw knowledge and experience.

All kinds of choices are available, and the diversity of physical matter is a reflection of this deep source of variety.

With the natural structures formed and maintained, other secondary physical properties – secondary constructions – are projected.

The deepest, most basic and abiding subjective experience is translated, however, into those natural elements: the ample landscape that sustains physical life.

In a healthy personality, the inner self easily projects all experience into EE units, where they are translated into actuality. Physical matter, therefore, acts as a feedback.




In this article we have taken a look at how emotions, thoughts, and intentions result in consciousness units, and consciousness units, in turn, combine to form electromagnetic units.  These electromagnetic units are Aether units.  This process forms the photon, tetrahedral in nature.  From there all matter and life springs.

It has been said before, and will be said again, these topics are the single most important aspects of Cosmic Core to understand.

Everything boils down to human beings understanding how they form reality with their emotions and thoughts and how each human is responsible for their emotions and thoughts.

Each human is infinitely and equally valuable in this regard.

Once humanity understands that it is not a passive victim to the forces of the universe that surround them, they will be able to gain their power back and become an active participant in forming a world in which peace, prosperity and justice prevail for the greatest good of all.

Until each person learns to confront their own minds; take responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions, mental baggage, trauma and psychological issues; and heal and transform their being, this planet will continue to be stuck in a feedback system of victimhood, violence, elitism, injustice and insanity.

These concepts of how consciousness forms reality, and the power that each individual has to contribute to that formation of reality; coupled with the truth that we are living in a unified reality where each affects each – if you harm another you harm yourself – have the power to completely transform the world.

The power resides in the minds and hearts of each individual.

To change the world, you must first change yourself.  This has been said many times before and it is time for each and every person to wake up to the importance of this idea, and to wake up to the infinite importance of their own life and their own minds.

For this world to change for the better, it requires full participation of all.  Change doesn’t require political petitions, protests, shouting matches, fighting, or wars.  Change requires the healing and transformation of each individuals mind and heart.  That change can only be done by the individual; no one can do it for another.

I can assure anyone out there, it is well worth the effort.  Everyone will prosper.  Everyone will be protected.  Everyone will achieve freedom.  Everyone will retain their unique individuality.  Everyone can rise to their highest potential for the greatest good.

In the next three articles we will look at scientific research that has been done on consciousness effects and how consciousness has been found to affect matter.

Then we will jump back into the metaphysical aspects of creating your own reality.

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