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In this article and the next we will focus on the concept of Consciousness Units.  Consciousness units (CUs) are the metaphysical counterpart to Aether units.  They are the source unit.  Consciousness units are the wave-packets caused by movements of consciousness – whether that is thought, emotion, feeling, intuition, imagination, focused will, intention…or what have you.

Depending on the type and intensity of the movement of consciousness, a consciousness unit will be formed.  It can combine with others like it in any myriad number of ways.  When the strength or intensity of it reaches a ‘critical mass’, so to speak, it transforms into a physical electromagnetic energy unit (EE).  Electromagnetic energy units can be likened to physical Aether units.

It is important to recall that these units, whether CUs, EEs, or Aether units, are not ‘things’.  They are processes.  They are oscillating wave packets of Aether with various frequencies, wavelengths, and harmonics that cause an infinite variety of interference patterns and geometric standing waves.  Nothing is static.  They are always in motion and continually transforming.

The concept of Consciousness Units is discussed extensively in the Seth books by Jane Roberts, particularly in Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul and The Nature of Personal Reality.  We will paraphrase and quote from that material in this article and the next to try to understand how consciousness, in fact, does become matter.



Consciousness Units (CUs) and Electromagnetic Energy Units (EEs)

How Does Consciousness Form Into Matter?


Aether – The Essence Medium

Recall that the Aether is the essence medium of consciousness from which all arises.  It is the invisible substructure that underpins the universe.  It behaves like fluid crystals.  It is fluid-like and crystallized.  It is always in flux.



The Fundamental Essence Fluctuators – Consciousness Units

The Aether is composed of subquantum fundamental fluctuators which are non-ponderable – this means they have no mass and energy as we understand those terms.  They are consciousness fluctuators, or Consciousness Units.

They are subquantum in size and quality.

Their size is far, far below the Planck scale (10-35 meter).

They are unimaginably small!

They do not represent energy as we understand energy to be.

Recall the conventional definition of energy – the capacity for doing work (work always involves some kind of force).

The new definition of energy – whenever there is a quantitative change in the number of essence fluctuators there exists a manifestation of energy.  This change in essence fluctuators creates the very fluctuations, oscillations and pulsations themselves – which are themselves – waves.  Hence, energy in Cosmic Core is defined in wave terms.  That is, frequencies, wavelengths, and harmonics.

We have no current way to measure the “energy” type or content of consciousness, but this “Source energy” is fluctuating Aether.

Movements of consciousness produce vibrations that result in the fluctuating essence units – which are not ‘units’ they are processes.


They can be called “Consciousness Units”.

They can be of any type, duration, intensity, or size.

They can combine in infinite ways.

Their intensity and size depends on the intensity of the movement of consciousness – that is the intensity of emotion, thought, intention, or focus.

They are the vibrations/oscillations/frequencies of consciousness that create the photon (matter) and resulting inward/outward Aetheric flow that creates vortexes of geometric standing waves.



Consciousness Code Systems

Consciousness operates with what can be called code systems.  These code systems are beyond count (Infinite in number and type).

Consciousness differentiates itself by operating within certain code systems that help direct particular kinds of focus, bringing in certain kinds of significances while blocking out other data.

These other data might well be significant in different code systems.

In their way, these systems are interrelated.

At other levels there is communication between them – secondary data that is supportive but not primarily concentrated upon.

These code systems involve molecular constructions and light values.

In certain ways the light values are as precisely and effectively used as your alphabet is.

For example, certain kinds of life obviously respond to spectrums with which you are not familiar – but beyond that there are electromagnetic ranges, or rather extensions of electromagnetic ranges, completely unknown to you, to which other life forms respond.

Again, all of these code systems are interrelated.



Consciousness Units (CUs) – Fundamental Essence Fluctuators

There are units of consciousness, as there are units of matter.  We call them Consciousness Units (CUs).

These units are animations rising from consciousness.

These are electromagnetic structures presently beyond our modern scientific instruments.

They are the basic carriers of perception.

They have a very brief time span.

They are the basis for any kind of perception, both sensory (in usual terms) and extrasensory.

CUs form physical matter as it exists in your understanding and experience.

They are the building blocks for the physical material of your body, for the trees and rocks, the oceans, the continents, and the very manifestation of space as you understand it.



Consciousness Units as Particles or Waves

I do not want you to think of these units as particles.  But they can operate as “particles” or “waves”.

Whichever way they operate, they are aware of their own existences.

When CU’s operate as particles (Space/Time):

They build up a continuity in time.

They identify themselves by the establishment of specific boundaries.

They become ‘individual’.

When CU’s operate as waves (Time/Space):

They do not set up any boundaries about their own self- awareness.

They can be in more than one place at one time.



The Holographic Nature of Consciousness Units

Each unit of consciousness inherently possesses within itself all of the information available to the whole.  Its specific nature, when it operates as a particle, rests upon that great “body” of inner knowledge.

Any one such particle can be where it “is,” be what it is, and be when it is only because the positions, relative positions, and situations of all other such particles are known.




The Non-Physical Nature of Consciousness Units

There is a basic unit of consciousness once expressed, will not be broken down.  It is the smallest unit of consciousness.

The basic unit of consciousness is obviously not physical.

Their size varies.

None are identical.

However, there is a structure to them.

This structure is beyond the range of electromagnetic qualities as our scientists think of them.

It contains within itself innately infinite properties of expansion, development, and organization; yet within itself always maintains the kernel of its own individuality.

It is aware energy, identified within itself as itself, not “personified” but awareized.

It is therefore the source of all other kinds of consciousness, and the varieties of its activity are infinite.



Consciousness Units Combine Following the Laws of Attraction & Repulsion

Several units may combine.  Many units may combine.

To put this as simply as possible, it is not so much that they move through space, as that they use space to move through. There is a difference.

[They are propagated through the Aether.  Recall our discussion of electromagnetic radiation in articles 125-129.  Dewey Larson teaches that the photon remains at the same space-time location permanently but is carried along by the progression of space/time itself.  This means the photon itself does not move on its own.  It is carried along by the progression of space/time, or the local expansion flow of the Aether.  Geometric aether will contract and absorb into time/space as other Aether expands filling the holes.  This contraction/expansion is the continual oscillation from time/space to space/time and back again.  The expansion flow of Aether is radiation itself.  One photon may be result of trillions of fluctuating essence units, or CUs.]


In a manner of speaking, thermal qualities are involved [heat can be detected], and also laws of attraction and repulsion.

They are electromagnetic, in your terms, following their own patterns of positive and negative charge, and following also certain laws of magnetism.

The units charge the air through which they pass, and draw to them other units.

The units are not stationary in the way that a cell is stationary within the body. Even a cell only appears stationary.

These units have no “home.” They are built up in response to emotional intensity. 

They are one form that emotional energy takes.

They follow their own rules of attraction and repulsion.

As a magnet, you see, will attract with its filaments, so these units attract their own kind and form patterns, which then appear to you as perception.

It combines with others of its kind, forming the units of consciousness – as atoms and molecules combine.

Each unit of consciousness is related to each other, a part of the other, each participating in the entire gestalt of mortal experience.

They possess the greatest adaptability, and a profound “inborn” propensity for organization of all kinds.

They act as individuals, and yet each carries within it a knowledge of all other kinds of activity that is happening in any other given unit or group of units.

Coming together, the units actually form the systems of reality in which they have their experience.

These CU’s can operate as separate entities, as identities, or they can flow together in a vast, harmonious wave of activity, as a force.

Actually, units of consciousness operate in both ways all of the time.

No identity, once “formed,” is ever annihilated, for its existence is indelibly a part of “the entire wave of consciousness to which it belongs.”



Consciousness Units – As Color & Sound

These emanations are emitted by the cells, for example, in plants, animals, rocks, and so forth. They would have color if you were able to perceive them physically.

These emanations can also appear as sounds, and you will be able to translate them into sounds long before your scientists discover their basic meaning.

[Note how both the spectrum of sound and color is built upon spiraling octaves of growth.]



Consciousness Units as the Invisible Breath of Consciousness

These emanations rise as naturally as breath, and there are other comparisons that can be made, in that there is a coming in and a going out, and transformation within the unit, as what is taken into the lungs, for example, is not the same thing that leaves on the exhale stroke.

[A coming in and a going out – oscillation back and forth from time/space to space/time.]

You could compare these units, simply for an analogy, to the invisible breath of consciousness.

This analogy will not carry us far, but it will be enough initially to get the idea across.

Breath is, of course, also a pulsation, and these units operate in a pulsating manner.


The Emotional Nature of Consciousness Units

The emanations are actually emotional tones.

The varieties of tones, for all intents and purposes, are infinite.

The units are just beneath the range of physical matter.



Consciousness Units as the Mind

These units of consciousness are “mental”, or if you prefer, disembodied (non-physical).  Though from their inner organization all physical forms emerge.

Certain intensities are built up of unit organization even before the smallest physical particle, or even invisible “physical” particle, exists.

These units form what you think of as the mind, around which the structure of the brain is formulated.

The units permeate the brain.

The great communication system within the body itself is dependent upon the constant inner flux and flow of these units.

[Aetheric oscillation from space/time to time/space.]

On one level the body’s very survival is largely determined by the units’ propensities for selectivity and significance.

Also, however, the body’s physical reality is a seeming constant in a seemingly constant physical existence.

Only because these units have their source outside of space and time is the present corporeal reality a triumph of probabilities.

Yet the units of consciousness, being independent of space and time, form your cellular structure, and that structure deals in a most basic manner with the nature of probabilities.



Movements of Consciousness Units – Quantum Superposition & Unpredictability

These CU’s move faster than the speed of light – but that statement itself is meaningless in a way, since the units exist outside as well as inside the framework in which light itself has meaning.

They move faster than the speed of light, slowing down, in your terms, to form matter.

The basic unit is endowed with unpredictability.

That very unpredictability allows for infinite patterns and fulfillment.

Their nature is the vitalizing force behind everything in your physical universe, and others as well.

These units can indeed appear in several places at one, and without going through space, in your terms.

Literally now, these basic units of consciousness can be in all places at once.  They are in all places at once.

There are millions of them in one atom – many millions.

Each of these units is aware of the reality of all others, and influences all others.

As these units approach physical structure, however, they do slow down in your terms.

Electrons, for example, are slow dullards in comparison.



Movement of Consciousness Units through Time

These units can move forward or backward in time, but they can also move into thresholds of time with which you are not familiar.

Time not only goes backward and forward, but inward and outward.

It is the inward and outward directions of time that give you a universe that seems to be fairly permanent, and yet is also being created.

[This inward and outward direction of time refers to the oscillation back and forth from time/space to space/time.  It gives a feeling of solidity to reality, yet allows for continual creation and alteration of reality.]



Consciousness Units Inward & Outward Thrust in an Open System

This inward and outward thrust allows for several important conditions that are necessary for the establishment of “relatively” separate, stable universe systems.

Such a system may seem like a closed one from any viewpoint within itself.  Yet this inward and outward thrusting condition effectively sets up the boundaries and uniqueness of each universal system, while allowing for a constant give-and-take of energy among them.

No energy is ever lost.  It may seem to disappear from one system, but if so, it will emerge in another.

No system is closed.

Energy flows freely from one to another, or rather permeates each.

It is only the camouflage structure that gives the impression of closed systems.

It appears to be a reality only within your own framework and because of your limited focus.



Consciousness Units Fluctuate from the Physical to the Metaphysical forming Multiple Universes

The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what you think of as ordinary consecutive time.

It is of the utmost and supreme importance that these CU’s are literally indestructible.

They can take any form, organize themselves in any kind of time-behavior, and seem to form a reality that is completely dependent upon its apparent form and structure.

Yet disappearing though one of the physicist’s black holes, for example, though structure and form would seem to be annihilated and time drastically altered, there would be an emergence at the other end, where the whole “package of a universe,” having been closed in the black hole, would be reopened.

New CUs enter and leave your system constantly.

Within the system en masse, however, through their great and small organizational structures, the CU’s are aware of everything happening – not only on the top of the moment, but within it in all of its probabilities.

This means that biologically the cell is aware of all of its probable variations, while in your time and structures it holds its unique position as a part of any given organ in your body.

In greater terms the cell is a huge physical universe, orbiting an invisible CU; and in your terms the CU will always be invisible – beyond the smallest phenomena that you can perceive with any kind of instrument.

The CU’s form all systems simultaneously.



Consciousness Units as Source Points of Reality

Metaphysically, they can be thought of as the point at which All That Is acts to form [your] world— the immediate contact of a never-ending creative inspiration, coming into mental focus, the metamorphosis of certainly divine origin that brings the physical world into existence from the greater reality of divine fact.

There is a constant surge into your universe of new energy through infinite minute sources [infinite minute toroidal flow processes with the wormhole point at the center that bridges space/time and time/space].

The sources are the CU’s themselves.

In their own way, and using an analogy, the CU’s operate as minute but extremely potent black holes and white holes, as they are presently understood by your physicists.

The CU’s, following that analogy, serve as source points or “holes” through which energy falls into your system, or is attracted to it – and in so doing, forms it.

The experience of forward time and the appearance of physical matter in space and time, and all the phenomenal world, results.

As CU’s leave your system, time is broken down.

Its effects are no longer experienced as consecutive, and matter becomes more and more plastic until its mental elements become apparent.

[These are effects of dematerialization – matter becoming more and more plastic until it disappears back into time/space – the metaphysical realm.]



Consciousness Units Ethical Role in Value Fulfillment

Ethically, the CU’s represent the spectacular foundations of the world in value fulfillment, for each unit of consciousness is related to each other, a part of the other, each participating in the entire gestalt of mortal experience.

All units of consciousness, whatever their degree, possess purpose and intent.

They are endowed with the desire for creativity, and to increase the quality of existence.

They have the capacity to respond to multitudinous cues.

Consciousness possesses the most unimaginable agility without ever losing any potency.

For example, those units of consciousness can mix and combine with others to form a million different sequences of memory and desire, of neural achievement and recognition, [of] structure and design.




In this fascinating article we are journeying inwards, down to the most minute scales, beyond even the tiny Aether units we discussed in articles 98-110.

This concept of Consciousness Units as the source of Aether units, and their described behavior matches up perfectly with the new scientific paradigm we have been discussing.

We have discussed how the new idea of quantum physics acknowledges that at the center of every mass – every cell, every atom, every Aether unit – is a tiny black ‘whole’.  These black ‘wholes’ are formed from the oscillating Aether as a result of fluctuations of consciousness.  The black ‘whole’ is a bridge from space/time to time/space.  Time/space is the timeless source reality.  It is the invisible metaphysical reality where everything exists as a wave, spread out in space and time, existing in a realm of pure potential.  Space/time is the physical reality that we see and recognize on a daily basis.  Everything exists as a particle in space/time – or as a discrete point in a specific time and place.

It is important to remember that the oscillation between these two realms is happening all the time.  It is constant.  This means everything is existing in these two realms simultaneously.  We are always connected to the infinite source realm.  We are always interfacing with it.  We are always informing time/space reality and co-creating space/time reality.  The two realms are not separate.  They interpenetrate each other and we are both at the same time.  We are waves and particles.  We are separate bodies and unified minds.  We are finite and infinite.

We will continue this discussion in the next article.

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