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In this article we examine the star tetrahedron in more depth.



The Tetrahedron and its Dual: The Star Tetrahedron – 1440º

The Star Tetrahedron is composed of two equally sized dual tetrahedrons put together – one facing upwards and one facing downwards.  They are exact reflections of each other.

It is otherwise known as the:

  • Stellated Octahedron – it is the only stellation of the octahedron.
  • Stella Octangula
  • Merkaba
  • Compound of two tetrahedra
  • Faceting of a cube



The Star Tetrahedron Net



The Star Tetrahedron

The Star Tetrahedron is a 3D version of the 2D ‘Star of David’ composed of two interlocking equilateral triangles.

It has:

  • 8 triangular faces
  • 12 edges
  • 8 Vertices


At the core of the star tetrahedron is an octahedron.

Its convex hull (or exterior outline) is a cube.

This shows one of the intimate relationships between the tetrahedron, cube and octahedron.



Eight Spheres combine to form a Star Tetrahedron:


The Spherical Star Tetrahedron is as follows:


The Star Tetrahedron in Metatron’s Cube:


Projections of the Star Tetrahedron

Below you can see some interesting angles of the star tetrahedron.  Note the center ‘cubic’ angle.




The Sum of the Angles = 1440° (720 x 2)

1440 hertz = F#

This is the same sum as the Octahedron.

Recall the importance of the Number 144.


  • 144 = 12 x 12


  • 1440 = sum of angles of a star tetrahedron = 2 x 720 = 1440 degrees
  • 1440 = sum of angles of a octahedron
  • 1440 = sum of angles of a decagon (10 sides)


  • 1440 Minutes in a day
  • 144 inches/foot
  • There are 14400 total degrees in the five Platonic solids.

  • 122 = 12 x 12 = 144
  • 12 Disciples of Jesus & Buddha
  • 12 circles clustering around 1 (Fruit of Life)
  • 12 Constellations or Houses of the Zodiac
  • 12 Ages of the Precession of the Equinoxes
  • 12 Hours on a clock face


  • 144,000 will be saved in the Rapture prior to the Apocalypse according to the Christian Bible. Please note this is not literal.  It is symbolic!
  • The Wall surrounding the Holy City in Revelations = 144 cubits.
  • 144,000 smooth white casing stones once covered the Great Pyramid.
  • 144,000 days = 1 Mayan baktun (394.26 years).
  • 144 cubits = 216 feet (x 10) = 2160 = the diameter of the moon in miles.


  • Earth turns on its axis once every 24 hours:
    • 24 hours x 60 minutes = 1440 minutes/day
    • 1440 x 60 seconds = 86400 seconds/day
    • 86400 (x 10) = 864000 = diameter of the Sun


  • 144,000/432 = 333.333333….




The Star Tetrahedron & Spiritual Transformation

The star tetrahedron represents the inseparable relationship between the two complementary halves – the positive and negative; manifest and unmanifest; consciousness and matter.

Together they form a perfect equilibrium.

This special shape represents the polarity that is inescapable in our current reality.

Yet it shows a third quality that is always present.

This is the quality or state of wholeness which integrates the opposing qualities.

It is the force that brings the opposites back together into a harmonious whole.

“The solar power in man is divided into three parts, which are termed the threefold human spirit of man.  All three of these spiritual natures are said to be radiant and transcendent; united, they form the Divinity in man.  Man’s threefold lower nature – consisting of his physical organism, his emotional nature, and his mental faculties – reflects the light of his threefold Divinity and bears witness of it in the physical world.  Man’s three bodies are symbolized by an upright triangle; his threefold spiritual nature by an inverted triangle.”1

The Star Tetrahedron is associated with 4th density in the octave of quantum densities discussed in detail in previous articles including 233-237.

It symbolizes the qualities of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for all life everywhere.


It is also known as the Merkaba.

From the ancient Egyptians:

mer – light, as in two counter-rotating fields of light

ka – spirit

ba – the body or physical reality

One tetrahedron spins in one direction.  The other spins in the opposite direction.


In Hebrew Merkaba means chariot.

It is fascinating to see that when drawn one on top of the other, the 24 letters in Hebrew form the star tetrahedron.

In this case chariot refers to vehicle or ‘body of light’.  In the esoteric stream of knowledge as you spiritually evolve (through one lifetime or many lifetimes) you regain your body of light.  It is not as if the body of light was lost.  ‘Regaining’ it refers to activating what existed in potentiation.  This body of light is then able to act as a chariot moving through space and time at will as in teleportation.

As Paramahansa Yogananda said, “I am a spark from the Infinite.  I am not flesh and bones.  I am Light.”

The Merkaba is a vehicle that can take spirit and body from one dimension of reality into another.  It can essentially act as a wormhole or portal through the physical to the metaphysical.

Divine love (unconditional love) is the primary factor allowing the Merkaba to become a living field of light.

These concepts are all part of the esoteric stream of knowledge and the Perennial Philosophy.  The 2D version shows up in many religions, not just Judaism and ancient Egyptian traditions.


As we study in Cosmic Core, there are geometric ‘Aetheric’ force and energy fields surrounding all life and matter, including plants and animals.  These act as blueprints for growth.  We have examined this in depth on all scales.

A spherical/ovoid energy shell surrounds all life.  Within this spherical shell exists all Platonic solid geometries.  Certain ones are activated over others depending on what is needed.

This geometric energy field exists around the human body.  Within this field there is a ‘shell’ that is a star tetrahedron, called the Merkaba.

It is in activating this particular shell that allows for spiritual advancement as we mentioned above.


These geometric shells also exist around planets, suns and larger bodies such as galaxies.

It is interesting to note that the chariot or vehicle of the Merkaba is also referred to in many esoteric teachings as the cathedral or temple that needs to be built in order to bring ‘heaven’ upon Earth.  The cathedral or temple that needs to be built is the temple within the body itself.  That is, bringing the body (through the use of consciousness) into harmony and proportion, so that ‘heaven’ will be within each person, and therefore, heaven will be brought unto Earth.

‘Heaven’ being within each person means that each person lives in compassion, empathy, understanding, patience and justice for all humans and all creatures, great and small.



The Freemasonic symbol of the compass and straight-edge alludes to this.

See the upward pointing triangle and downward pointing triangle below with, of course, the G in the center.  The G refers to:

  • Geometry
  • God
  • Golden Ratio
  • Grand Artificer
  • Grand Architect of the Universe

Please note, we are not saying here that the Freemasons as a whole are positive or negative.  This knowledge can be used positively or negatively.  To be sure there are both polarities in Freemasonry.  The symbols they use are far more ancient than the society itself.  Many modern Freemasons have forgotten the true nature of these symbols.  Nevertheless, they were intended to help individuals spiritually advance and in turn, help others advance.

As we saw in earlier articles, the physical temple is used until the initiate learns how to build the temple in their hearts.

The key here is that these all relate to the idea that we build or create our own reality with our consciousness.  We are meant to learn to create/build/construct the divine temple in our bodies and minds.  This happens when we unify and harmonize our consciousness with the Divine.  This is a complex process but we spend many, many articles dealing with psychology, emotions, thoughts, health, chakras and related topics meant to guide the individual towards unity and harmony.  See Articles 138-164 and 198-249.



Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba)

The star tetrahedron is a self-similar fractal structure.  According to Dan Winter, the star tetrahedron allows for:

  • perfect nesting
  • perfect branching
  • perfect compression/data packing/data sharing
  • perfect compassion

Note the last one – perfect compassion.

Dan Winter writes: Your heart beat is a wave.  Your heart rate is a wave.  Your breath is a wave.  Your day is a wave.

In order for waves to fuse non-destructively: they must embed.

Perfect embedding = “wave on a wave waving”.

Symmetry is the shape of compassion.

Self-similarity attracts compression which is non-destructive.

Self-similarity is symmetry of the shareable.  Only shareable waves which can agree and get in phase survive.

In physics this principle is called ‘fusion’ and ‘phase conjugation’.

It is non-destructive because that fractal compression creates acceleration (gravity).

When the inside of a wave nest (like the heart) becomes self-similar to what is outside then the outside can fall in.

To feel for what is outside you, you create an image of that inside you.

Only the fractal kind of data (wave) compression is infinite.

It invites the outside in to you.

That is compassion and it is (fractal) compression.

You make space for someone’s feelings which were outside you, inside you.

Perfect compression is identical to compassion – both are examples of successful sharing (symmetry) of space.

All bonding is phase-locking.  This means that waves coming from opposite directions must line up and get exactly into phase.



The Star Tetrahedron in Physics – The Photon

We have covered this numerous times in Cosmic Core, yet it is always worth repeating.  The shape of the photon has been found to be tetrahedral in nature.  This is yet another very important reason that the tetrahedron is delineated as the “master solid”.  We explain in Cosmic Core how all matter is composed of photons.  This idea that all is made of light is an ancient spiritual teaching that has been proven correct by modern science.

Photons confine, spin and loop to form subatomic particles.

These in turn loop and combine to form atoms.  Atoms combine to form molecules.  Molecules combine to form matter.  Always, at the heart of this process are the photons – or tetrahedral energy patterns of light.



The Geometry of Subatomic Particle Interactions


The amplitudehedron is the geometry of subatomic particle interactions.  Every part is a tetrahedron.

“The amplitudehedron is a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions.  Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated – the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions.”2

The Amplitudehedron creates the universe in its image.  It is a shape that creates amplitudes that jiggle particle tracks in bubble chambers.

It shows the universe is an emanation of a single geometric form.

The Amplitudehedron actually appears to be a star tetrahedron.  More precisely, ¼ of a star tetrahedron.

Credit: David Wilcock


Notice how the shape appears to be one corner of the star tetrahedron.



The Geometry of Light – The Photon

The core of the photons identity is geometric, just as the nature of all vibration in the Aether is geometric.

The photon is tetrahedral in nature.  This was posited out by Max Planck, Buckminster Fuller, Rod Johnson, David Wilcock and Drunvalo Melchizadek, among others.


Free photons are two tetrahedrons back to back with a conjoined base.  These fly through space in straight-line spirals at the speed of light and are not visible.


Confined photons are a star tetrahedron – this is where the two tetrahedra slide together to form the star tetrahedron.  When this occurs the photons are visible.


In 2016 the shape of the photon was independently verified by Polish physicist Dr. Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz.

They discovered the shape of the photon was a star tetrahedron looked at from its ‘cubic’ angle.  It looks exactly like a Maltese cross.

This shape was predicted by Schrodinger’s equation for the quantum wave function (pictured on right below.)

In the arms of the cross where the photons were in step, the image is bright.  Where they weren’t, we see darkness.

Therefore, the photon is tetrahedral in nature and appears to be a star tetrahedron.


Remember, the vesica piscis is delineated by two equilateral triangles – in 3D they are tetrahedra.

The length and width of the vesica form a cross – the cross is the foundation of light.  One axis is electric, the other magnetic.  As they spiral around one another they create and carry electromagnetism.


The crossing of the tetrahedron, star tetrahedron and octahedron reflect the shape of the Maltese Cross above.

Note the 2-fold symmetry of the single tetrahedron as it appears as a cross.

Also note the 2-fold symmetry of the octahedron as it appears as a cross.

Now note the ‘cubic’ angle of the star tetrahedron and how it appears as a cross.  Then remember that inside of every star tetrahedron is an octahedron.

It is interesting to see how the photon can be represented by a familiar symbol: the Maltese Cross of the Knights Templar.  (See Article 36)

Here again we have a secretive group displaying symbols that relate to the physics of light, consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Of course, as we said, this knowledge can be used for the positive or the negative.  Even a most superficial examination of human history shows that both have occurred.


This profound shape is also found in Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Egyptian traditions and Hebrew traditions, as we saw above.



The Star Tetrahedron in the Womb

The embryo forms from one egg (or sphere) that gets fertilized by a sperm.

The fertilized egg divides into two cells, or spheres (Vesica Piscis).

These divide into four cells, arranged as a single tetrahedron.

These divide into eight cells, or spheres.




These 8 cells form one tetrahedron facing up and one facing down – if you connect a line from each of their midpoints, you will have a star tetrahedron.  This is called the Egg of Life.

“The most important quality of these original eight cells is that they appear to be identical – there appear to be no differences in them at all. Researchers have tried to find differences, but they couldn’t. Scientists have found that they can split the egg of life in two at this point, with four cells in one part and four in the other, and two identical people – or rabbits, or dogs, or anything else—will be created. They’ve gone as far as dividing it once more, making four identical life forms.”3


This is the Cosmic creating process recapitulating itself on every scale.



The Star Tetrahedron & the Octahedron

The stellated octahedron is the star tetrahedron.

Plato writes, “Ignited air appears to be fire and, conversely, contracted and extinguished fire seems to change back to air.”  Timaeus 49b-c

This refers to the star tetrahedron as ignited air.  It is air (the octahedron) expanding outwards to create two interlaced tetrahedra (fire).


Contracted fire is the octahedron, as the octahedron sits at the center of the star tetrahedron.


“The intersections of the star-tetrahedron with the cube give us the perfect positioning to form an inscribed octahedron.”

As we saw above, the volume enclosed by the two interlocking tetrahedra defines an octahedron.

Or:  Expand each face of the octahedron into a basic four-sided triangle, or tetrahedron.

Each face on the octahedron has eight sides.  Add eight tetrahedra to its faces.  If animated, it would appear that the octahedron was suddenly blooming like a flower; the faces suddenly sprout upwards as the tetrahedra rise into position.

In other words, the space in the center of a star tetrahedron is an octahedron – so you are putting a tetrahedron on each of the 8 faces of the octahedron to get the star tetrahedron.



The Star Tetrahedron & the Cube

As we have noted many times before, a 3-D star tetrahedron viewed from a different angle will become a cube.


The Cube into the Star Tetrahedron

“Simply by using the diagonal of the cube we are able to form the star-tetrahedron or interlocking tetrahedron.”

The diagonals of the faces of this cube form an interlocking star tetrahedron.  If we connect the vertices of the star tetrahedron we will get a cube.

This is why Bucky Fuller said, “Two equal tetrahedra (positive and negative) joined at their common centers define the cube.”

The cross-section of the star tetrahedron produces a regular hexagon.



The Truncated Star Tetrahedron

This is a uniform polyhedron compound composed of two truncated tetrahedra, formed by truncating each of the tetrahedra in the stellated octahedron (star tetrahedron).


  1. Hall, Manly P, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, TarcherPerigree, 2003
  2. Wolchover, Natalie, Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, 12/11/13,


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