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We will continue our discussion of the Monad in this article, moving from the circle and sphere to the torus.

The profound importance of the torus is discussed extensively in the Science section of Cosmic Core. Here we will explain the geometry of the torus and then give an overview of the scientific importance of the shape.


The Monad & the Torus

A Point becomes a circle.

circle center


A circle becomes a sphere.

sphere grey


A sphere rotates about its axis to form a torus.

vortex torus


The inner and outer pulsation of the torus creates a continuous toroidal flow.



The Torus

Rotating a circle around a line tangent to it creates a torus.



A torus is similar to a donut shape with an infinitesimal center that exactly touches all the rotated circles.

torus parts


This shape governs many aspects of our lives. The torus is the form of flowing energy dynamics at every scale of existence. We can observe it in magnetism, atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, galaxies and the entire universe as a whole.

torus in nature


Furthermore, the human heart has eight spiraling layers of muscles that form a torus. The heart acts as a vortex generator rather than a pump. This allows the blood to spiral efficiently and easily through the cardiovascular system. See Article 196 for more information.


Heart Layers 800x449

The eight muscles of the heart form a torus vortex structure, Credit: Frank Chester


vortex heart

Diagram of the muscle fiber course in the left ventricle


A torus has a high degree of communication across its surface.

It was discovered by Arthur Young that there are seven regions of the same size that will exactly fit in the tube torus with nothing left over. This is called the ‘seven-color map’.

seven color map


This construction shows the torus divided into the maximum of seven regions, each one of which touches every other.

A torus is unique in that it is able to turn inward or outward on itself.

torus insideout

Credit: Henry Segerman, www.


The Seed of Life (Genesis pattern/Flower of Creation) drawn on a flat surface can delineate the three-dimensional form of a torus.

It starts with a point and one circle.

Then six circles are drawn around the one circle in a vortex motion with all the centers of the circle resting on the circumference of the first circle.


This forms the Seed of Life.

seed of life lr


The design can be ratcheted to form a 2D representation of the torus:

torus 2


This process can continue creating a more complex version. Theoretically an infinite number of circles can be drawn to fill out the entire torus.




Phi Spiral and Torus

We will now briefly illustrate the similarity between the torus shown above and the phi double spiral.

This information is explained in Cosmometry at:

Below is a phi spiral. It shows how a phi spiral fits into an expanding spiral of squares.

phi nodes



“Where the resulting spiral intersects the corner of each new square as it expands is called a node. Each node is a phi-ratio farther out along the spiral from the center than the previous one.”1

In the image to the right the nodes are shown as red dots at the point where the spiral crosses into the next square.

Now see the difference between a torus composed of circles and one composed of phi spirals.


The first image is of a torus composed of circles.



Now see the torus composed of phi spirals:

phi torus


At first glance they look very similar, but there are some unique properties associated with the phi spiral torus. The phi spiral torus has more concentric layers at the center and the edges.

They both represent cross-sections of a complete spherical/toroidal energy field, but the one with circles is more static that the phi spiral toroidal field.


We learn in the science section that everything in the universe oscillates back and forth from space/time (physical) to time/space (metaphysical) creating a flow pattern such as we see here. According to the esoteric sciences, there are two forces in the universe: the inward spiraling centripetal flow (gravity) and the outward spiraling centrifugal flow (electromagnetism). When this flow takes the form of phi spirals it allows for infinite compression and infinite information storage. Also, the center of the torus acts as a gateway from the finite (physical) to the Infinite (metaphysical).




Boundary Condition

“When a phi vortex spiral is created a synergetic phenomenon occurs that is otherwise not apparent when viewing a single phi spiral. At exactly 3 nodes out from the center point around which the vortex/double spiral is rotating there appears a distinct circle (seen below in dark green). This is the result of the phi spiral first expanding outward from the center, then as it complete its first three fractal arcs (nodes) it momentarily contracts back upon itself before expanding outward again. This creates a boundary condition, a circle (or sphere in a 3D field) that defines a potential surface boundary and a complementary inside and outside relationship to the energy field. This boundary can be seen as the necessary limit of a given entity required for the entity to come into form.”2

It is important to realize that any node on the phi spiral used as the center point around which the spiral is rotated will created the same boundary condition.

boundary condition



This gives a visual explanation how a simple phi spiral, when emerging from a single point and coming out in all directions as it rotates, coupled with its opposite flow force, can create the boundary conditions of an ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. The boundary condition represents the scale at which physical reality is made manifest.

torus phi ds torus cross se

Credit: Marshall Lefferts,


This is the essence of what Dan Winter teaches. When the flow of consciousness forms into this harmonious double phi spiral, due to the harmonious nature of the state of consciousness itself, it creates the ‘doorway’ from which consciousness can pop through to time/space and experience the metaphysical reality.



The Aether & The Monad

The scientific validation of the Aether is discussed in great detail in the Science section of Cosmic Core. The Aether is a key concept of the esoteric stream of knowledge, the Perennial Philosophy and Sacred Geometry.

If the remaining information in this Article is confusing it is explained in great detail, step-by-step, in the Science Section, particularly Articles 98-129.


The Aether is:

  • Invisible, infinite, alive, intelligent, self-organizing and highly ordered
  • Unified – all points in space, time and consciousness connect
  • Fractal-holographic in its storage of information
  • Fluid-like
  • Bio-crystalline – it acts like fluid crystals.
  • Compressible and elastic (like jello for instance)
  • Measurable and active – it expands and contracts.
  • Occupies the spatial interstices of matter and fills the “emptiness” of atoms and all space
  • Electric, magnetic, gravitational and potential fields all arise from this medium.
  • It conducts the electromagnetic force/energy.
  • It does not circulate; it flows. It flows radially, then “sinks” [flows inward to the center of mass]. This radial flow of Aether is a spiraling whirlpool flow. It is centripetal motion, aka gravity. This is the source of rotation (the origin of spin) from the smallest scale to the largest scale.


The Aether is the essence of Unity.

The Monad = Unity & Infinity.


The Aether is the Monadic medium. It is the “Receptacle” of which Plato speaks. It is the Source; the Process of Creation; that which individualizes consciousness and that which re-unites consciousness.

Scientifically speaking the Aether can represent the Monad – however it is important to remember that the Monad is the Aether AND the Source of the Aether.

What is that source but Divine Cosmic Consciousness – Infinite Potential eternally unified that creates in order to know itself.


As Liebniz said, “Everything that is possible demands to exist.”

dreamy aether



Liebniz’s Monadology3

Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz (1646-1716) was a brilliant German polymath, philosopher and visionary who will pop up from time to time throughout Cosmic Core.



Aether Units as Monads

Monads are the ‘simple substance’ of Liebniz’s Monadology. We will quote and paraphrase Liebniz as well as add additional commentary.

Liebniz tells us that Monads are the first elements of every composed thing.

They have no parts and are therefore indivisible.

Monads are eternal. They cannot be destroyed; they can change.


Monads are “perpetual living mirrors of the universe.”


The monad is an irreducible force which makes it possible for the bodies to have the characteristics of inertia and impenetrability and which contains in itself the source of all its actions.

Liquid Crystal Art 2


Monads as Fractal Mirrors – They represent the Fractal-Holographic Nature of Reality.

Composite substances or matter are “actually sub-divided without end” and have the properties of their infinitesimal parts.

“Each portion of matter can be conceived as like a garden full of plants, or like a pond full of fish. But each branch of a plant, each organ of an animal, each drop of its bodily fluids is also a similar garden or a similar pond.”

The Monad’s properties include all of its relations to every other monad in the universe.

Every monad mirrors the whole of the universe in that it expresses every other monad.

flower ball lr


The Monads Exist in Simultaneous Time – They contain Past, Present, & Future simultaneously.

The monad is “pregnant” with the future and “laden” with the past – all these properties are “folded up” within the monad; they unfold when they have sufficient reason to do so.

In other words, the monad must not only exhibit properties, but contain within itself “virtually” or “potentially” all the properties it will exhibit in the future, as well as contain the “trace” of all the properties it did exhibit in the past.


The monads are Psychic rather than Material – They are Mind-like Substances – They are consciousness, so of course, they contain consciousness.

Leibniz’s philosophy is often called ‘panpsychic idealism’.

“In other words, in the Leibnizian monadology, simple substances are mind-like entities that do not, strictly speaking, exist in space but that represent the universe from a unique perspective.”

*Note – Leibniz sees all unified beings as a single monad and everything else as composite monads.

For example, One’s soul (the soul of any living thing) is a single monad which “controls” a composite body made up of many monads.


There are Monads within monads, if you will.

circles in circles


As for the monads making up a body: they are constantly changing as one breaths in and out, sheds skin, has new thoughts, moves about…etc., although not all at once.


Monads as Units of Consciousness

Divine thoughts “simply are monads”.

“Creation is a permanent state, thus [monads] are generated, so to speak, by continual fulgurations of the Divinity.”

A fulguration is ‘a flash, like lightening’. [A flash, like a flash of intuition, inspiration…etc., related to consciousness]



Liebniz is saying that Monads are a direct result of movements of consciousness. That is, consciousness creates waves of energy. These combine with other like waves. Upon critical mass these combinations of consciousness waves are able to form physical reality: either events in time or matter in space. The more intense the movements of consciousness they are, or in turn, the greater number there are, the higher likelihood they will manifest in physical reality.

Each movement of consciousness, however, (no matter how small, or quick) is a “Unit of Consciousness”. We will discuss this in the Consciousness section of Cosmic Core in great detail, particularly Articles 138-146.


Monads as Units of the Aether Matrix

The Aether medium or matrix flows as a whole. It is composed of individual Aether Units (Monads).

Aether units can be thought of as Consciousness Units after they have built up to reach critical mass in which they begin to affect physical reality.


Liebniz believes there are no interactions between different monads…but everything is regulated by the pre-established harmony.

Every monad behaves independently of other monads, yet every monad is synchronized with one another by Divinity.

This idea could refer to the make-up of the Aether medium. According to Dr. Harold Aspden, the Aether is a fluid crystal matrix composed of double torus structures within cubes. The double torus structures are the Aether units. These Aether units rotate on their own axis independently of all other units, yet as a whole they all flow as One.

That is, each Aether units ‘behaves independently’ of other Aether units, yet each is synchronized with one another by ‘Divinity’ or pre-established harmony.

indras net



The Torus and the Aether Unit

The Torus/Double Torus is the key shape/form/function of the Aether Unit.

When talking about Aether Unit as tori, it is essential to recognize that the torus is not a ‘thing’. It is a process created by the inflow and outflow of Aether to and from time/space (metaphysical) to space/time (physical).


Torus Flow Process refers to the torus itself – not a ‘thing’ but a dynamic flow process of Aether.


The torus is found throughout all scales of the Universe. It is the fundamental patterning of all cosmic manifestation. It is also the patterning of all dynamic energy systems when they come into coherence and individuation.


Furthermore it is the only self-sustaining energy form and the foundation of all sustainable systems.

There are various schools of thought regarding the torus as the fundamental structure of the Aether. See Articles 98-110.


Some of these include:

  1. Mainstream Quantum Physics

Simple harmonic oscillators for each Aether Unit (or unit of “space/time”)

wave structure lowres


  1. Buckminster Fuller & Nassim Haramein

Spheroid double torus as each Aether Unit (or unit of the “Vacuum”)

double torus



  1. Dan Winter

Torus-shaped domains for each Aether Unit

torus dan winter


  1. Conrad Ranzan and the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU)

Fundamental fluctuators that oscillate inward/outward for each Aether Unit


  1. Dr. Harold Aspden

Quons (Aether Units) are composed of a cube of Aether space with two rotating spheres (muons) inside each cube. The muons are stacked one on top of the other and they rotate in opposite directions. This creates a double torus.



The Aether matrix itself has a liquid crystal structure.


  1. Walter Russell

The pulsing cube-sphere is the Aether Unit.

russell cubesphere


  1. The Seth Material

The Aether is composed of invisible, infinite structure of cubes within cubes. They cannot be seen but are constantly trembling and mobile.

These Aether Units are called Consciousness Units and their movements, pulsations and interactions are a direct result of the movements of consciousness.


  1. Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater

The Anu (Aether Unit) is a spiraling heart-shaped toroidal flow. There are two types. They are exactly alike except for the direction of their spin.



  1. Vortex Based Mathematics – Marko Rodin & Randy Powell

Aetherons (Aether Units) are nested vortices of energy flow (toroids).

vortex in vortex out


  1. Aether Physics Model – David W Thomson and Jim D Bourassa

Aether Units have a double Loxodrome structure. It is a double torus flow structure.

double loxodrome


  1. Jon DePew

Two individual & flexible Magnetic Spectrum Currents spinning in opposite directions compose the Aether Unit.



  1. Howard Johnson – Inventor

The Double Vortex is the fundamental magnetic field.

double torus2


Each model has a slightly different perspective on the geometric structure of the Aether Unit.


What we are saying is that they are ALL correct. They all recognize a toroidal flow or two opposing flow forces.

Within the torus any geometry can form. It all depends on the structure, scale, and frequency of vibration that creates the geometry.

Where you find one Platonic solid, you find them all in potentiation.

They are an interlocking set that oscillates and transforms from one into another with all truncations, stellations, and combinations represented along the way.


The spiraling vortex of the torus is the representation of the geometry in all its forms simultaneously.

In other words, a sphere spins, automatically creating a torus.

Within the torus, all Platonic solid geometry and associated shapes exist in potential in the spinning toroidal vortex.

The geometry results as a disturbance of the Aether (a standing wave) around the torus. That is the oscillations from the physical to the metaphysical create interference patterns. These interference patterns create standing waves of geometry.

The particular geometry that forms is in response to the particular set of frequencies of vibration of the pulsating, spiraling torus.

The Toroidal field that forms IS the Magnetic Field itself, but it is not ONLY the magnetic field.

It is also gravity and electromagnetism.



The Torus Structure Seen as Concentric Circles Surrounding Matter/Life on all Scales

Matter and Life at all scales are STANDING WAVES! The standing waves are results of interference patterns from the oscillations from time/space to space/time – or the outward flow and inward flow of Aether.


Superpotential is distributed in concentric shells around mass like the layers of an onion:

Aether Units

  • Toroidal shape as discussed above.

Electron Shells

  • Quantized electron shells are associated with energy states.

electron copy


“The electron has a spherical in/out wave structure. The wave-center forms the ‘particle’ effect, the spherical in and out waves explain the continual two way communication / interconnection of matter in space.
The wave center of the spherical in/out waves forms high wave amplitude coherent waves, thus this is where the wave interactions / energy exchanges occur, which gives the appearance of discrete matter ‘particles’.

Light is discrete because of resonance between bound electrons, causing them to change their wave functions.”4


Atoms & Molecules

  • As is the case with atoms, the allowed energy states of a molecule are quantized.

molecular orbitals plot CO



  • Trees; apples; all living beings have a toroidal energy field surrounding them.

tree torus



Human Body

  • There are quantized layers of the Human Energy Field, just as in electrons, atoms and molecules.

human torus lr

Credit: Institute of Heartmath



  • Magnetic Fields around the planet act as concentric circles.

earth field



  • Magnetic Fields around the sun act as concentric circles.

sun field


  • Galaxies have a quantized layered structure of Redshift.

Tifft Virgo dwarfs

Credit: Dr. William Tifft



  3. Burnham, Douglas, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Gottfriend Leibniz: Metaphysics,
  4. The Dynamic Unity of Reality,


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