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In previous articles on the Dyad we have seen how it manifests itself as the continuous oscillation of consciousness and matter or the physical and metaphysical. We will now discuss some other manifestations of the Dyad, including aspects of symbolism of the Dyad in physics, chemistry, technology, human relationships, astronomy, and light.


hourglassnebula lr

The Hourglass Nebula


Representations of the Dyad:

Polarity in Science & Technology

The Dyad is expressed as the “laws” of attraction & repulsion.

attract repel electrostatic charges


From this basic polarity, light, energy, and matter eventuate.

The Dyad is also expressed as the reflecting and absorbing qualities of matter and heat.

Heat Radiation copy



Hydrogen is the first atom of the 92 natural elements to emerge. It is a pure representation of the Dyad.

It consists of only two components: a positively charged proton at the center and a negatively charged electron at its circumference.

hydrogen lr


Please remember that electrons are not particles. They are processes. There are no electrons, only electron probability clouds.


Static Cling

Electrons occur in materials in large numbers. Some are loosened by friction and induced to move. Scuffling your feet across a carpet on a dry day loosens electrons so they run up and sit on the surface of the skin.

“The spark is simply the result of a primal urge of parts to return to the whole, of polarity’s craving to merge to unity.”2

The strength of “love” between the poles is called “voltage”.

We discussed ‘love’ as metaphysical gravity in Article 19. Love is the force of attraction between two bodies or entities. Love is the yearning to be ‘One’.

dyad opposites love lr



Magnetic Fields

magnet poles

Magnets are pure expressions of the Dyad.

Opposite poles attract each other.

Like poles repel each other.




The Dyad is also expressed as positive and negative charges on a battery. We will discuss electromagnetism in greater detail below.


Binary Code

The binary code represents text or computer processor instructions using the binary number system’s two binary digits 0 and 1.

This code is used by almost all modern computers and computer-based devices.

Each binary digit is called a ‘bit’.

binary 2372131 1920

Michael Glickman writes, “The digital revolution is based on one and zero, which are often construed as representations of genitals and, by implication, creation and procreation.”


Cell Division

The human body grows through the process of mitosis.

Each cell replicates itself and then divides into two identical ‘sister’ cells.

This is represented by the principle of the Octave: halving = doubling. That is, a cell divides from within itself – it halves itself – to become double or two. This is the process of the Octave.

cell division


Half of a string length (on a guitar for example) will equal double that note. That is, half the string will equal the same note but on a higher octave. Therefore the note will be doubled. Hence, halving = doubling.

octave string

This is first mentioned in Article 18.


The Monad becomes the Dyad as one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, sixteen, and so on until the organism is complete: the Many.

This is represented by Doubling, or the Geometric Sequence: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128…etc.


Note how this growth occurs in Octaves.


Plant Respiration

Pairs of “guard” cells on the underside of a leaf contract and relax to form a vesica piscis-like opening called a “stoma” [Plural = stomata]. A stoma is a pore of a leaf and is found on every single species of land plants that have leaves except liverworts.

Opening and Closing of Stoma.svg


This allows the plant to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide which allows for the “breathing” of the plant.

stoma2 stoma guard cells


The stomata also act as proto eyes, noses and mouths. They perceive light and moisture. They weep and they breathe.




Human Respiration, Circulation & Digestion

The Dyad is also expressed by the in-and-out of our breathing, the systolic and diastolic beats of our hearts that pumps the blood through our bodies nourishing our cells and the peristalsis action of our digestion system, among many other body functions. All these dual systems are essential for biological life and health.

breathing heart lr digestive 41529


Sun and Moon

There is a perfect balance of the Sun and its reflection, the Moon.

The Moon is considered a reflection because it is not luminous on its own but only becomes luminous due to the sun’s rays reflecting upon it.

They are miraculously balanced – the same size in the sky, one shining by day, the other by night.

This means there is a perfect harmony between the Sun, Moon and Earth to create total solar eclipses.




The Vesica Piscis & The Geometry of Light:


The Geometry of Light as Tetrahedral in Nature Coming out of the Vesica:

monadlight lowres


The photon was predicted to be tetrahedral in nature by Buckminster Fuller, Max Planck, and physicist Rod Johnson.

This information is covered in great detail in Article 124.

The photon – the smallest entity and the carrier of electromagnetic energy – takes the shape of two tetrahedra.

A free photon has a form of two tetrahedra back-to-back.

tetrahedra back to back Rod Johnson

Credit: Rod Johnson


A confined photon has a form of a star tetrahedron.

star tetrahedron3


The tetrahedron (equilateral triangle) naturally comes out of the Vesica Piscis. In 3D spheres the triangle that emerges would be a tetrahedron. The four triangles pictured below would fold up into a tetrahedron.

2 vesica piscis triangle lin art


First Movement of Creation

The original circle reflects itself, creating the Vesica Piscis.

vesica piscis


These overlapping circles and the Vesica space contain geometric information about light.

It was said: “Let there be light”

In Judeo-Christian mythology, after creating the heavens and the earth God then creates light and separates it from the darkness.


The heavens (time/space; metaphysical realm) are represented by the first circle; the earth (space/time; physical realm) by the reflected circle; and light is represented by the Vesica Piscis and geometry within.

tworealms lr


Light, or the photon, is the fundamental building block of everything in physical reality. As it is discussed in the Science section of Cosmic Core, photons spin and loop to form subatomic particles. Subatomic particles spin to form atoms. Atoms rotate and combine to form molecules. Molecules combine to form matter. At its core, all matter is composed of photons. Hence, all matter is composed of light.


See the two tetrahedra back-to-back that naturally come out of the Vesica and the cross within the Vesica.

 vesica light

The Law of One states, “Love/light is the enabler, the power, the energy giver. Light/love is the manifestation which occurs when light has been impressed with love.”

That is, love is the potential. Light is the action. The two together manifest physical reality and all that’s in it.


The Geometry of Light

The Vesica Piscis is associated with the geometry of light.

First off, notice how the shape resembles an eye, the organ of vision – the organ that perceives, captures and translates light into ‘things’ we are familiar with.

easy 3298977 1920


“If you want to study something in nature, you get to the components – in this case, the light wave and the instrument that receives the light wave, the organic eye – because one will reflect the other in its geometrical makeup. There should be a similarity between the eye and the light wave, and in their movements as well.”3


The eye is Vesica shaped, however the eyeball is actually a sphere.

See the below drawing by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

light5 DM

Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

As we saw above, the Vesica is delineated by two equilateral triangles.

vesica light

In 3D they are the back-to-back tetrahedra.

tetrahedra back to back Rod Johnson


The length and width of the Vesica form a cross – the cross is the foundation of light – the longer and shorter axes of the Vesica are respectively positive and negative.

light8 DM

Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life


The two axes of the cross represent the two axes of electromagnetism.

The long axis, or length is electricity. The short axis, or width is magnetism. A magnetic component is moving at 90 degrees to the electrical component, also in a sine-wave.

Both components are simultaneously spiraling around each other – rotating in 90-degree segments.

They are in the √3 ratio to each other.

Q 4 sine waves spirals3fresh


Light spirals as it moves: every time the Vesica rotates 90 degrees, a new cross is created – the length of the smaller cross becomes the width of the larger cross.

This creates “a geometrical progression of relationships within the Vesica Piscis that identifies the blueprint of light based on the square root of 3.”4

See the image below: These are square-root-3 spirals shown.

light4 DM

Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life


Notice how similar they are to golden mean spirals (Fig. 12-22a), yet they are not exact.

light2 DM

Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life


The rectangles do not quite touch each other as they do in golden mean proportion.

This is yet another way of nature trying to duplicate the Golden Mean through a root proportion. (We see this as well in the square-root-2 proportion).

We will now see how this cross reflects the shape of the Maltese Cross (pictured below).

maltesecross 600x600


Verified Shape of the Photon

photon article


In 2016 the shape of the photon was independently verified by Polish physicist Dr. Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz.

On July 20, 2016 an article was published entitled, What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds lightby Cathal O’Connell in Cosmos Magazine.5

The following information is sourced from that article.


Physicists Chrapkiewicz and Banaszek created a hologram of a single light particle (photon).

“The image – which is called a hologram because it holds information on both the photon’s shape and phase – was created by firing two light beams at a beamsplitter, made of calcite crystal, at the same time.”

Each photon could either go straight or turn, depending on the shape of their wave function.

“It’s a little like firing two bullets to glance off one another mid-air and using the deflected trajectories to figure our shape of each projectile.”

After over 2000 repetitions a pattern of flashes built up.


They discovered the shape of the photon was a star tetrahedron looked at from its ‘cubic’ angle (below right).

star tetrahedron star angle star tetrahedron cubic angle2


The photon shape they captured looks exactly like a Maltese cross (below left). The shape on the right was the predicted photon shape by Schrodinger’s equation for the quantum wave function.

photon shape quantum holography

Credit: What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light, Cosmos Magazine


In the arms of the cross where the photons were in step, the image is bright. Where they weren’t, we see darkness.

Therefore, the photon is clearly tetrahedral in nature and appears to be a star tetrahedron.


The Influence of the Dyad on Humanity

Michael Schneider writes, “Polarities drive the dances of mating, love and hate, taking responsibility or assigning blame, accepting or judging, strength and tenderness.”

gemini twins

Every entity confronts itself with its own opposite.

If there’s something you don’t like you can assume that its opposite exists which you will like.

The Dyad is responsible for us picking and choosing among attributes we think are useless or useful, such as patience and impatience, good and evil, worthiness and unworthiness, intelligence and stupidity, forgiving or resenting, joy and sorrow, materialism and spirituality.


The Dyad forces up walls, boundaries and dividers in our minds, our relationships, our society and our world.

police 2602626 1920


The Dyad can lead to self-righteousness, to misunderstandings, to elitism, to religious and civil wars, to hatred and violence among family members, political groups, countries, or within our own minds.

The mind contains all things, so accepting that fact and accepting all the parts of our whole, can help smooth out the distortions of the mind that being judgmental engenders.

In other words, “shunning one while chasing its opposite only invokes and strengthens the one we try to avoid. Accepting one gives equal strength to its opposite.” 6


Polarized thinking encourages our sense of separateness and deflects our vision from the world’s, and our own, inherent unity.


We cannot live in a sense of oneness, unity, wholeness, completeness while bouncing in the mirror world of implied opposites, continually attracted or repelled, feeling separate from each other, from nature and from a deep relationship to our inner selves.

masks 827729 1920


To avoid disaster we must learn to think differently and avoid the traps of polarity in everyday language.

By thinking that what we seek lies elsewhere, we miss seeing it here right before us.

Ideals aren’t elsewhere but are embedded in the event. We don’t notice because we’re lured to one pole or the other.

Only by acknowledging both poles in the pair as inseparable can we overcome relative duality and get to their common source in the Monad.

In our deepest Self we are beyond all polarity.


Now, “consider your personal polarities, the situations that strongly attract or repel you, the strong opinions you cherish. Such situations and opinions call us like sirens toward which we unconsciously drift. We rarely resist favoring one pole or another. But only as we realize that the strength we direct toward one is shared by the other can we jimmy loose from both. By finding their common ground, their point of balance, we can pass between them without being pulled toward either side.” 7



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