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In this article we will briefly discuss one of the important aspects of sevenness – that of process.  As we saw, the Hexad is intrinsically related to structure.  The Heptad is then related to process.


Seven as Process not Structure

Seven is not used in structure due to its unborn angles (with repeating decimals to infinity) and inability to tessellate.

It shows up in nature as a seven-step process.

There are seven independent stages or aspects of a whole.


Some of these include:

Musical Diatonic Scale of Seven Notes

This includes five whole steps (whole tones) and two half steps (semitones).

“The seven pitches of any diatonic scale can be obtained using a chain of six perfect fifths.  For instance, the seven natural pitches that form the C-major scale can be obtained from a stack of perfect fifths”1 starting from F:





Mitosis involves the division of 1 cell into 2.

It is a transformation along 7 stages.

When the 8th is taken, the octave is achieved and 1 becomes 2.



Functional Pattern of the Human Nervous System2

  1. Intrasegmental reflex: response limited to segment stimulated
  2. Intersegmental reflex: impulse carried by association neurones to neighboring segments, causing coordinated muscle response
  3. Equilbratory control: automatic balancing reactions.
  4. Synergic control: automatic coordinating control of muscular actions
  5. Auditory and Visual reflexes: automatic responses to sudden noise or flashes of light
  6. Automatic associated control of complex muscular actions
  7. Voluntary and inhibitory control: choice of responses based on memory of past experiences.



Seven Crystal Systems

There are seven different possible relationships among axes and angles in crystals.

“In each system one relationship changes, forming a progression of proportions among the lengths and angles of their axes.”3


The following systems are:


  • Has 3 mutually perpendicular axes of equal length.



  • Has four axes.
  • Three are of equal length and lie on a place with an angle of 120° between them.
  • The fourth axis is perpendicular to the other 3. It is of any length.



  • Has 3 axes of equal length.
  • There is an angle of other than 90° between them.



  • Has 3 axes of different length.
  • None are perpendicular to the others.



  • Has 3 axes of different length.
  • Only 2 are perpendicular.



  • Has 3 mutually perpendicular axes.
  • Each are of a different length.



  • Has 3 mutually perpendicular axes.
  • 2 of which are equal length.



The Lunar Month

The lunar month is a perfect example of graduated phases within a continuous process.

The moon cycle is composed of 4 phases of 7 days each equaling a 28-day period.




“Light has always been a symbol of greater understanding, a link between the eternal and the worldly.”4

“We think of a light wave as making waves through space, but it’s much more complex.  An electrical field spins one way around it and a magnetic field rotates at 90 degrees to the electrical field, and they expand in spherical patterns.”5

One axis of the Vesica Piscis represents the electric field.  The crossing axis at 90° represents the magnetic field.  As they move through space they create straight-line spirals of light that expand in spherical patterns.  Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek

Spirals of light expanding in spherical patterns.  Credit: Drunvalo Melchizadek


The speed of light = 186,282 miles per second.  It moves radially away from its source.

It is very interesting that the speed of light and the Pythagorean tuning of the musical scale are interrelated.  We will discuss this in great detail in the next two articles.

For now, know that Pythagorean tuning revolves around the frequency 432.

4322 = 186,624 miles/second.

432 the only whole number when squared comes into .01% accuracy measuring the speed of light.


“When you see light coming directly toward you, it’s white.  But if it’s not moving directly toward you, it’s black…The entire night sky is filled with brilliant white light, but we see the light only when it’s coming toward us.”5

Sunlight is “whole”.  That means it is a mix of many frequencies overlapping.

The visible spectrum is 4000-7000 angstroms.

It consists of the 7-color spectrum and can be visibly split with a prism.

The 7-color spectrum consists of: red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet.

It was thought to be first discovered by Issac Newton.

He first split white light to produce the 7-color rainbow.  He also took a 2nd prism and directed the color spectrum into it.  The colors reemerged from the other side of the prism as whole white light.

“Just as the Monad creates all numbers yet never loses itself, just as the whole string retains its tone, so it is with light.  Regardless of appearances, the source is never lost or far from us.”6

Though there are 7 primary colors, humans can identify at least 180 distinct colors in the light spectrum.




“The rainbow provides a transitory glimpse into eternal principles.  Light touches everything.  Anything can stop it, yet nothing can pollute it.”7


Light has infinite shades, yet we distinctly see 7 colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

Red is the shortest wavelength: (1/33,000 of an inch long).

Violet is the longest: (1/67,000 inch long).

The widths of colors are proportioned like musical notes; they are not equal.

Red is always on top of the rainbow.

The rainbow will only appear if you are facing away from the source of light.

The angle between the incoming white sunlight and the outgoing rainbow colors is about 42°.  The red light comes in at 42° and blue light comes out at 40°.

To see the math visit:


When you see a double rainbow, the rainbow angles are around 51°, which is why the secondary rainbow is seen higher in the sky.

Rene Descartes sketch of primary and secondary rainbow.


It is very interesting that the double rainbow also ‘squares the circle’.

“A circle and square can be married by having the same area, and a double rainbow, with bows at 41.5º and 52.5º precisely draws this – a marriage of Heaven and Earth indeed.”8

The white lines are the same length.  A double rainbow squares the circle.  Credit: JoeDubs


Incidentally, the angles of the Great Pyramid are very close the angles of the double rainbows.

The angles of the Great Pyramid (51° & 43°) are very close to the angles of the double rainbow (52.5° & 41.5°)


And remember, the angles of the Great Pyramid, and thus the double rainbow, are related to the Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis with the outline of the Great Pyramid. Credit: John Michell


Remember also the shape of the photon and how it comes from the Vesica.  The two triangles in the above image represent the ‘free’ photon which is actually two tetrahedra back-to-back.

The two triangles of the Vesica Piscis represent two tetrahedra back-to-back.

The shape of a free photons are two tetrahedra back-to-back.  Credit: Rod Johnson


The image below, by Drunvalo Melchizadek, shows the spirals of light coming from the Vesica Piscis.  The two spirals are 90º to each other.  One represents the electric component, the other the magnetic component.

Thus we can see the vast interrelatedness of all of nature through these diagrams.



The Electromagnetic Spectrum

We have seen above the geometry of the electromagnetic spectrum and how it derives from the Vesica Piscis and tetrahedra.

In 1800 William Herschel (1738-1822), English musician and composer turned astronomer, and discoverer of Uranus, measured each color of light and found they each had a different temperature.

William Hershel


He found the colorless space beyond each end of the spectrum had a higher temp than the colors themselves.

Thus he discovered infrared light.

The next year, in 1801, Johann Ritter (1776-1810) discovered ultraviolet light at the other end of the spectrum.

Johann Ritter

James Maxwell (1831-1879) first linked electromagnetic radiation to electromagnetism in 1845 and the discovery that light was a type of electromagnetic wave.  “Maxwell’s equations predicted an infinite number of frequencies of electromagnetic waves, all traveling at the speed of light.  This was the first indication of the existence of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.”9

James Clerk Maxwell


This showed there are invisible forms of light and the spectrum very well could be endless.

We register only a narrow slice – 1 octave of sight vs. 10 octaves of sound.

Astronomers tell us that 90% of the universe is invisible to our eyes but can be detected with sensitive equipment.

This includes radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays…etc.

This is a key point of the new scientific paradigm.  Traditional science essentially “cuts off reality” at the Plank scale – claiming that wavelengths shorter than the Plank length do not exist.  This is called renormalization.  It is a pure denial that the spectrum of wavelengths continue to extend to infinity in both directions (the small & large).

As the Reddit commentor oldcoot88 explains…reality should not be cut off at the Planck length.  “The great bulk of ‘What Is’ in terms of energy-density, resides on the ‘other side’ of the Planck length – the subPlanckian Energy Domain – with ever-finer scales of pixelization – each ‘sub-pixel’ of ever-higher energy density, ad infinitum.

And get this – the mainstream’s own math has shown the energy-density of the perceived “vacuum” to be enormously high, functionally infinite. Yet they won’t accept what their own math tells them, and resort to “renormalization” to sidestep the catastrophe. You might like to Google “vacuum catastrophe” just for chuckles.”

He then goes on to explain, “Think of the octaves on a piano keyboard, with each octave representing a “dimension”. Then picture the keyboard extending infinitely in both directions. In the upward(/inward) direction, it’s a vibrational continuum of higher and higher frequencies, shorter and shorter wavelengths beyond the Planck threshold, encompassing the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. It’s a nestedness-of-scale, a fractalization of octaves, each “dimension” interlocking with the next… on the Keyboard of Infinity.”

Colors & the Solar System

It is interesting that past Earth the planets form the color sequence:

  • Mars – Red
  • Jupiter – Orange
  • Saturn – yellow
  • Uranus – green
  • Neptune – blue



Colors & Musical Notes

There is an ancient tradition relating music and color that goes back to the Sumerians, Egyptians and East Indians in BC times.

Later the Chinese, Persians and Greeks developed similar systems.

Other philosophers, musicians, astronomers and artists have since developed even more detailed systems.

Walter Russell’s color/musical note theory


Dale Pond’s color/musical note theory


“Light, color and sound share the same wave patterns.  What is more, they share the same vibration rates, as J. Dauven proved in 1970.  Diagram A is a composite of both vibrations; sound frequencies (the number of vibrations per second) are shown with a dash-dotted line, and color frequencies are shown with a solid line.  The closeness of the two lines indicates that the experience of harmonious rhythms is shared by the eye and the ear, even though one registers it as color, the other as sound.

Correspondence between musical sounds and colors.  Sound vibrations of one octave of the keyboard from G to F are tabulated in diagrams A together with the seven spectral colors to show the basic unity in these diverse patterns.  Credit: Gyorgy Doczi – The Power of Limits, 1981


Another such system was developed by physicist Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894).

“In 1910, Hermann von Helmhotz transposed musical frequencies in order to mathematically find direct scientific relationships between musical notes and visual colors using the ‘Law of Octaves’.

For example, one can take the concert pitch A at 440 Hz and get another audible A at 880 Hz exactly one octave above. If one were to mathematically double that octave thirty-nine more times, the frequency of the original pitch A would be 483, 785, 116, 221, 440 Hz, a visual light frequency seen in the natural color spectrum as Red.

Notice the enharmonic coloring (EC) of the half notes A#, C# and D# in the following rough estimates:”10


  • G ultraviolet
  • F# violet
  • F indigo
  • E         blue
  • D# green blue
  • D green
  • C# yellow green
  • C yellow
  • B orange
  • A# orange red
  • A red
  • G# dark red
  • G infrared



The Rainbow Bridge

“Imagine the existence of a great, conscious, divine light beyond measure, the mysterious power of awareness itself, shining through the Triad of our mind, body & spirit, as if through a triangular prism.  It refracts into seven colors, seven centers of gravity or chakras, the ancient seven tone scale of our soul.  And upon this inner spectrum our body precipitates, ruled by the powerful hormones of seven sets of endocrine glands.”11

The rainbow bridge links Heaven and Earth.

Self-transformation is the significance of the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge shows up in Norse mythology with Odin; Greek mythology with Iris; and various Native American myths.



The Caduceus

The Caduceus is a universal icon of medicine and healing.

It consists of a winged staff with two snakes winding upwards around it forming a double helix, crossing at each of the 5 central chakras, from genital to brow.

This symbol shows up in many traditions throughout the world:

  • Aztec worship of the double serpent
  • Sumerian sculpture
  • Greek deities Hermes and Iris


It was adopted by Asclepius & Hippocrates as a medical symbol of health.

The central shaft represents our spine.

The seven energy centers (chakras) are shown.

Often the top is affixed with a sphere or pinecone representing the pineal gland or third eye.

“The two ends of our inner caduceus, sacrum and crown, forming its axis, act as two poles of a battery.  Although their functions aren’t apparent in ordinary human experience, they awaken in advanced stages of self-development.  By examining this symbolism we uncover a beautiful allegory describing the birth and ascension of the divine power of consciousness within us.”12




We discuss the chakras in great detail in Articles 199-202.

The chakras represent a journey through varying states of consciousness.  The process is a 7 stage transformation of our inner self.

This has been represented in various ways throughout the ages:

  • 7 “caves of initiation” within ourselves – Aztec
  • 7 strings of Apollo’s lyre
  • 7 traditional planets
  • 7 traditional vowels from alpha to omega
  • 7 headed snakes
  • 7 stepped ladders
  • 7 heavens
  • 7 ‘quantum densities’
  • 7 gates of the underworld
  • 7 seals
  • 7 rays of crowns – Statue of Liberty; Isis; Native American sun god


The seven centers vibrate at different rates (they have different frequencies) and carry different qualities.

They are our psychological motivations: “the spectrum of the passions, desires, emotions, thoughts, and intuitions we experience, each with its own countless shades.”13

Michael Schneider writes, “Among our spectrum of seven centers, motivations felt at the genital, gut, and heart are most familiar to people.  Together with more rarefied motivations from the throat and brow centers they weave the Web of Athena, our personality pattern, which the Greeks personify as the goddess Psyche, our divine soul.

Plato wrote that to attend to the soul’s development is the highest good we can do.  The ancients were concerned with the soul’s purification and transformation.  As they saw it, the stream of energy called “desire” inevitably passes through us like a river.  We cannot and should not try to cease its flow, but we are responsible for its qualities.

For example: are we set on mindlessly acquiring more and more “things” or are our desires oriented toward wisdom and understanding.  The ancients were concerned with such purification of each level by facing, releasing and reorienting the energies of each center toward finer and nobler expression.”14

We will briefly review the octave of chakras here.



The Octave of Chakras


The 1st chakra – Red Ray – The Root – The Foundation – Earth


  • A blockage in red-ray can manifest as a constant worrying and fear of survival.
  • In general, it will exhibit the “demon” of fear, mistrust, helplessness, fearfulness, and inability to cope.



  • When this chakra is balanced much is open to the seeker due to the fact that it stops blocking experiential data and the higher chakras can begin to use these experiences for higher purposes.
  • Balanced, it will bring up health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence in the moment of “Now”.
  • We will feel a sense of belonging, safety and security in the world.
  • We will be able to provide for life’s necessities and stand up for ourselves.



The 2nd chakra – Orange Ray – Sacral chakra – Awareness and growth – Water


  • Often financial concerns fall within this category, as many feel they are not creative enough to make money, or worth enough to share their creativity.
  • Blocked orange chakras can often lead to self-doubt, self-loathing, issues of possession, self-consciousness, and the inability to accept the self as the self is.
  • In the extreme – A need to hold power over other individuals may be seen to be orange ray.
  • In the extreme, you may also see this ray in the treating of others as non-entities, slaves or chattel, thus giving others no status whatever.
  • It can exhibit the “demon” of guilt, inhibitions, shame, blame, dependency or co-dependency, poor boundaries, submission, a need for protection from others, obsession with money and/or sex, an obsession with power and control.



  • As this chakra becomes balanced, much more creativity, fairness and more emotional balance can result.
  • It will bring us fluidity, grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.
  • Also: directness, independence, good boundaries, assertiveness, and a desire to protect others rather than misuse others.



The 3rd chakra – Yellow Ray – Navel Chakra – Self-awareness and Interaction – Fire


  • Blocked yellow chakras can manifest as power manipulation of others and bellicose actions in which one group of entities feel the necessity and right of dominating other groups of entities and bending their wills to the wills of the masters.
  • Blockages in orange-ray or yellow-ray manifest in sexual interactions as a blockage then insatiable hunger due to the blockage.
  • When two entities are vibrating in orange-ray or yellow-ray in sexual interactions, one entity will experience the pleasure of humiliation and slavery or bondage, the other will experience the pleasure of mastery and control over another entity – In this way a sexual energy transfer of a negative polarity will take place.
  • Its “demon” is shame, inadequacy, inferiority or superiority, giving up, irresponsibility, addictions, defensiveness, aggressiveness, escapism, intimidation, avoidance, territoriality, overly competitiveness, and over-sensitivity to criticism.



  • Unblocked, this chakra acts as a stepping stone to higher vibrations, where the mind and body potentiates to its fullest balance.
  • The strong red/orange/yellow triad springboards the entity into the center ray of green.
  • A positive entity will transmute strong red-ray sexual energy into green-ray energy transfers, transmuting self-hood and place in society into energy transfer situations in which the entity may merge with and serve others and then, finally radiate unto others without expecting any transfer in return.
  • The yellow-ray is the power center. In a balanced entity, the tools (power, love, wisdom) will not be abused but rather, it will approach those tools balanced in the center of love and wisdom and thus seeking power in order to serve.
  • Each entity must, in order to completely unblock yellow ray, love all which are in relationship to it, with hope only of the other-selves’ joy, peace, and comfort.
  • A balanced 3rd chakra brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, courage, strong yet balanced will power, and non-dominating power.



The 4th chakra – Green Ray – Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love & Compassion – Air


  • The green chakra can be easily blocked by the lower feelings of orange and yellow, such as fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, and desire to be possessed.
  • Blockages show up as an inability to offer universal love and compassion.
  • In more conscious beings this expresses or manifests as lack of compassion for the self.
  • Manifests as the “demon” of grief, resentment, anger, jealousy, anxiety, abandonment, bereavement, isolation, self-centeredness, loneliness, martyrdom



  • Those desiring to remake society who are working from the green chakra rather than the yellow chakra understand that universal love freely given is more to be desired than principalities or even the rearrangement of peoples and political structures.
  • Balanced Green-ray sexual energy transfers between mates allows the Creator to know Itself with great beauty, solemnity and wonder.
  • Brings us the ability to love deeply, feel compassion and have a profound sense of peace and centeredness
  • Also: balanced emotional expression, compassion, empathy, serenity, joy, courage, intimacy, acceptance, nurturing, giving, able to forgive others and self for everything




The 5th chakra – Blue Ray – Throat Chakra – Communication & Co-Creation – Sound


  • Blockages in the blue chakra can be seen as a difficulty understanding yourself and also difficulties in accepting communication from others.
  • It can also manifest as an inability to be honest with others and/or oneself.
  • The “demon” of this chakra is lies, dishonesty, fear of communication, complaining & fault-finding.



  • Any opinions or judgments are owned.
  • It is the truth which empowers.
  • Aids in comprehension, listening, patience in waiting, expression, creativity, good timing, pushing forward, willfulness, following one’s dream, capacity to make decisions, ability to truly listen to others without having to speak, and open and honest communication at all times.



The 6th chakra – Indigo Ray – Third Eye Chakra – Unity – Faith – Light


  • Blockages in the indigo chakra can manifest as feelings of unworthiness.
  • The “demon” of this chakra is illusion, ignorance, ambiguity, inability to focus, irrationality, rigidity, critical attitude, repressive towards others.



  • When the indigo-ray is activated, balanced and crystallized it is able to transcend space/time and to enter the combined realms of space/time and time/space. Truly through this chakra we can find answers to all the questions we seek.  We can contact our higher selves, our higher intelligence and wisdom, in order to fulfill more of our unique potential.  With practice and devotion, through this center we can truly touch the infinite.
  • Brings us clear vision, letting us see the bigger picture; also clarity, focus, receptivity, wisdom, perception, intuition, self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, openness to ideas of others, ability to learn from experience, emotional intelligence
  • the perfect balance of compassion and wisdom



The 7th chakra – Violet Ray – Crown Chakra – The Gateway to Intelligent Infinity


  • The “demon” of this chakra is attachment and an undefined life purpose.
  • “From a yogic perspective, a person’s attachment to something can be beneficial, as in true and genuine devotion or dedication to that which is true, good, healthy, holy. Yet attachments of various sorts can also be harmful.
  • Spiritual paths from around the world and across time have in their various ways noted the constricting and debilitating effect of a psychological, ideological, emotional or spiritual grasping that strangles the inherent expansiveness of life. We cling when we are afraid of change, even if that change is necessary or for the better.  We grasp when we insist on maintaining control over something that really is not ours to control.
  • Sometimes what people may think is love may instead be an emotional or psychological attachment to a state of being that actually inhibits or smothers love.”15



  • Brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, bliss and a clear sense of purpose
  • Also, ability to trust life, values, ethics and courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, faith and spiritual devotion



The Seven Heavens or Octave of Quantum Densities

We discuss these concepts in great detail in Articles 233-237.

The scientific definition of a density is based on the number of electrons (N) that fit into an Aether cube.

The metaphysical definition of a density is based on the foundational rate of vibration of reality.  As the density increases, the wavelength and frequency of physical reality increases.

Movement through the octave of densities relates to the evolution of the soul through octaves of experience, or levels of consciousness, which are intimately related to the chakras.  The octave of densities is otherwise known as reincarnational cycles.

The movement through the densities is related to the Precession of the Equinoxes.  For example, 3rd density cycles are approx. 25,000 years, the same time span as one Precessional cycle (25,920 years).

The shifting through densities relates to the solar system moving into a new space domain – crossing a domain boundary, creating a supernovae, and leading to a DNA upgrade of all biological life.  (Refer to Articles 104-105, 254-256).

The 6 Peaks in Redshift Values found could correlate to densities 2-7, with Density 1 as a “ground state”.  (Refer to Articles 93-94, and 236-237).

These densities also reflect the “Seven Heavens” that show up in various religious systems.


In brief these densities are described as follows:

  • First Density – Red – cycle of awareness; water, fire, air, earth (mineral consciousness)
  • Second Density – Orange – cycle of growth & movement (plant & animal consciousness)
  • Third Density – Yellow – cycle of self-awareness (human consciousness)
  • Fourth Density – Green – cycle of love or understanding; (planetary consciousness)
  • Fifth Density – Blue – cycle of wisdom or light; co-creation (galactic consciousness)
  • Sixth Density – Indigo – cycle of love/light light/love; or blending compassion with wisdom; unity (galactic cluster consciousness)
  • Seventh Density – Violet – the gateway cycle; turning towards timelessness; (Cosmic Consciousness of the entire Universe)
  • Eighth Density – The first density of the next octave and “a mystery we do not plumb.”



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