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In this article we will discuss another important concept of the Hexad – that of six circles around 1.  This symbol, often called the Seed of Life, Genesis Pattern or Flower of Creation is a preeminent symbol of Sacred Geometry.

We will discuss the Germ of Life and then move on from there to the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Fruit of Life and Tree of Life.


Reference Construction Lesson#39: The Platonic Solids from the Seed of Life.



The Six-Around-One Geometric Creation Story

The esoteric stream of knowledge takes a different perspective of the traditional Biblical creation story.  This geometric viewpoint is couched in the terms of Christianity to show that even mainstream religious myths have deeper symbolism and meaning than first meets the eye.  The scripture of every religion, without exception, can be read on many levels depending on your perspective.



Creation from the One

“It was the power of the One’s own yearning-to-be that brought the world into existence.

This motion-toward-being did not seek gratification in any object or the fulfillment of any conditions, for objects and conditions did not yet exist.  Rather, it expressed an unconditional affirmation of existence itself.


Picture a vast, unbounded ocean of undifferentiated Consciousness.

It is an ocean of pure light.


Then, a pulse – Love itself – moves within this infinite field of potential.


Rays of Love spread outward from this center, taking countless different forms as individual waves rise into existence, each refracting the light of Consciousness in their own particular ways and conditioned by various forces.


The One becomes the Many, all of which also hold within them the essence of the One.”1



The Seed of Life – Genesis Pattern (Six-Around-One)

The seed of life is also called the genesis pattern or Flower of Creation.  It is composed of six identical circles arranged around one circle.

This is an important property of a circle and sphere to remember – that six can fit exactly around a seventh.  This leads to the idea of the six days of creation and the one day of rest; the stillness in the center of motion; or the physical existence of six directions with the metaphysical source accessible from the center.

The seed of life also represents a vortex motion.  As the vortex continues to spin and spiral outwards it forms the flower of life which leads to Metatron’s Cube which contains within it all the Platonic Solids and geometric ratios of music and light.



The first book of the Bible, Genesis, traditionally begins, “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.”  However, it did not always begin that way.  The creation story in Assyria and Babylon has been changed.  The Bible traditionally began with “In the beginning there were six.”

The six petals of the ‘Germ of Life’


Imagine the Aether – “a vast unbounded ocean of undifferentiated Consciousness” – the infinite, intelligent, fluid-like energetic source, unpotentiated, resting in stillness, waiting in an ever-present, eternal Now with infinite potential.


“In the beginning was the Logos (the Word), and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.” John 1:1

As we have discussed, the ‘Word’ equals Pure Vibration.  That is, vibration in ratio or harmonic sound.

“The Word” = Pure Vibration or Wave Frequencies in motion


From the book of Genesis each day of creation can be seen as a circle or sphere.

It begins with one sphere in the center.

The next step, continued into infinity, is to move to the intersections of circumferences that are the closest places to the center and project another sphere.

This action happens six times to create the germ of life as the central sphere rotates around forming the six outer spheres (the six days of creation).



Original Source – The Incomprehensible Center:

First, spirit expands its consciousness all around itself from the unknowable point, the incomprehensible center, moving equally in all directions, creating a sphere – the first, central circle.

This symbolizes how Consciousness-Spirit ‘moved upon the face of the waters’ – or oscillated/vibrated the fluid-like Aether.



First Movement: (Two Circles – The Dyad)

Consciousness moves to the edge and repeats what it did before creating the Vesica Piscis.

The two overlapping circles and the Vesica contain knowledge about width, depth, proportion; the square roots of 2, 3, and 5; the Decad of regular polygons (and thus the five Platonic solids) and geometric information about light.  The Dyad also represents the creation of the two interrelated forces of gravity and electromagnetic radiation.  This is why it is referred to as the ‘womb of creation’.


“Let there be light.”  The Vesica is an image of light.


The Vesica is also the doorway between the two realms of reality – the physical (space/time) and the metaphysical (time/space).

However, it is wise to remember that this doorway is not only the access point from the metaphysical to the physical during creation, but it is also the access point from the physical back to the metaphysical.  Thus is represents the 3rd eye – the doorway in which we can experience and connect with the Source metaphysical reality.


This is one reason why Christ is often depicted within a Vesica Piscis.  He is a symbol of that connection between the two realms that each human is capable of experiencing.



Second Movement: (Three Circles – The Triad)

The third circle is created.

Consciousness moves again in the same way, creating a 3rd circle.  The center of the 3rd circle is where the first two circles intersect – this creates the triangle – which represents the tetrahedron, the fundamental geometric structure of space and the geometric structure of the photon.

The red triangles above delineate the net of the tetrahedron.  It can be folded to form the tetrahedron – the geometry of the photon.  The tetrahedral geometry of the photon is discussed in many other articles – see Articles 124A & 124B.


It is important to note that the triangle and tetrahedron also come directly from the Vesica Piscis.  Symbolically this means that as soon as the split of duality occurred there was an immediate path back towards Unity.  This means there is never a moment in which one cannot return to Unity if they seek to do so.  No one or nothing is ever cut off from the Source.  All remains in Unity whether or not they perceive themselves to be in a polarized world of opposites or not.  The path to Unity is always open to those who are willing to recognize it.  The path to Unity is through balance (the triad): the balancing of the mind, body & spirit.

“And God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” (Gen. 1:6).

“Order is now imposed on water; or, as the Greeks would have it, ‘cosmos’ (order) has been created out of ‘chaos.’”2

Here you get the holy trinity: mind, body & spirit; or heaven (cosmos), earth, & human.



Third Movement: (Four Circles – The Tetrad)

The fourth circle is created.

Consciousness moves/vibrates again in a spiraling vortex pattern repeating its first move.  This creates another circle at the next intersection.  The Tetrad represents matter forming – the four elements of earth, water, wind and fire forming the mineral world.


The Tetrad also represents the four elements of the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube and icosahedron.



Fourth Movement: (Five circles – The Pentad)

On the fourth day, exactly one half was completed.  We have moved exactly 180 degrees from the point of the first motion.

The Pentad represents the formation of life staring with the simplest forms of life and moving up to and beyond the human.  This is exemplified by the golden ratio.



Fifth Movement: (Six Circles – The Hexad)

The vortex movement continues.

This fifth movement can be represented as seen above, or it can be represented as the seed of life minus the central circle.  This represents the full process of physical manifestation outwards into physical reality without the corresponding inwards path back towards the center.  In this case the hexagon is very clearly seen.

The Hexad here represents the formation of space (form) and time (process).  Hexad geometry is about creating physical boundaries such as molecules, molecular lattices, crystals, cells and so forth.  The Heptad, as we see next, is about transcending physical boundaries in order to experience the metaphysical.


The Hexad is that which marries the Tetrad (4 elements) with the Pentad (spirit of life) to create all the various forms of life and matter that we know of.



Sixth Movement: (Seven Circles – The Heptad)

The sixth movement completes the seventh circle.  After the 7th circle a six-petaled flower is formed in the center called the germ of life.

Remember, “In the beginning there were six.”

The Heptad represents the return to the Source through a 7-step process of transformation from the metaphysical to the physical and back again.  These seven steps are the 7 notes of the diatonic musical scale, the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum, and the 7 chakras of the spiritual energy system.  The 7-steps create the entire process.


The eighth step, represented by the expanding of the seed of life into the flower of life, represents the return of the octave, or the process repeated again, but on a higher octave or raised to a higher power.



The Egg of Life

“From the outward rotation of the Seed of Life comes the Egg of Life, a pattern that combines the harmonics of music with the electromagnetic spectrum and underlies all structures in biological life,” explains Freddy Silva.

The Egg of Life is a 3D genesis pattern shape.


It can symbolize the morphogenic structure that created the human body.

All life begins as a sphere – the female ovum surrounded by the zona pellucida.

Inside the ovum there is a pronucleus containing 22 + 1 chromosomes (for a human).

The ovum represents the sphere – the unmanifest reality with infinite potential that awaits the reaching. (Ideally, sperm delivered through Love.)

The sperm represents the direct line of action, of will – that which reaches.  (Light)

The symbolism of the sperm and egg not only represent the formation of a new life, it also represents the Will (the sperm) fertilizing the egg (Infinite Potential) in order to create a new direction in life.  Human beings go through this process every single day.


Millions of sperm are released during ejaculation (Seemingly unlimited possibilities).

They undergo the process of capacitation in the female uterus.

This step is a biochemical event.

The uterus secretes certain substances to help with two things:

  • destabilization of the sperm head membrane to allow it to penetrate the outer layer of the egg
  • chemical changes in the tail that allow greater mobility


Hundreds of sperm must saturate the ovum for conception to occur, though only 1 single sperm is allowed inside.

After binding to the corona radiata the sperm reaches the zona pellucida.

The sperm enters through the zona pellucida with the help of other sperm.

Some sperm cells consume their acrosome prematurely on the egg surface, facilitating the penetration by other sperm cells.  This shows an action of cooperation and sacrifice, rather than competition.

Recent studies have shown that the egg is not passive during this process.3,4

It is as if the egg, in some way, allows certain sperm to enter and denies access to others.

Symbolically this represents the action of being guided from within – by our intuition.  With all the seemingly endless possibilities in life we can know how to make the wisest choice for the greatest good if we learn to listen to and trust our inner perception or intuition.  This intuition comes from the metaphysical reality (symbolized by the Infinite sphere) and our Higher (or ‘Whole’) Selves.




After the sperm enters the cytoplasm of the oocyte, the tail breaks off and the sperm becomes a sphere – it becomes the male pronucleus and increases in size to the exact size as the female pronucleus.

The pronuclei interpentrate each other and form a 3D Vesica Piscis.

This mirrors the first motion of the genesis pattern and could not happen unless they were the exact same size.

The male and female pronuclei permeate one another to create a single sphere, the human zygote – the first cell of the human body (actually a sphere within a sphere).

One polar body in the cell migrates north and the other south – a tube then forms running through the center – half the chromosomes line one side of the tube, half on the other.

The first division occurs creating two cells (halving = doubling, the principle of the Octave).

Two cells form into four.

Connecting the centers of these 4 close-packed spheres forms a tetrahedron.

From 4 cells to the original 8 cells equals the Egg of Life.

Connecting the centers of the 8-celled egg of life creates a star tetrahedron or a cube.

From 8 cells to 16 cells, centers connect to form another star tetrahedron or cube.

At 32 cells they become an icosahedron/dodecahedron.

Eventually (at 512 cells) it forms into a torus called a morula (this looks like a cored apple with a hollow tube through the center).

The hollow space becomes the lungs; the north pole the mouth; the south pole the anus.


The first cell divides 8 times (binary sequence: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64…) until there are 512 cells, getting smaller and smaller.

At the octave point of 512 the average size of the human cell is reached and the tube torus is formed.



Symbolically this transformation through the Platonic solids as an embryo represents, on an adult level, the transformation through the chakras.  Each chakra is represented by a Platonic solid.  We must activate and balance each chakra.  This in turn activates and balances the geometric energy fields around our body.  This activation and balancing is done within the mind and heart.  It involves recognizing and balancing our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and so forth – the aspects of our consciousness.




Ratcheting refers to rotating a shape a certain distance (a certain number of degrees).

We just saw the creation of the Seed of Life.  This was done by ratcheting a circle around another circle at 60° intervals.


We will continue with this ratcheting process to form the Flower of Life.



Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is formed by ratcheting the Seed of Life and drawing a second outer layer of circles in a vortex motion.

This can be seen as a 2D representation of close-packed spheres.

The flower of life can go on forever but it is commonly stopped at 19 circles, enclosing it in the zona pellucida, the border around mammalian eggs in the womb.

By enclosing it within this border it represents Infinite Potential waiting for action.

The Flower of Life is a revered symbol found all over the world including:

Ireland, Israel, Bosnia, Turkey, Egypt, China, Greece, Germany, India, Iceland, England, Tibet, Japan, Sweden, Lapland, the Yucatan Peninsula and more.

Here it is found burned onto the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt.


The seed of life has been found on medieval structures as well.5

Composite image including a tiny selection of the many thousands of medieval compass drawn designs being discovered in English churches.  Credit:


The Forbidden City in China is guarded by the Fu Dogs.  They act as guardians like the Sphinx – guardians of knowledge.  Under the paw of the Fu dog is found the flower of life.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –


Both Egyptians and Christians believe creation begins by the ‘movement of spirit’.

The Flower of Life is purported to contain within its proportions every single aspect of life there is, thought we have no real way of proving this.   Some say “it contains every single mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony in music, every biological life form right down to your specific body.  It contains every atom, every dimensional level, absolutely everything that’s within waveform universes.”6


A waveform universe involves the following concepts:

  • Sine waves correspond to light and the vibration of sound.
  • Everything in reality is a sine or cosine wave.
  • The wavelengths, frequencies and patterns differentiate between different “things”.
  • Waveform – also called pattern, or sine-wave signature, or sound.
  • Geometry is embedded within every waveform – See Cymatics.


This means everything in the universe is created by Vibration – packets of waves with varying frequencies, wavelengths and harmonics.  These vibrations come from consciousness – the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness and every individualized consciousness.

Geometry is embedded within these frequencies.  This is illustrated through Cymatics.

The oscillation of these waves from the metaphysical to the physical creates interference patterns.  These interference patterns create standing waves of geometry.  Matter thus precipitates upon these standing waves of geometry to create, in 3D, all the matter and life that we know.

Other names of the Flower of Life include the “Language of Silence”, “Flower of Amenti”, “Infinite Grid of Creation” and “Language of Light”.


Leonardo DaVinci knew of and drew the Flower of Life in his notebooks (pictured below).

Da Vinci used the flower of life geometry to calculate angles, proportions, ratios and geometries – many of which he used in his inventions.


This pattern represents the primal language of the universe, pure shape and proportion.

It also represents the cycle of a fruit tree in five steps: tree to flower to fruit to seed and back to tree and all the associated symbolism of this cycle having to do with human consciousness and spiritual evolution and bringing forth the ‘fruits of our labors’ that we discuss throughout Cosmic Core.


“To fully appreciate the importance the Egyptians attached to sacred geometry,” writes Freddy Silva, “consider that for them it was a prerequisite for generating mathematics, from which they derived the laws of physics, even the morphogenetic structure behind the physical world.

These emblematic figures conceal the secret formulae for spiritual, mental, moral, and physical regeneration commonly known as the Mystic Chemistry of the Soul.

The Egyptian Mystery School’s main emphasis was on an all-encompassing geometric symbol called the Flower of Life, described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (pronounced The-ho-the) as the infinite grid of creation.  The Flower of Life (aka Flower of Amenti) is constructed from a circle divided into numerous repetitions of the Vesica Piscis.  The process repeats sevenfold and rotates outward to create a ‘cell’; with every eighth division, a new outward expression begins and the process repeats ad infinitum, creating a matrix.

As each of its ‘cells’ contains the pattern of the whole matrix, the Flower also works like a hologram, and as such it is analogous to the Universe: Its branching pattern are said to describe the geometry of light interacting as genetic material within the cells of the human body, the arrangement of the genetic code within the DNA, even the branches within the essential amino acids.

The Flower’s outward rotation is performed by the vortex action of the doughnut-shaped tube torus, a shape fundamental to the generation and regeneration of matter, showing how energy flows into and out of itself – a similar principle to the magnetic field that exists around the Earth and every human being.”


The Extended Flower of Life

To see the full Flower of Life remove the zona pellucida and complete the circles.

This shows the fully blossomed Flower of Life.

The Infinite Potential has been potentiated.  Action, growth and evolution begins.



The Fruit of Life

Using the innermost points of the perimeter of the completed flower of life a 3rd level of outer circles are drawn.

This vortex motion creates the Fruit of Life – 13 circles, or 12-around-1.

It is the fruit, the result, from which the fabric of reality was created.

“The ‘Fruit of Life’ is the sum and application of this knowledge as it manifests in physical form, and as such, carries within it thirteen systems of information governing the geometric aspects underlying our reality.”

Credit: Freddy Silva – Secrets in the Fields: The Science & Mysticism of Crop Circles


The pattern of the vertices of the fruit of life represent two interlocking tetractys.  Recall the tetractys is the Pythagorean representation of the Divine All symbolized by ten dots arranged in a triangle.  Here we see two tetractys interlocking.

“O Holy, Holy Tetractys, Thou that containest the Root and Source of the Eternally Flowing Creation.” – Pythagorean Tetractys, 6th Century BC


It is also the same pattern as the 13 stars of glory on the dollar bill.  Each of the 13 stars represents one of the 13 circles in the Fruit of Life.


“Curved geometry was considered the ‘higher’, or of the heavenly order, whereas straight-line geometry was considered representative of this world.  The curve represented the transcendent, the straight the rational, the calculable.”7


Metatron’s Cube is the straight-line version of the Fruit of Life.



Metatron’s Cube

By connecting the centers with straight lines we can create what is commonly called Metatron’s Cube.  It expresses one of the basic creation patterns in existence.

Metatron’s cube is really 3D (see page 197 in Drunvalo Melchizadek’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life) – It forms a type of tri-directional cross constructed with 13 spheres.

Viewing it from its square perspective you find a cube within a cube.

If you drop the outer cube it shows the original 8 cells – the Egg of Life.


When you draw a circle and a square around the 8 cells so they perfectly fit, the circle represents the proportion of the zona pellucida.

The zona pellucida has a thickness:

The outer circle must have a radius exactly:

8 – π(1 + √2)


times larger than the inner circle. That is, approximately 0.132 times larger.8



The Cosmic (Platonic) Solids

As discussed many times throughout Cosmic Core, the five Platonic solids (and the sphere) are the most harmonic shapes in the universe.

They are the only five perfect three-dimensional forms (aside from the sphere).

They have more symmetry than any other shapes.

They are also called ‘regular polyhedra’.


They are the:

  • Tetrahedron –   Fire
  • Cube –                 Earth
  • Octahedron –     Air
  • Icosahedron –    Water
  • Dodecahedron – Aether/Spirit/Consciousness



They are the foundation of everything in the physical world from the photon, subatomic particle interactions, atoms, molecules, molecular lattices, minerals, crystals, DNA, water, ice, plants and plant anatomy, insects, viruses, bacteria, sea creatures great & small, animals, humans, planets, suns, galaxies and galactic clusters.  The evidence for this is presented throughout the article series in Cosmic core.


These five solids are formed out of Metatron’s Cube.


In these regular polyhedra:

  • All faces are the same size and shape.
  • All edges the same length.
  • There is only 1 angle throughout the entire shape.
  • All points touch the circumference of an appropriately sized sphere.


The Tetrahedron & Star Tetrahedron


The Octahedron


The Cube


The Icosahedron


The Dodecahedron

In Metatron’s Cube the points of the dodecahedron are ‘hidden’.

They are found not by connecting centers, but by connecting intersections.

The Platonic Solids show up nested within Metatron’s Cube.  There is a small one within a large one.  This is illustrated in the image below with all solids except the dodecahedron & icosahedron – although these are nested as well.   The Platonic solids are fractal, recursive holographic geometry.  Each sphere has a central oscillator inside it.  This oscillator represents the toroidal flow at the center of all things.



Plato’s Element Volume Shape of Face Faces Edges Corners Sum of Angles Dual
“Heaven” or Aether Dodecahedron pentagon 12 30 20 6480 Icosahedron
Fire Tetrahedron triangle 4 6 4 720 Tetrahedron
Air Octahedron triangle 8 12 6 1440 Cube
Water Icosahedron triangle 20 30 12 3600 Dodecahedron
Earth Cube square 6 12 8 2160 Octahedron


Platonic solids are the core of how the universe is built from a living fluid-like waveform universe.

Furthermore, due to polarity, when one of these shapes show up, a counter-rotating one shows up with it.

This can only be seen with the tetrahedron.  A star tetrahedron emerges with one tetrahedron pointing upwards and one downwards.

The others aren’t noticeable since they are shaped the same whether pointing upwards or downwards.



Platonic Solid Duals

Each solid has its own dual.

They have the property of Inversion.  To find the dual, define the center point of each face and connect these points in 3D space.


The Cube is dual to the Octahedron.


The Dodecahedron is dual to the Icosahedron.


The Tetrahedron is dual with itself.

This is the Star tetrahedron; Stellated Octahedron; Merkaba; 3D Star of David.



Nested Platonic Solids

Platonic solids are fractal in nature.

All the geometries perfectly nest into one another in many ways.  We discuss this in detail in the articles on the Platonic solids.

This nesting ability creates an infinite fractal progression of the solids and the ability to transform from one into the other seamlessly.



Platonic Solids as Spheres

The Platonic Solids faces can fractalize out in infinite iterations until they create perfect spheres.

Seen above the tetrahedron fractilizes to form the star tetrahedron, then the Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM), then a more complex version of the IVM.  If this process were to continue it would eventually form a perfect sphere.  Each of the Platonic solids can do this in their own way.


Each Platonic Solid can also be illustrated as close-packed spheres:

Tetrahedron – 4 spheres

Octahedron – 6 spheres (1 is hidden behind the central sphere here)


Cube – 14 spheres (This also forms the star tetrahedron)

Note: The image below is NOT close-packing of spheres.  Close-packing spheres means that each sphere fits within the spaces left by the other spheres.  These spheres are stacked, not close-packed.  They do however form a cube.


Icosahedron – 12 or 32 spheres (12 pictured here)


Dodecahedron – 32 spheres (This forms both the icosahedron & dodecahedron)


Cuboctahedron (Archimedean solid) – 13 spheres (12-around-1)



Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM) – 64 Tetrahedral Grid

The straight-line version of the Flower of Life is the Isotropic Vector Matrix.


The cuboctahedron (Vector Equilibrium or VE) is in the center of the IVM.  This is seen in red in the center of the image below.

You can extend the VE outwards (due to equal vectors and equal 60 degree angles) from the center to form the Isotropic Vector Matrix.

Isotropic – all the same

Vector – line of energy

Matrix – pattern of lines of energy


It consists of an arrangement of alternating tetrahedra and octahedra geometries.

Recall how octahedra and tetrahedra can tessellate.


A 3D Flower of life defines the 64 tetrahedral grid, the Isotropic Vector Matrix when spheres are placed around each tetrahedron.

There are:

  • 32 positive tetrahedrons (upward pointing)
  • 32 negative tetrahedrons (downward pointing)


The IVM is a true 3D fractal structure that grew in perfect octaves.

The octave structure is a part of the geometric laws that govern the universe – growth occurs in octaves.  This is seen in light, sound, color, the periodic table of elements, cellular replication, spiritual evolution through the chakras…among other things.


It could be built from 8 star tetrahedrons to produce the 64 tetrahedron grid.

The 8 star tetrahedrons would have points radiating outwards.

These represent the radiating and expanding qualities present in the Aether and Universe.

Put together they create 8 vector equilibriums with the points pointing inward.

These represent the absorbing and contracting qualities of the Aether and Universe.

The IVM shape thus reflects balanced polarity (upward and downward pointing tetrahedrons) or the radiating and contracting properties of existence (electromagnetic radiation & gravity).

It defines the most balanced array of energy structures (tetrahedra) where the positive and negative polarities are equal and without gaps in the symmetry.

The outer surface is composed of 144 triangles.

There are 180 degrees in each triangle.

180 x 144 = 25920 = the amount of years in the Precession of the Equinoxes


“Beyond the VE’s primary zero-phase symmetry, the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, as it is known, represents the first conceptual fractal of structural wholeness in balanced integrity. It is noteworthy that the quantity of 64 is found in numerous systems in the cosmos, including the 64 codons in our DNA, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes), the 64 tantric arts of the Kama Sutra, as well as in the Mayan Calendar’s underlying structure.”9



The Isotropic Vector Matrix and the Sri Yantra

If you look at a 3D IVM from the North Pole downwards you will see the 9 interlocking triangles of the Sri Yantra.

The 3D version of the IVM.  Looking down from the top point (North pole) to the South pole produces the Sri Yantra pictured below.  In Hinduism the Sri Yantra is the ‘Mother of all Yantras.”



This illustrates a perfect blend of ancient spirituality and modern science.



The Torus

“A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field.  Energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, out the other vortex, and then wraps around itself to return to the first incoming vortex.

The torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems at all scales.

It is the primary component that enables a seamless fractal embedding of energy flow from micro-atomic to macro-galactic wherein each individual entity has its unique identity while also being connected with all else.

In this way we can see that there is a seamlessly dynamic exchange of energy and information (aka consciousness) occurring throughout the entire cosmic experience.

Even the most fundamental energy event – a photon of light – can be seen as a toroidal fluctuation emanating from the underlying Unified Field [Aether].”10

The Genesis pattern delineates the Three-dimensional form of a Torus.

Rotating a circle around a line tangent to it creates a torus.

This is similar to a donut shape with an infinitesimal center that exactly touches all the rotated circles.

The cross section of a toroidal flow process.  A simple version is the seed of life itself.  More and more circles can be added to produce a more complex 2D torus.

Credit: Marshall Lefferts –


The Torus represents a Process, not just a particular Form.

The Universe = Processes.

Every dynamic manifestation (photon, electron, atom, flower, person, hurricane, planet, galaxy…etc.) is an energy event, an energy process.

This shows how a feedback structure is formed: in Aether units, atoms, cells, plant/animal/human energy fields, the sun’s magnetic field and galaxies.

The middle of the torus is the access point back to the metaphysical reality.


Consciousness demands Feedback.

Remember, all in the universe is consciousness.

We are constantly disappearing and reappearing at the speed of light.

The structure of the torus allows feedback from what’s coming from the outside to go inside, then coming back to the outside again…

When our consciousness fluctuates into the invisible realm we pick up information there as we simultaneously inform it with our thoughts, feelings, expectations and beliefs.

This information is shared by all other consciousness when they in turn fluctuate into the invisible realm.

It is an exchange and sharing of internal understanding and perspectives of everyone and everything.

When we fluctuate back to the physical reality we react and observe – creating new experiences, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

When we fluctuate back to the metaphysical reality we share those new experiences, thoughts, emotions, beliefs that help to form the physical reality while also picking up information from all other consciousnesses – the info they have deposited there.

In turn, physical reality is constantly created and adjusted by the new input.

We input, input creates reality, we learn from reality, we input new understanding, new input creates an altered reality, we learn from the altered reality…and so on.


While we are in the metaphysical reality what are we saying? How are we informing it when we are present there?  What is your general state of mind?  What are your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations?

This consciousness feedback occurs on an individual level and on a mass level.

We are co-creating our reality with everybody and everything at all times.

We are in a relationship with the universe at all times and exchanging information on all scales.

Hal Puthoff “showed the fluctuations of the zero point field [Aether] waves drive the motion of subatomic particles and that all the motion of all the particles of the universe in turn generates the ZPF, a sort of self-generating feedback loop across the cosmos.



The 64 Tetrahedral Grid & Spiritual Traditions


Yin/Yang symbol

The yin/yang symbol is similar to the double torus viewed from above.

It represents a system of 64 – or an octave of octaves.  Encoded within its shape is the proportion of 1/64.




There are 64 symbols.  Each symbol made of 6 sticks (6 broken or 6 full).

The 6 broken and 6 unbroken sticks can be put together to form the star tetrahedron and the whole 64 tetrahedral grid.

Watch here as the first 2 hexagrams break down and build back up to create a star tetrahedron.



Chess – “The Royal Game of Life”

The game of chess utilizes 64 alternating black and red (or black and white) squares.  See Article 20 for associated information.



Hebrew Tradition

The Hebrew god is a tetrahedron sitting on a throne – not an old man with a beard.


God = Tetragrammaton – a triangle with the letters of god.

Tetra = Four

Grammaton = grams, gravity or the weight of an object.


Hence, the Tetragrammaton can symbolize the tetrahedral structure of the universe; the tetrahedral shape of the photon the building block of all matter and life; and the balancing of different polarities of tetrahedral geometry that leads to creation of all life and matter.

Two rotating IVM creates a double torus flow field.  This flow field is the action of the Aether flowing inwards (gravity) and then back out (electromagnetism).  This means that gravity is the inward force that works in tandem with the outward force.  Gravity flows inward.  Electromagnetism flows outward in the form of photons.  Photons form all matter.

Grammaton in this sense means ‘gravity’.  Gravity is the inward coalescing of all matter – the force that pulls everything back to the center of itself.

Therefore, Tetragrammaton can refer to the tetrahedral geometry that creates the toroidal flow force that we bring to equilibrium by using our consciousness, which in turn opens the gateway to the metaphysical reality and allows us to access our center or Source.  This Source can be called God, Allah, Cosmic Consciousness, our Infinite Natures, Tetragrammaton, or whatever word feels appropriate to you.

This inward flow is gravity.  And remember, metaphysical gravity is Love.


On a side note, the Tetragrammaton resembles the Pythagorean tetraktys.  From the tetraktys comes the Tree of Life.



Kabbalistic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life comes out of the seed of life and flower of life pattern.

“The Flower of Life is the culmination of a number of outward rotations, and each rotation is a form in itself,” explains Freddy Silva.  “The first is the Seed of Life, and within it lies a series of circles connected with pathways, known to disciples of the Qabbalah as the Tree of Life.  Hundreds of books have been devoted to explaining this symbol, for in its understanding lies the point of spiritual balance for a human being.  The Tree’s ten circles each contained one of the first ten numbers (plus their twenty-two connecting branches are said to constitute the keys to all knowledge, the paths to wisdom.”

It is commonly connected to the Hebrews though it originated much earlier.

It is found on two sets of 3 pillars in Karnak and Luxor in Egypt.


The Kabbalistic tree is the tree of knowledge – the fundamental principle of creation.  See Article 6.

The bottom part is a tetrahedron (the bottom four circles).

The top is an octahedron (the top three circles with the center circle).

If the bottom is slid into the top it creates the star tetrahedron.

There are four trees mirrored – resulting in 8, all attached at the root.  This creates the 64 tetrahedral grid.

The tree can spin on top of the IVM and fits perfectly.

The root of the tree becomes the singularity.  This was discovered by physicist Nassim Haramein.

These concepts are worth contemplating for yourself.



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