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Remaining on the topic of healing, we will move further into aspects of healing that involve understanding catalysts in our lives and in the next article, learning to balance our bodies, minds and spirits so that we may rise to our highest potential for the greatest good.



Plato’s Conception of Balancing

Robin Waterfield writes, “Timaeus develops an analogy between the nature of the world-soul and the nature of our own soul.

When our souls are bound into our bodies, the revolutions of our minds are disrupted by the sudden influx of sensations.  Because of this, our judgments of sameness, being, and difference in the objects we encounter is flawed.

Our goal should be to correct our mental revolutions and try to bring them as far as possible to resemble those of the world-soul.

While we should not neglect the health of the body, it is the health of our minds that is really important.  Our goal should be to become as much like god as possible, in having perfect mental revolutions.”

“Attunement is an ally, provided by the Muses for the soul in its fight to restore itself to order and harmony.”  Timaeus 47d


Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti said, “Beauty is the harmony and concord of all parts, achieved in such a manner that nothing could be added or taken away or altered except for the worse.”

To this adds Gyorgy Doczi, “That there also exist disorder and disease is testimony to nature’s tolerance of diversity and freedom, which at times can be very generous.  Alberti’s statement holds true for the art of living as well as for other arts: too much added can harm as surely as too much taken away.  Too much leisure and luxury can destroy our native beauty as much as too little of life’s necessities.  Harmony and grace are born from the marriage of plenty and poverty as Plato told us in his Symposium.”


Catalyst & Balancing:  Catalyst

“Were there no potentials for misunderstanding and, therefore, understanding, there would be no experience.”1


Catalyst creates a potential for learning.

The amount of catalyst we encounter in our lives equals the number of lessons we are able to learn from in one incarnation.


“Almost always these lessons include patience, tolerance, and the ability for the light touch.

An entity which has become conscious of the incarnative process is able to program its own experiences and may choose the number and the intensity of lessons to be learned in one incarnation.

This does not mean that all is predestined, but rather that there are invisible guidelines shaping events which will function according to this programming.

If one opportunity is missed another will appear until the student of the life experience grasps that a lesson is being offered and undertakes to learn it.

The purpose of incarnative existence is evolution of mind, body, and spirit.

In order to do this it is not strictly necessary to have catalyst. However, without catalyst the desire to evolve and the faith in the process do not normally manifest and thus evolution occurs not.”2



Catalytic Experience

“The primary mechanism for catalytic experience is other people (other selves).

Any interaction betwixt self and other-self has whatever potential for catalyst that there exists in the potential difference between self and other-self, this moderated and undergirded by the constant fact of the Creator as self and as other-self.

Another mechanism for catalytic experience is from the Creator’s universe (Nature in all its myriad manifestations).

And another mechanism is the Self (your own body, mind, spirit).

And still another mechanism is the Un-manifested Self.  This is the self which does not need an other-self in order to manifest or act, such as physical pain.

This can also involve the self in relation to society as a whole; or the interaction between self and the gadgets, toys, and amusements; or the self-relationship with war and rumors of war.”3


All of these experiences, in their infinite variety, can create catalyst, or opportunities to learn lessons that can help evolve the mind, body and spirit.

We will explore some of these in deeper detail now.



Catalyst of Pain

The experience of pain is a very common type of catalyst.

Pain can be of the physical, mental, emotional, and in some cases, spiritual.

Common catalyst for emotional pain – death of loved ones, or other intense loss – often results in bitterness, impatience and souring.

In this case, the catalyst has gone awry – there will then be additional catalyst provided to offer the unmanifested self further opportunities for discovering the self as all-sufficient Creator containing all that there is and full of joy.

It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has as catalyst, trauma.”4

[Sadly this means that many are unable to learn, or even refuse to learn, unless trauma is involved.  This is learning the hard way.]


Plato writes about pain that pain occurs “when unnatural change is involved, pleasure when its normal state is restored.”  Timaeus 64e

Weeping, to Plato, is “a flood of fire and water.”

Here, of course, we see how important balance is in avoiding unnecessary pain.



Catalyst of Interaction with Technological Gadgets

“In a negative sense many of the gadgets among your peoples – your communication devices [smartphones, computers] and other distractions such as the less competitive games (video games) – may be seen to have the distortion of keeping the mind/body/spirit complex unactivated so that yellow- and orange-ray activity is much weakened thus carefully decreasing the possibility of eventual green-ray activation.

Others of your gadgets may be seen to be tools whereby the entity explores the capabilities of its physical or mental complexes and in some few cases, the spiritual complex, thus activating the orange ray in what you call your team sports and in other gadgets such as your modes of transport.   These may be seen to be ways of investigating the feelings of power; more especially, power over others (video games) or a group power over another group of other-selves [team sports].

The sum effect of the television is that of distraction and sleep.”5



Catalyst of War and Rumors of War

“War and self-relationship is a fundamental perception of the maturing entity.

One may polarize negatively by assuming bellicose attitudes towards others during war.

One may find oneself in war and polarize somewhat towards the positive, activating orange, yellow, and then green, by heroic actions taken to preserve the lives of others.

One may polarize very strongly positive green-ray by expressing the principle of universal love at the total expense of any distortion towards involvement in bellicose actions (i.e. refusing to take part in the war or any war-like activities).

In this way an entity may become a conscious being in a very brief span of time/space.”6


This is important.  What it is saying is that taking part in the violence of war will hamper spiritual evolution and bring negativity into your life.

Taking part in a war and saving the lives of others can help you spiritually evolve in a slight way.

Refusing to take any part in a war will help you spiritually evolve in the greatest and quickest way.  In this action you recognize that all are connected and violence to any is violence to all, and creating violence upon others creates violence upon yourself.



Control & Acceptance

“Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst.

Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst.

Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating disease, illness, or injury.

If a catalyst is not used by the mind complex, it will then enter the body and manifest as some form of physical distortion or sickness.

The more efficient the use of catalyst, the less physical sickness or distortion there will be.

As in all distortions, the source is the limit of the viewpoint.

All catalyst is designed to offer experience.

This experience in your density may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled. These are the two paths.

When neither path is chosen the catalyst fails in its design and the entity proceeds until catalyst strikes it which causes it to form a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control.”7



Spiritual Development & Catalyst

“The less developed entity will perceive the catalyst in terms of survival of the physical complex.

The more developed entity, being conscious of the catalytic process, will begin to transform the catalyst into catalyst which may act upon the higher energy centers.

As an entity continues to advance, it will finally reach a point where it will choose all catalyst on its own – all catalyst will be chosen, generated and manufactured by the self, for the self.”8


To end this article we quote Mark Booth, “By meditating on images which inspire a loving feeling repeatedly and over long periods – it takes twenty-one days for any exercise to make a material change in human physiology – the candidate brings about a process of change which sinks down into the obstinate Will.

If we succeed in making our selfish, sexual desires into living, spiritual desires, then the bird of resurrection, the Phoenix, rises.  If our heart is overtaken by these transformed energies then it becomes a center of power…

Love fascinated the alchemists of the golden age.  They knew that the heart is an organ of perception.  When we look at someone we love, we see things other people cannot see, and the initiate who has undergone alchemical transformation has made a conscious, willed decision to see the whole world in this way.

So if we persist with our own alchemical spiritual exercises, if we succeed in purifying the fragmentary material barrier between ourselves and the spirit worlds, as the French mystic St. Martin urges, then our own powers of perception will improve.  In the first instance, the spirit worlds will begin to shine through in our dreams, less chaotically than they routinely do and more meaningfully.  The promptings of the spirits, first in the form of hunches or intuition, will also begin to invade our waking life.  We will begin to detect the flow and operation of the deeper laws beneath the everyday surface of things.”9


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