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In this article we will now finish our discussion of cosmic evolution through the densities by describing 4th through 8th density.  Once again, this information is sourced from The Law of One unless otherwise noted.


Fourth Density – Green Ray

Fourth density is the cycle of love or understanding.

There will be a greater spiritual gravity thus causing a denser illusion.

It is this influence which has begun to cause thoughts to become things.

The fourth density is, by choice, not visible to third density. It is possible for fourth density to be visible. However, it is not the choice of the fourth-density entity to be visible due to the necessity for concentration upon a rather difficult vibrational complex which is the third density you experience.



Descriptions of Conditions in Fourth-Density Positive

There are not words for positively describing fourth density – only approximations of what is and what is not.

The fourth density is one of revealed information.

Selves are not hidden to self or other-selves.

The imbalances or distortions which are of a destructive nature show in more obvious ways, the vehicle of the mind/body/spirit complex thus acting as a teaching resource for self-revelation. These illnesses such as cancer are correspondingly very amenable to self-healing once the mechanism of the destructive influence has been grasped by the individual.

Fourth density is not of words, unless chosen.  Telepathy predominates.

It is not of heavy chemical bodies – it does not use the same chemical elements as third-density, but the appearance is similar.

It is not of disharmony within self.  It is not of disharmony within peoples.  It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

It is a plane of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life.

It is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves.

It is a plane wherein one is aware of vibrations of other-selves.

It is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density.

It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light.

It is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.


It is necessary to eat food – the fourth density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communion between entity and living foodstuff; ingestion of food is not considered important by fourth-density entities, thus it aids in the teach/learning of patience.  To stop the functioning of service to others long enough to ingest foodstuffs is to invoke patience.

The use of physical pain is minimal, having only to do with the end of the fourth-density incarnation. This physical pain would not be considered severe enough to treat, shall we say, in third density. You would call this variety of pain weariness.

The catalysts of mental and spiritual pain are used in fourth density.

The space/time incarnation or lifetime typical of harmonious fourth density is approximately 90,000 of your years.

There are multiple incarnations in fourth density with time/space experiences between incarnations.

The cycle of experience in fourth density is approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being harvested sooner.


In the true-color green density, the hands of all are open to the eye. The thoughts, the feelings, the troubles, all these may be seen. There is no deception and no desire for deception. Thus much may be accomplished in harmony but the mind/body/spirit gains little polarity from this interaction.

In green ray thoughts are beings. In your illusion this is normally not so.

Due to the ability of these densities to see the harmonies between individuals, these entities choose those mates which are harmonious, thus allowing constant transfer of energy and the propagation of the body complexes which each density uses.



Descriptions of Conditions in Fourth-Density Negative

The graduation into fourth-density negative is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow rays of energy. Therefore, the planetary conditions of fourth-density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form the dominant patterns of combined energy.

The early fourth density negative is one of the most intensive struggle. When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. Always the fourth-density effects of telepathy and the transparency of thought are attempted to be used for the sake of those at the apex of the power structure.

This, as you may see, is often quite damaging to the further polarization of fourth-density negative entities, for the further negative polarization can only come about through group effort.

In fourth-density negative much work is accomplished during the fighting for position which precedes the period of the social memory complex. There are opportunities to polarize negatively by control of other-selves.

During the social memory complex period of fourth-density negative the situation is the same. The work takes place through the societal reaching out to less polarized other-self in order to aid in negative polarization.



Transition from Fourth to Fifth Density

There is in this density a harvest which is completely the function of the readiness of the social memory complex.

The work that is accomplished in positive fourth is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having, through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid. Thus their service is their work and through this dynamic between the societal self and the other-self which is the object of love, greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained.

This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is fourth-density harvest.

The big difference in harvestability between third and fourth density is that at the end of the third density the individual is harvested as a function of individual violet ray, but in fourth density, is it the equivalent of violet-ray then for the entire social memory complex that must be of a harvestable nature to go to fifth density.

The percentage of service to others of positively oriented entities will harmoniously approach 98% in intention. The qualifications for fifth density, however, involve understanding. This then, becomes the primary qualification for graduation from fourth to fifth density.

To achieve this graduation the entity must be able to understand the actions, the movements, and the dance. There is no percentage describable which measures this understanding. It is a measure of efficiency of perception. It may be measured by light. The ability to love, accept, and use a certain intensity of light thus creates the requirement for both positive and negative fourth to fifth harvesting.



Fifth Density – Blue Ray

Fifth density is the cycle of light or wisdom.

This density is where love is imbued with wisdom.

This wisdom enables the entity to appreciate its contributions to the planetary consciousness by the quality of its being without regard to activity or behavior which expects results upon visible planes.

In fifth density it is necessary to ingest foodstuffs.  However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought.  You would call this type of food nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue.

In fifth density fueling the body complex is comfort, for those of like mind gather together to share in this broth, thus becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. Thus in this density it becomes a solace rather than a catalyst for learning.

In fifth density light is as visible a tool as your pencil’s writing.

In positive, the fifth-density complex uses sixth-density teach/learners to study the more illuminated understandings of unity thus becoming wiser and wiser.

Fifth-density positive social memory complexes often will choose to divide their service to others in two ways: first, the beaming of light to creation; second, the sending of groups to be of aid as instruments of light such as those whom you’re familiar with through channels.

As positive fifth density moves into sixth there are virtually no entities which any longer use outer technology for travel or communication.


Fifth Density Negative:  In fifth-density negative, service to self has become extremely intense and the self has shrunk or compacted so that the dialogues with the teachers/learners are used exclusively in order to intensify wisdom.

There are very, very few fifth-density negative Wanderers for they fear the forgetting. There are very, very few fifth-density Orion members for they do not any longer perceive any virtue in other-selves.



Transition from Fifth to Sixth Density

In fifth density entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or as mind/body/spirit complex and may graduate to sixth density under these conditions, for the wisdom density is an extremely free density whereas the lessons of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other-selves.

The fifth density harvest is of those whose vibratory distortions consciously accept the honor/duty of the Law of One.  This responsibility/honor is the foundation of this vibration.

Each responsibility is an honor; each honor, a responsibility.



Sixth Density – Indigo Ray

Sixth density is the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity.

This density is one of blending compassion with wisdom.

There is also an ingestion of foodstuffs.  However, the nature of this food is that of light and is impossible to describe to you in any meaningful way.

Sixth-density harvest is strictly of a social memory complex because again we have compassion blended back using wisdom.

The basic purpose of a social memory complex is that of evolution.

When a group of mind/body/spirits become able to form a social memory complex, all experience of each entity is available to the whole of the complex. Thus the Creator knows more of Its creation in each entity partaking of this communion of entities.

Sixth Density Negative:  Negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes have a difficulty which to our knowledge has never been overcome, for after fifth-density graduation wisdom is available but must be matched with an equal amount of love. This love/light is very, very difficult to achieve in unity when following the negative path and during the earlier part of the sixth density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth-density positive.

The sixth-density negative entity is extremely wise. It observes the spiritual entropy occurring due to the lack of ability to express the unity of sixth density. Thus, loving the Creator and realizing at some point that the Creator is not only self but other-self as self, this entity consciously chooses an instantaneous energy reorientation so that it may continue its evolution.



Wanderers (Star-seeds)

When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid.

These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move toward this calling of sorrow.

These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

Few are of fourth density.

The largest number are of sixth density.

The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment.

The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom of which it had incarnated to avert the destruction.

Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe.

The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies.

The Wanderer is less distorted toward the deviousness of third density positive/negative confusions. Thus, it often does not recognize as easily as a more negative individual the negative nature of thoughts or beings.

If the Wanderer entity demonstrated through action a negative orientation towards other-selves it would be caught into the planetary vibration and, when harvested, possibly repeat again the master cycle of third density as a planetary entity.

The Wanderer has the potential of greatly accelerating the density whence it comes in its progress in evolution. This is due to the intensive life experiences and opportunities of the third density.

Thusly the positively oriented Wanderer chooses to hazard the danger of the forgetting in order to be of service to others by radiating love of others. If the forgetting is penetrated the amount of catalyst in third density will polarize the Wanderer with much greater efficiency than shall be expected in the higher and more harmonious densities.


The overriding reason for the offering of these Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow in incarnative states is the possibility of aiding other-selves by the lightening of the planetary consciousness distortions and the probability of offering catalyst to other-selves which will increase the harvest.

Another reason: the Wanderer, if it remembers and dedicates itself to service, will polarize much more rapidly than is possible in the far more etiolated [less vigorous] realms of higher-density catalyst.

Final reason: within the mind/body/spirit totality or the social memory complex totality which may judge that an entity or members of a societal entity can make use of third-density catalyst to recapitulate a learning/teaching which is adjudged to be less than perfectly balanced. This especially applies to those entering into and proceeding through sixth density wherein the balance between compassion and wisdom is perfected.


You may, at this time, note that as with any entities, each Wanderer has its unique abilities, biases, and specialties so that from each portion of each density represented among the Wanderers comes an array of pre-incarnative talents.

Thus there are those of fifth density whose abilities to express wisdom are great.

There are fourth- and sixth-density Wanderers whose ability to serve as, shall we say, passive radiators or broadcasters of love and love/light are immense.

There are many others whose talents brought into this density are quite varied.



Why must the Wanderer lose their memory?

The reason is twofold:

First, the genetic properties of the connection between the mind/body/spirit complex and the cellular structure of the body is different for third density than for third/fourth density.


Secondly, the free will of third-density entities needs be preserved.

Thus Wanderers volunteer for third-density genetic or DNA connections to the mind/body/spirit complex.

The forgetting process can be penetrated to the extent of the Wanderer remembering what it is and why it is upon the planetary sphere.

However, it would be an infringement in the extreme if Wanderers penetrated the forgetting so far as to activate the more dense bodies and thus be able to live in a god-like manner. This would not be proper for those who have chosen to serve.



Seventh Density – Violet Ray

Seventh density is the gateway cycle.

The seventh density is a density of completion and the turning towards timelessness or foreverness.

The seventh-density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates mass and compacts into the One Creator once again.

At the seventh level we shall become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.

It is our understanding that it would not be our awareness, but simply awareness of the Creator.  In the Creator is all that there is.  Therefore, this knowledge would be available.



Eighth Density

The Eighth density is also the First Density of the next octave.

This density is where the octave moves into a mystery we do not plumb.

This octave density is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again.

Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself.

In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of the octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion.


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