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This article we begin a three-part series on cycles of reincarnation related to the evolution of consciousness.  We have discussed this is Cosmic Core in various ways, but we will now go into these cycles in much greater detail.  These cycles of reincarnation involve the idea that we are spiritually evolving along octaves of spirals, and spirals within spirals.  The fact that we reincarnate does not mean we are endlessly stuck in a wheel of physical life after physical life where we continually face pain, suffering, bigotry, corruption, and what have you, in this physical world.


The idea here reflects the belief that there are cycles of reincarnation that we move along as our consciousness evolves and these cycles are arranged in octaves.  These various levels are termed ‘densities’ here in Cosmic Core.  This terminology derives from The Law of One.  Each ‘density’ has a fundamentally different quantum structure.  This was discussed in detail in previous articles such as Articles 94, 104 and 105.


Physically speaking, the quantum density is based on the number of electrons that fit into a single Aether cube, according to work of Dr. Harold Aspden.  As the number of electrons increase in one cube this means there is a greater energy density.

The shift through these densities relate to the Precession of the Equinoxes and to the crossing of space domain boundaries as discussed by Dr. Aspden.


Metaphysically speaking, the quantum density is based upon the base-rate frequency of existence.  As the frequency increases the density will increase.  Remember everything at it most fundamental level is a wave structure of vibration (wavelength, amplitude, frequency, harmonics).


Freddy Silva tells us, “Based upon the octave, the eightfold spiritual path is undertaken by a soul to achieve its highest level of Self.  Every soul reincarnates to experience a specific path in life in accordance with its evolutionary need…subsequently, it chooses to experience being blind, bullied, poor, wealthy, faithful, charitable, and so on, but always in accordance with a specific path.  Should the soul not achieve its purpose in one lifetime, it may repeat the process.”


These densities also reflect the “Seven Heavens” that show up in various religious systems.

We have discussed the science behind this in previous articles.  After this three-part series we will bring the science together for two review articles that explain the science behind these densities.

Remember, these ‘densities’ relate to levels of evolving consciousness or the “Rainbow Bridge”.


In brief they are described as follows:

  1. First Density – Red – cycle of awareness; water, fire, air, earth; mineral consciousness
  2. Second Density – Orange – cycle of growth & movement; plant & animal consciousness
  3. Third Density – Yellow – cycle of self-awareness; human consciousness
  4. Fourth Density – Green – cycle of love or understanding; higher level of human consciousness (planetary consciousness)
  5. Fifth Density – Blue – cycle of wisdom or light; co-creation; even higher level of human consciousness (galactic consciousness)
  6. Sixth Density – Indigo – cycle of love/light light/love; or blending compassion with wisdom; unity; even higher level of human consciousness (galactic cluster consciousness)
  7. Seventh Density – Violet – the gateway cycle; turning towards timelessness; (Cosmic Consciousness of the entire Universe)
  8. Eighth Density – The first density of the next octave


Mark Booth writes in The Secret History of the World, “In our individual lives – and collectively – we go round and round in the circles traced out for us by the planets and stars.

But if we can become conscious of these circles, if we can become conscious of the activity of the stars and planets in our lives in a most intimate way, then we are in a sense no longer trapped by them.  We are no longer trapped by them, we rise above them, we are moving now not in a circle but in an upward spiral.



Cycles of Reincarnation – Octaves of Densities

“Throughout your reincarnational existences you expand your consciousness, your ideas, your perceptions, your values.  You break away from self-adopted restrictions, and you grow spiritually as you learn to step aside from limiting conceptions and dogmas until the cycle is complete.

At the end of the cycle, the whole self is far more developed than it was before.  It has realized and experienced itself in a dimension of reality unknown to it earlier, and in doing so, it has increased its being.

Your rate of learning depends entirely upon you.  Limited, dogmatic, or rigid concepts of good and evil can hold you back.  Too narrow ideas of the nature of existence can follow you through several lives if you do not choose to be spiritually and psychically flexible.

The time of choosing is somewhat more complicated if the last reincarnational cycle, in your terms, is completed.

At the end of the reincarnational cycle you understand quite thoroughly that you, the basic identity, the inner core of your being, is more than the sum of your reincarnational personalities.

You might say the personalities are but divisions of your Self.

However, there never was any real division, but only a seeming one in which you played various roles, developed different abilities, learned to create in new and diverse ways.

When the cycle is finished, you have complete knowledge of your past lives.

The information, experience, and abilities are at your fingertips.

You understand your multidimensional reality in practical terms.

When the time of choosing comes, the choices available are far more diverse than those offered or possible to personalities who must still reincarnate.

There is the opportunity to teach, if you have the inclination and the capabilities – but it is multidimensional teaching and demands rigorous training.

Others may begin the long journey leading toward the vocation of a creator – they begin to experiment with dimensions of actuality, imparting knowledge in as many forms as possible.  What you would call time is manipulated as an artist would paint.  What you would call space is gathered together in different ways – they become multidimensional artists, so to speak.

Others may choose to be healers – they must be able to work with all levels of the entity’s experience, directly helping those personalities that are a part of it – the healing involved is psychic and spiritual and these healers are available to help each personality in your present time and in other systems.”1

“You are participators in an immense drama in which the main actions occur outside of your world, in those realms from which your world originated — and you are, foremost, natives of those other realms, as each individual is; as each being is.

Those realms are far from lonely, dark, and chaotic. They are also quite different from any concept of nirvana or nothingness. They are composed of ever-spiraling states of existence in which different kinds of consciousnesses meet and communicate. They are not impersonal realms, but are involved in the most highly intimate interactions.  Those interactions exist about you all the while, and I would like you in your thoughts to aspire toward them, to try to stretch your perceptions enough so that you become at least somewhat aware of their existence.

Try to sense this greater context in which you have your being.  Your rewards will be astonishing.”2



The Octave of Densities

Do not confuse densities with dimensions.

Densities are pressures established in changing frequencies of vibration.

The universe is built of layers of energy frequencies (densities).

Dimensions are length, width and height.


Densities can loosely be described as areas or boundaries of the galaxy that our solar system moves through as the solar system spirals through the galaxy.  Space/time and corresponding time/space are divided into these areas, much like the musical notes are divided within the octave of sound, with the density of energy (or consciousness) increasing in each area as it moves upward (denser wavelengths).  The densities correspond with the chakras, the colors and their associated qualities; and with the platonic solids.

Colors are associated with the densities because the core atomic vibrations that compose 1st density are in the red spectrum, the core atomic vibrations that compose the 2nd density are in the orange spectrum, and so forth.

All densities have height, width, depth.


Scientists such as Dr. A.M. Mishin, Dr. Harold Aspden, Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. William Tifft and John Keely have all independently discovered that the aether is sub-divided into different levels of density.

“The term density is a mathematical one.  The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence…there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, are seven sub-sub-densities. Within each sub-sub-density, seven sub-sub-sub-densities and so on infinitely.”3

“The nature of vibration is such that it may be seen as having mathematically straight or narrow steps.  [That is, they are quantized.]  These steps may be seen as having boundaries.  Within each boundary there are infinite gradations of vibration or color.  However, as one approaches a boundary, an effort must be made to cross that boundary.  These colors are a simplistic way of expressing the boundary divisions of your density.”4


A quantum is the nature of each density.

“In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.  Behind this, one finds the fundamental notion that a physical property may be “quantized”.  This means that the magnitude of the physical property can take on only certain discrete values.

For example, a photon is a single quantum of (visible) light as well as a single quantum of all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and can be referred to as a “light quantum”.5

The “light quantum” of each density has a frequency of vibration that forms the photon; this frequency that is the basis of each density is what may be called a true color.

The true color is then overlaid and tinged by the rainbow of the various vibratory levels within that density and the attraction vibrations of the next true color density, pulling it forward in evolution and to some extent coloring or shading the chief color of that density.

Color has vibratory characteristics both in space/time and time/space.

These quanta of each density may be seen to be of vibratory natures corresponding to color (characteristic of space/time) as well as the metaphysical characteristic (time/space) complex of its ray.

All the vibrations that form the density, the basic vibrations of the photon, increase in a quantum fashion over a relatively short period of time.  Then you see the gradual up-grading of vibratory levels.

However, the nature of quanta is such that the movement over the boundary is that of discrete (individually separate and distinct) placement of vibratory level.

All the octaves of your densities would be clearly visible were not the fourth through seventh freely choosing not to be visible.


“There is a clock-like face associated with the entire major galaxy of many billions of stars so that as it revolves, it carries all of these stars and planetary systems through transitions from density to density.  You may see a three-dimensional clock face or spiral of endlessness which is planned by the Logos for this purpose.”6

“In the understanding which we have of the universe or creation as one infinite being, its heart beating as alive in its own intelligent energy, it merely is one beat of the heart of this intelligence from creation to creation. In this context each and every entity of consciousness has/is/will experienced/experiencing/experience each and every density.”7

“To the limits of our knowledge, which are narrow, the ways of the octave are without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation infinitely.”8



Transformation through the Densities

“I died as mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was human,
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
As a human, I will die once more,
Reborn, I will with the angels soar.
And when I let my angel body go,
I shall be more than mortal mind can know.”  – Rumi Jalal ad’D


“The occultists of the ancient world had a most remarkable understanding of the principle of evolution.  They recognized all life as being in various stages of becoming.  They believed that grains of sand were in the process of becoming human in consciousness but not necessarily in form; that human creatures were in the process of becoming planets; that planets were in the process of becoming solar systems; and that solar systems were in the process of becoming cosmic chains; and so on ad infinitum.”9


Sir Isaac Newton shared this same view.  “In Newton’s view every part of the universe is intelligent.  Even a stone is intelligent, and not just in the sense that it shows evidence of design.  According to the ancient way of thinking that Newton subscribed to, it is not the case that animal, vegetable and mineral are totally distinct categories.  They naturally overlap, intermingle and in special circumstances may morph one into the other.  As Newton’s cabalistic contemporary Lady Conway put it, ‘There are transformations from one species to another, as from stone to earth from earth to grass, from grass to sheep from sheep to human flesh to the lowest species of man, and from these to noblest spirits.’

In Newton’s view, then, everything in the universe strains towards intelligence.  Inanimate matter strains towards vegetable life, which aspires to animal life by means of a rudimentary sensitivity.  The higher animals have an instinct that is almost reasonable like the faculty in human beings, who wait to evolve into super-intelligent beings.”10



Anthropocosm – The Vision of Man as Cosmos

“The first principle of this theory is that Man is not a mere constituent part of this universe, but rather he is both the final summarizing product of evolution and the original seed potential out of which the universe germinated.”11

The masterful scholar R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz “called the Egyptian sacred science the ‘Doctrine of the Anthropocosm’ (or human-cosmos).  We embody within us, as human beings, all the laws and principles that operate within the greater, divine cosmos that sustains and embraces us.  And our intelligence, correctly deployed, gives us access to the knowledge of all there is.  Acquisition of that knowledge holds the promise of eternal life, immortality, and entry into the Higher Consciousness responsible for our being here.”12

Anthropocosm visualizes evolution as a continual inversing exchange between eternal Cosmic Man and evolving humanity from mineral to plant to animal to human with a body of light through an alternating rhythm of involution and evolution which gives rise to the succession of the kingdoms.


Involution – materialization of spirit

Evolution – spiritualization of matter


It begins with the Universal Being performing involution into a seed-form of itself (The Mineral Kingdom).


Mineral Kingdom

The Mineral Kingdom represents the seed-form of extreme unconscious, fixed densification.

This involved mineral seed-form provokes an opposite movement of evolution (towards the Plant Kingdom).


Plant Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom lifts upward and outward.

It animates, frees, and embodies the divine qualities which were locked in the mineral.

These divine qualities show as stages of growth in the plant kingdom:

Root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed (symbol-analogies for the entire universal process of Becoming)


Mark Booth writes, “In the secret history not only is it true to say that what eventually evolved into human life passed through a vegetable stage, but the vegetable element remains an essential part of the human being today.

If you removed the sympathetic nervous system from the body and stood it up on its own, it would look like a tree.  ‘The sympathetic nervous system is the gift of the vegetable kingdom to the physical body of man.’

Esoteric thought all over the world is concerned with the subtle energies that flow round this vegetable part of the body and also with the ‘flowers’ on this tree, the chakras which operate as its organs of perception.  The great center of the vegetable component of the human body, feeding on the waves of light and warmth radiating from the sun, is the chakra of the solar plexus – called ‘solar’ because it was formed in this, the era controlled by the sun.”


Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is an inversion of the plant process.

It ‘involves’ the principles, activities and vital functions the plant had ‘evolved’ (opened, clarified, uplifted).

The animal (through this involution) achieves the power of individual mobility – the necessary predecessor of individual will.


The human in their animal body is much like a plant turned inside-out:

  • In plants – respiratory function is the leaf – performed open to the sun as the outer extreme of the principle of branching.
    • In humans – respiratory function is the lung – the branches are within.
  • In plants – sexual organ is the flower – grows upward and pulls energy of the plant upward toward the light.
    • In humans – sexual organs face downwards and pull the energies of the body downward.
  • In plants – the roots go downward into the Earth.
    • In humans – the root function is within the convolutions of the brain – rooted in the sky of thought and mental energies; the mental processes are processes of digestion, assimilation and transmutation which functions as a higher frequency of the intestinal, digestive processes – the intestinal form is also convoluted.


“In this way the succession of kingdoms from mineral to plant to animal in the physical world becomes a symbol of the constant movement in involution and evolution of one Being which has divided into the complementary qualities of spirit and matter.  Within the logic of this vision of evolution the purpose of physical man is to transform his involved, animal incarnation into a body of light, just as the plant evolution did for the involved mineral kingdom.  Through the vision of Man as Cosmos, the Anthropocosm, sacred geometry becomes a cosmogram depicting the drama of this divine birth.”13



Metaphysical Characteristics of each Density

We will now discuss the metaphysical characteristics of each density starting with 1st and 2nd density here and in the next two articles moving through 3rd to 8th density.  Much of this information is sourced from The Law of One, unless otherwise noted.


First Density – Red Ray – Spherical geometry

First density is the foundation for all that is to come.

It is the cycle of ‘awareness’.

In this cycle Consciousness is without movement and random.

There is no method of estimation of the time/space before timelessness gave way in your first density. To the beginnings of your time, the measurement would be vast and yet this vastness is meaningless. Upon the entry into the constructed space/time your first density spanned a bridge of space/time and time/space of perhaps two billion of your years.

This means that first density on this planet lasted about two billion years.  However, it emerged from timelessness and time in this cycle is meaningless.

David Wilcock writes, “In this density there is simply empty awareness that has no central focus of space or time. Gradually, as these elements disrupt each other, such as by water moving over earth, awareness eventually becomes more localized into that area of space and time.

This causes the spiraling intelligent energy to combine into “increasingly intelligent patterns” therein, and thus the basic elements will begin forming into amino acids and eventually DNA molecules, which signals the bridge into second density.”


First Density Planetary entities

The entities of first density are water, fire, air and earth (minerals) – these were the first entities upon the planet.

In a planetary environment all begins in chaos, energy undirected and random in its infinity.

Slowly, in your terms of understanding, there forms a focus of self-awareness. Thus the Logos moves.

Light comes to form the darkness, according to the co-Creator’s patterns and vibratory rhythms, so constructing a certain type of experience.

This begins with first density which is the density of consciousness, the mineral and water life upon the planet learning from fire and wind the awareness of being.

You may see the air and fire of that which is chaos as literally illuminating and forming the formless, for earth and water were, in the timeless state, unformed.

As the active principles of fire and air blow and burn incandescently about that which nurtures that which is to come, the water learns to become sea, lake, and river offering the opportunity for viable life. The earth learns to be shaped, thus offering the opportunity for viable life.


“Science now speculates that early in earth’s evolution horrendous lightning storms in the atmosphere provided energetic ultra-violet light which transformed methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbonic gases into the proto-molecules for organic compounds. These molecules were deposited by torrential rains into the primal seas out of which life arose.  Once again the ‘root’ functions as a transformative principle which supports the uplifting propensity which we call life.”14



First Density Transition to Second Density

The spiraling energy, which is the characteristic of what you call “light,” moves in a straight line spiral thus giving spirals an inevitable vector upwards to a more comprehensive beingness with regards to intelligent infinity. Thus, first dimensional beingness strives towards the second-density lessons of a type of awareness which includes growth rather than dissolution or random change.

The first or red-ray density mineral or water life, though attracted towards growth, is not in the proper vibration for those conditions conducive to what you may call the spark of awareness.

As the vibratory energies move from red to orange the vibratory environment is such as to stimulate those chemical substances which lately had been inert to combine in such a fashion that love and light begin the function of growth.

This means mineral and water life begin to form chemical molecules such as the periodic table of elements and then DNA and the encompassing life forms to begin the evolution of microbial, plant, insect and animal life.



Second Density – Orange Ray

Second density is the ray of movement and growth of the individual.

Second density is the cycle of growth.

Second density represents the longest density in terms of the span of space/time – this being approximately 4.6 billion years.

In this density Consciousness (the entity) discovers growth and turns towards the light, thus awakening the spirit complex, that which intensifies the upward spiraling towards the love and light of the Infinite Creator.

Consciousness of second density is primitive and the use of orange-ray limited to the expression of self which may be seen to be movement and survival.

This consciousness exists without the upward drive towards the Infinite.

The second density is one in which the groundwork is being laid for third-density work.

In second density the concept of bisexual reproduction first originates.

In this way it may be seen that the basic mechanisms of reproduction capitulate into a vast potential in third density for service to other-self and to self; this being not only by the functions of energy transfer but also [by] the various services performed due to the close contact of those who are magnetically attracted, one to the other; these entities thus having the opportunities for many types of service which would be unavailable to the independent entity.



Second Density Planetary Entities

Second density entities include all plant life and animal life, from the single-celled organism up to the most complex animal – basically all plants and animals other than humans (mind/body/spirit complexes).

This includes the higher sub-vibrational levels of second-density beings – ‘Neanderthal’ bipeds with shapes like humans, 2 arms, 2 legs…etc. – However the erectile movement was not totally effected in these beings who were tending towards the leaning forward, barely leaving the quadrupedal position.

These beings were a product of evolution as understood by our scientists.  They evolved from the original material of the earth.

David Wilcock comments, “In this density, organisms have a group awareness that is shared amongst all of their species. This gives rise to various observable phenomena, such as flocks of birds or schools of fish that can all make sudden, simultaneous changes in their direction of movement.”

Animals have awareness (and of course personalities, emotions, perceptions…etc.), but not an individual sense of self.  They have a sense of unity – they know everything will be provided from the “everlasting forest”.  When they graduate to 3rd density they must be individualized.  This commonly happens with pets who act out, “I am hungry.  I need food from you, the owner…”  This “I” is self-awareness or awareness of an individual self.

The second-density concept of serving self includes the serving of those associated with tribe or pack. This is not seen in second density as separation of self and other-self. All is seen as self since in some forms of second-density entities, if the tribe or pack becomes weakened, so does the entity within the tribe or pack.



Transition from Second to Third Density

The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness.

Upon your planetary sphere those having the first yellow-ray (3rd density) experiences are those of animal and vegetable natures which find the necessity for reproduction by bisexual techniques or who find it necessary to depend in some way upon other-selves for survival and growth.

There are three types of second-density entities which become, shall we say, inspirited (that is, evolve from 2nd to 3rd density).

The first is the animal. This is the most predominant.

This includes second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings (Pets) with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body complexes, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit.


The second is the vegetable, most especially that which you call “tree.” These entities are capable of giving and receiving enough love to become individualized.


The third is mineral. Occasionally a certain location/place, as you may call it, becomes energized to individuality through the love it receives and gives in relationship to a third-density entity which is in relationship to it. This is the least common transition.


When the mind/body/spirit complex becomes aware of the possibility of service to self or other-self, then the mind/body/spirit complex is activated.

The addition of this spirit complex, though apparent rather than real, it having existed potentially from the beginning of space/time, perfects itself by graduation into third density.

No guarantee can be made of the number of cycles it will take an entity to learn the lessons of consciousness of self which are the prerequisite for transition to third density.

All learn at their own pace.

The next article will continue this information with Third Density.


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