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In this article we will diverge from the topic of Darwinian evolution and early humanity in order to expand our concept of what evolution means on a cosmic scale.


Here we will discuss the evolution of consciousness in the galaxy and the birth of free will.  This article specifically speaks to the idea that individualized human consciousness was originally aware of its unified connection to the universe and all life and matter in the universe, yet it was found that this knowing prevented entities from spiritually evolving because they had no desire to evolve because life was pretty comfortable and unchallenging as it was.

When we discuss spiritual evolution we are referring to the ‘evolution of consciousness’.  This involves the activation and balancing of the chakras which allow a person to rise higher towards their fullest potential for the greatest good.  This activation of chakras involves a person becoming wiser, more compassionate, more understanding and more aware of its true unified connection with all in reality.

This is an evolution of consciousness.  Remember, consciousness is not a thing.  It is a state of being.


As American author Tom Robbins writes, “Our great human adventure is the evolution of consciousness.  We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”


This spiritual evolution also involves a graduation across quantum densities, as is discussed in The Law of One and further discussed here at Cosmic Core.  This graduation involves each entity moving through the various densities or levels, which are each associated with a chakra, in order to expand their consciousness from the mineral, to plant, to animal, to normal human, to planetary, solar, galactic, and finally back to a universal consciousness where one is aware of and a part of everything in the universe.  This is Cosmic Consciousness.

Within this framework the meaning of life is thus to learn how to evolve in this way, rising to your own individual highest potential for the greatest good of all.

This evolution does not mean leaving all others behind.  To evolve, planetary groups must evolve together, particularly to get from third to fourth density.  The point is to help all others become more aware, raise their consciousness and learn how to move forward into a world of peace, harmony, unity and prosperity for all.

Not until the veil was put up between the conscious and unconscious minds, were entities interested in learning how to evolve.  This veil is the “veil of forgetting”.  We must forget who and what we are in order to even begin to have the interest to evolve.

This is one reason why many ancient sages such as Plato and Socrates said that all learning is remembering or recollection, and we must first forget who we are in order to remember what we were meant to be.



Spiritual Evolution & the Birth of Free Will in the Galaxy (The Birth of Polarity, or “The Choice”)1

In our Milky Way Galaxy, the progress of evolution was from the center outward toward the rim.  In the early evolution of this galaxy the gift of Free Will was not extended down past the sub-Logos (Sun) simply because it was not thought of or not conceived.  This extension of the first distortion (that of free will), which created the polarization (positive or negative choice) that we experience, was something that occurred at what we would call a later time, or as the evolution progressed outward from the center of the galaxy.

There were Logoi (other galaxies) which chose to set the plan for the activation of mind/body/spirit complexes through each true-color body (chakra & density) without recourse to the prior application of free will.

In such a progression of densities you find an extraordinarily long, as you measure time, third density; likewise, fourth density. Then, as the entities begin to see the Creator, there is a very rapid, as you measure time, progression towards the eighth density.

This is due to the fact that one who knows not, cares not.

Those Logoi (galaxies) whose creations have been set up without free will have not, in the feeling of those Logoi (galaxies), given the Creator (the entire infinite universal experience) the quality and variety of experience of Itself as have those Logoi (galaxies) which have incorporated free will as paramount.

This means that certain galaxies early on did not offer free will.  There was no veil and each entity knew they were connected with all in the universe.  This state of being limited the variety of experiences that the galaxy desired in order to know itself and to understand its potentials and possibilities.

After these experiments, the veil was put up and free will became the standard.  This allowed for much more variety of experience and it encouraged entities to desire to evolve.

In setting up free will, this led to the choice to polarize positively or negatively.  Before the veil – before free will – there was only positive.  It was the veritable “Garden of Eden”.  Life was stagnant and no one cared to try to evolve.

After the veil each entity could choose.  Do they want to take the positive path of love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and unity?  Or do they want to take the negative path of control, manipulation, elitism and separation?

Looking about the world, it is easy to see this process at work.

However, most people have not yet made that choice.  Most people vacillate between the two, sometimes choosing positively, sometimes negatively.  Without making a choice one cannot evolve.  One will be stuck in an endless loop of indifference, confusion and victim-hood.

As soon as one makes a choice and starts living accordingly, they are set free from this vicious unending loop.

Of course, one must be wise when making the choice.

If one chooses the negative path because they are selfish and desire money, wealth, fame, power and control, then one must accept the consequences.  They will be alone.  No one will help them and nothing will protect them, and all the forces of the universe will be against them.  They will essentially be destroyed again and again until they learn to choose the positive.  Yet the choice will always be theirs to make.

There are many details concerning this choice that will be discussed in subsequent articles.

Mark Booth writes, “The aim of this evolution was a beautiful one – that people would be able to take joy in their individual intellectual strength and superiority, and that they should be able to choose to move freely, powerfully and lovingly not only through the material world but also through the spirit worlds.”



The Purpose of Polarity2

The purpose of polarity is to develop the potential to do work.

This is the great characteristic of those, shall we say, experiments which have evolved since the concept of The Choice was appreciated.

Work is done far more efficiently and with greater purity, intensity, and variety by the voluntary searching of mind/body/spirit complexes for the lessons of third and fourth densities.

The action of fifth density is, viewed in space/time, the same with or without polarity.

However, viewed in time/space, the experiences of wisdom are greatly enlarged and deepened due, again, to the voluntary nature of polarized mind/body/spirit action.

This means without a voluntary choice to polarize positively or negatively no work can be done.  Once again, life will stagnate.  No evolution will occur.



An Example of Life before Polarity3

Let us illustrate life before the veil by observing the relative harmony and unchanging quality of existence in one of your, as you call it, primitive tribes.

The entities have the concepts of lawful and taboo, but the law is inexorable and all events occur as predestined.

There is no concept of right and wrong, good or bad.

It is a culture in monochrome.

In this context the knowledge of good and evil both precipitated the mind/body/spirits of this Logos (Galaxy) from the Edenic conditions of constant contentment but also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn.



Life before the Veil or the Forgetting4

Prior to the forgetting process, there was no concept of anything but service-to-others (positive) polarization.

It is our perception that such conditions created the societal situation of a most pallid experiential nexus in which lessons were garnered with the relative speed of the turtle to the cheetah.

When one dwells within what might be seen to be a state of constant potential inspiration, that which even the most highly sophisticated, in your terms, societal structure lacked, given the non-complex nature of its entities, was what you might call will or, to use a more plebeian term, gusto, or élan vital.

There was little enough tendency for experience to polarize entities, that entities repeated habitually the third-density cycles many times over.

It was desired that the potential for polarization be made more available.

Consider, if you will, the tendency of those who are divinely happy, as you call this distortion, to have little urge to alter or better their condition.

Such is the result of the mind/body/spirit which is not complex.

There is the possibility of love of other-selves and service to other-selves, but there is the overwhelming awareness of the Creator in the self.

The connection with the Creator is that of the umbilical cord. The security is total.

Therefore, no love is terribly important; no pain terribly frightening; no effort, therefore, is made to serve for love or to benefit from fear.

You might make an analogy in our present illusion of those who are born into extreme wealth and security.

Without the need to understand, understanding would forever be left undone.

Let us continue the metaphor of the schooling but consider the scholar as being an entity in your younger years of the schooling process.

The entity is fed, clothed, and protected regardless of whether or not the schoolwork is accomplished.

Therefore, the entity does not do the homework but rather enjoys playtime, mealtime, and vacation.

It is not until there is a reason to wish to excel that most entities will attempt to excel.

The anger of separation is impossible without the veil.  (Anger leads to a desire for change.)

The lack of awareness of the body’s need for liquid is unlikely without the veil.  (One could not forget to drink water and there would be no dehydration, for a simple physical example.  With the veil one must learn to care for and maintain their bodies, minds and spirits.)

The decision to contemplate perfection in discipline is quite improbable without the veil. (No one would likely desire to become better, or improve their arts, crafts or sciences.  People would be more apathetic without the veil.)

The experiences, both good and bad, or joyful and sad, of the mind/body/spirit before veiling would be pale, without vibrancy or the keen edge of interest that such brings in the post-veiling mind/body/spirit complex.

As contentious, disappointing, or angering as this may be for some, these are key reasons why there are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ in life.  This is why suffering exists in this current physical reality.  Because without it, one would most likely become apathetic, spoiled and lazy over time.  Of course this gift of free will is a gift, not a curse.  The process of spiritual evolution, the very process the veiling is designed to encourage and speed up, is the very process out of suffering,  and away from the ‘evil’ and ‘bad’ in reality.

No one is meant to be a victim.  Each is meant to, as the saying goes, grab the bull by the horns, and make a choice how they want to live, transcending their victimization and confusion and learning to rise to their highest potential for the greatest good; living in peace, joy, abundance and prosperity.


It is also to be noted, which we will discussed in detail much later in Cosmic Core, the Biblical allegory of Genesis that goes along with this story of the birth of free will.  One can contemplate the connections if one wishes.



Sex before the Veil5

In the instance of the sexual activity of those not dwelling within the veiling each activity was an energy transfer (as discussed in Article 203).

There were some transfers of strength. Most were rather attenuated in the strength of the transfer due to the lack of veiling.

In the third density entities are attempting to learn the ways of love.

If it can be seen that all are one being it becomes much more difficult for the undisciplined personality to choose one mate and, thereby, initiate itself into a program of service.

It is much more likely that the sexual energy will be dissipated more randomly without either great joy or great sorrow depending from these experiences.

Therefore, the green-ray energy transfer, being almost without exception the case in sexual energy transfer prior to veiling, remains weakened and without significant crystallization.

The sexual energy transfers and blockages after veiling have been discussed previously (Article 203).

Let us deal with the sexual energy transfer.

Before the veiling such a transfer was always possible due to there being no shadow upon the grasp of the nature of the body and its relationship to other mind/body/spirits in this particular manifestation.

Before the veiling process there was a near total lack of the use of this sexual energy transfer beyond green ray.

This also was due to the same unshadowed knowledge each had of each.

There was, in third density then, little purpose to be seen in the more intensive relationships of mind, body, and spirit which you may call those of the mating process, since each other-self was seen to be the Creator and no other-self seemed to be more the Creator than another.

After the veiling process it became infinitely more difficult to achieve green-ray energy transfer due to the great areas of mystery and unknowing concerning the body complex and its manifestations.

However, also due to the great shadowing of the manifestations of the body from the conscious mind complex, when such energy transfer was experienced it was likelier to provide catalyst which caused a bonding of self with other-self in a properly polarized configuration.

This means that before the veil, all sex led to green-ray transfer, but the transfers were weak and there were no blue, indigo or violet transfers.  There was no monogamy or mating for life.  Monogamy offers a huge opportunity to learn to spiritually evolve by loving, serving and offering devotion to the mate.

Of course these matings must be harmonious in order for the most positive results, but here we are in a world where people are learning how to choose a harmonious mate.  Many fall short, but it is all a part of the learning and evolving.

Once that mate is found it can speed evolution to a great degree if one is devoted and not distracted by lust or temptation.

If one chooses ‘free love’ then that is perfectly OK in that place and time.  However, eventually one must learn devotion.  Monogamy is one of the most powerful and efficacious ways to learn true devotion.  It is not the only way, but if done harmoniously it works very, very well.



Graduation across Densities before the Veil6

Prior to the veiling process the measurement would be that of an entity walking up a set of your stairs, each of which was imbued with a certain quality of light.

The stair upon which an entity stopped would be either third-density light or fourth-density light.

Between the two stairs lies the threshold.

To cross that threshold is difficult.

There is resistance at the edge, shall we say, of each density.

The faculty of faith or will needs to be understood, nourished, and developed in order to have an entity which seeks past the boundary of third density.

Those entities which do not do their homework, be they ever so amiable, shall not cross.

It was this situation which faced the Logoi prior to the veiling process being introduced into the experiential continuum of third density.

This refers to the graduation from third density (our current ‘normal’ human consciousness) to fourth density (planetary consciousness of love, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness).

One must have the desire or will to evolve, in order to evolve past third density.

Those entities which do not do their homework, (those who do not learn, grow and evolve spiritually), be they ever so amiable (likeable), shall not cross.  That is, not until they do the homework.  No one is stuck or ‘left behind’ unless they themselves choose to be.  But it is up to each individual to do the crossing.  Many lives, or even millions of lives, can be lived before the work is done.

In the face of timelessness, this is not so important.  In the face of human life in physical reality on a planet such as this, the speed of evolution is very important.  Why would one want to continue to suffer in ignorance life after life on a planet steeped in war, racism, bigotry, sexism, elitism, and injustice when they can choose to evolve to a higher existence of peace, harmony and prosperity for all?


The choice must be made and the work must be done.  Each person must do this for themselves.  No one – no priest, preacher, saint, guru, politician, teacher, leader, wise sage…etc. – can do it for you.  The choice must be made and the work must be done.  This is the law of the universe.

We will now take a look at these same concepts from a different perspective.


Birth of the Conscious Mind in Early Man – The Birth of Free Will

“In your terms, man is an animal, rising out of himself, from himself evolving certain animal capacities to their utmost; not forming new physical specialization of body any longer, but creating from his needs, desires, and blessed natural aggressiveness inner structures having to do with values, space and time.

To varying degrees this same impetus resides throughout all creaturehood.

Such a task meant that man must break out of the self-regulating, precise, safe and yet limiting aspects of instinct.

The birth of a conscious mind, as you think of it, meant that the species took upon itself free will.

Built-in procedures that had beautifully sufficed could now be superseded.  They became suggestions instead of rules.

Compassion “rose” from the biological structure up to emotional reality.

The “new” consciousness accepted its emerging triumph – freedom – and was faced with responsibility for action of a conscious level, and with the birth of guilt.”7



Birth of the Conscious Mind, Grace & Guilt

“With the large freedom provided by the conscious mind man could stray from that great inner joy of being, forget it disbelieve in it, or use his free will to deny its existence.

The splendid biological acceptance of life could not be thrust or forced upon his emerging consciousness, so to be effective, efficient, to emerge in the new focus of awareness, grace had to expand from the life of the tissue to that of the feelings, thoughts, and mental processes.

Grace became the handmaiden of natural guilt, then.

Man became aware of his state of grace when he lived within the dimensions of his consciousness as it was turned towards his new world of freedom.

When he did not violate, he was aware of his own grace.

When he violated, it fell back into cellular awareness, as with the animals, but he felt consciously cut off from it and denied.”8



Birth of the Conscious Mind & Birth of the Veil of Separation – The “Forgetting”

Mark Booth writes, “The cosmic plan had been that human spirits should attain individuality, should be able to think freely, to exercise free will and to choose who to love…however there were dangers in this development.  Not only might humanity become altogether cut off from the spirit world, there was a danger, too, that humans would become completely cut off from one another.”


“With the emergence of man’s particular kind of consciousness, other issues become involved.

In order to develop his own kind of individualized awareness, man had to consciously ignore for a while his own place within the structure of the earth.

His experience of time would seem to be the experience of his identity.

His consciousness would not seem to flow into his body before birth and out of it after death.

He would “forget” there was a time to die.

He would forget that death meant new life.

A natural message had to replace the old knowledge.

Mankind feels its own mortality even more than the beasts do.”9


As Mark Booth writes, “If we were not cut off from the spirit worlds and from the great cosmic mind, if our bodily make-up did not filter it out, our minds would be completely dazzled and overwhelmed.

The archetypal image of this model of the human condition is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  Prisoners are chained in a cave so that they face a wall and cannot look round.  Events taking place outside the mouth of the cave throw shadows on to the wall that the prisoners take for reality.

This is an exposition of the philosophy academics call idealism, which holds that the cosmic mind and the thoughts or Thought-Beings emanating from it (ideas) are the higher reality.  Physical objects on the other hand, are mere shadows or reflections of this higher reality.

In the same way that we would be overwhelmed by the spirit worlds if they were not filtered out, if there were no filter on empathy we would feel everyone’s pain as our own and so be completely overwhelmed by the suffering of others.  Without a degree of isolation no human could experience him or herself as an individual, no one could feel the burning fire in the forehead that drove Cain onwards.  But of course there were pitfalls in this…”

He continues, “Humans were now free to make mistakes, to choose the bad and to enjoy it…People struggled to survive and would sometimes find themselves stretched to the limits of endurance.  They discovered that the road ahead would always be fraught with the danger of death, but unless they took that road they would die anyways.  From now on they would have to put at risk what they valued most or they would lose it.  Beyond a certain point, there is no return.  That point, they discovered, must be reached.

They discovered uncomfortable things about themselves, too – that they had become brutalized by this new world, and had grown a hard, protective carapace of habit.  To break open this carapace and expose the sensitive part of themselves, the better part that brought them fully alive again, was a bloody and painful process that few could face.

The world became darker, a place of paradox where opposites meet and where it is painful to be human, a world calling out for heroism.”



Birth of the Conscious Mind, the Veil, Health & Disease

“With the growth of this particular variety of self-consciousness came the exteriorization, magnification and intensification of definite elements that lie latent in other animals, the individuation of strong emotional activity to a new degree.

The emergence of the “pause of reflection” and the blossoming of memory along with the emotional intensification, led to a situation in which members of the new species recalled, in the present, the dead and the diseases that killed them.

They became frightened of disease, particularly in the case of plagues.

Man forgot the teaching and healing elements, and concentrated instead upon the unpleasant experience itself.

To some extent this was quite natural, for the new species developed in order to change the nature of its consciousness, to follow a reality in which instinct was no longer “blindly” followed, and to individualize in strong personal focus corporeal experience that had previously taken a different pattern.

Man’s “I am,” seemingly apart from nature – a characteristic necessary for the development of his kind of consciousness – led him into value judgments, and also necessitated some break with the deep inner certainties of other species.

Illness therefore was experienced as “bad.”

An entire tribe could be endangered by one sick member.

At the same time, as the mind developed, cunning and memory became highly effective survival tools.

In some societies or tribes, the old or infirm were killed lest their care take too much attention from the able-bodied and endanger the group.

In others, however the old were honored for the wisdom that they had accumulated with age, and this became very practical in tribes where many did not survive.

History was dependent upon the old with their memory of past events, and the group’s sense of continuity was also in the hands of its oldest members, who passed memories on to others.

An individual who had himself survived many diseases was considered a sage.

Such people often watched the animals and observed nature’s own therapies and treatments.”10




In this article we have discussed the very interesting concepts of spiritual evolution, the birth of the conscious mind and free will and the veiling or ‘forgetting’ process that occurred in order to spur on spiritual evolution.

In our modern times we may mourn the loss of the certain knowledge of our connection with all life, but we must remember that it was necessary for us to develop our individualized consciousness and our current state of being.

With the veiling and the birth of free will much negativity resulted, but also many great and wonderful things blossomed forth.

We must also remember that we chose this experience in order to better understand who we are and what we are capable of.  In the course of our multidimensional existence we desired to experience many types of consciousness.  Our modern type is but one, and it is one we chose.  No one, no God or gods, chose it for us.  We chose it ourselves.  We have lost nothing.  What we thought we lost is always within reach.

We are now faced with the task of using our current state of mind to reconnect with nature, each other and all in the universe.

This is the process of spiritual cosmic evolution that is our true task and reason for being.

It is a gift to have been given individuality, free will, a conscious mind and rational thought.  We must now use that gift to evolve for the greatest good, learning to rise to our highest potential for the benefit of all beings, remembering what we have forgotten and reintegrating with the deep and ancient wisdom of our souls.


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