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In this article we will continue our discussion of the brain, focusing now on brain waves as related to different focuses of consciousness.

From the mainstream exoteric perspective, “There are four brainwave states that range from the high amplitude, low-frequency delta to the low amplitude, high frequency beta.  These brainwaves states range from deep dreamless sleep to high arousal.  The same four brainwave states are common to the human species.  Men, women and children of all ages experience the same characteristic brainwaves.  They are consistent across cultures and country boundaries.”1


These are:

Beta – alert/working

Alpha – relaxed/reflecting

Theta – drowsy/ideating

Delta – sleep/dreaming and deep dreamless sleep



Brain Waves

“The brain is quite capable of operating on innumerable “frequencies,” each presenting its own picture of reality to the individual, each playing upon the physical senses in a certain manner, organizing available data in its own specialized way, and each dealing somewhat differently with the body itself and with the contents of the mind.

Generally speaking, you use one particular frequency in waking life.

Therefore it seems there is no other reality than the one you recognize – and no greater data available than those with which you are normally familiar.

It is possible for a brain to register all of the known patterns at once, though your machines would note only the predominating rhythm.

Each official waking brain wave is a peak in your world of a far deeper, “wave” of other experience, and represents your points of continuity.

The brain waves as they are known are separately registered segments of a greater “whole” kind of consciousness, and your machines are just as segmented, perceiving only those patterns (they were designed to recognize).

Other activity escapes them.

They cannot note the rapidity with which you move through all of the known patterns constantly.

This behavior can be learned by anyone willing to take the time and effort.  Some courage would also help.”2




“Very simply, Alpha waves are connected with a relaxed alertness and changing consciousness.

The alpha state is a threshold, a preliminary state between the physically oriented portions of the personality and the inner self.

The alpha level is undifferentiated.  The energy there is available to be used as you want to. It is the fountainhead or pool in which reservoirs of energy are held in reserve, pulled between the more interior self and the outer self.

Into this area come signs and portents from deeper levels of the personality.

Because it is so situated, it is also of particular use in manipulating the physical organism.

Your intent before you enter the alpha state largely predetermines the kind of experience you will have, automatically focusing your attention in those specified areas.

It is also beneficial to dip into those areas with no purpose in mind, for here whatever necessary information that you require without your conscious knowledge can be made available.

When you learn to explore this region you can use it as a launching pad for other activities.

When your consciousness leaves your body, the alpha state maintains its good condition for you.”3




“Beta – the fastest – are connected with concentration, and with an intense focus upon all of the challenges (and anxieties and stresses, many would say) faced in the ordinary world.

The beta waves quicken.

They seem to be the official pulses of your civilization, giving precedence to official reality, but you have little idea that the psyche is inherently able to seek its conscious experience from all of the known ranges, according to the kind of experience chosen at any given “time.”

Beta was not meant to carry the full weight of conscious activity, however, although its accelerating qualities can lead to initiations into “higher” realms of consciousness, where indeed the brain waves quicken.

The other patterns (delta, theta, and alpha) are highly important to physical and mental stability, being very interwoven with cellular consciousness.

In cases usually called schizophrenic, the beta acceleration is not supported by the stabilizing attributes of the other known frequencies.

A kind of inverted beta pattern, difficult to describe, often appears suddenly in the midst of the other ranges, driving through them, accelerating consciousness to a high degree of creativity.

In sleep the beta waves are not turned off – the “conscious” part of you, with its beta rhythms, is elsewhere.”4


“Delta brain waves are connected with dreamless sleep.”5



“Theta are connected with creativity and dreams.”6



To use Brain Waves Purposefully

“In an ideal society, each brain wave would be utilized purposefully.

You would go to sleep to solve certain problems.

All in all, however the beta has predominated, and been expected to solve many problems unsuited to its own characteristics.

Despite your reliance upon one range only, your world of consciousness draws heavily upon all of the known wave patterns, and from others of which you are unaware.”7



Levels of Consciousness

“You have taught yourselves to respond to certain neural patterns, and to ignore alternate ones that now simply operate as background activity.

That background activity, however, supports a million forces: the neural stimuli that you accept as biologically real.

Those other background stimuli are now quite difficult for you to identify, but they are always there in the [hinterland] of your waking consciousness, like dream chatter way beneath your usual associations.

Neurologically, you tune into only a portion of your body’s reality and are ignorant of the great, tiny but tumultuous communications that are ever flying back and forth in the microscopic but vital cellular world.

The stages are there for those who know what they are and how to use them.  Many quite spontaneously find their own way.

The various levels of consciousness discussed here may appear to be very divorced from ordinary waking ones.

The divisions are quite arbitrary.

These various states all represent different attributes and directions inherent within your own soul.”8

The names make little difference.  For simplicity’s sake, they are named as follows:



Normal Waking Consciousness

“Starting with the outer ego or waking consciousness as the outer self focused toward exterior reality, these states are broad, more like plains to be explored.”



Level A-1

“A-1 is one step away from normal waking consciousness into which you all slip without knowing.

It is adjacent to your normal consciousness, separated from it very slightly; and yet in it very definite effects can appear that are not present in your usual state.

At this level many abilities may be used.

You can enter the body of another, and heal it.

You can in the same manner perceive the state of your own physical image.

You can, according to your abilities, manipulate matter from the inside consciously, with lucidity and alertness.

Problems that seem beyond solution can often, though not always, be solved.

Suggestions given are much more effective.

It is easier to form images, and they have a greater mobility.”9



Entering A-1

“A-1 is simple to enter.

When you listen to music you like, when you are indulging in an enjoyable quiet pursuit, you can sense the different feeling.

It may be accompanied by your own characteristic physical clues.  You may tap your fingers in a certain way.  There may be a particular gesture.  You may stare or look dreamily to the left or right.

You have only to recognize it, learn to hold it, and then proceed to experiment in its use.

As a rule, it is still physically oriented, in that the abilities are usually directed toward the inner perception and manipulation of matter or physical environment.

With practice you can become as intuitively aware of your internal physical environment, as your external physical environment.

With greater practice the contents of your own mind will become as readily available.”10


What you can do in A-1

“You can request that the thought content of your mind be translated into an intense image, symbolically representing individual thoughts and the overall mental landscape, then take out what you do not like and replace it with more positive images.

This does not mean that this inner landscape must always be completely sunny, but it does mean that it should be well balanced.

A dark and largely brooding inner landscape should alert you, so that you begin immediately to change it.

You can correct a physical condition for example, in the manner just given.

Feelings can be examined in the same way.

They will appear differently, with much greater mobility.

Thoughts, for example, may appear as stationary structures, as flowers or trees, houses or landscapes.

Feelings will appear more often in the changing mobility of water, wind, weather, skies and changing color.

Any physical ailment, then, can be perceived in this state by looking inward into the body and discovering it; then by changing what you see you may find yourself entering your body or another’s as a very small miniature, or as a point of light, or simply without any substance, yet aware of the inner body environment.


A-1 may be used also as a great framework for creativity, concentration, study, refreshment, rest and meditation.

You may evolve your own image of this state to help you, imagining it as a room or a pleasant landscape or platform.

This state may be used also as a step to the next state of consciousness, leading to a deeper trance condition; still relating however to the reality system that you understand.

Or it may be used as a step leading to an adjacent level of consciousness; two steps away, therefore, on the same level from normal reality.”11



Level A-1a

“This state can be extremely advantageous when you are trying to solve problems having to do with future arrangements, decisions that will affect the future, and many matters, in fact, in which important decisions for the future must be made.

In this state you are able to try out various alternative decisions and some probable results, not imaginatively but in quite practical terms.

Using it, you can discover for example, what would have happened if ‘I did this or the other.’”12



Level A-1b

A-1b is adjacent to A-1a.

“It starts from an alternate present that can be used for many other purposes.

It is not as easy for the ordinary individual to enter, and it deals with group presents, with mass probabilities, racial matters, and the movement of civilizations.

It is one that would be most beneficial to politicians and statesmen, and it also can be used to probe into probable pasts as well.”13


Level A-1c

A-1c is the next adjacent level.

“It is an extension of A-1b, but with greater freedom of action, mobility and experience.

Here to some extent there is some participation in the events perceived.”14




A-2 is directly beneath A-1.  It is a slightly deeper state.

“You will have excellent lucidity and awareness.

This state can be used to explore the past in your terms of reference, within the probable system that you know.

Reincarnational pasts are known to you here, and if some personal malady cannot be solved from A-1, you may have to go to A-2 discovering that it originated from another existence.

This state is distinguished by a slower breathing pattern and, unless other directions are given, by a somewhat lowered temperature and longer alpha waves; a slower frequency.”15




A-3 is directly beneath A-2.

“You have an extension here dealing with mass issues – movements of land, the history of your planet as you know it, the knowledge of the races that inhabited it, the history of the animals, the layers of gas and coal, and of the various ages that swept across the planet and changed it.”16




A-4 “brings you to a level that is beneath matter formation, a level in which ideas and concepts can be perceived, although their representations do not appear in the present physical reality that you know.

From this layer many of the deepest inspirations come.

It often becomes available in sleep states.

Complete innovations, world-shattering inventions – these all lie waiting, so to speak, in this huge reservoir.

Strong personal “conversions” are often effected from this level.”17



A-5 “opens up a dimension in which the vital consciousness of any personality can at least theoretically be contacted.

This involves communicating not only with past personalities in your terms, but future ones.

It is a level of consciousness very seldom reached.

It is a meeting ground in which personalities from any time or place or probable system can communicate with each other in clear terms understood by all.

This is a level of crystal clear communication of consciousness.

There is an unending conversation going on throughout the universe, and a most meaningful one.

This is the heart of communication.

It is most usually encountered either in a protected deep level of sleep or in a sudden spontaneous trance state.

Great energy is generated.”18



Other Levels of Consciousness

“There are other layers of awareness beneath this one, but here there is a much greater tendency for one to merge into the other.

Almost all experiences from this level will be symbolically represented, for otherwise they would have no meaning to you.

These experiences will always be supportive.

Out-of-body experiences will often be involved here, in which the projectionist finds himself in an unearthly environment or one of great beauty and grandeur.”19




The purpose of this article is to help each person recognize the vast sources and levels of consciousness available to them if they are willing to attempt and practice these inner mental travels.  You do not need drugs or technological devices to enter and explore these states.  It takes persistence and practice and the belief in the greater reality of yourself and the Universe.

Each person is so much more than meets the eye, and so much more than normal waking consciousness perceives.

It is up to each human, if they want to more fully understand who they are, what consciousness is, and the full potential of humanity itself, to learn how to explore their own consciousnesses.  This means not only examining thoughts, beliefs, emotions, regrets, denials, and doubts, but eventually learning how to shift brainwaves to access different information, ideas, or inspiration from the vast infinity of this fractal-holographic universe.

This is all a part of each human rising to their full potential for the greatest good.


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